June 12th, 2017

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RUMOR: Guy Ritchie eyeing Tom Hardy to play Jafar in live-action Aladdin

According to TheSun, Guy Ritchie has approached Tom Hardy for the role of Jafar is Disney live-action remake of Aladdin.

A source said: “Guy is a huge fan of Tom’s work and securing him would be a major coup. There have been conversations and, although nothing is set in stone and things are subject to change, he’s certainly one of Guy’s favoured choices. It just depends on schedules whether he’ll be able to sign up.”


Katy Perry hints at possible reconciliation with Taylor Swift

As most of you know, Katy is currently doing promo for her new studio album Witness. She did a 'wordless interview' with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and got asked about TayTay. If you don't include Swish Swish, this would be the sixth time Katy acknowledges Taylor this era (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and her tone has dramatically changed. Gone are the iconic days of associating Taylor Swift with Regina George and new times are ahead of us: is the alternate universe the one where Taylor and Katy bury the hatchet? Let's see.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: You are feuding with Taylor Swift. Is there any chance for reconciliation?

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SOURCE + English translation by me

ONTD, how is this super boring feud going to pan out? Is Katy playing her cards right?

Kevin Spacey Jokes About Coming Out

“Whoopi, how long have you been in that closet?” Spacey asked. “Well Kevin, it depends on who you ask,” she responded, winning an uproarious, though easy, laugh from the audience.

Later, as a part of a bit in which Spacey is getting advice from previous award show hosts, Billy Crystal advises him, “If all else fails, put on a dress.” He then dresses as Norma Desmond, Glenn Close’s character in the current Sunset Boulevard revival, and dramatically belts, “I”m coming out,” before stopping, “No, wait, no…”


Amanda Seales calls Caitlyn Jenner out

During of one of Katy Perry's Big Brother house dinner parties, comedian Amanda Seales challenges Caitlyn Jenner on the reasons why she feels so comfortable repeatedly saying "I believe in this country" and defending the Republican party.

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The View talks about who is more credible Comey or 45

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
The View starts off today's show with announcing that Jed got engaged over the weekend. They discuss what happened during this year's Tonys. Whoopi talks about helping out Kevin Spacey during the show. They talk about how Bette Midler deserved her really long acceptance speech from last night.

Over the weekend, Junior appeared on FOX News's Justice with Judge Jeanine talks about how his dad talks and that there is no ambiguity to what he says. In a way, did Junior just confirm Comey's testimony? Joy wants Junior to get out of the spinning and lies because he is awful at it. Leave it to the professionals Spicey and Crypt Keeper Kellyanne Conway. The panel gets heated in regards to who is telling the truth. It happens to be Jed vs. the rest.

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More details emerge about the Bachelor in Paradise incident

It's being reported that the situation prompting the show's cancellation was an alleged sexual assault and not merely a complaint on the part of a producer who witnessed two contestants having sex as original reports claimed.

Demario allegedly engaged in a sexual encounter with a contestant who was too intoxicated to consent.

Contestants are reportedly upset with BIP production for not intervening.


Star Trek Actor Announces Run for NYS Congress

Actor John G. Hertzler has announced that he's going to run against incumbent Republican Tom Reed for NYS' 23rd Congressional District Seat. Hertzler played Klingon General Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Hertzler said "I disagree with everything Reed supports, including his unrelenting support of the Trumpster."

Hertzler already has one up on Reed's senpai Trump in that he has political experience. He ran and was elected on the Democratic ticket to the Ulysses Town Board in 2013, and he was reelected in 2016.

Twist Because It's 2017 Of Course There's a Twist: Hertzler plans to run both as himself and "in the persona of Mark Twain", to present his ideas "through the brilliant humorist for all ages"; as an apparent tribute to Twain himself and actor Hal Holbrook, who's portrayed Twain on stage for years. Twain lived in Elmira.

And you may, or may not, recall in 2016 Hertzler - along with fellow actor James Cromwell - was arrested for protesting plans for gas storage in underground salt caverns around Seneca Lake. (That's them showing off their citations in the photo; Hertzler's on the left.)


He's like the third person to announce they're running against Reed and I'm here for anyone wanting to ruin his day.

New Carly Rae Jepsen think piece sends Twitter in to an uproar!

Some takes from the article:

- Adult women love Carly Rae Jepsen because of the teenageriness(sic) of her music
- Adult women want to be a teen girl and cannot ever become full adults
- "The reality remains that real teen girls and adult women simply do not belong to the same cultural space."

Full article at the source: link

Should Carly stop writing songs about crushes, unrequited love, heartbreaks and instead write more grown up songs like the pains of finding quality childcare, taxes, and 401K plans?

Rachel Weisz compares "The Favorite" to "All About Eve"

  • The film is a "black comedy" that is very much in the vein of Lanthimos's other work, but  it's different in that its English History not a fantasy world.

  • Weisz plays Sarah Churchill, who in the film is portrayed as basically running the country from behind the scenes.

  • Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) is a bit useless as a Queen.

  • The dynamic is a bit like All about Eve in that the young Abigail Masham (Emma Stone) comes to court and sort of usurps Sarah for the role of the favorite.


Megyn Kelly tries it defending her interview with Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly's interview with crazy ass Alex Jones is set to air this upcoming Sunday. She has called it a "riveting exchange" and tried to deflect from his crazy far-right nutjob ass to call him a libertarian.

