May 10th, 2017

Romeo + Juliet 21

Patti LuPone Slams Madonna’s Acting

While on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where [Tony & Grammy winner] Patti LuPone and Christopher Meloni were guests, a fan called in and asked to Lupone "Did you and Madonna ever have a conversation about your two iconic performances as Evita?" LuPone said no with Andy following up asking LuPone what did she think of Madonna's performance and Lupone says: “I thought it was a piece of s—. Madonna is a movie killer". She continues, “She’s dead behind the eyes. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. She should not be on film or on stage. She’s a wonderful performer for what she does, but she is not an actress.”

LuPone portrayed Evita in the original 1979 Broadway production [where she won the Tony for Best Actress in a Musical] while Madonna was in the 1996's Evita [where she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy]

ONTD, what do you think of Madonna's acting in Evita? or any of her films?
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Perfume Genius Round-up post

Mike Hadreas, better known as Perfume Genius had a very busy week.
If you are looking for actually queer artists shattering gender norms, songs full of vulnerability and heart, catchy, yet not annoyning hooks, you should check his freshly released album 'No Shape', which was written and composed by Mike himself, with some help from Blake Mills (famous for producing Alabama Shakes, Sky Ferreira and John Legend records). Critics agree, it's a strong AOTY contender, a week after the release, it still haven't got a single mixed review on Metacritic.

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You know Mike is not your typical pop boy, support the artist. Don't forget to buy 'No Shape' by Perfume Genius on the platform you prefer.

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What's your favourite album of the year so far, ONTD?

Jimmy Kimmel (and Others) On Trump Firing FBI Director Comey

"Trump fired Comey a few hours ago...which is kind of like OJ firing Judge Ito halfway through the trial."

"One reason he because he mishandled Clinton email situation. That would mean Trump fired Comey for making him president."

"This is the kind of things dictators do."

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kimmel penn takei

ONTD have you ever engaged in piss play?
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Full Rollacoaster Magazine Interview with Liam Payne

What he did after he was sent home the first time on X-Factor:
“I did pubs and clubs,” he says. “When I was a kid, I literally played old people’s homes.” His one taste of what was to come arrived when Wolverhampton Wanderers FC invited Liam to sing before kick-off at a Manchester United fixture to 34,000 fans. “It’s funny that that’s where we ended up, playing stadiums,” he says with a pleasing air of pride and bemusement. “It was funny being stood in the middle again and thinking back on that 16 year old boy stood in the middle of a football pitch. My dad said to me, this is going to be the toughest gig you’re ever going to play. Football fans do not want to hear little boys singing. They’re not interested. You heard jeering from the crowd. But I got applause at the end. And my dad said, that is the best thing you could’ve got out of today.”

X-Factor and getting signed:
Liam says he can’t remember much of his time in the X Factor house second time around bar the tears. “The famous line my dad said was, don’t come home until Christmas, meaning don’t get thrown off it before the final. And after I said goodbye to him that day, I never really went home again.” (His dad sounds like such a stage-dad tbh.)

When 1D lost, Liam turned to his dad with a “we made it this far” face. His fellow band-mates, he says, were in pieces. He remembers first Harry, then Louis, Niall and Zayn bursting into tears. “A cameraman came over and said ‘can I get you boys for an interview?’ and I looked at all the boys crying, in their mum’s arms and I was like, ‘look, I’ll do the interview’ because I was the only one who was alright and so I went off to the side and did the after-camera interview for us. I just left them because I wanted them to have their moment and the cameras didn’t need to see them like that. There was a real atmosphere. This followed throughout our career a lot of the time.”

“Simon took us up to his dressing room to tell us he was going to sign us and Harry literally burst into tears he was so happy.” “The first thing he said to us after signing us from X Factor was ‘look, there are no angels here’. Which is so true.” “Everyone strives to be the person that they want to be,” he says. “I try too much sometimes, I think. I overstep the mark a little bit sometimes. That’s why I’m such a perfectionist. But sometimes I think you have to believe that there are no angels.”

[More on: 1D, his record, Cheryl, voting & Trump]
About how he grew up:
“It was a total tip,” he says of the last bedroom he lived in before fame. “That bed was so old. The last time I went back and sat on it I couldn’t believe it was the bed I used to sleep on. I often think about how I used to sit on the windowsill and just look at the stars and wonder what this was all for. And I often used to think, there must be more to life than this.” I ask if his parents kept the room the same as when he left. “Well,” he says interrupting the nostalgia with a little sharp reality, “I bought my parents a house so I haven’t actually been back to that room in a long time. I’d like to.”

