June 17th, 2017

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'Bachelor in Paradise' fallout gets messier

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In the meantime:
- Contestants Jasmine and Raven have spoken out against Corinne
- Jasmine says Corinne "forced herself on three male cast members"
- Raven also blames Corinne and has been liking messy tweets like this one
- Because contestants have such intense NDAs, some fans suspect ABC allowed them to speak out publicly in ABC's defense

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Judge Declares Mistrial In Cosby Case

-The jury came back deadlocked once again so the judge declared a mistrial
-Update: It looks as if there will be a re-trial. From BBC:
For now, he walks way from court a free man, but the prosecution has already said they are pursuing a fresh trial.


Iliza Shlesinger thinks female comics make too many vagina jokes and not enough WWII jokes

In an interview, Iliza Schlesinger, the comedian who makes goat sounds a lot, explained why she's disappointed with the quality of female comedians and the number of "low hanging" vagina jokes. Her thoughts weren't received well by other women in comedy.
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Lady Gaga Promotes #CupsOfKindness @ Starbucks

Queen of Kindness Lady Gaga took to Starbux yesterday in Los Angeles to become a barista for a day to promote #CupsOfKindness.

Starbucks will donate 25 cents through Monday to the Born This Way Foundation with the purchase of one of four drinks: ombre pink drink, pink drink, violet drink and matcha lemonade.


fave Starbucks Summer drink?
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Zoë Kravitz and Ilana Glazer talk about Drake, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and more

- ilana talks about getting her parents high
- zoë has no idea what's going on with the katy/taylor feud and hasn't seen taylor in a long time
- ilana tried to get drake on 'broad city' but it didn't work out

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i think andy cohen needs a tag!
el yoker

Protesters Interrupt Trump-Inspired 'Julius Caesar' Theater Production

  • This production of the 400 year old Shakespearean classic is being accused of promoting violence against the right as the contemporary take includes a bloody assassination of the main character modeled after Trump (despite the same play depicting Obama in 2012)

  • "Stop the normalization of political violence against the right! This is unacceptable," one protester who has never read Shakespeare yelled as she walked toward the stage. "Shame on Kathy Griffin and shame on all of you for promoting political violence against Donald Trump," she was heard yelling as she was led away.

  • A New York Police Department official confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that a 24-year-old female protester was arrested and is currently in custody with charges pending.

  • Second protester yelled at the crowd, calling them "Nazis" and accusing members of the crowd of being like Joseph Goebbels.


ONTD, I caaaan't with all the people screaming "what if they did this with Obama?!?!?!". Like....

Charlie Puth talks Attention, working with Liam Payne, swiping left on Cara Delevingne

Charlie Puth talks about his new single 'Attention', going on tour with Shawn Mendes, working with Little Mix & Liam Payne, his upcoming album & more!  (he needs hair asap)
-He says Shawn is bigger than him currently and he eats more
-Charlie XCX told him once that if they were to get married they'd both be Charlie Puth


Have you ever swiped right or left on a celebrity?

Attack on Titan Season 3 Announced for 2018

It was announced during the season 2 finale, even though a specific date or season hasn't been revealed yet it will air during 2018.

I know the popularity of this show took a nosedive but I still enjoyed this season (mostly because it focused on the best characters). I'm just glad we don't have to wait another four years.

Latest Interviews with The Killers

-Based on Brandon's reaction to producer names being thrown out there like Ryan Tedder and Jack Antonoff - it seems their work didn't make the album or wasn't fully realized. Jacknife Lee seems to be the main producer for this new album.
-Confirm that they're done with yearly Christmas singles. Putting their Christmas songs on Vinyl this year.
-The fifth album is still currently being mixed.

-All songs for this new album were written/recorded in the last year and a half.
-Anton Corbijn shot the album artwork and press photographs.
-Wonderful Wonderful is due out in late September 2017.
-"The Man" is Brandon talking to his past Hot Fuss self.
-Brandon also states that "The Man" is not representative of what the new album will sound like.

Who knew Brandon Flowers had a magic conch and was a club member?

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The Beguiled - Sofia Coppola and her decision to not include black women.

[context]In the 1971 version of The Beguiled, a slave named Hallie (Mae Mercer) is tasked with caring for McBurney (Clint Eastwood) as he heals. In the 2017 version with McBurney now played by Colin Farrell many of those scenes are transferred over to Martha, and Hallie does not appear.

"I’m definitely attracted to stories about female characters, and characters that I can relate to. I’m interested in stories of groups of women together."

“I didn't want to brush over such an important topic in a light way. Young girls watch my films and this was not the depiction of an African-American character I would want to show them.”

“I feel like you can’t show everyone’s perspective in a story. I was really focused on just this one group of women who were really isolated and weren’t prepared. A lot of slaves had left at that time, so they were really that emphasized that they were cut off from the world. Hallie’s story’s a really interesting story, but it’s a whole other story, so I was really focused on these women.”

“I would love to have a more racially diverse cast whenever I can. It didn’t work for this story, but of course I’m very open to stories about many different experiences and points of view.”

lindsey wixson

The Queen Visits Scene Of Grenfell Tower Fire & Trooping The Colour 2017

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge meet firefighters during a visit to the Westway Sports Centre, which is providing temporary shelter for those who have been made homeless in the Grenfell Tower disaster on June 16, 2017 in London, England. 30 people have been confirmed dead and dozens still missing, after the 24 storey residential Grenfell Tower block in Latimer Road was engulfed in flames in the early hours of June 14. Emergency services will spend a third day searching through the building for bodies. Police have said that some victims may never be identified.

