April 26th, 2017

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John Boyega Pranks Fans with Cute Surprise Photobomb at SW Celebration!

-Promoting Force For Change, John Boyega surprised fans at SWC, and it was adorable af.
-You could be in with the chance of watching ANH at Skywalker Ranch, joining the cast at the Last Jedi red carpet, or appearing in a film that nobody asked for and fewer still want.


Help he's cute! My heart melted at the expression on that Death Trooper's face.

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21 great lines from Hollywood's most memorable female characters

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

"I'll tell you one thing, Fred, darling ... I'd marry you for your money in a minute." —Holly Golightly

Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

About: Fortune hunter Holly Golightly finds herself captivated by aspiring writer Paul Varjak, who moves into her building on a wealthy woman's dime. As romance blooms between Paul and Holly, Doc Golightly shows up on the scene, revealing Holly's past.

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who's your favorite female character??

Aretha Franklin Waits 5 Years To Call Dionne Warwick "Libelous" By Fax

Aretha Franklin sent a fax to the Associated Press to clear up a 5 year old issue she had with Dionne Warwick.

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Have you ever sent a fax to accuse someone of libel, ONTD? Have you ever sent a fax?

Source: AP Twitter, AP Article GIF 1 GIF 2
Angelina Jolie

The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions 29x13 + The Challenge: Champs vs Pros - Meet the Pros

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The Challenge: Champs vs Pros
Premieres Tuesday, May 16

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Xtina Maxim

Yes, It's True! Christina Aguilera Is Alive And Shooting Something At Milk Studios

Xtina was spotted in public for the first time in 2 years at Tao last night, supposedly celebrating the wrap of a project.

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Donald Trump reacted to his wife's pregnancy exactly as you expected he would

*According to a new Vanity Fair profile of Melania, Cheeto's main concern about his wife getting pregnant was whether or not she could keep looking good after popping out a kid, especially considering she was at "checkout time" seeing as she was already a decrepit 35 years old.

*He also repeatedly reminded her "You wanted to have a baby" instead of expressing any concern as to how the pregnancy was going.


Of course he did.

Kelly Rowland SHUTS DOWN any hope for a Destiny's Child reunion!

Kelly Rowland shut down any hope for a Destiny's Child reunion in an interview with Good Day New York's Rosanna Scotto this morning. When asked about a reunion, Rowland said "NO! Everybody asks. Everyone's doing their own thing .... Michelle is doing her thing, Beyoncé's pregnant obviously and I have a book!"

MORE and VIDEO at the source http://www.fox5ny.com/news/250816567-video
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Silence Of The Lambs director Jonathan Demme dead at 73

  • Death was due to complications with esophageal cancer

  • Demme won an Oscar for directing Silence of the Lambs but had a wide and varied career directing in film and television and had also directed the films Rachel Getting Married, Ricki and the Flash, Beloved, Philadelphia, Married to the Mob and more.


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MTV's 'Scream' New Season To Be "Less White"

MTV decides to take their Scream TV show down a different path as they hire a new production team, new cast, as well as being set in a different location.

New producers include Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere and Yaneley Arty. Scream is expected to be more inclusive than the first two seasons. The new season will only have six episodes and will be penned by Brett Matthews.

None of the cast from the first two seasons will return. No word if the original Ghostface will return.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Caitlyn Jenner Doesn't Regret Voting for Current US President

- She doesn't regret her decision to vote for 45
- She still a republican despite the party being anti-LGBT
- She is saying that she wants to make her community better

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What a joke! The only thing that is bringing me joy right now is the fact that her book is a flop just like her! She doesn't not represent my community and never will. Can someone tattoo that in her forehead? She is a disgrace to the LGBT and I hope she knows that.
daniel mysterious
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The View talks about the blocking of the sanctuary city EO

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
It's Wednesday people. The panel goes straight to the topic of the day when 45's sanctuary cities executive order that was blocked by a federal judge in California. 45 calls out the Ninth Circuit but it's not the 9th. He ends with "See you in the Supreme Court!" Jed doesn't like the idea of sanctuary cities. They also talk about possible solutions to the illegal immigration problems. Jed vs. Sunny butt heads in regards to states rights.

Because we can't stop talking about the goddamn wall and who will pay for it. Ted Cruz mentioned that the money seized from El Chapo should pay for the wall. The panel suggests that they use advertising to pay for it.