People are, as they should be, rightly pissed that NBC would give this nutjob the air time. And on Father's Day no less. Megyn hilariously defended her interview by saying that her job is to shine a light on a man who has a fan in the President and who has given his site WH press credentials.

Jones is best known for believing the Sandy Hook massacre that resulted in the death of 20 children was faked as a way to pass gun control legislation. He also thinks the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 were govenment-involved attacks, NASA faked the Moon Landing, and a Democratic Party child sex-trafficking ring took place in the basement of a DC pizza place. He recently lost a court case for custody of his children after his ex-wife called him unstable.


Will NBC pull this? Will Megyn ever be shit?? Discuss.

Khloe Faces Backlash Over Kardashian Kurse

Fans have attributed Khloe's beau, Tristan Thompson's bad performance this finals to the dreaded Kurse of the Kardashians. Thompson was a massive factor in the Cavs’ defeat of the Warriors last year, but had two games in which he went scoreless this finals with only 11 total rebounds in the three games.

Or maybe you know, he's bad?


watch game post? Also don't forget to get your free taco from Taco Bell tomorrow!

Lady Gaga and Starbucks team up for "Cups of Kindness"

Gaga has created her own line of Starbucks drinks as part of a new campaign. From June 13th to 19th, these special drinks will be available: the Pink Drink (straberry açai with coconut milk), the Ombre Pink Drink, a Violet Drink (blackberry and hibiscus with coconut milk), and matcha lemonade. For each drink purchased, Starbucks will give 25 cents to Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, and will donate a minimum of $250,000.



John Oliver: Send Lord BucketHead to negotiate Brexit


The rundown: John Oliver thinks that the current UK / Brexit situation is so dire that we may as well send in an intergalactic space lord with a bucket on his head to handle the upcoming negotiations.

On a related note: ONTD, have you ever been so dis-empowered by your own electorate that you decided to make a deal with an anti-LGBT, anti-women, climate change denying party just to consolidate your Strong and Stable position (TM) in government?
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Lindsay Lohan cast in British comedy "Sick Note" opposite Rupert Grint

Lindsay Lohan has been cast in the 2nd season of British comedy "Sick Note".

Lindsay will be taking on the role of Katerina West, the daughter of Daniel’s (Rupert Grint's) boss.

Season 1 of the comedy follows Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint), a compulsive liar stuck in a failing relationship and dead-end insurance job, who is under the thumb of an irrepressible boss (Don Johnson). Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Daniel is wrongly diagnosed with a terminal illness by his incompetent doctor Ian Glennis (John Frost). When the error comes to light, Dr Glennis convinces Daniel to hide the truth of his misdiagnosis from colleagues, friends and family in a lie that spirals wildly out of control.

Season 1 of the comedy will air this fall, with the 2nd season, featuring Ms. Lohan to air next year.

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Celebs react to 45 possibly firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller

During an interview with Judy Woodruff of PBS Newshour, CEO of Newsmax Media Chris Ruddy has reported that 45 is considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He is considering firing Robert Mueller after his visit to the White House today. These happenings are ahead of the testimony of AG Jeff Sessions tomorrow before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Representative Adam Schiff has already tweeted that "if President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller. Don't waste our time."

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Sailor Moon to collaborate with Sanrio’s My Melody

Previously announced a collaboration with a themed café, this time Sailor Moon franchise has announced yet another collaboration project with a Sanrio character My Melody. The line-up, designed under a keyword “Yume-Kawaii” (Dreamily cute), includes My Melody and Luna plushies, bags, towels, stationery and more for a total of 22 items.

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The goods will be available on every Sanrio Shop in Japan from 3 August onward.

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3
Translated by yours truly

Another Sailor Moon post! Which one do you want from the list? (I absolutely want the keychain!) And how many more Sailor Moon collaborations do you think there'll be?

Alison Brie made a major statement about the state of Hollywood.

How Hollywood today compares to the industry in the 1980s
"The audition process has not changed that much. I auditioned for three lines on an episode of Entourage that I had to go on in a bikini! Or like shorts and the tiniest shorts. And they were like, 'Ok, can you take your top off now?'"


The ongoing lack of roles for women.
"I've gone through auditions for Marvel movies and auditioned a million times for roles with three lines and you are begging for them. And I'd be glad to get them! It's brutal, it just is."

source. source
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RL Stine: "There is a script for the new Goosebumps movie sequel"

Horror author R.L. Stine announced on Twitter today that a new Goosebumps movie is in the works.

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SOURCE: Twitter: [1]; [2]; [3]

Favorite Goosebumps/R.L. Stine books? I'm actually really into the Horrorland novella series so I hope this movie follows some of those plots!

Paramore's RIOT! turns 10 today!

A staple in every former emo kid's music library, RIOT! turns 10 today, making the majority of us feel officially old. Hayley Williams even retweeted this from her dog's twitter fan account:


ONTD, where does RIOT! sit in your Paramore-album-ranking? favourite song from it? and what were you doing when it was released?

Natalie Portman Roundup: Mansion, Baby, Feminism.

Natalie Portman bought a $6.5 million mansion in the Los Feliz Montecito* neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is AMAZING, and I AM STILL POOR.

*I misread the article, oop


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Finally, Natalie turned 36 on June 9th! She will always seem like a twenty something to me for some reason.

For her b-day, here are 20 fun facts about her at the source.

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Celebs react to the Pittsburgh Penguins winning back to back Stanley Cups

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the first team in 19 years to be back to back Stanley Cup champions. There have been 3 Cups in the Crosby/Malkin era.

 Source: 1 2 3