On his favourite One Direction song ‘Once In A Lifetime’ and the band:
“That’s my favourite song. Very Coldplay-esque. I wanted it to be a single but they wouldn’t have it. It was very relaxed the way we chose our records and made things. It was really simple.” Someone else did it.

Whenever Liam talks about the 1D boys he has the exact same dad-ish air of concern, care, amazement and slight separation from the operation that Daddy Barlow has with Take That. (lol @ Daddy Direction making a return)

The experiences of 1D made five men very rich, very young. Liam knows exactly his financial worth. “I do,” he says, letting out a nervous laugh. I ask if I would blush if I saw his bank account. “Honestly, it is a very scary thought,” he says. “It is not something that we were given. It’s something we worked our asses off for. The way we went to work every day and the way we travelled the world and the way we conducted our business, with great management at the time and greater minds, it turned out great for everybody. But it was a long five years.”

On the last night of the last 1D tour, management presented the remaining members with a plaque festooned with little badges for every single gig they’d played since their first. “It was a sombre night,” says Payne who has started becoming more emotionally transparent in front of people this last year. “To see every show we’ve ever done on a plaque?” he says raising eyes to the sky, “Again, everybody was in tears. And I’m quite good at holding it together but I have got a lot worse of late. Adverts and things make me cry, I think I’m getting more emotional as time goes by, especially with everything that’s happening in my life at this moment, it’s a very emotional time and time to reflect on a lot of things and the person that I am to be.

“This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places. Obviously I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world and she’s absolutely amazing.”
“She is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things, someone who’s taken greater steps than me. Her solo career was amazing. She’s been in the industry for fourteen years now. She fully supports me. We’re super happy. I appreciate you didn’t ask about it. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still learning. I’m only 23.”

On his record:
“I’ll tell you the truth. The dream was to be able to get signed and release an album. That is every musician who’s on Youtube’s dream today. I’ve got the opportunity to work with a really great label, Capitol. The people I work with are absolutely amazing and to get a record deal and be able to release the album that I want to release is the most amazing thing ever.” He has no idea how it will fare. “Even if this went tits up, sideways, it’d still be step one that I got here.”

And not voting:
“I’ve never been able to vote,” he explains, “because we’ve always been in different countries and I’ve never really understood it. I still feel like a 16 year old boy when it comes down to things like that and I wouldn’t know which way to go.” He steered clear of the EU referendum and doesn’t know how his parents voted in it. (How embaressing tbh.)

The Trump story:
“Oh, here’s a story,” he says, rubbing his hands. “Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once.” It gets better. “You wouldn’t believe it. It was about his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said ‘well, wake them up’ and I was like ‘no’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, ‘OK, then I don’t want you in my hotel’. So we had to leave.”

SOURCE 1: twitter + SOURCE 2: my copy of the magazin
Have you ever been unable to vote, because you just didn't understand it?
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The View talks about 45's firing of FBI Director James Comey

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
The View reacts to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. They discuss how the opinion of Comey has changed with the administration. Joy comments on how this is "an orange demagogue scorned." How crypt keeper KellyAnne Conway was let out of her crypt to be defending 45's decision to fire Comey. Sunny is no longer saying his name and is calling him 45. She thought the second paragraph of 45's letter to be a complete lie and it didn't happen. Jed thinks that Comey was a problem but the firing's timing was odd. Why fire him for something that happened last summer? Joy thinks it's a cover up in regards to the Trussia investigation.

Sandra Lee, aka First Lady of NY, has no time for Paul Ryan

-celebrity chef/tablescape artist Sandra Lee banished House Speaker Paul Ryan from the set and refused to cook with him during a Fox and Friends segment
-"I need you to go away so I can collect my thoughts, prepare, and get ready for the segment"
-it was apparently "very frosty."


Having to tolerate Paul Ryan justifies moving cocktail time to mid-morning, I'd say...


Professional brat and Paris Hilton's brother, Conrad, refuses to leave jail cell

Follow up to this

Hilton refused to leave his cell for arraignment yesterday. He was still charged in his absence with felony and theft, violating a restraining order (from his ex-gf, where he drove the stolen car to) and contempt of court.

If convicted, he could face up to four years in jail. His parents, however, already have plans to make sure he seeks professional medical help.

P.S.: he's also a racist and a homophobe. As you can see from the previous post.

Trance producer Robert Miles passes away at age 47

Robert Concina, more commonly known by his stage name Robert Miles, has passed away at age 47.

