June 1st, 2017

Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

Wonder Woman: athletes and professional fighters were selected to play the Amazons

#WonderWoman's Amazons include an Olympic bobsledder, a heptathlete, a professional fighter, a police officer...https://t.co/9pcnUWAF4w

— Devan Coggan (@devancoggan) 30 mai 2017

  • Some of the Amazons auditioned while the filmmakers plucked others from the athletic world — Brooke Ence, an American Crossfit champion, and Madeleine Vall Beijner, a Swedish professional fighter, among them.

  • They went through basic strength training, swordplay, horseback riding and stunt choreography. “The trainers said they wanted us to look like the female version of 300,”

  • Many of the women weren’t quite sure what to expect when they got on-set, especially as many of them had never worked on a Hollywood movie before, but they found themselves adapting quickly and bonding with their fellow Amazons.

  • Doutzen Kroes recalls when she greeted her son in full battle regalia.“If I could just have that face framed as a picture on my wall. I think I melted because he has never looked at me like that ever. He was just in full admiration of his mommy as a warrior.”

For those wondering, Kroes is also a trained horsewoman and did speed skating.


Scott Stapp wants to Make America Rock Again

◘ The world's worst tour name rivals world's worst lineup. The Make America Rock Again tour includes acts like Scott Stapp of Creed (yes, he is billed this way. It's just Scott Stapp, no Creed), Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt, Adelita's Way
◘ Features music, BBQ, and Scott Stapp meet-and-greets
◘ Avoid the following cities this summer: Omaha NE, Dewey Beach DE, Fayetteville NC, Sturgis SD, Lafayette LA (to name a few)

source: 1

This sounds like Warped tour for the MAGA demographic. Will avoid at all costs
best of butts: Nancy Callahan
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It's Official: Candice Swanepoel is Back!

Guess who's back and betta than eva ~

Candice Swanepoel took some time off for her little one, Anacã, whom she has posted endlessly about on Instagram since his birth in October, 2016. She's already busy at work, as showin on Russell James' Instagram story from sometime last week. She also recently posted that she is 'getting back into the groove' of things, included with a photo of herself looking super fit, healthy, and more beautiful and happy than ever before, wearing Victoria Sport.

DE VOLTA AO TRONO! 👑 Candice no Instagram Stories do Russell James durante is bastidores do ensaio para a Victoria's Secret! 🖤 pic.twitter.com/4MglSvJB74

— Candice Swanepoel BR (@AngelCandiceBRA) May 26, 2017

(Russell James Instagram story)

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Victoria's Secret Instagram / Candice Swanepoel Instagram / CS Fan Twitter (angelcandicebra)
fav angel?
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AMC - PREACHER Official S2 Trailer + New Promo Images

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The official trailer has been released! With a good look at the iconic antagonist, Herr Starr ♥ The series returns Sunday June 25th at 10/9c with the episode "On The Road" followed by a second episode, Monday June 26th at 9/8c in its new timeslot.


Camila Cabello is the newest face of Guess

- karla is the new face of guess' fall 2017 campaign
- "i couldn’t be more excited to partner with guess on this incredible campaign. i’ve grown up loving their aesthetic and not in my wildest dreams did i ever think i’d be lucky enough to be a part of it."
- "karla’s confidence, strength and beauty reflect the qualities i look for in a guess girl," the cco said. "choosing karla to be the face of guess this fall celebrates that guess girls are multi-talented, dynamic and accomplished women."

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who is your favorite guess girl?

daniel mysterious
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The View reacts to the vandalism to LeBron James' house and talks to Chance the Rapper

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
It's Thursday. The View talks about the vandalism that happened at LeBron James' Los Angeles House. The panel responds on how racism isn't dead and it's the elephant in the room. Sunny brings up an anecdote that she's received so much hate mail that has been littered with her being called the n-word. Sunny also brings up hate related crimes against African Americans have been on the rise since 45 has been in office.

The panel gets heated as they discuss 45's plan to roll back ACA's birth control mandate. There is a showdown between Joy and Jed in the middle of this segment. Sara and Jed made arguments that most people who are using birth control are in their 20s to 30s.

The panel is then graced by Chance The Rapper. He talks about his Grammy win, the violence in Chicago, his fundraising efforts to help CPS, and responds to LeBron James' comments in regards to the vandalism at his LA house.

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Racist tweets uncovered on Bachelorette contestant's twitter

In a completely predictable development, fans have discovered that the twitter account of Lee Garrett, a contestant on the season of the first black Bachelor franchise lead, is full of racist, misogynistic, and Islamaphobic tweets.

Lee was shown in the season preview giving a confessional about how he's going to have problems with some of the guys in the house because he's the only country boy there.

