May 7th, 2017

39 Non-Disney Animated Movies You'll Definitely Want To Watch


The Secret of Kells

About: Young Brendan lives in a remote medieval outpost under siege from barbarian raids. But a new life of adventure beckons when a celebrated master illuminator arrives from the isle of Iona carrying an ancient but unfinished book, brimming with secret wisdom and powers. To help complete the magical book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide. It is here that he meets the fairy Aisling, a mysterious young wolf-girl, who helps him along the way. But with the barbarians closing in, will Brendan's determination and artistic vision illuminate the darkness and show that enlightenment is the best fortification against evil?

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what's your favorite animated movie??

Nicki Minaj pays for tuition and student loans for fans on twitter

-There were at least a dozen people that she helped tonight. Hope one of you guys got in on this. It looks like she only requires a screencap of grades (4.0 or gtfo lol) or a tuition bill.

H - Eroda

Beyonce celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Kelly Rowland and Beyonce celebrated Cinco de Mayo and garnered a backlash from some fans.

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Is Cinco de Mayo a cringeworthy celebration ONTD ?
Nicole #&$@
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ONTD Original: Beauties Who Upgraded Their Eyebrows!

Eyebrow trends have been collaborating with makeup trends for years, and in this digital age, Instagram is rapidly taking over magazines' places as the world's leading communicator of styles to consumers. To some, trends are fun ways to dip your toes into the attitudes of fashion. To others, they're nothing more than fads run by dollar-vampire companies whom collected advice from the CSR.

But whether you love them or hate them, fashion trends have always made their marks in history, rendering them fascinating visuals which dress up each era.

From the Victorian era to the flapper girl; the flapper girl to Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn; and more of Old Hollywood to 2002 Christina 'Xtina' Aguilera... it goes without saying that eyebrows are a massive part of these trends throughout the times.

Let's take a look~

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what do your brows look like, ontd?

What Books Are Celebrities Reading Lately?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
chrishemsworth: Hilarious, confronting and damn refreshing, it's more than a practical guidebook to choosing what’s important or unimportant in our lives, it’s a brutally honest and much needed reality check about our personal problems, fears and expectations. A counterintuitive approach to living a better life!! A good kick in the arse that I needed! #markmanson #epicreads #readit

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Did Harry Styles plagiarize Blackbird by the Beatles?

Accused of plagiarism again, the former 1D member came under fire from Beatles fans who have accused the singer of using a similar guitar riff on his song Sweet Creature that sounds exactly like the Beatles' 1968 song Blackbird.

Beatles fans attacked saying that the song sounds like someone incorrectly playing blackbird on the guitar, that they think Sir Paul should sue, and that being in One Direction made him too overly confident and think he could rip off other artist like his former band did.

This isn't the first time Harry Styles has been accused of plagiarism, the latest accusations come a week after his track Ever Since New York came under fire from fans of Badfinger who accused Styles of using a similar guitar riff to the one on the band’s 1971 track Baby Blue. Prior to that accusation Harry Styles and the band were also accused of copying Taylor Swift's style literally by having a similar sounding chord progression to her single Style on their track Perfect.

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?


13 Reasons Why Officially Renewed For Season 2

-The show will return in 2018
-Season 2 will consist of 13 hour long episodes just like Season 1
-Showrunner Brian Yorkey will stay on, and the rest of the cast (including Katherine Langford as Hannah) are expected to return


I know everyone is tired of hearing about this show, but I couldn't resist

Zendaya thinks Injustice 2's Starfire looks like her

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ONTD, do you see a similarity? Would you cast Zendaya as Starfire? Are you excited for Injustice 2?
It, britney

Dancing with the Stars week 8: songs and dances for trio night

The five remaining couples find themselves tasked with completing two full dances. In the first round dance, the pros will choose the song and dance style that best represent their partners (according to them), and for the second, the couples will perform in a Trio Round with a new twist, in which the judges have chosen the trio partners.

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who is still voting for Bonner. I just wanna talk

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'Edge of Tomorrow 2' Gets a Familiar Title + The Cast Returns

  • Officially called Live Die Repeat and Repeat (JFC) Live Die Repeat was the name they made big on the home video releases of the film.

  • It's a 'sequel and a prequel'

  • Both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will be back!


I like this WB, let's keep making sequels to movies with cult followings, shall we.....
Xtina Maxim

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Got Married This Weekend!

Tom Daley (22) and Dustin Lance Black (42) reportedly tied the knot this weekend in a Romeo and Juliet style ceremony at Bovey Castle in Plymouth. Tom did a bit, reciting a line from the famous Shakespearean play, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” from a balcony overseeing family and friends.

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards Arrivals

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So many tragic outfits.

Updating as more C listers arrive...

Rita in the studio with Ed Sheeran

Rita posted a short video of her sitting in the studio with Ed with a snippet of her new music playing.

Ed has collaborated before on one of her previous now-scrapped albums. There was a song called 'Us' which was never released but she performed live at some of her shows:

OITNB "star" Jamie Denbo speaks up against sexist casting

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Canadian horror anthology show "Slasher" renewed for season 2!

-- The second season will not continue S1's story. Instead, the plot will be: "[A] group of young adults return to the summer camp they attended to cover up an accidental crime they committed five years earlier. The group returns to find “new age” modernists living at the camp and later discover the body left behind by their accidental crime is missing. The situation then turns deadly as someone in their group is killed."

-- No official word yet on the full cast, although actress Leslie Hope (24) was seen rehearsing.

-- Producer Aaron Martin said of the show: "“Humans have a limitless propensity for good … and, sadly, for evil. Slasher is able to tap into a very deep well of the darker side of human nature, in the same way that one of my favourite authors, Agatha Christie, spent a lifetime writing about human crimes.”

SOURCE: Twitter; Orangeville's website

Did you watch the first season, ONTD? I'm so excited!
|| golden age to golden age ||

STARZ - AMERICAN GODS 1x03 Promo "Head Full of Snow" + Social Media Roundup

[synopsis]Shadow questions his decision to work for Mr. Wednesday after learning of his plan to rob a bank; Shadow makes a surprising discovery when he returns to his motel room.

Apologies, the video promo got taken down by STARZ so had to look around for an alternate link. For now, check above for the promo trailer =) I'll edit the post once a proper one gets re-added to youtube!

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[Spoiler (click to open)]“The screen is the altar. I’m the one they sacrifice to. Then till now. Golden Age to Golden Age.” --MEDIA ♥ Definitely a Goddess I pay tribute to far too much in my life, and will continue to do so ♥ Loved the new Gods we met tonight! Looking forward to next week, and not just for shallow reasons, it's a part of the story that strongly resonated with me in the book...[Spoiler (click to open)]and I'm really hoping the aftermath is something that Fuller and Green decide to change as well, down the line. Thoughts on tonight's episode, "The Secret of Spoons"?

Spoiler tag for those who need it =)

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Bon Voyage: Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appétit’ Crashes Out Of iTunes Top 100

Katy Perry's career might be in serious danger because her new single is bombing, majorly.

"Bon Appetit", the second single of her yet to be announced 4th studio album dropped out of the iTunes Top 100 only 6 days after it was released.

Despite boasting a trendy feature (Migos), the song peaked at #15 on iTunes and dropped dramatically almost immediately. The song is #114 at the moment.

"Bon Appetit" isn't doing any better on streaming services, either. The song failed to take off on Spotify, where it currently sits at #104.

On YouTube? All the way down to #457.

Music insiders are left wondering: "If Katy is struggling to sell / stream singles, what fate awaits her album?"