Caitlyn Jenner tackles many topics as she joins the panel because she's on a book tour. She talks about voting for Trump and if she has voter regret. She discusses the current scheme of LGBT rights with 45. They handle the hard topic of the Kardashian family and how her relationship with Kris has been.

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Ariel Winter talks about body confidence and social media.

Ariel Winter has a strong message to those who critique her body-baring Instagram photos.

“I feel like people put so much emphasis on it. Guys, all the time, go on their Instagrams and take pictures nude with guitars in front of their stuff. No one says anything. Nobody cares. When we try to be free and post what we want, it’s like, look at that slut on social media. That’s not what it is. We’re proud of our bodies. We’re proud of who we are. We’re made the way we are. Why do we care? If I take a picture and I think it looks good — if it’s a little revealing, whatever.”

"If people don’t like it, unfollow me. If you’re so offended, why do you look at it? Don’t take the time to hate on me. Just unfollow me and follow someone who covers every part of their body to their toes. I don’t care,”

Comic Book Post: DC erases the New 52 from existence in today's Flash/Action Comics

Big day in DC world today, as both Flash and Action Comics merges what little remains of the New 52 with what came before it and further moves the Watchmen mystery along.

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are you happy to see that only one timeline exists now, ontd?
Lindsay Lohan

Selena Gomez calls out TSR hackers, "they are disgusting"

TSR, which stands for The Story Rares, is a private Instagram account that is responsible for leaking private photos of Selena Gomez and her friends and family, as well as leaking confidential information on her career doings, all without permission.

Transcript: Love you guys [hearts] also will you let TSR know they are the epitome of invasiveness and disrespect. They are disgusting.

Yesterday (April 25), a fan reposted a cropped version of Selena Gomez' own Instagram photo that debuted a new chopped hair style. Selena Gomez personally commented on the photo, letting her fans know she loves them while throwing in her disgust over TSR. Until her comment, many fans thought TSR was a special link that connected them to her team, giving them exclusive details and teasers for intimate yet promotional purposes.

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Curvy Model Hunter McGrady Talks Body Image in Hollywood With Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik and Sports Illustrated plus-size model Hunter McGrady are getting real about stretch marks, body image, and why postpartum bodies are “badass.”

Hunter McGrady :
• She knew it was not normal but she starved herself to become a model.
• a casting director dismissed her "We didn’t realize how big you were.” It was the turning point of her career.
• She took a break, started to eat, and became body-positive advocate.
• She abandonned her diet and felt beautiful even with her stretch marks.
• she says mums are badass because stretch marks signify that you are able to carry a child in your body.

Mayim Bialik :
• she has stretch marks on her breasts because they grew very fast but did not have stretch marks until she birthed her two children.
• she does not love her stretch marks like Hunter.
• she says Hollywood puts pressure on women to remain thin.
• she says people thought she was wearing a fat-suit on TBBT.

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Jesse Watters criticized for suggestive comment about Ivanka Trump

Dickhead Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters is in Hot Water after making a lewd suggestive comment about first daughter Complicit. Watters said she like the way she spoke into the mic. Twitter went in on waters not only for the statement but his disgusting ass smirk after making that comment. Watters later tried to save face saying Complicit's voice was like smooth jazz. This isn't the first time Watters had to apology for being a dickhead, Last year, the “Watters World” personality was blasted by groups and politicians, including New York mayor Bill de Blasio, who claimed a man-on-the-street video package set in Chinatown was “thoughtless” and “rife with racist stereotypes.”

source= https://twitter.com/people/status/857352370879156224 & https://twitter.com/OhNoSheTwitnt/status/857220142505373696

SNL insiders think Kenan Thompson is one of the best sketch comics ever

- His "What Up With That" sketches starting in 2009 are what has defined him at SNL.
- Kenan Thompson definitely has name recognition thanks to his decades of work on television, but he's not nearly as famous as some of the people to come through SNL, and his fame has never taken off to movies or his own TV show
- That said, he's about to accomplish something no one else at SNL has: becoming the single longest running cast member at 15 seasons.
- He's impersonated 100+ people during his time on the show, more than any other cast member in the show’s history
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cate carol

Paul Verhoeven Directing Lesbian Nun Drama With "Elle" Star

King Paul Coming Through for Lesbians

The movie will focus on the life of Benedetta Carlini, a Catholic mystic and a Lesbian nun.

