May 27th, 2017

baby groot

Lead Single from 5H3 (4H1) out next Friday

The girls will be debuting their lead single from their upcoming third album next Friday on Good Morning America.
They were shooting a music video (apparently for this song) earlier this week.

baby groot

Animated film news: The Jetsons film nabs Sausage Party director + Boss Baby 2 set for 2021

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Dreamworks/Universal has set a sequel for their recent animated success The Boss Baby for March 26, 2021. The film has almost grossed $470m so far.

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Bravo Doesn't Want Real Housewives of Sydney + Real Housewives of Melbourne S4 Cast

Bravo is refusing to air the series despite airing Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Foxtel boss Brian Walsh says “A lot of the women in this show were nasty for nasty’s sake and have no redeeming features." He also says that if the show is renewed there would need to be big changes to the cast. He also thinks that the show was missing light hearted moments.

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Homewares store owner Sally Bloomfield (second from left) and lawyer Venus Behbahani-Clark (centre) join returning cast Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Gamble Breaux, Lydia Schiavello and Janet Roach.

Chyka Keebaugh is to busy with her stores and planning events for the uber wealthy. Pettifleur Berenger and Susie McLean were most likely fired.


Sydney had all the drama but Melbourne is still the best franchise after Atlanta. Athena X can stay but Lisa Oldfield and Victoria Rees both need to GTFO. Is anybody watching this season of RHOCheshire? It's kind of good. Toronto was such a let down.
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Sad men are buying tickets to disrupt women-only Wonder Woman screenings

- Earlier, women-only Wonder Woman screenings by Alamo Drafthouse upset some men.
- Tickets sold out quickly & the company announced new dates in more locations, like NYC.
- Sad men bought tickets & are planning to crash the events in a "civil rights" protest against "discrimination".
- They will "identify as women" to enter.

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Lindsay Lohan

Fitness Post! Bikini Season with Lea Michele

"If you eat well and you work hard, you see the results!" - groundbreaking.gif quote by Lea Michele on E! Live.

- She acknowledges that looking good is obviously nice, but it's more about feeling good for her, more than anything (working out, eating well, keeping good energy)
- Thinks "bikini season" (wanting to look good) should be every season
- Her go-to to get ready for bikini season is cutting down on the bread and dairy (her weaknesses) and pump up her workouts
- Keeps a good variety of workouts lined up so she doesn't get bored and stays motivated
- Doesn't do any dance workouts / can't take herself seriously when she watches herself dance sexy
- Has one cheat day where she doesn't think about what she eats and just enjoys herself, but really craves healthy foods
- Her vice, however, is cheese

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how's the bod, ontd?

Taylor Schilling of OITNB opens up about her sexuality

‘I’ve had very serious relationships with lots of people, and I’m a very expansive human,”
“There’s no part of me that can be put under a label."
“I really don’t fit into a box – that’s too reductive,”
“I’ve had a lot of love, and I don’t have any qualms about where it comes from.”


Kind of messy but good for ha I guess. Do you plan on watching have you watched the next season?
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A Duggar wedding/engagement extravaganza!

Yesterday afternoon, the youngest of the adult Duggar daughters, 19-year-old Joy Anna, got married to her fiancé of three months, Austin Forsyth. That may seem like an extremely short courtship, but the two are childhood friends who have known each other for 15 years.

[guess who's engaged! hint, it's not jana]

During Joy Anna's reception, third Duggar brother Joseph, 22, proposed to his...courtshipfriend? Kendra Caldwell, 19. The couple initially announced their courtship in March. Following Joy Anna's wedding and Joseph's impending marriage, this leaves 27-year-old twins Jana and John David, and Josiah, 20, as the only adult Duggar's still unmarried.

In other news, Jill is still pregnant and her husband still looks like an emaciated Aaron Rogers, and Jinger has scandalized the world by by wearing pants not just once, but twice! There may be hope for her after all.

Also, according to Gossip Cop, the four married Duggar sisters (Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy) are suing In Touch and city, county and police officials in Arkansas over the release of information related to their molestation by old brother Josh.

source: joy anna & joseph, gossip cop

Andy Cohen on Hot Ones

  • Andy won a long tongue contest in Miami.

  • Fifty Cent talked about how much he loves getting his ass eaten on WWHL.

  • A SNL cast member's plus one date puked in the WWHL audience which is not surprising b/c it's an open bar and you get drunk before the show even starts and they refresh your drinks during the commercial breaks too.

  • Andy went as Madonna's plus one to a Tom Ford movie premiere. Madonna gets plus twos. She brought a male model too. Also, her car has a siren.

  • Anderson Cooper throws wild parties so I'm pretty sure that character on Girls was based on him.

  • Andy says Jax from Pump Rules seems like "a hole is a hole" type of guy.

  • Andy confirms he's a top. It's been rumored for a long while that he is a power top.

ONTD, would you let Daddy Andy rim you


Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Lorde, and Zara Larsson pay tribute to Manchester victims

Harry, who is from a town relatively close to Manchester, gave a speech with a moment of silence and dedicated his show in Mexico to the victims.

