June 10th, 2017


Wonder Woman puts The Mummy back in the tomb

-The Mummy is set to open at 32million if they are lucky

-Wonder Woman is set to take in between $48-51million which would put it at a 52% decline, the lowest 2nd week decline for a superhero movie ever

-Wonder Woman would end up around $198mill in its two weeks of being open

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Have your rose-colored glasses worn off yet or do you still love Wonder Woman?

Agents of SHIELD showrunner confirms Nazi Assassin Ward won't return.

- Jed Whedon has confirmed that those who stayed in the framework won't return (Ward, Bakshi and sadly Tripp too).
- They were thinking about bringing them back through Aida's project Looking Glass, but scheduling conflicts made them scrap the idea. So they're dead.


LMAO. Dancing in Ward's stans tears tbh.

Beyoncé threatens 15-year old fan with a lawsuit

Future mother of twins known as Queen Bey has threatened a popular fan account on Twitter (Beyoncecapital) with a lawsuit if they do not stop production of Beyoncé inspired merch and close down their online store. Bey's team even wanted the fan to stop using their Twitter handle. The owner of the account deleted all the tweets but here are the screenshots of their tweets about the situation:

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thanks for being so patient with me, mods!

Samantha Geimer Pleads to Judge to Drop 40-year Old Rape Case Against Movie Director

"“He got arrested. I knew he was sorry the next day,” she said after the hearing. “I was sure he instantly regretted what he had done and wished it hadn’t happened. It just wasn’t as traumatic for me as everyone would like to believe it was. I was a young sexually active teenager and it was a scary thing, but it was not an uncommon thing. I understood much worse things happened to people. So, I was just not as traumatized as everybody thinks I should have been.”"


ONTD, have you ever blamed yourself for something that was not your fault?

E3 Officially Kicks Off Today! Here is the Schedule and what to expect

With the biggest gaming event of the year starting off below the cut will have the schedule and all the companies that are going to have a press conference showcasing their new games.

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What are you hoping/expecting this year?
lily collins - b&w

Katy Perry breaks down during therapy session on live stream

-Katy Perry had a therapy session with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh of Viceland's "The Therapist."
-She used to have suicidal thoughts and felt shame from it.
-Says she doesn't want to look like "Katy Perry" anymore.
-Knows that people hate her haircut, but she loves being free and being herself for the first time in her life.
-She also talks about her relationships and her Christian upbringing.

ONTD, has therapy ever helped you with your personal problems?


What Books Are Celebrities Reading Lately?


emmaroberts: I really want you guys to read the new @belletrist pick #TOUCHthenovel by @cbmaum. It's the story of Sloane Jacobsen, a trend forecaster, and her struggle to figure out the important difference between human instinct and technology. I think we can all relate to this one. I can't wait to talk about it with all you amazing #belletristbabes 💜


Sick in the Head

bpiperofficial: If you love #Albertbrooks #louisck #haroldramis #sarahsilverman @sarahsilverofficial #sandrabernhard #chrisrock #jimcarrey - if you care about their story , there creative quest , struggles even their spiritual journey... what pain turned them onto comedy and what they value in their later life. Check it . 👏👏👏

The Couple Next Door

sarahmgellar: If anyone is looking for a good book...I can't put it down!! (I'm probably late to this, but better late than never)

Strong Is the New Pretty | Patience | Milagros | The Rules Do Not Apply | We Monks and Soldiers | On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety | Alchemy of Herbs

brielarson: Everything I'm reading right now. Yes I'm a weirdo who reads 7 things at once.

Stuart Little

kimberlywilliamspaisley: Enjoying rereading this timeless classic with my rising 3rd grader in these early summer days. I get something new out of a book like this every time. Williams's illustrations make me want to grab a canoe and hit the water. A perfect quick read aloud. 🐭 #KWPbookclub #fridayreads #summerreading

The Mother of All Questions

jennyslate: I believe that everyone should read Rebecca Solnit.