The Italian native was celebrated in the 90s for his iconic 'Children' track, which became one of the biggest dance music tracks of all time, hitting No. 1 in over 12 countries around the world. After becoming widely recognized for the song as well as a string of other hits that followed, he stepped back out of the limelight and spent the rest of his career producing and creating a more experimental sound, also eventually launching Open Lab, a Balearic radio station that leaned towards the same experimental sound.

His death was first reported by DJ Mag Italia which explained that Miles passed away from an unreported illness at the age of 47.

"The tragic news of the death of a very talented artist of our time, makes me incredulous and upset,” said his longtime friend, Joe T Vannelli. “I will miss the fights, brawls, criticism, judgements but especially your talent in finding sounds and melodies unparalleled."

Rest of the artice at MixMag

RIP. Young Gen-Xers/Old Millennials are feeling this one. Children is ICONIC; one of the first trance songs to break mainstream in the late 1990's. The first drop is instantly recognisable and brings up so many memories. Children (and FSOL's Papua New Guinea) introduced me to a new genre of music that I still love to this day.

ONTD, when did you first hear Children?

Chester Bennington Tells Linkin Park Fans to "Move the Fuck On" from Hybrid Theory

  • People have been complaining for over a decade about Linkin Park's post-Hybrid Theory direction and sound.

  • Chester says, "When we made Hybrid Theory, I was the oldest guy in the band and in my early 20s. That’s why I guess I’m like, 'Why are we still talking about Hybrid Theory? It’s fucking years ago.' It’s a great record, we love it. Like, move the fuck on. You know what I mean?"

  • I guess Linkin Park has a new album or something idk.


Are you still struggling with teen angst, ONTD?

TLC's Chilli: "All Lives Matter"

-TLC did an interview recently with Channel 4 News in the UK to promote their upcoming new album. They were asked about Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump.
-Chilli responded:
" For me, all lives matter, you know what I mean? Because there is a time when, you know, different groups are targeted for, you know, different things, you know what I'm saying?"

-Chilli went on to mention police brutality and said:
All of that kind of stuff is wrong, you know, even if it was a caucasian teen, kid, that this was happening to, or whatever."

-She goes on to say that cops need mental health checks and background checks.

-T-Boz was then asked about Donald Trump and what it's like to be black in America right now and she said:
"I don't care about Donald Trump, so, I mean, God is my President, so I just feel sorry for the people it affects but I don't care".

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Thom Yorke set to score Suspiria remake

Variety has reported that the Radiohead front man will score the remake of the Dario Argento's classic Suspiria.

The remake recently wrapped filming with Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) directing.

In a statement, Guadgnino said working with Yorke was “a dream come true,” adding “Our goal is to make a movie that will be a disturbing and transforming experience: for this ambition, we could not find a better partner than Thom.”

This marks Yorke's first time composing a film score. However, he isn't the first member of Radiohead to score a film. His bandmate, Jonny Greenwood, has worked extensively with Paul Thomas Anderson.


This movie really didn't need a remake but I'll take the soundtrack
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Queen of Awkward Audience Dancing Taylor Swift slithering back into your life

Master Manipulator and Victim Queen Taylor Swift is ready to serve flat struggle vocals this fall. Swift has been absent from the music scene since 2014's 1989 that song with zayn doesn't count cuz that shit flopped so bad. Since then she has had a shitload of material to write about including relationships with Calvin Harris, Loki and the infamous expose by Kim Kardashian. Swift's bestie, song jacker Ed Sheeran let the cat out of the bag earlier this year when he was name dropping celebs for publicity by stating that Taylor was aiming for a Christmas release.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Melissa McCarthy Feels 'Oh So Pretty' as Sean Spicer in SNL Promo

Melissa McCarthy and her "Spicy" impersonation is back in a form of a promo for 'SNL'. Sean Spicer said "'Saturday Night Live' used to be really funny and I think there's a streak of meanness now that they've crossed over into." of his impersonation. But Hitler ‘Didn’t Even Sink to Using Chemical Weapons’

catch snl on saturday nights after your local news on nbc.


feel free to talk about how comey heard he got fired through the media or how DeVos got booed.
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The 2017 GMA Summer Concerts lineup revealed: Green Day, Paramore, Big Sean, Fifth Harmony & more

Fifth Harmony will most likely perform for the first time the lead single for their anticipated 3rd album on June 2nd
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the new music is coming sooner than later ladies

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Busy Phillips recalls being embarrassed by her idol, Courtney Love

-During a recent stand-up set, Busy Phillips recalls being embarrassed by Courtney Love
-Phillips grew up idolizing Love and got a chance to meet her at the Man on the Moon premiere
-She introduced herself to Love, who responded with "This is my friend Paul. Do you want to fuck him?"
-She slunk back to her table, flustered by the encounter
-Love's friend Paul was Paul Rudd. Busy regrets missing her opportunity to fuck him
-She says all this lovingly/jokingly, goes on to cover Hole's "Violet"

source: 1

Have you ever met your idol(s), how did that go? Alternatively, what are some of your most embarrassing moments? Ever missed your chance to fuck Paul Rudd?

