June 8th, 2017

Rina Sawayama

What is 4:44?

  • This week, ads that simply said "4:44" appeared all over NYC, and in California, London, Chicago, New Zealand and online.

  • Fans peeked the source code and discovered the ads were associated with Tidal. Because of their love of the number 4, many speculated that it was promo for a new Jay-Z album, his much-rumoured response to Lemonade, a Jay-Z/Beyoncé collab album, or just a grand announcement of the Knowles-Carter twins' births.

  • During tonight's NBA finals game, the above commercial aired, announcing that 4:44 is a project from Tidal starring Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong'o and Danny Glover.

  • It's most likely a film (due to the NC-17 rating displayed in the ad). It's not confirmed to be associated with new Jay-Z music (...yet). The release date is also unknown.

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edit: updated with Sprint (Tidal partner) CEO's tweet

XXXTentacion gets knocked out while performing

Last night at XXXTentaction's show in San Diego, someone from the audience jumped onstage and attacked him.

He tweeted about it:
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Celebs reacting to #ComeyDay

Today's the day. It's culmination of Comey Week when ex-FBI Director James Comey testifies before Senate in regards to the Russian interference in the 2016 Election. You can catch up ONTD's reaction to his opening statements here! Don't forget to read his opening statement! His first foray into possibly being an erotic political thriller author.


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Seriously, enjoy the Comey Coaster! This is a historic moment in American politics. Be glad that you are experiencing it from the Commander of the Comey Coaster Crew!
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First Reviews of "Witness:" Mixed to Strong, Not Very Political, All Over The Place


The first reviews for Witness are trickling in, and initial responses are mixed to strong. Reviwers say that the album has a darker mood than the previous albums. There are a few tracks that focus on "purposeful pop," while the others are about breakups, intimacy, and the digital age.

USA Today:

"Despite everything its lead singles and marketing campaign led listeners to expect, Witness is neither Perry's political manifesto, nor an album of embarrassing hip hop appropriation. The album Perry actually released is sonically coherent and entirely uncontroversial, its decent songwriting mostly focused on her wounded heart. Arguably, it's one of her most personal records to date, and yet the marketing focused on everything but."

LA Times:

"Now comes the full album, titled “Witness,” and it’s more jumbled still, with would-be self-empowerment anthems next to earnest ballads lamenting the end of a relationship."

"Witness contains strong moments beyond “Chained to the Rhythm,” which still feels like the beginning of an intriguing project... [but] Witness, whose singles keep stalling out like Trump’s travel ban, diagnoses only Perry’s desperation for a hit."


"Feeling like the world is slipping out of your fingers is ripe for material, but more of than than not, it comes off as robotic. She's chained to her own rhythm."

"Teenage Dream's monster success followed by "Part of Me" set her up to ground her cotton candy cloud persona, but finding her footing since then has been a challenge. Prism was a decent effort that didn't quite have the same luster, but Witness feels more like a spiral."
"There are bright spots on Witness, though."

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How do u feel about Katy flopping?

Nooo, RISE, Katy!
Meh, no1curr
She won't flop, #buywitnessonitunes

Landline starring Jenny Slate trailer

When two sisters suspect their father (John Turturro) may be having an affair, it sends them into a tailspin that reveals cracks in the family façade. For the first time, older sister Dana (Jenny Slate), recently engaged and struggling with her own fidelity, finds herself bonding with her wild teenage sister Ali (Abby Quinn). The two try to uncover the truth without tipping off their mother (Edie Falco) and discover the messy reality of love and sex in the process. Set in 1990s Manhattan, Landline is a warm, insightful and comedic drama about a family united by secrets and lies, co-written and directed by Gillian Robespierre (Obvious Child).