Katy Perry held a moment of silence and dedicated her song'Part of Me' to the victims at her first show in London after the attack.

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Celeb Political Tweets Round Up: #JaredIsSoBusted, Hillary's Speech, + Trump doing Trump things

+ Reuters and WaPo dropped bombshell reports yesterday about the White House's evil son-in-law, Jare-Jare Binks. Jared had communicated with the Russian ambassador and wanted to setup secret communication channels between the Trump transition team and Moscow. Jared omitted this meeting from his SF-86 security clearance form. He's been in contact with Kislyak three times and they were undisclosed. Basically, Jare-Jare may have committed espionage. In the words of Ivanka, Jared is so busted!

+ Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, refuses to do Ramadan celebration at State Department. He's breaking a 20 year tradition. FAUXTUS also released a statement on Ramadan which was basically entirely about terrorism.

+ Hillary Clinton, POTUS on Earth 2, gave the commencement speech at Wellesley College. She spoke about numerous things and also dragged FAUXTUS for all the dumb things he's done like possible obstruction of justice, lying about crowd sizes, firing ONTD BF Comey, etc..

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Gregg Allman Dead at 69

Gregg Allman, the singer, musician and songwriter who played an essential role in the invention of Southern rock, has died at the age of 69. Allman's rep confirmed to Rolling Stone that the artist died Saturday afternoon.

Southern rock pioneer fused country blues with San Francisco-style extended improvisation, creating a template for countless jam bands to come

Allman "passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia," a statement on the singer's website read Saturday. "Gregg struggled with many health issues over the past several years. During that time, Gregg considered being on the road playing music with his brothers and solo band for his beloved fans, essential medicine for his soul. Playing music lifted him up and kept him going during the toughest of times."

[OP Note: My dad was actually good friends with Gregg; some stories inside if you are interested]

My dad was/is a musician. Had some mild success on the southern rock circuit in the 70's and 80's. One album, made lots of famous friends. One night while sitting in the diner owned by someone he knew, the waitress (also a friend of dad's) said she had to go pick up a friend from the airport and would be back soon. Shortly thereafter, she returned and someone sat down beside my dad and said, "Say brother, mind if I grab one of these?" grabbed one of the drumsticks off my dad's plate, and began to chow down. Dad was about to haul off and hit the guy until he looked up and saw it was Gregg Allman. The waitress' friend.

From then on, Gregg and my dad hit it off famously. They were roommates in Daytona Beach for a short time. They'd cruise up and down the strip in my dad's muscle car with his two dobermans, Damien and Karma in the backseat. Dad's also got stories about hanging out on the beach (not Daytona IIRC) with Gregg, Cher, and their son Elijah Blue.

A picture of the two of them smiling together hangs in his house to this day. Dad's actually playing somewhere tonight; I just called him and he said he's absolutely heartbroken and some tributes are definitely on the itenerary.

More at the source

The Graham Norton Show: Salma Hayek, David Walliams, Liam Payne, Ed Westwick, James Buckley FULL

Graham is joined by actress Salma Hayek, who stars in new comedy drama Beatriz at Dinner, comedian and writer David Walliams, who talks about his book The World's Worst Children 2, the stars of new BBC comedy White Gold Ed Westwick and James Buckley, and Liam Payne, who performs new single Strip That Down.
-Liam talks about his son's first nappy change
-Liam was shoved by Jay Z's bodyguard
-David is a 1d superfan
-David talks about his meeting with Prince
-Salma Hayek talks about her daughter being a prankster, and her parrot being a prankster too
-Salma talks about breastfeeding in public
-They show a clip of when Cheryl Cole first met Liam, and he said she hates talking about it
-Liam has a car from Harry Potter in his backyard
-Salma says she never had botox but she likes tight ponytails lmao
-Liam to Ed "I thought you were an American actor, but now you're English, that's amazing!!!!!!"
-James shat himself in front of his family
-Liam said he's never danced before and his team called it 'movement' so they wouldn't scare him lol


Did you ever shit yourself as an adult?

Nyle DiMarco speaks out against Jamie Foxx "making up" sign language on The Tonight Show

Jamie Foxx was on The Tonight Show and before the break pretended to sign what Jimmy was saying.
So far there has been no response from either of them.

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Shakira's new album is out now - "El Dorado" lauch party

Shakira's eleventh studio album, El Dorado, was released this Friday. With 13 tracks (including songs in Spanish, English and French) and collaborations with artists like Carlos Vives, Maluma, Nicky Jam, Black M and MAGIC!, El Dorado has already reached the top of the iTunes charts in 37 countries.

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The album is out in all streaming services and Shakira also made it available for free on Youtube.

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How much do you love the best song, aka Amarillo? Do you hate yourself for liking yet another Maluma song? Are you ready for Perro Fiel to be the song of the summer?

Young actresses fake being deaf to audition for Todd Haynes film

* To cast the role of young, deaf Rose in Cannes competition film Wonderstruck, director Todd Haynes conducted a nationwide search before finding the revelatory Millicent Simmonds, 14, from Utah.

* Through the 100 or so tapes from girls, some of whom were not actually hearing-impaired : "We even got a few girls who later admitted that they weren't deaf. It was pretty intense. It was a little bit of a shock."


Shia LaBeouf Sued by Bartender in Bowling-Alley Tirade

* Following a public incident involving swearing and yelling at a bartender in a bowling alley last month.
* The bartender refused to serve LaBeouf a drink, allegedly because the actor was already too intoxicated.
* LaBeouf was caught on camera screaming at the bowling-alley employee, calling him a "fucking racist."
* He believes LaBeouf was on the verge of using physical violence.
* The employee is suing the star for assault and defamation.
* He "experienced significant emotional distress, anxiety and fear" after the altercation.

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Wonder Woman Round-up

Patty Jenkins was featured on "CBS This Morning: Saturday". She talks about how nobody had tackled Wonder Woman the movie and the direction she went with in regards to the movie. Patty really wants to break barriers. Collapse )

Gal Gadot appears on Conan. She takes Conan O'Brien through a gauntlet of how she got fit for her role of being Wonder Woman. We meet Gal's trainer. Collapse )

Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, and Patty Jenkins appear on AOL's BUILD Series to talk about Wonder Woman. They talk about the training for the movie and the filming schedule. Lots of topics hit with this interview. 30 minutes of them talking that is not a presser! Collapse )

For those Wonder Woman comic readers, #23 came out this week which saw the conclusion of "The Truth" arc in the Rebirth series. Wonder Woman Annual #1 will be out on May 31. Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 comes out on June 7.

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Blind Item: TV Dad Took Compromising Footage of the Teenage Girl He Recently Hung Out With

  • TV dad (doesn't say he's an actor) and barely-legal actress

  • he took pictures and videos of her in sexual situations

  • might use it to blackmail her somehow but he isn't sure how yet

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wow i wonder who they're talking about!
saving face

Hollywood fails LGBT people

  • GLAAD's annual film report finds that LGBT people are nearly invisible or outdated punchlines in big Hollywood movies;

  • Only 23 out of 125 films tracked from 2016 contain LGBTQ characters, that's 18.4%;

  • Gay men were the most represented, with 83% of LGBT-inclusive films. Lesbians come in second, 35%;

  • Only one transgender character, the same number as the 2015 report. And the character was used a punchline in 'Zoolander 2';

  • The report notes that Harley Quinn's bi identity was completely erased in 'Suicide Squad';

  • 20% of LGBTQ characters were people of color;

  • Universal Pictures got the best grade: 'insufficient';

  • TV shows are still ahead in including LGBTQ characters and stories. Water is wet, sky is blue, etc.

source 1 | 2 (report)

Mel B’s estranged husband Stephen Belafonte ‘is homeless and broke’

* He’s unable to afford a place of his own. He is sleeping on friends' sofas.
* He claims Mel is being purposefully difficult to sell the family home ($8 million).
* He says he’s making no money.
* He wants $200k for his divorce lawyers and $55k for his accountant.

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Scott Disick's friends begged him not to go to Cannes + are worried about him

+ Scott coincidentally was in Cannes while Kourtney was spending time with BLM activist, Kendall Jenner, and Younes Bendjima. Scott was seen with different 19 year old models every day. He also hooked up with his ex, the same ex he hooked up with in 2015 that led to Kourtney breaking up with him.
+ Bella Thorne ditched him bc he's really old and has too much baggage (lmao).
+ Scott's friends are worried about him bc he seems to be out of control. His friends begged him not to go to Cannes.
+ Kourtney is over it and thinks its embarrassing that he's hooking up with such young girls. Scott is basically trying to rub it in her face and he's jealous that she's moved on. She thinks Scott is a mess and is worried that her kids will be impacted by all of it. The Kardashian Klan is upset because its unfair to the kids and he seemed to be on the right path.



Who's Your Daddy? PLL Edition


For those of us who are still watching this shit mess, and for those lucky ones who managed to quit but still want to know what type of weird shit plot twist Marlene is trowing at us, here's a quick recap:

Ali is pregnant with Emily's baby! and nobody is suprised!

We know the egg donor, but we still don't know who provided the sperm *dramatic music* . We know that Archer Dunhill is NOT the father *more dramatic music*, so who could this misterious donor possibly be?

  • Mr. Hastings -if someone can reply "me" to the question "who's your daddy?" on this show, that man is for sure Peter Hastings. He has fathered every love child in rosewood, so why not being the daddy of yet another peculiar birth?

  • Lucas: Charles/Cece's childhood friend, maybe former lover? maybe evil mastermind? why is lucas still on the show??

  • Noel: he's dead, so that would be quite the shock factor! perfect to leave room for the emily/ali ship to sail also, he's evil, so why not.

  • Bonus Guess: Dan Humphrey! ONTD wishful theory, Gossip Girl is AD!! He got bored of the UES life and decided to play games w some new fresh meat in order to get material for his new movie/book. In this scenario Serena obvs needed a surrogate, and Dan decided to spice things up!

More guesses at the source.

There's only 5 episode left, will we ever know the truth? Set us free Marlene!

Source + my boredom

ONTD, who's the father of this queer bait storyline that we all hate child? Do you have any baby daddy drama/stories?