Some choice quotes from his now-locked twitter:
"Hillary Clinton is the millenial's version of OJ"
"I don't hate Muslims, but I do hate Islam"
"Guys... When is the last time you saw a pretty feminist? There's a reason for this"
"Women were meant to hang around for a few seconds these days. Dogs were meant to stick around. Get a dog boys. Get a dog."
"What's the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? Wait for it.... One has the sense of shame to cover their racist ass faces"

He also called for Black Lives Matter to be recognized as a terrorist organization, shared an article with the headline "Setting the record straight: IRISH: THE FORGOTTEN WHITE SLAVES", and tweeted an article claiming to destroy "the liberal narrative on Alton Sterling shooting.
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Mirror Ari

Ariana's Benefit Concert for Manchester Sold Out in 6 Minutes, Little Mix Added to Lineup

    - Little Mix, Robbie Williams and Black Eyed Peas have been added to the lineup, which already included Katy Perry, Miley, Coldplay, Usher, Bieber, Pharrell etc
    - Tickets were set aside for people who were at the original concert

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Are any ONTDers going to this concert?

Luis Fonsi Forgives Justin Bieber for Stumbling Over "Tongue-Twisty" 'Despacito' Lyrics

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi tells Rolling Stone that he gives Biebs a pass for flubbing the words to the #1 song in the country. He denounces crazyfirecrotch's #fakenews, clarifying that Biebs was singing "bah-bah-bah" because the song is not that easy to memorize.

Fonsi shares: "That chorus is not easy to sing, even for fluent Spanish singers like myself. It’s got a lot of lyrics, it’s kind of tongue-twisty."

Biebs seems unfazed by the controversy, continuing on his sold-out world tour, and um...relieving himself on beaches across the globe.

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Sources: @LeafFM. @Biebs, 1.

ONTD: What languages do you speak?

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Rainbow Rowell to write Marvel's new Runaways series


The series will be reuniting most of the team's original line-up, with the exception of Alex Wilder who is appearing in the  Power Man & Iron Fist series. It will be illustrated by Kris Anka.

The first arc will be about Gertrude “Gert” Yorkes's resurrection.

After seeing what she wrote about the X-Men...
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Taylor Swift must face Jury Trial Over DJ's Contract Interference Claim

Taylor Swift must face with a jury in August in Colorado as alleged groper denies assaulting her

source : https://twitter.com/THR/status/870016252533768192
daniel mysterious
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Celebs react to Trump making America first and Earth last

This sunny Thursday afternoon at the Rose Garden, hype man Mike Pence, secondary role the VP of the USA, introduced 45 who basically rambled about pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. If you want to suffer through his presser, watch it on PBS Newshour.

America will now join the likes of Nicaragua and Syria who are not part of the Paris Climate Accord. Nicaragua pulled out the agreement because it didn't think it was ambitious enough and the country is on it's way to 90% renewable by 2020.

The withdrawal process will take four years. Therefore, in that sense, the next time the US can join is around the time of the 2020 elections. Exact date of the exit will be Nov. 4, 2020.

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Jeremy is so funny in a creepy kinda way

Patty Jenkins & Gal Gadot Talk About The Gender Politcs Of Wonder Woman


The article starts with this: "Can Patty Jenkins make the superhero world safe for female directors?"

ONTD, Are you tired of people doubting your abilities because of your gender/identity/race/culture/etc.?
harold | live lounge

The Late Late Show is coming to London (for 3 shows)

• Ed Sheeran will do Carpool Karaoke
• Guests: Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Jennifer Hudson, Emily Blunt, Kit Harington Nicole Kidman
• Musical guests: Kings of Leon and (in case one week wasn't enough for you) Harry Styles

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you hate Ed Sheeran, ONTD?
And do you think Harry will ever grace a talkshow that isn't hosted by James Corden with his presence?
harry- I hadn't finished


Noel Gallagher on Harry Styles' Debut: "My Cat Could Have Written That in 10 Minutes!"

Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher says his cat could have written "Sign of the Times" in "about ten minutes." This is in contrast to his brother Liam, who said his album had "some interesting bits." Faint praise, maybe, but no comments on whether Liam's cat could write a better tune.

PS this is a cat post. Show me your pussycats.

Pictured below: Noel's cat

Jeremy outside Spago

The Word "Stan" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary

"According to Oxford, “stan” can be both a verb and a noun and it denotes “an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.” The dictionary even cites Eminem’s song as the origin of the term."

In case you haven't heard the song here it is.


ONTD, who do you stan?
2NE1: dalong & pudong

Yet another Big Bang member gets busted for marijuana, it's TOP this time

-YG reps: TOP admitted to the charges and is reflecting.

-Spokesperson of Drug Investigation Bureau: False, he never admitted until he was sent to prosecution.

