April 13th, 2017


Manu Bennett is pissed off because of the rumors that Deathstroke is back on Arrow

There were rumors that Deathstroke is back on the Arrow season finale, but Manu said it wasn't him.

Also he had this insta post up but then deleted it:

This is what #allanon #shannara - filming today in Auckland has to say about my supposed involvement in #Arrow - currently filming in Vancouver.

And it is now said that despite him denying it, he's back as Deathstroke. Literally wtf


27 (5) Worst Male Characters on TV.

3. Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

About: Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) lives in Rosewood, Pennsylvania and is an English teacher at Rosewood High School. He begins a relationship with Aria unaware that she is a high school student. Once the two discover that they are teacher and student, they try to put an end to their relationship but their attraction to each other is undeniable. Their inability to stay away from each other will complicate both their lives.

Ezra is estranged from his wealthy family and his well-liked by both the students and faculty at Rosewood High School. He is an excellent teacher and very dedicated to his career.

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source 1 2 3 4 5

what (male) character do you think is the worst??

Survivor contestant Zeke Smith outed as transgender at tribal council

Survivor spoilers, obviously.

(Jump to 01:45)
Non-US link

With his back up against a wall, Survivor contestant Jeff Varner decided it would be a good idea to out Zeke Smith as transgender, trying to paint it as "deception". Their tribemates reacted strongly in Zeke's defence.

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Gigi, Jiji

Not Since Carrie: Charlie On Broadway is a Flop

The West End transfer (which played for four years despite mixed reviews) of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, directed by Jack O'Brien (Paint Never Dries Love Never Dies) will open on Broadway on 23 April 2017 at the the Lunt-Fontanne Theater (plagued with a history of more-flops-than-not from ca. 2007 on-wards like The Little Mermaid, The Addams Family and Finding Neverland). The first look of the show has arrived (photos by Sara Krulwich):

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Previews are currently underway and so far, while the West End version was far from perfect, the majority of audiences are NOT happy with the changes from London to Broadway, especially O'Brien's decision to sacrifice the original lavish sets for minimalism, taking the concept of 'pure imagination' a little too literally (he says of this: ''The London vision might have been more literal. I like looking at things like color or design or imagination or proportion from Charlie's position.''), Americanizing the setting, updating the period to the digital age with unnecessary references to Drumpf, and casting adults in the roles of Augustus, Veruca, Violet and Mike (there's an unpopular reason for this); only Charlie is played by an actual child - well, like the far superior Matilda, actually by three children (Jake Ryan Flynn, Ryan Foust, and Ryan Sell).

A few snippets of those previews insider reports below (obviously, lots of SPOILERS!):

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More at the Source below. Additional shots of CHARLIE AND THE NO SET FACTORY from previews can be found on Instagram. The rest of the text is my own.

Seriously, where's Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin (edit: whoops, forgot: Groundhog Day) to make this better?

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Harry Styles' debut single "Sign of the TimezzZzZz" Struggling on iTunes/Spotify

-Spotify had a glitch last Friday that delayed Harry's debut single from being streamed.
-The streaming giant has not yet commented on it [but clearly stan another One Direction member].
-The single struggles at no. 11 in Australia with around 116,000 streams daily.
-Fellow ugly Ed Sheeran is going to block him on next weeks ARIA chart because the 4-month-old song "Shape of You" is outperforming it with 186,000 streams daily.
-Meanwhile in the US the song is performing like past One Direction singles - strong debut at #1 because of stans and then free falling on the iTunes chart because the GP ain't here for it. Being Taylor Swift's muse and ex 3 relationships ago can only do so much for your solo career.
-From #1 to number #7 as of this posting and falling (US iTunes).
-Harry is set to debut a second song on SNL this weekend. Can these live performances turn around the song's chart success?

ONTD, is your debut single struggling on the charts?

Sources: My iPhone & here.
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Why Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers called it quits

According to "an insider":

- Aaron's family think Olivia is controlling
- Aaron and Olivia split for a bit and then got back together, but ultimately couldn't make it work
- Olivia is "devastated" and hopes they can work things out

Collapse )Is it fair that the 'blame' for this split is being placed on Olivia's shoulders, ontd? Could you date somebody your parents hated?


Star Wars Celebration - 40 Years of Star Wars Panel LIVE POST!

Most panels will be live streamed on the SW youtube channel (above, the one for 40 Years), or on the Celebration segment of the website shortly before the panels begin.