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Kpop Post: T.O.P, G-Dragon, NCT127, Pentagon

-T.O.P  came out of intensive care, and changed hospitals
- He has been discharged from his military service
- "Im Sorry" is the only thing he said to the press

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Jelena Ostapenko wins Roland Garros

- Ostapenko was a set and 0-3 down in the second set
- This is her first title (!!)
- Only her 8th grand slam played
- First unseeded play to win since 1983


Unbelievable, hats off to her, never for a second did she look nervous.
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jessica Chastain marries Gian Luca Passi

  • They dated for 5 years.

  • Chastain is 40, Passi is 34.

  • They got married on his family's estate in Italy.

  • Anne Hathaway, Edgar Ramirez, Emily Blunt and Xavier Dolan were among those in attendance.

  • Though it's been reported that her husband is a count that turns out not to be true (his dad is the count) and titles in Italy don't come with any privilages so unfortunately this marriage won't make her Countess Chastain (or Countess Passi, whatever).


I never thought she'd get married! Congrats!

"Beware the ides of Covfefe?" - Trump like Julius Ceaser production opens in New York

- this year's Shakespeare in the Park by the New York's Delacorte Theater in Central Park play is a brand new adaptation of Julius Ceaser.
- instead of wearing a traditional toga Ceaser came out "adorned in a business suit and tie that fell unfashionably below his belt and sporting a presidential yellow coif of hair atop his head."
- the set contains imagery to past presidents as well as graffiti reading "RESIST." Calpurnia, Ceaser's wife even resembles Melania going so far as to speak with a Slavic accent.
- the dialogue remains mostly true to Shakespeare's original but there have been changes to reference things such a Trump saying he was so popular he could stab his supporter's mothers and they'd forgive him.
- the play itself is about statesmen who are worried Ceaser will get too much power and thus plot to kill him (hence beware the ides of march). However the conspirators are quick to learn that killing Ceaser had just as disastrous consequences as there would have been should he lived.
- the production's director Oskar Eustis says the play is a warning parable to those who want to fight for democracy. Fighting a tyrant does not mean imitating him.



A white bouncer filed a civil rights lawsuit Friday against rapper Lil Wayne

- A white bouncer claims an attack outside a Hollywood nightclub last year was racially motivated.
- Nunemacher says Wayne punched him, knocking him to the ground, and then threw a cup of alcohol on his face and yelled “Fuck you, white boy!”
- Alleging that the attack was at least partially motivated by Nunemacher’s “Caucasian ancestry and descent.”
- He also sued for assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.


Lindsay Lohan ‘questioned by police over ex-fiance’s belongings’ three times

-Lindsay Lohan has been questioned by police over her ex-fiance's belongings

-The actress parted ways with Egor Tarabasov last year

-He recently claimed that she still had goods belonging to him worth £24,000.

-Lindsay reportedly attended three interviews at Charing Cross police station and has now returned a Rolex, jewels and clothes to her ex

-A source said: ‘Egor had been chasing Lindsay for months for the return of his personal belongings, but to no avail.

-"In the end he felt he had no choice but to go to police and formally accuse her of theft. Lindsay has been in and out of the country, so police initially struggled to pin her down to be interviewed. ‘They finally got through to her after sending an email to her publicist, threatening Lindsay with arrest.


Cristiano Ronaldo welcomes twins via surrogate

---The twins, a boy and a girl named Eva and Mateo were born on Thursday according to Portuguese media
---Cristiano has neither confirmed or denied it


Amber Rose shows her genitals on Instagram

Liberal feminist Amber Rose shocked the Internet by displaying her vagina on Instagram for the world to see. Intented as a promo for her infamous Slut Walk, the photo shows Amber Rose completely naked from the waist down. Of course, anyone who is familiar with Instagram knows this type of nudity is forbidden on the app, so her post got quickly deleted.

The picture is still up on Twitter, so you can see it if you're curious:
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Amber responded by rolling her eyes in an Instagram video and claiming that what she posted was a "fire ass feminist post".