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[Trooping The Colour 2017]


Clavin Calvin Harris debuts "Feels" ft Katy Perry, Pharrell, and Big Sean


Some DJ dropped a new song called "Feels," featuring Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Big Sean. It's a ska-infused track about not being afraid to fall for someone and admit your true feelings for them.

(Sorry it's only a preview, idk where to find the full version.)

Clavin Calvin Harris's fifth album, Funk Wav Bounces Vo. 1, features collabs from a buttload of other artists like Frank Ocean, Future, Ariana Grande, Migos, and more.

What are ur feels about "Feels?"

EDIT: Apparently Clavin is sort of famous, so I have to change his name for the post.


Tom Cruise Had Excessive Control Over 'The Mummy'

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Will the Dark Universe florish, ONTD? Or will it flop and take Tom Cruise down with it? Do you think A-list actors calling all the shots is a thing of the past and Tom didn't get the memo? TYFYA!
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ana lily amirpour humiliates black movie-goer during "the bad batch" q&a

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src one | src two | src three

the main source currently has a full interview with bianca as she has since locked her twitter after amirpour's stans started to attack her. she also gives more details abt the specific violence in the movie that unsettled her but fair warning, there are major movie spoilers.


Andy Samberg Reveals Why White Guys Shouldn't Have Dreadlocks + He talks about Orlando Bloom's dick

Andy talks about being a camp counselor when he was younger, the embarrassing job he was given while there and reveals why white guys should never have dreadlocks.


-He made a new mockumentary called Tour de Pharmacy and Orlando Bloom plays an Italian cyclist that at some point shows his penis and Andy was excited about that as a surprise to the audience but then Orlando showed his penis to everyone in those photos from Italy and ruined the surprise
-EVERYONE is in this mockumentary.



1. What is your favorite celebrity penis?
2. Post funniest videos of Andy
Will Graham shifty eyes
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Wynonna Earp 2X03 synopsis, promo and sneak peek, plus post 2X02 interviews

The promo says 2X02 but it's for 2X03, they released the wrong promo last week. Synopsis for 2X03, “Gonna Getcha Good”: [Spoiler (click to open)]'Doc tries to help Dolls, while Wynonna must deal with an angry Djinn with payback on his mind.'

Sneak Peek:

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Question, ONTD:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Rob Schneider Blocked Seth Rogen on Twitter for No Reason Then Unblocked Him to Meet James Franco

For some reason Seth decided to go to Schneider's twitter and found out he was blocked. It's a mystery as to why he's blocked since they've never really worked on anything together, and they've never had beef in the past. It might be because Schneider is going on a spree to block the "elite left" or whatever considering he's a Dump supporter

Other personalities weigh in on this mysterious blocking

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ETA: Schneider unblocked Rogen after supposedly being linked up with James Franco and then tweeted about it two more times

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have random celebs every blocked you on social media?
pettiest reason you've ever blocked someone?

Did Scarlett Johansson accidentally confirmed that Netflix/TV Avengers WILL appear in Infinity War??

- Scarlett Johansson was on Colbert and obviously he asked about Infinity Wars (starts at 8:09).
- She revealed that the movie features 61-62 Marvel characters.
- The same number was leaked by the Russo's months ago, and Marvel PR tried to do damage control by saying it was a random number, yet Scarlett confirmed this again.
- She mentions in one scene, (probably the final battle) there are around 32 characters together.
- So here's the list of Avengers/actors confirmed for the final movie:
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And who else are those missing 30 Marvel characters? Even if they're supporting actors, most people are already in this list so... are we meeting A LOT more Avengers in Infinity War? Are Cloak, Dagger, other Agents of Shield, The Inhumans, the Runaways, Squirrel Girl and New Warriors also joining 'Infinity War'??


ONTD, which characters do you want to see in 'Infinity War'?? I wanna see every single character there is EXCEPT FUCKING NAZI ASSASSIN WARD.

Katy Perry's new album is officially a flop

- Although debuting at number one on the Billboard 200, Katy's Perry new album is a flop.
- she sold 170k physical album, down from the 286k Prism sold in 2013
- Even though she livestreamed her life all weekend, only 17k was sold through streaming
- her rival TayTay's last album 1989 was actually streamed more last week, Witness was the 17th most streamed album in the USA
- her album also debuted at number 6 in the UK with only 16k being sold

source 2

ONTD is Kitty Purry over?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Friends at her Goop Health Festival

-People paid between $500 and $1500 (£390 and £1,175) to attend In Goop Health a “health and wellness expo” from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand. Depending on how much you paid, you got a certain color bracelet and more access to activities: Lapis ($500), Amethyst ($1,000) or Clear Quartz ($1,500) Gooper. Yet Re-entry was not allowed

-You could buy the infamous jade eggs that Paltrow suggested women carry in their vaginas or get a rose quartz one to kick it up a notch

-It should be no surprise that the event was white as hell and tone deaf about privilege, class, and wealth. It was also a bit disorganized

-"Experts" gave unique pieces of advice like how one dude only ate all the calories he needed in a 2-hour period for the last six months. Or how we shouldn't eat plants native to North America since we're all actually from Europe, Africa, and Asia