40 Years of Star Wars
Thursday, April 13th, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM, EST

With Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen and possible annoucements of a new Anthology movie (Popular rumors include Ahsoka or Obi-Wan)

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EDIT: No new movie announcements. Tune in tomorrow, same time, different post, for the live panel for The Last Jedi!

vid | way more cool panels listed at the source

If this could be posted close to the beginning of the 40 Years panel, mods, that'd be really great, thanks.
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Family and Friends: Heath Ledger "Unraveled" in Final Days

  • Heath Ledger, who died in 2008 of an accidental prescription drug overdose at 28, is described by friends and family in the new documentary I Am Heath as a talented, sensitive man. The documentary will contain interviews with those who knew Ledger, along with Heath's own home movies.

  • Heath was warned by family and friends against mixing sleeping pills and prescription drugs in order to sleep. He was plagued by an illness he couldn't shake and personal problems in the days before his death and wasn't getting proper rest.

  • Coworkers and loved ones say he "unraveled" in his final days due to work and personal pressures. He is described as "exhausted, emotionally and physically" and "desperately unhappy, desperately sad."

  • Also cited as a major factor of his troubles was his relationship problems with then-estranged girlfriend Michelle Williams, the mother of his then-two year old daughter Matilda. Mia Doi Todd, a friend of Heath's, cites Heath feeling pressure to be a "perfect husband and father" for Michelle and Matilda. Gerry Grennell, another friend, said Heath "missed his girl, missed his daughter." On the family end, Heath's family said they loved Michelle as much as Heath did, and he was "smitten" with her and Matilda. Williams declined to be interviewed for the documentary.

  • Another friend said Heath felt he didn't have long to live and strived to accomplish as much as possible.

  • Heath's sister considers now 11 year old Matilda to be Heath's greatest achievement and legacy, and she reminds the family of Heath, the girl picking up skateboarding like her father. The Ledger family says the documentary is a gift for Matilda.

Sources: one, two, three

I Am Heath Ledger will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month before having its broadcast premiere on Spike in May.

This is going to be heartbreaking. However, I'm kind of not liking the vibe of some of Heath's friends regarding Michelle Williams. She isn't obligated to defend herself and her relationship with Heath, so I hope those parts are out of context and they're not blaming her for his deterioration.
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Kourtney and Kim Kardashian join Cher at premiere of Armenian Genocide film

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian join Cher at the premiere of The Promise a film about Armenian Genocide. Kim Kardashian has been vocal about Armenian Genocide and roasted the Wall Street Journal after it published an advert that downplayed the genocide. The movies stars Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, the film is a love story set during the period Armenians say 1.5 million of their people were killed by the Ottoman Empire.

source= https://twitter.com/people/status/852504162491392002

We have Michelle Branch to thank for Taylor Swift

The 'Hopeless Romantic' singer-songwriter Michelle Branch inspired a generation of young women to pick up the guitar and write music. Her most famous convert? Taylor Swift!

In speaking to MTV News, Michelle said the following: "I turned a corner and she [Taylor Swift] was standing there. She freaked out, like, 'Oh my god, I'm a huge fan of yours. I learned all your songs. You're one of the first people who made me want to play guitar.' It's crazy to see what she's gone on to do, and to know that I had some kind of hand in inspiring her early on."

"To this day, people tell me, 'I bought a guitar because of you,' I think the biggest form of flattery is hearing that you inspired someone to start playing music themselves."

more @ the source: 1

Michelle has a new album! Hopeless Romantic is out now.
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ONTD Original: Disney premieres "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny" and shatters male fragility

"Iconic heroes. Inspiring stories." That's how Disney and Lucas Film describe their next light speed jump within the Star Wars universe. "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny" concentrates on the female heroes of Star Wars, bringing further balance to an unbalanced roster of mostly male characters.

The men of Star Wars have always been at the forefront of the universe - the first six films, every Star Wars TV show, and hundreds of "expanded universe" novels and books. It's only recently that the new Star Wars films have featured women as lead roles in a male dominated story. Now, this roster of powerful, inspiring, and smart female characters are making their voices even bigger as they take the helm. Packed with familiar faces the likes of Princess Leia, Padmé Amidala, Rey, Jyn Erso, Sabine Wren, Jedi queen Ahsoka Tano, and Twi’lek pilot Hera Syndulla, this is sure to please all Star Wars fans everywhere!

But, wait. What's that sound in the distance? It's- it's the MALE EGO! TAKE COVER! The Instagram post promoting the new Star Wars series has exploded with complaints from males around the world. Let's dive right in.

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Well, there you have it. Disney and Lucas Film should rewrite "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny" to include all of the male characters that have been beaten into the ground over and over again. Who cares if the last two, female lead, Star Wars films are the top grossing Star Wars films of all time? You've had your fun, girls.

Are you excited for this new Star Wars series, ONTD? Or will you be girlcotting?