Unsurprisingly, men responded by wanting an #AmberRoseChallange where women replicate the original photo and post it online.

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ONTD, do you believe that showing your vagina on IG is empowering and is sexual liberation for women possible without political, social and economical liberation from the patriarchial structures?

Britney Spears - Social Media Round-up and latest show in Seoul!

Britney Spears continued her world tour last night with her stop in Seoul!
Check the videos out below! Also, she's been sharing her traveling fun on her social media platforms. <3
Videos from the show:

[More Videos and Social Media Behind the Cut!]
Slumber Party/Touch of My Hand

Me Against the Music


Circus/If U Seek Amy

Social Media Updates:
[More Social Media after the CUT!]

Look who came to see me in Japan 🇯🇵 @samasghari 😉 great matching duo !!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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So much fun exploring Japan!!

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Will Graham shifty eyes
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Wynonna Earp 2X02 sneak peek and roundup

The promo that was released by SyFy is for 2X03 and not for 2X02, they haven't uploaded the correct promo yet.

Synopsis for 2X02- 'Shed Your Skin': [Spoiler (click to open)]'While Waverly’s change accelerates and Doc makes a dangerous deal, Wynonna must fight spider creatures-yep.'

Geo-blocked sneak peek (because they hate me):

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GIFS: #1, #2

Did you all see the premiere? How well do you fight in your underwear, ONTD?

How Tom Cruise Lost His Humanity

-With the colossal dud ‘The Mummy,’ the movie icon seems determined to give audiences the superhero version of himself while leaving any trace of humanity behind.

-Since 2001’s Vanilla Sky, Cruise has played a human being in exactly one drama: 2007’s Lions for Lambs

-Cruise has abandoned any interest in the sort of dramatic work that helped first make him international cinema’s top dog

-Whether public incidents, which exposed a measure of the genuine man behind the Hollywood image, further compelled Cruise to retreat into sunshiny, superficial He-Man-ish endeavors

-In the future we can look forward to American Made (this September), MI:6 (next year) and Top Gun 2 (yuck)


Katy Perry loves Taylor Swift

As you may have heard, pop sensation Katy Perry is currently doing a Big Brother-like livestream on Youtube, which lasts four days. You can watch the stream here.

It's an odd marketing trick, but Katy justifies it during her livestream: "You can't just tweet a link to tell someone to buy the record. You can't do that anymore. You have to get up and GET THAT PROMO! And like that's what all of you are like: "She needs to do more promo!" "She needs to do more promo!" "Legendary Lovers should have been a single" "Promo promo promo promo!" and I was like okay. I'm gonna do this idea, I'm gonna give you ALL the promo. I'm gonna give the kids exactly what they want."

And now for the juicy part! During her livestream Katy praised many of her peers... including America's sweetheart Taylor Swift.

ONTD, is this mad love gonna be forever or is it gonna go down in flames?
queen b

Video: Katy Perry talks to a therapist

- ICYMI, katy perry is livestreaming her entire weekend (watch under the cut)
- 'the therapist' is a show on viceland where dr. singh has therapy sessions with musicians
- katy says it was hard to be curious as a child because of her born-again christian homelife
- wanted to see/learn more about the world
- wants to be 'katheryn hudson' and doesn't want to look like 'katy perry' anymore
- put all of her attention into katy and needs to spend more time on katheryn

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baby groot

Netflix orders CW reject pilot "Insatiable" starring Debby Ryan to series

Netflix has ordered 13-episodes of hourlong dark-comedy "Insatiable".

It focuses on Bob (Dallas Roberts), a disgraced, dissatisfied civil lawyer-turned-beauty pageant coach who takes on Patty (Debby Ryan), a vengeful, bullied teenager as his client, and has no idea what he’s about to unleash upon the world.

The pilot was shot for CW this past pilot season but CW ultimately passed on it.

Christopher Gorham, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Provost, Sarah Colonna, Kimmy Shields, Irene Choi and Alyssa Milano also star.