-Reportedly, he smoked with a female trainee in her 20s who's also under investigation. He initially claimed it was e-cigs, but the woman that was with him at the time confessed it was marijuana.

source: 1, 2, 3

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You

King of pop Troye Sivan collabed with unknown DJ Martin Garrix for a new song!

The song debuted very highly on Apple Music:

Been bopping to this all week and I noticed no one had made a post about it! Will you be there for Troye and #BuyThereForYouOniTunes?

Sources: 1 & 2

Anna Paquin Blasts News Outlet For Publishing Photos Of Her Children

A British news outlet has published photos of her children.
The children’s faces weren’t blurred out.
Some readers made mean-spirited comments about the story.

source. source

Keri Russell & Scott Speedman Reveal He was a Disaster of a Boyfriend During Felicity

- he was a bad boyfriend when they dated
- even he couldn't pretend to like her short hair
- he says he would fight someone for keri and they bring down some poor girl from the audience and they take off their shoes and pretend to fight each other


i had no idea they dated irl?? wtf


Resident Evil star almost quit movie over Michelle Rodriguez role

"I almost quit the movie. I was shooting something else, and Paul had hired Michelle Rodriguez to play Rain. And she had just come off Girlfight and there was Oscar buzz. She was very hot at that moment, and my hotness had sort of been already four years old by that point. So Paul rewrote the script for her. It pretty much made my character “the girl,” and Rain was “the guy.” She got all of my big action scenes, and she became like Alice. And then Alice became this tag-along.

I didn’t get the new draft until I was leaving to go to Germany from Canada, where I was working. I ended up reading the script on the plane, so by the time I landed in Berlin, I was livid. I got to the hotel and said, “We have to have to a big talk or I’m going to be on a flight tomorrow morning.”

So Paul ended up coming over that evening and we literally sat for three hours and went through the script, page by page. He was like, “What do you mean? This didn’t change that much?” So I was like, “OK, why don’t we start with page one?” I pointed out every time I felt like my great scenes were taken away. That was how we started our relationship.”


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are seen together for first time

The Daily Mail has potato pics of Taylor and her new boyfriend boarding her private plane in the UK, flying out to the US. Exactly a year after the Tayvin break up, no less.

Do you want another summer of love, ONTD?


ONTD Original: 5 Stars That Were On Canadian TV Shows Before They Were Famous

Everyone knows that before Drake became a popular musician, he was a main cast member on Degrassi: The Next Generation. But Jimmy Brooks isn't the only character portrayed by a soon-to-be-famous megastar. Lets take a look at some other celebs that had roles on Canadian TV shows before their big breaks.

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Film company apologizes for fat-shaming Snow White

"Locus Corporation wishes to apologize regarding the first elements of our marketing campaign (in the form of a Cannes billboard and a trailer), which we realize has had the opposite effect from that which was intended."

“Our film, a family comedy, carries a message designed to challenge social prejudices related to standards of physical beauty in society by emphasizing the importance of inner beauty. We appreciate and are grateful for the constructive criticism of those who brought this to our attention. We sincerely regret any embarrassment or dissatisfaction this mistaken advertising has caused to any of the individual artists or companies involved with the production or future distribution of our film, none of whom had any involvement with creating or approving the now discontinued advertising campaign.”

nhft, paz

Fifth Harmony new single "Down" comes out tonight! + Interview with Zane Lowe

  • Zane describes 'Down' as a "smash hit record"

  • Say that they helped writing and producing some songs on #5H3

  • Dinah "accidentaly" confirms that they worked with Skrillex

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baby groot

Netflix cancels Sense8

“After 23 episodes, 16 cities and 13 countries, the story of the Sense8 cluster is coming to an end,” Cindy Holland, VP Netflix original content, said in the statement. “It is everything we and the fans dreamed it would be: bold, emotional, stunning, kick ass, and outright unforgettable. Never has there been a more truly global show with an equally diverse and international cast and crew, which is only mirrored by the connected community of deeply passionate fans all around the world. We thank Lana, Lilly, Joe and Grant for their vision, and the entire cast and crew for their craftsmanship and commitment.”

H - Holland Tunnel for a nose

Khloe Tweets About a Friend Stealing From Her

She also clarified it wasn't Malika she was talking about.

sources: 1 2 3
Have you ever had a friend steal from you ONTD ? What would you do tbh ?
scammer photo tumblr_o4rbufagOs1qbvkmso3_400-1471882609_zpsrpl9fq9v.gif
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Courtney Eaton stars in Cartier ad directed by Sofia Coppola

Coppola on the campaign: When the Panthere watch came out in 1983, there were so many great movies, and I love the stars of that time. I remember the glamorous kind of women who wore a Panthère watch. It was just a stylish time to remember and to propose a modern interpretation of it.


Do you wear a watch, ONTD? And if yes, what kind?