Source / Source

Katy Perry Shades Taylor in Vogue

katy perry vogue 2017

Katy Perry covers the May issue of Vogue. She is promoting her new single CTTR and is also a co-chair for the upcoming Met Gala. Her Vogue cover and interview has been released, and sis is woke plus throwing shade:

She was raised Evangelical Christian and once had to picket a Marilyn Manson concert as a kid:

“My house was church on Sunday morning, church on Sunday night, church on Wednesday evening; you don’t celebrate Halloween; Jesus gives you your Christmas presents; we watch Bill O’Reilly on TV. That was my whole childhood and youth and early teens."

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katy perry gif elmo 1
free upload pictures

Do u think Katy is authentically woke?

Full interview at the source.
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Juliana Harkavy & Rene Gonzalez Promoted to Regulars for Arrow Season 6

-rick joined at the start of season 5 & plays rene ramirez aka wild dog
-juliana was added at the end of episode 10 as dinah drake / black canary


Lana Del Rey covers Dazed Magazine, interviewed by Courtney Love

For the interview, she is in conversation with Courtney Love – it's one of the longest interviews Dazed has ever published.

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haters will say its photoshop

Katy Perry used to protest outside Madonna concerts

- Last year, Katy revealed that her born-again Christian parents voted for Donald Trump.

- Katy, who started her career in gospel and christian rock music, told Vogue: “I miss references all the time. Amy Grant was our Madonna. We knew about Madonna and Marilyn Manson in my family because we picketed their concerts.”

- Katy and her family handed out "How To Find God" pamphlets

daniel mysterious
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The View makes Easter eggs with Martha Stewart and Tyson Beckford talks about being on Chippendales

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
The fabulous Martha Stewart graces the View with her skills. She makes some adorable egg decorations with Joy and Sara. She talks about her love for snow plowing (Me too Martha. It's a great stress reliever.).

The 46-year old supermodel Tyson Beckford is promoting his third time with the Chippendales. Joy talks about how when she got fired from GMA, she went to the Chippendales. Tyson shares that Mariah Carey tipped $300 below the belt. Tyson talks about getting hit in the DMs on Instagram and meeting them at shows.

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SOURCE: 1, 2, ,

Stephen Colbert: I Would Trade Good Ratings for a Better President

About the election night: "The election felt a little bit like somebody dying because you suddenly have an unreal feeling. It's unreal and yet absolutely as real as possible at the same time. You feel very raw and very base, very awake and dreaming at the same time."

On whether he owes 45 a thank-you note: "(Long pause.) No. I would trade good ratings for a better president. How about that? The interesting thing is that when we were prepping all that time, we weren't waiting for Donald Trump. We were waiting for something that everybody cared about. Do you know what I mean? Donald Trump is epoch-making; he changes everything. And so we were ready for something that galvanized people's attention and changed their priorities. The thank-you note is to my staff for being ready — that's the thank-you note. Because if it's not Donald Trump, it's something else. There will be something else that we care about, hopefully happy, possibly tragic."

What would he ask 45 if he had the chance: "What do you mean by 'great again'? Define 'great.' " Or, "I challenge you to say anything right now that Vladimir Putin wouldn't like. Say one thing. You could dispel all of these rumors if you would just say one thing. Just say, 'Yeah, he kills journalists.' Say it."

- considers jokes about Barron Trump to be off-limits
-  ordered pizza for the staff the first time they beat Fallon & been doing that ever since
- thinks you can't bullshit your way through 202 monologues a year, you have to care in some way

haters will say its photoshop

Lady Gaga visits cosmetic clinic before Coachella + swallows snake in Coachella backdrop preview

Before getting set to perform for an estimated 99,000 people as the headliner of the Coachella Valley Arts And Music Festival this Saturday, a newly brunette Gaga visited her & The Kardashian's favorite cosmetic clinic, Epione Beverly Hills.

Upon exiting the facility, it seemed Gaga was attempting to hide behind her bodyguard, leaving fans to speculate if she had any pre-concert procedures done.

Gaga will be headlining the festival Saturday, April 15 & 22.

Fans received an e-mail from Gaga's team requesting their presence for a taping at the same Indio, California venue, three days after her first weekend of the festival.

The instructions read: 'The scenes for these days will portray a Country Western music concert. All you Monsters that can attend should get decked out in your most comfortable denim & boots, throw on a Stetson and come out to show your support!'

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Source: 1 + 2
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Liam Payne with a big ass Gold Chain @ a Recording Studio

After the embarrassing snoozefest solo flops Neil & Harry delivered and song no one heard, sorry Louis. It is up to Cheryl Cole's baby daddy to give us the bops! Liam Payne was spotted coming out of recording studio looking fresh with his Nothing But Silver Chain. Zayn better hold onto his blunt, King Liam gonna give us the Give It to You/SexyBack solo boyband bops we need!

source= https://twitter.com/TheSunShowbiz/status/852539414148513793
H - ♡

Harry Styles Shares Album Details & Artwork

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The self titled album will be released on 12th of May, will be available for pre-order tomorrow. No word on a deluxe version yet. There will be a special version of the album with a 32 paged book.