Kim Kardashian To Kanye: "I Went So F****** Ghetto On Her"

Kim K is back at it again on KUWTK with some questionable behavior.

Right after loudly screaming at a woman in Scott's hotel room, Kim is filmed calling Kanye to brag about going ghetto on the woman.

Kim to Kanye:
"I just caught a girl in Scott's room and went so fucking ghetto on her, all of my friends, like literally jaws dropped, like who is this ghetto girl? Like Stephanie and I are like shaking."


The tweet with the video went private.

ONTD, have you ever "gone ghetto" on someone before?

The Rock is seriously considering running for president

In this new GQ cover story, Dwayne Johnson is profiled by the most delightful celebrity profile writer of our time (read her Bieber and Kim K profiles if you haven't already), Caity Weaver, and she gets to the root of why he's so likable and whether or not he would actually run for president.
When asked directly, he answers seriously: “I think that it's a real possibility,”
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NBC announces Jesus Christ Superstar as its 2018 live musical

image: Yvonne Elliman and Ted Neeley in Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)
NBC has announced that their next live musical after this year's upcoming Bye Bye Birdie Live! (starring Jennifer Lopez, and set to air in December 2017) will be Jesus Christ Superstar Live!, scheduled to air in the spring of 2018. NBC entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt had this to say about the announcement: "As we continue to expand the profile of our live musicals, we are thrilled to be partnering with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to bring a new live staging of the iconic Jesus Christ Superstar to NBC. Casting has just begun, but we want to fill out this classic show with as many recording artists as possible to give proper voice to what is the original rock opera score."  There have been several filmed productions of Jesus Christ Superstar over the past few decades, including the iconic 1973 film starring Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson; a 1999 production starring Glenn Carter as Jesus and Jérôme Pradon as Judas which aired as part of PBS' Great Performances in 2001, and a live recording of the 2012 Arena Tour which stared Ben Forster as Jesus, Tim Minchin as Judas, and Melanie C as Mary Magdalene.

source: image source, quote is from Hollywood Reporter, other text is my own

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Isabelle Huppert and Jessica Chastain cover The Hollywood Reporter's Cannes issue

Chastain is a jury member this year and Cannes was also her breakout moment when The Tree of Life premiered there in 2011 and won the Palme d'or.

Huppert has won Best Actress at Cannes twice (!) and served as jury president. She stars in several films playing at the festival this year.

The two actresses are friends and also appeared together in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby films where Huppert played Chastain's mother.

colinfarrell shush!

Colin Farrell on the Ellen Show

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-Talks taking his mum to the Golden Globes
-Has never seen anyone eat in Hollywood/at the GG, but everyone is drinking
-Has been sober for 10 years!
-CHIME Institute is his charity of choice for Celeb Confession game (the school his son James goes to which mixes kids with special needs in class with 'typical' kids, so typical children can experience the compassion arising in people when they socially encounter those with special needs)
-Talks about accidentally shaving off most of his pubic hair for a film in 2000 when trying to get it trimmed evenly.

Sources: 1, 2

How do you like your pubic hair, ONTD? And how would you like Colin's.

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jack O'Connell and Chloe Grace Moretz to star in Party of the Century

  • Despite the title this is not about a kegger, but Truman Capote's infamous Black and White ball of 1966

  • Josh Gad will play Capote while Jack O'Connell will play an elevator operator and Moretz a young ingenue who find love together while attending the party

  • Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman the directing duo behind American Splendour and The Nanny Diaries will direct


ONTD do you like to party?

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Arrow 5x22 "Missing" promo

BLACK SIREN RETURNS — Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy) returns to help Chase (Josh Segarra). Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) organizes a birthday party for Oliver (Stephen Amell) while Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is furious after Rene (Rick Gonzalez) misses the custody hearing for his daughter. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Oscar Balderrama (#522). Original airdate 5/17/2017.

source / source

Paris Hilton Breaks Down Her Favorite 2000s Trends | W magazine

Paris Hilton is here to tell you why the early 2000s were the hottest years in fashion history. But you already knew that, seeing that all her favorite looks—from tracksuits to trucker hats—are back in fashion. To help you look cute, she breaks down her 13 favorite trends from the decade and why you should still wear them. By the end of this video, you'll know exactly how to be the ultimate 2000s babe.


what's your least/most favorite 2000s trend??