How do the ONTD lesbians reconcile their thirst for pussy with their religious beliefs?

haters will say its photoshop

Katy Perry's new single to feature Migos

After KIIS 1065 tweeted that we were getting a new Katy Perry/Ariana Grande collab this Friday with the hashtag #Bonapetit, her fans began their detective work to get some more info on the song. One fan shazam'd the song snippet and it was revealed that the upcoming single actually features Migos, not Ariana Grande. However, Ariana is rumored to be featured of Perry's upcoming album.

Migos is an interesting feature choice for a "woke" activist pop star who just recently received a Human Rights Campaign award for her "LGBT advocacy." Migos recently shared their opinion on iLoveMakonnen coming out as gay by saying, "That's wack, bro." The group has since given a half-ass apology.

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YIKES @ that single cover
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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Director George Miller teases more Mad Max films

  • Oscar winning director George Miller gave an interview where he teased more Mad Max films

  • Said that there were already two more scripts completed at the time of filming Fury Road

  • Less interested in having them focus on Max than in exploring the Mad Max universe

  • Will not say whether or not there will be more Furiosa

  • Does promise that there will be more of the Doof Warrior! "I know who his mother was. I know how it was that a man who is mute and blind survived the apocalypse. I know his story very well! If we get to make another movie, the Doof Warrior will be there!"



Bill Cosby Says He’s Blind, his Daughter Defends Him

* Cosby says he is blind. It happened 2 years, he awoke and said to his wife "i cant see".
* he says he has not performed since he has been charged with sexual assault.
* He hopes he will make a comeback, he is working on it.

• his daughter says he is not abusive, violent or a rapist and that he loves and respects women.
• she says the media and everyone else against her father were crual. Her family and friends have been persecuted and shamed for defending him.
• she says her father is trying to tell his side of the story but the media is only interested in the women's stories.
• she says the women's stories have been accepted as truth without being investigated.

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John Oliver graces Jimmy Fallon with his presence

John Oliver reveals why he was kicked out of a Tokyo sauna and some of the Dalai Lama's behind-the-scenes hijinks during their Last Week Tonight interview.

they talk about:

• how robbots will end up killing us (the robot talk was due to this segment)
• John's son and the fact that he'll have an American accent (which is an insult to John's ears)
• automatic machienes (he also drags Trump while he's at it)
• why he got kicked out of a Japansese sauna when he was ninteen (for not beiing naked enough)
• how he went about his interview with the Dalai Lama
(I know this list makes it seem random as fuck, but it's actually a funny interview if you ignore Jimmy)

Is John Oliver your favourite late night show host, ONTD?

DaddyOFive Issues Another "Apology"

  • Follow up to this post the "parents" have since employed a crisis and management and communications firm and posted this new (and only video now) to their channel.

  • Basically they took this week to stand back and "jump out of character" and now they realize how they've come across and done

  • "We agree that we put things on the internet that should not be there. We did things that we should not do."

  • Doubles down on the whole "it was the kids idea!" They got excited by the view count, and how they could provide for the family and started doing things for the shock factor

  • They are in family counselling to "get through the media stuff" and to have everybody understand what they did wrong

  • Frederick County Sheriff's Office and Baltimore County Police Department were reviewing the videos but are now struggling to view the deleted ones (well...duh it's deleted...) to establish which jurisdictions they took place in.

  • "We're looking into every aspect of the videos to see if there are any crimes, but the investiation depends on where the videos are shot." - Major Tim Clark of Frederick County

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Who is in talks to play Elphaba in the Wicked movie??!!

[Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps...]
Will Graham shifty eyes
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The Expanse post S2 finale interview with Naren Shankar, plus roundup

Showrunner Naren Shankar talks to io9 about how the second season of The Expanse was planned, how it was made, and where it’s going in season three. Highlights from the interview:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Once they were done with the conspiracy theory of Leviathan Wakes, tey were free to dive into the characters, while also keeping the plot in forward motion. They didn't ave to invent a guy behind the guy behind the curtain, so they get into action and reaction and consequences, which allows them to put the caracters front and center and deepen the storytelling.