Sources: 1 2 3 4
Lmao I can't believe he said "the album name is very close to my heart"
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Dave Chappelle pays tribute to Charlie Murphy : ‘Everybody in comedy is heartbroken'

Yesterday, Dave Chapelle paid tribute to Charlie Murphy at John Mayer's concert. After reminiscing a bit on his Chappelle’s Show days with Murphy, Chappelle joined Mayer in a rendition of “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” saying “it reminds me of my friend.”

source= https://twitter.com/people/status/852646361665347584 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPNvEwqk0iQ#action=share

Nathan Fielder invites Sean Spicer to 'Deny Nothing'

This week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in continuing with the general theme of the administration, made some terribly egregious comments about Hitler and his use of chemical weapons. Comedian Nathan Fielder responded by sending the idiot a "Summit Ice" windbreaker.

What is Summit Ice? Summit Ice was part of a sketch from Nathan's Comedy Central show which lambasted a sportswear's company decision to honor a Holocaust denier in their company catalog. According to Summit Ice's website they are a 'a not-for-profit company dedicated to producing quality outdoor apparel and raising awareness of the Holocaust. Holocaust education is essential to prevent this catastrophic episode of history from repeating itself.'

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source: 1 2 3

Do you think an XL is big enough for all that bullshit Sean is full of?
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Celebs React to Political News: Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb Dropped, Planned Parenthood Funding Cut

If you live in a red state, say goodbye to any services you received from Planned Parenthood or other clinics that provide abortions. Today the orange demon is officially letting states cut funding for healthcare for 4 million people, because how else will he pay for more $300 million dollar bombs? The middle east isn't gonna bomb itself guys! Also it's a good distraction from his ties to Russia, which apparently a bunch of other countries knew about in 2015.

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

How is your bomb shelter coming along fam?
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Fifth Harmony isn't slowing down: interview with Galore Magazine

In their recent interview with Galore Magazine, the girls talked briefly about their new music: "it will have some R&B tones,” Dinah told, and "will hit on each of the girls’ favorite genres, with overtones of girl power and female empowerment throughout."

read the interview here

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the magazine cover and they have all those radio concert events sheduled for the end of May and June...
the first single for #5H3 is coming soon ladies!


sources 1 2 3
Shadowhunters malec adorableness

Shadowhunters Renewed for Season 3, Wins GLAAD Award for 'Outstanding Drama Series', Matt Takeover

Shadowhunters Renewed for Season 3

GLAAD Award for 'Outstanding Drama Series

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Matthew Takeover Tuesday

Matthew was this week's Takeover Tuesday, where a cast member takes over the social media accounts for a day on set and off. He made pickles and talked a lot about plants, as per usual.

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Sources: SpoilerTV Twitter, GLAAD YT, Shadowhunters IG, Harry Shum Jr IG, Shadowhunters Twitter 1, 2, 3

Are you plantkin like Matt, ONTD Shadow Fam?

 photo tumblr_okt844GlR81qfh7two1_540_zpsb979pwqr.gif

Jeremy Renner sells house where he almost died

Back in 2008 a tree fell on Jeremy's house and the Modesto Bee reported:

"Actor Jeremy Renner's Friday was much like a scene from one of his action movies, such as "S.W.A.T" or "28 Weeks Later."
Each featured loud crashes, broken glass and narrow escapes.
Just as Renner, a Modesto native, was sitting down to coffee in the dining room of his mother's home on Elmwood Court, a storm-whipped tree toppled onto it."


ONTD, do you own a home? Have you had a close call?

Character Breakdowns Reveal Potential Additions for 'Jessica Jones' Season 2

Oscar-nominated actress Janet McTeer was just added in what’s being described as a key, but unnamed role.

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Kpop Post: Jessica, IU, Minzy & More!

Jessica teases new single "It's Spring", it will be released on her birthday

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Are you ready for Minzy to deliver a pop, while CL keeps working on her solo stuff?
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The Chainsmokers' album ranked as worst release of 2017

With a critic score of 4.3 and a user score of 1.4, the Chainsmokers (a dj duo by the names of Alex and Andrew) have the lowest ranked album of 2017 with Ed Sheeran's Divide rounding in at 2nd place. The album is also second lowest rated by critics on the entire website as a whole.

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The Chainsmoker's are currently #1 on the iTunes singles chart and their album Memories...Do Not Open is also #1 on the iTunes album charts.

Are y'all tired of the Chainsmokers yet?