Chronic Complainer DeadMau5 Goes On Twitter Rant Against Calvin Harris, Remains Trash

DeadMau5 took to twitter to criticize the new Calvin Harris album in a spectacularly shitty way.

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Is 2017 going to be the year of musicians putting their foot in their mouth? Who is next?

richard armitage

Lee Pace News Roundup!!!

Trailer for his cheesy sci-fi action movie, REVOLT co-starring Berenice Marlohe. Still no word on when and where it's coming, but it's coming (in the Netherlands, at least.)

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sources: 1 2 3 4 5

Is your fave as unproblematic as dog-loving, cock-petting, panda-hugging, nature-conserving Lee Pace, ONTD?
Wonder Woman
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ONTD Original: 5 Fun Non-Superhero Movies with Teams of Women

Before gritty filters, iPhone references, and 8 superhero movies per summer, we had early 2000s comedy films; they were fun, they were silly, and hardly any of them have aged well, but we love them anyway.

Here are five good (bad) movies that have women who make them fun:

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Source: Me!
fav bad movie?

The Rock & Zac Efron Kiss in New Baywatch Red Band Trailer

A-Listers Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron shared a new, naughty trailer for their upcoming blockbuster Baywatch. [Watch on YouTube]

The Dynamic Duo has also teamed up with Under Armour® to launch a new line of beach ready 'fits and fashions.

Sources: @ZacEfron. YouTube. @EHS_Wildcats.

Every other word is f*ck. :/


The Legend of the Galactic Heroes to have a new anime adaptation

What we know so far:
- Producer: Production I.G (Haikyuu!!, Psycho Pass)
- Characters confirmed: Reinhard, Kircheis, and Yang Wen-li
- Voice Cast, staff and more anime details will be introduced in a event on September 20th.

The legend of the galactic heroes (aka ginga eiyuu densetsu) follows the conflict between the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance, as well as the personal stories of Imperial Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm and the Alliance's Yang Wen-Li.


What do you think of another anime adaptation? Is there any anime you want to see adapted?
i ♡ t.s.

Fyre Fest organizers tried it, allegedly sent cease-and-desist letters to haterz

- Someone just served the Fyre Fest organizers its sixth lawsuit in Florida court over the failure of the festival, claiming the organizers sent cease-and-desist letters to people who criticized the festival on social media.

- Rolling Stone reports that Kenneth and Emily Reel, a couple from North Carolina who paid $4600 for a VIP villa at the Fyre Festival in the Bahamas are suing organizers Ja Rule and Billy McFarland- as well as the festival's PR firm 42 West and ad company Matte Projects. The couple never made it to the island as the festival was shut down after its big fail on its first day.

- The couple are suing for $5 million for alleging fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent representation, fraud, etc. The suit also details the cease-and-desist letters Fyre's attorneys allegedly sent out to certain people who criticized the festival on social media.

- An excerpt from the lawsuit:
“Those individuals who elected to speak negatively about the Defendants on social media, they are now being threatened with legal action via cease-and-desist letters. Specifically, if the social media comments were not taken down, the Defendants claim they could ‘incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest,’ with the caveat that if ‘someone innocent does get hurt as a result … Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible.’ ”
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- Read the full lawsuit on Scribd.


lindsey wixson

Weinstein is dumping ‘Suite Francaise’ on Lifetime


- based on Irène Némirovsky's unfinished novel

- was filmed forever ago

- had a theatrical release in some countries in 2015
baby groot

FOX Orders Comedies "Ghosted" and "LA to Vegas" to series


Logline: A cynical skeptic (The Office alum Craig Robinson), and a genius "true believer" in the paranormal (Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation), are recruited by The Bureau Underground to look into the rampant "unexplained" activity in Los Angeles — all while uncovering a larger mystery that could threaten the existence of the human race.
Cast: Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Edi Patterson, Ally Walker, Adeel Akhtar

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L.A. to Vegas
Logline: An ensemble workplace comedy about a group of underdogs who are trying to find their place in the world that is set on the Friday night flight from L.A. to Vegas and the returning flight on Sunday, who all share the same goal: to come back a winner in the casino of life.
Cast: Ed Weeks, Dylan McDermott, Kim Matula, Olivia Macklin, Nathan Lee Graham

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