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The Chainsmokers say Lady Gaga beef taught them a 'lesson'

Grammy winning duo The Chainsmokers are not only topping the charts, they are also trying to stay on top of their attitudes as well. The duo, who's recent album Memories...Do Not Open is one of 2017's best selling albums. Recently the edm hacks found themselves in a bit of heat. It all started when they stated cold hard facts saying that Lady Gaga's song Perfect Illusion fucking sucked, which it did. “We’ve since reached out to her and explained, because it was really taken out of context. We were talking about how much we respect her as an artist and everything she’s done but that I’m just not a fan of her new song. Of course it came out just so much worse.”, said one of the Chainsmokers idk which one. “I felt bad. I don’t think it’s cool to make those sort of judgments anyway. Keep it to yourself,” one of them added.

source= https://twitter.com/NME/status/872808104760672257

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Gags should consider working with them since her Amy Grant inspired Christian song "The Cure", didn't cure anything.
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Celebrities Tweet About The UK Election

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[FS] red lips

CW Fall Premiere Dates

8:00-9:00pm SUPERGIRL
9:00-10:00pm VALOR (Series Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm THE FLASH

8:00-9:00pm RIVERDALE
9:00-10:00pm DYNASTY (Series Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm SUPERNATURAL
9:00-10:00pm ARROW

9:00-10:00pm JANE THE VIRGIN

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Russian hackers are using Britney Spears' Instagram account to hack Western governments

Security researchers found out that Russian hackers are using Britney Spears’s Instagram account to hack foreign governments.

The Moscow-linked hacking group are exploiting the comment section of Britney's account to test new malware to target Western governments.

The hackers are using Britney's account because of the high traffic her posts receive, making it easier for the hackers to hide their nefarious actions.

Source: Twitter

Did Britney Spears cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election?
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Jerry Seinfeld On The Swerve Heard Around The World

Jerry Seinfeld refused to hug Kesha at an event so he went on Extra to clarify the whole situation. “When you get to be my age and you’ve done a couple things, you have your own reality. In my reality, I don’t hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone, say ‘Hello’, I got to start somewhere. A hug is not the first moment of two humans. I never did that… all these little social things are tricky.” Jerry also confirmed that he didn’t know who Kesha was.

source= https://twitter.com/NME/status/872912373388120070

Is Racism to Blame for The Bachelorette Losing a Million Viewers?

This season of the Bachelorette is notable because it is the first season with a black lead. Three weeks into the season, Rachel has been extremely compelling and her season has had quite a bit of drama already. Still, the ratings are way down from last season and Rachel's first three episodes have had over a million fewer viewers than Jojo's first three episodes. For context, Jojo's season's viewership was almost identical to the season before hers.

This season will almost certainly end up being the least-watched iteration of the Bachelorette by far.

Is America too racist for ABC to make their casting more diverse in the future?
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Celebs react to James Comey's testimony

It has happened. James Comey has testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee in regards to the Russian interference in the 2016 election. He talked about 45's behavior with him alone, talked about AG Sessions, he talked about leaking his own unclassified memos to the NY Times after 45's tweets, and those memos have been sent to Special Counsel Mueller. He also confirmed that Flynn was under a criminal investigation at the FBI at the time of his departure.

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Ariana Resumed Her Tour In Paris Last Night

This was her first full tour performance since the benefit concert for the Manchester Terror Attack.

There were sniffer dogs and cops patroling the venue in great detail.

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Katy Perry : What Taylor did to me ..that's so messed up

Katy opened up again about the Taylor Swift feud citing James Corden as the reason she finally addressed it saying : "well, James Corden makes me and the whole world feel very safe, No one has asked me about my side of the story, and there are three sides of every story: one, two, and the truth..I mean, I'm not Buddha—things irritate me,I wish that I could turn the other cheek every single time, but I'm also not a pushover, you know? Especially when someone tries to assassinate my character with little girls [her fans]. That's so messed up!"