* It's a little weird how timely the show is and the parallels to issues happening right now. Human being tend to repeat the cycles of our own existence in history, it's the same current, the same precedents and issues that arise over and over again just in slightly different form. It's inevitable if you're writing from that perspective, that at a certain point you're going to see some connections to present day. One of e things Daniel and Ty always talk about and they've tried to capture in the show, is that wile we do repeat the cycle of history and do terrible things to each other over and over, we still manage to stumble forward into the light. That requires individual acts of goodness, kindness and empathy towards another- it's a small scale that becomes larger. Naomi's speech at te end is a cynical opinion, Holden's the opposite of that and you pick which side of humanity you're on, the optimistic or the pessimistic.

* They knew from the moment they were talking about this season that the scene with the proto-molecule hybrid would have to be done in motion-capture. By looking at how actual physics works, how things move in space, it creates really unique story possibilities and action possibilities. It enables you to show things that people haven't seen before- the scene where She'd head gets blown off, Naomi running towards the Tachi on the Donnager, the hybrid- it's all from the book and pretty much how it's described there. The trick is understanding the scenes you can really make an impact with, then just committing the production to make them happen. So, That’s the plan going forward.

* One of the things they'll explore more in S3 is the different branches of the proto-molecule projects- the Eros experiment is one ting, the Hybrid is a different phase of the project. They're trying to make the proto-molecule do something that it's not intended to do, which is create these soldiers. They're forcing this alien thing into doing something that it's not intended to do and they have all these sort of weird consequences with it. They're trying to get Earth to work wit them on the larger proto-molecule project in an attempt to understand what it wants to make.

* They decided to end the season where they did, because it seemed to Naren that when the Arboghast gets disassembled, it felt like something new was happening and it was a striking image. It felt like a great moment to connect everything together and also, it implies this really interesting phenomenon that all of the little pieces of the Proto-molecule are talking to each other all the time. That’s why it’s put together the way it is. All those moments are juxtaposed. You go from the Proto-molecule hybrid burning up in the engine to the Arboghast stopping it in space.

* Naren feels that it’s better just to introduce people by seeing who they are and what they do in a natural way, rather than “here’s the backstory that made me what I am today". Pulling Bobbie and her fire team forward from Caliban’s War and to the latter half of Leviathan Wakes makes you care about her teammates that are killed and you get why Bobbie feels guilty over their deaths. It also allows them to bring in the Martian perspective, which they didn't have in S1, outside of the Donnager episodes. Just like the end of S1 when Miller and Holden's story came together, we now have Bobbie, Avasarala, Holden, Naomi and Prax all in kind of the same place. We're going to see the storylines connect and it'll come together in concentrated action and relationships.

AfterBuzz TV discuss 2X13 with Wes Chatham and Cas Anvar.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* They're probably going to start filming season 3 in July. They finished filming S2 in October. Cas got the news about season 3 renewal on his birthday, while filming 'The Strain', one of his best birthdays ever.

* Cas' favorite scenes are the Hank Williams scene when Alex is on his own and also does the slingshot maneuver. Another favorite of his is Alex's arc with Amos where their friendship came to a head and they discovered a lot about each other. Alex doesn't really have a relationship with anyone, his relationship is with his ship, so the arc forced him to interact with another human being (Amos) and he realized that there was so much he didn't know about Amos.

* Wes loved Amos' psychological evolution in the last episodes, where he learns to trust himself more to an extent to make his own decisions. If you read 'The Churn', it gives you an idea of where Amos is coming from, mentally and emotionally and he's slowly trying to put his self together, to make sense of the emotional world, learning through the crew, who have become his family.

* They get their scripts a couple of weeks in advance and they (The Roci crew) choose to work together on their own on the weekends, have a potluck and go over the scripts. They talk about each other's characters too and pick out all the nuances.

* Apparently the scene where Errinwright sends Mao a video telling him to get back to work and return to Earth alone wasn't what they originally shot. Shohreh didn't know Errinwright was going to betray Avasarala when they first shot it before, then they went and redid it, adding more edge to Errinwright's character. Cas doesn't know what the original scene was.

* Elias is a buddy of Cas, they do a lot of voice work together. Amos is developing a unique relationship with Prax- Prax has a way of talking to Amos that makes a lot of sense. Amos was trying to make his own decisions, but when Naomi managed to save those people on Ganymede, he realized she was doing the right thing and he was getting in her way. He usually trusts her judgment above his and didn't that time, so he apologized for it.

