June 4th, 2017

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Gary Lineker responds to London attacks

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What is known so far:

  • Police confirm there is more than one fatality

  • Reports suggest there is more than one incident

  • First, a white van hits pedestrians at London Bridge at about 22:15

  • A short time later there are reports of men carrying knives at Borough Market. Armed officers responded and shots were fired

  • A third incident is taking place at Vauxhall, Scotland Yard says

  • Update 00:56AM BST

  • The stabbing in Vauxhall is unrelated to the other two incidents, say Met Police
  • The incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market have been declared terrorist incidents

    Prime Minister Theresa May has said the "terrible incident" in London is being treated as a "potential act of terrorism". She will chair the government's emergency committee COBRA on Sunday morning.

    Source Met Police Twitter

    Hope all London ONTDers and their friends are okay. Horrible tragic news.

Wonder Woman Slays the Box Office w/ $100M Opening

Compared with other super hero movies, that’s a larger domestic opening than “Iron Man” $98.6M; “Doctor Strange” $85M; “Thor” $65.7M but less than "Deadpool" $132M and "Man of Steel" $116M.

“Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” took in $23.5M; “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Flop” should land in third with about $22M; "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" with $10M and with "Baywatch" $8.5M.

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Chris Hemsworth, Diego Luna, and Brie Larson Help Keep the Oceans Clean

chrishemsworth: I've spent a large part of my life in and around the ocean, it's where a lot of my happiest memories came from. If I had anxieties or worries I'd head to the ocean and it was always the place where I could reset and be 100% present. My experience in the Maldives made it obvious how our short-term use of plastic has a long-term damaging effect on our oceans. I’m thrilled to be a part of this program, because I want to inspire people to find a solution and protect the world’s oceans so future generations can enjoy them like I do. #100Islandsprotected #sponsored

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Are you earth friendly ontd?
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Dua Lipa's New Album Out, Available For Free On Youtube...

So Dua Lipa's long awaited debut album is finally here! Since I only listened to it twice I can't really give a thorough review but will say that it has quite a few decent bops...just not as many as I thought there would be. Most of the good songs have already been released, but it's still better than Halsey's album, oop. Anyways here are a few tracks that have the most views out of the new batch so yall can judge for yourselves.
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so what say you, ontd? are yall feeling this album? if not what new music are you listening to?
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Viewing Post: Ariana Grande's #OneLoveManchester Benefit Concert

The concert will be simultaneously broadcast across BBC One, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Manchester. It will also be streamed live on BBC iPlayer, MTV, Twitter, Apple Music, Viacom, iHeart Media, ANC, TMC France, and via Ariana's Facebook/Youtube pages.

The website featured in Ariana's tweet: onelovemanchester features links to official online streams, as well as donation and merchandise links.
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Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony Pens 'Love Letter' to LGBTQ Community

Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony writes a beautiful and touching letter to the LGBTQ community, also discussing her decision to come out as bisexual last year.

"The way in which [Trump's] campaign was run scared me. His obvious misogyny, his homophobia, his dismissal of the arts, and his incessant ideology pushing of minority communities as terrorists, rapists, and criminals truly made me feel terrified for my future and the future of the children growing up in this world right now. It made me wonder if people really felt this way; and when he won, it truly broke my heart. It made me come to terms with the fact that the part of me that loved women was invalidated and that she was an important part of my story and who I was. Accepting her in one sentence within the context of a whole political commentary being what caught the world's attention made me realize how scandalous it still is as a concept for humans to connect with their souls."

Happy Pride month everyone. ONTD what are you doing to celebrate?
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STARZ - AMERICAN GODS 1x07 Promo "A Prayer for Mad Sweeney" + Ep 5 Breakdown & More

[synopsis]Following her brief reunion with Shadow, Laura turns to an unlikely travel companion to find her way back to life; Mad Sweeney's long, winding, and often-tragic past is explored.

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[Spoiler (click to open)]Yet another beautifully done Coming To America opening. And SALIM! Him actively looking for the Jinn, bless this show ♥ And again, enjoying the hell out of the dynamic between Sweeney and Laura =) And fuck, the entire Vulcan community scene was just disturbing... The penultimate episode to the finale is next week, thoughts on tonight's episode, "A Murder of Gods"? =)

Spoiler-tag for those who need it =)


Mayim Bialik advocates against open relationships; says women aren't biologically wired for them

Mayim Bialik has uploaded a new YouTube video laying out why she doesn't "get" open relationships.

-"The notion of men spreading their seed is kind of an over-simplified and misogynistic take on our species, and with open relationships, women too can spread their seed. It's liberating for women to be seen as equal sexual participants, rather than the object of men's whims. I get that, too. Here's what I don't get about open relationships, though: people in open relationships are exchanging one cultural construct for another — that of equating male and female sexuality. But as a scientist, I'm here to ruin everybody's good time and to tell you that the assumption that male and female sexuality can be treated pretty much the same is in direct opposition to our biology."

-She goes on to regurgitate the brand new, never-before-heard argument that since men produce a lot of sperm and women only produce one egg per menstrual cycle, men are naturally inclined to have sex with a lot of women while women are inclined to look for one mate.

-"Take home message: Lean in to your biology."

-Says that people in open relationships are more prone to getting STDs, because "people aren't protecting themselves."

-Says open relationships are too hard to maintain because she can barely maintain a monogamous relationship.

Jaskier Bomb

David Lynch Vindicated at Cannes 25 Years Later; McLachlan Talks about the Return

To paraphrase what he said: It was hard, and he doesn't take doppleganger Cooper with him.


25 Years after Fire Walk With Me was booed by Cannes audiences (Lynch later reflected that the experience made him feel like he was made of glass), a different crowd made Lynch tear up for different reasons as they gave him a standing ovation after watching the first episodes of the new season of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks Discussion Post? The Cannes video was never posted here btw

Katy Perry is making $25m for American Idol. Paula Abdul & Mariah Carey feel...things.

Paula Abdul wants you to know she was NOT getting paid $25 million to be on American Idol.
Randy Jackson, dawg, made jokes about coming back to Idol instead of Ryan Seacrest.

X17Online is reporting that Mariah Carey clenched her teeth and was referring to Katy Perry's Idol deal when she said, "Great." (Although it could be argued that she was replying to the heckler calling her beautiful and asking how she was 18x...)
What do you think ONTD?

Do you think Katy Perry is worth $25 million to be on American Idol, ONTD?

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The Leftovers Series Finale Roundup

Spoilers Ahead:
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Author Tom Perrotta chats with IGN about The Leftovers' final episode.
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Finish reading the rest of the articles at the Source
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Thoughts on the finale?
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‘The Leftovers’ Finale: Showrunner Damon Lindelof Talks Series Finale

Show creator Damon Linelof discusses his thought process for season three and ultimately how to end the show.

Series finale discussion post! Do you feel satisfied ONTD?


True Crime Post: Adnan's Trial, 7 Famous UK Cases, and Why There Are SO Many True Crime Shows


On June 8th, attorneys for Adnan Syed of Serial podcast fame will return to court to argue whether he should receive a new trial. Last June a judge overturned Adnan's murder conviction on the grounds that his lawyer left out relevant evidence.


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What one unsolved mystery would you want solved?