Out of the two , who has the younger fan-base ?

source : https://twitter.com/ELLEmagazine/status/872814673342722048

The 50 (minus 45) most important LGBTQ TV characters of ALL TIME

1. Rickie Vasquez, My So-Called Life
4. Sophia Bursett, Orange Is the New Black
10. Omar Little, The Wire
21. Salvatore Romano, Mad Men
41. Marc St. James, Ugly Betty

- Decider had 'entertainment professionals' come up with their favourites, surprisingly there were a lot of cliches and stereotypes

- "Over 60 years after the first identifiably gay character appeared (in the TV musical Lady in the Dark), television is moving ever closer to representing the rainbow of identities that constitute the LGBTQ spectrum." -Uhu [editor's note]

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Happy Pride Month, ONTD! How many of these characters do you recognise?

Casting Call: Disney is Dubbing a reo Māori Version of the Movie Moana & they Need YOU

The terms and conditions are in the link at the source.

Taika's Twitter
Terms & Conditions

Can you sing really good in Maori, ONTD?
Sorry for the Straya tag

Ryan can count to three now; his son is born

- That's a name, alright

- No news yet about how fiancee Kayla Rae Reid cried, or experienced the birth

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At what age will Ryan view his son as competition, ONTD?

Bizarre Details About Glennon Doyle, Christian Mommy Blogger


Elle magazine profiled Glennon Doyle Melton, the Christian mommy blogger who divorced her husband to marry Abby Wambach, the women's soccer star. In 2015 she wrote a bestselling memoir about saving her marriage after her husband cheated on her. Then she divorced him for Abby Wambach.

*Her sexual orientation:

For the record, she describes herself as “gay for the purposes of activism,” but insists that her true orientation defies classification: “My sexuality is Abby,” she tells me.

“[Abby and I] wake up in the morning, and we literally say to each other: ‘Coffee and revolution.’”

*She's friends with Oprah:

“My new friend’s name is Oprah.”

“I address my e-mails to her, ‘Dear God’s Girl’ and I sign them: ‘Love, God’s Girl.’

*Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, thinks she's the next Gloria Steinem.

“I think she’s the next Gloria Steinem.”

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Are Christian mommy bloggers famewhores?


Taylor Swift discounts her whole discography on iTunes the same night Katy Perry's new album drops

The same night Katy Perry's new album, Witness, dropped, Taylor Swift discounted her entire discography on iTunes and put all her music up on Spotify. Her albums only cost $6.99 right now.

Source: Twitter

Harry Styles Announces 2018 World Tour

Due to overwhelming demand, Harry Styles has added 56 new dates in 2018 to his sold out world tour! The arena tour will cover 5 continents from March to July 2018.  Kacey Musgraves (U.S. and Canada), Warpaint (Asia), and Leon Bridges (South America & Mexico) will be the front acts.

Where will you be watching, ONTD?
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Lena Dunham shills for organic cotton tampons while talking about getting her first period

[storytime]When I got my period I was 14 and still totally boobless, sure that it would arrive when I was approximately 24. I've told this story before but it just makes me laugh too hard: it was late August and I was hiking at sunset with my father when I felt something trickling down my leg. My first reaction was, naturally, that I had peed myself a whole bunch. When I realized it was blood I shrieked wildly- my first suspicion is always fatal injury- as my father looked at me, misty-eyed. "This, this mountain, is where we were the moment you became a woman. In many cultures you'd have to start birthing children now." I was like "can we please get home right fucking now and off this mountain?" We booked it home--never moved that fast before or since--and he handed me a tampon that was older than I was (my mom was already menopausal at this point) and tried to explain it to me through a crack in the door. "Up and...back?" I wept and shrieked and called all of my aunts AND my friend Harris's mom on the cordless phone #lolamoments 🌺 I love being a #lolainvestor because they're helping make the tampon dialogue more open than it was 16 years ago. I also love that @lola has our backs for all our firsts, whether it's your period, childbirth or some grand formal occasion where you're bleeding unjustly. Let's do this right. (Drawings ✏️ by @dokanstudio)

period post!