* A lot of their improv comes from rehearsals, which the writers are there for as well. Alex and Amos patting Holden on his injured leg was something they came up with on the scene. It was the end of the show and a serious scene, Cas had the idea and asked Wes if he should do it, then told Steven he was going to hit his leg. Wes was encouraging him to do it, then the second time they filmed it, Wes also did it as a one-two punch. They constantly give each other suggestions, they're very supportive as a group, which Cas says is very rare.

* They love the changes from the books, especially because of how heavily involved Ty and Daniel are in the show. Cas' favorite change from the book is having Holden log the distress call, against his captain's orders, which gets the Canterbury killed and starts a whole war, he spends the rest of the series trying to redeem himself for that decision. Ty always says he loves getting a second chance to get it right.

* Cas sees Fred Johnson as an Earther appropriating Belter culture, trying to do good for the Belters. Even though Anderson Dawes is a Belter, Cas feels like he represents terrorism to Naomi, which is why she chose to give the proto-molecule to Fred. Cas doesn't completely disagree with Anderson Dawes, who said that while Fred has the best intentions in his heart, he's still an Earther, thinking like an Earther and making decisions like an Earther for the Belters. Fred can never really know what it's like to be a Belter and he's only doing it out of guilt over what he's done.

* Wes loved when Miller crossed paths with the Roci crew in S1 and they met each for the first time, they filmed separately from Thomas Jane, so by the time he interacted with them, they were a tight-knit crew and he was sort of intruding on it, like the character was. Cas loves when a well oiled machine that gets disrupted by an incredible force, 'Caliban's War book spoiler[Spoiler (click to open)] like it'll happen with Avasarala or Bobbie. Avasarala will be out of her element (though she'd probably try to take charge), but Bobbie is a Martian Marine on a Martian ship, with another Martian on board, so it'll be a different experience, they can maybe bond over some of their similar experiences.

* Favorite character on the show that isn't their own character: Wes loves Bobbie Draper, thinks there isn't a character like her in tv or movies, she's interesting and very unique. He also loves Avasarala dearly. Drummer had one of Wes' favorite moments in S2 when she was shot, shot those two guys and walked out. Cas loves these amazing women of color of the show who also don't revolve around a man- Julie, Naomi, Avasarala, Bobbie and Drummer. They're all driven, badass leaders. Wes loves Avasarala's swagger when she walked onto Mao's ship. Shohreh apparently loves how Avasarala surprises her.

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We're all watching for the plot. Have you recovered from the finale? Gonna read the books till S3 airs?

[True OTP of the show]
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Arrow 5x20 "Underneath" promo

[official description]OLIVER AND FELICITY ARE TRAPPED — Things get intense when Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are trapped in the bunker together. Meanwhile, Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Andreson) and Diggle (David Ramsey) deal with their marital issues. Wendey Stanzler directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz (#520). Original airdate 5/3/2017.

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Sh*nia Twain, known for bops such as 'That don't impress me much' and 'Man! I feel like a woman', is releasing her first album since 1997 (the year many of you were apparently born).

The Original Canadian Queen's LP is due in September, with its lead single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ set to arrive in June.

Fun fact: Shania Twain’s breakthrough LP 'Come On Over' sold over 40 million copies worldwide – it’s still the highest selling album ever by a Canadian artist, Carly who?

Lettuce listen to her bops on repeat until September.

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paging affliction

‘Game of Thrones’ stars to receive insane record-breaking salary

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) are to pocket $2.6 million per episode for seasons 7 and 8 (aka 13 episodes) of the hit TV series.

This makes them the highest paid TV stars in history.


Dulé Hill lands regular role on Suits S7

No word on who/what he is playing, maybe another crooked government official for Harvey and Mike to use their wicked ways for the real common good or maybe as a corporate lawyer like Harvey/Mike who are magically the best at every aspect of law and wear $7,000 suits every day.

Hopefully this next season will be better than the flop of this season. I'm so over "The Donna" device/plot device.

baby groot

Cars 3 - New Trailer

One last chance. One more dream. ⚡ Watch the new Cars 3 trailer.

Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game, he will need the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez, with her own plan to win, plus inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a few unexpected turns. Proving that #95 isn’t through yet will test the heart of a champion on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage!