April 11th, 2017

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Stephen Belafonte Wants Visitation Rights for Daughter of Mel B and Eddie Murphy

-alleged abuser Stephen Belafonte is reportedly planning to ask a judge for legal visitation rights to see Mel B and Eddie Murphy's 10 yr old daughter.
-Belafonte claims that he has been a big part of her life for the pair married two months after Mel's daughter was born. He believes himself to be much more than just a step dad and considers himself her real father.
-Eddie has yet to comment but he won't because when has he never given a fuck concerning this poor child
-Sources say Mel strongly opposes Belafonte's claims and will fight to keep him away from her daughters
-Belafonte and Mel B have one daughter together and Mel is reportedly seeking sole custody

Why wont this asshole just leave her and her poor kids alone?

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WOODKID Performances Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine) recently uploaded his performances from the 50th Montreux Jazz Festival held last year on July 15th, 2016. Musical guests include Son Lux, Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, and Elle Fanning (!?).

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Love this guy. Seriously, get him to do the next James Bond theme, please. Also, a proper follow-up to The Golden Age would be pretty stellar too ♥

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Spiritual King and Uber fan Rob Lowe Shares Skincare Secrets

-Owes youthful glow to his skincare product line 'Profile'
-Wishes he could figure out 'what it is that makes young people look old and pensioners look young.'
- Says '"We all see kids just out of college and they just seem beaten up and old before their time....We've also met 90-year-olds where you can't imagine they're anywhere near that. There's some inside spiritual point of view game."
-Wishes more of his friends were like Sir Elton John


ONTD, what's your current skincare routine? Do you look old af?

Zoe Saldana Says Sci-Fi Roles Have Made Her Color Blind

“I get to imagine the unimaginable. I’m always in awe of writers, directors and actors who are able to pull off a world we’ve never seen – I love working with people who let their imaginations go. Plus, you get to play characters who defy gravity. I like that,”

“It makes me feel superhuman because, obviously, it’s been brought to my attention continuously since I was born that I’m not a conventional person because of the colour of my skin or my gender or my cultural background. So I think science fiction has given me the ability as an artist to be colourblind, and gender-blind, and to imagine and reinvent myself and be the chameleon actors are supposed to be.”

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The View chats with the Kelly Rowland and brings on Bill Nye

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
The View chats with the married Kelly Rowland and chats about motherhood and her circle of woman supporting her. Sunny asks about how will she handle the talk about racial profiling with her son Titan. Kelly wants to be honest and forthcoming with her son. Kelly wants women to say that "we are not playing." She is on the View to talk about her new book, "Whoa Baby!" She also talks about her 5th album on the way.

Bill Nye joins the panel to talk about his new show, "Bill Nye Saves The World." Bill wants us to focus our energies on getting to Mars.

To round up the show, the panel handle what would happen if they caught their friend's significant other cheating (varying opinions from all of them; Jed wants you to inform her; Joy wants to send an anonymous note). Next topic, a partner is more likely to divorce if their other partner is older. So essentially, The View is sending messages to Jed about her relationship with her significant other who is 13 years younger than her. The panel brings up an Illinois high school that uses a lottery system for prom. Some oppose because it slightly ruins the night. Jed and Whoopi chime in on how they did not attend prom.

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X-Men Gold mess update: Marvel officially terminates Ardian Syaf's contract

After yesterdays proclamation by Ardian Syaf that is career was basically over after his antisemite ass got exposed, Marvel has gone and done just that, terminating his contract with the company effective immediately.

X-Men Gold #2 and #3 will still feature his artwork, as both issues have gone to the printer and cannot be pulled (#2 especially as its released next week). RB Silva will draw issues #4-6 (4 was originally solicited with art by Syaf fwiw), while Ken Lashley is on art duties for #7-9.

Marvel's plan was for the three to rotate on the twice-monthly book with Syaf acting as the lead artist. The company is now looking for a permanent replacement and will announce who that is once they are found.


have you been exposed and had your career ruined, ontd?? who should replace him?
Tebow: T-Mobile Commercial #1

Caitlyn Jenner: "Robert Kardashian Knew OJ Was Guilty, Defended Him to Spite Kris"

  • With the release of Caitlyn Jenner's memoir The Secrets of My Life hitting shelves on April 25th, review copies are being sent out to publications and more bombshells are coming to light.

  • Radar Online got ahold of a copy and revealed some tidbits concerning the OJ Simpson trial.

  • Cailtlyn says Robert Kardashian admitted to her in a car ride after the trial that he knew OJ was guilty.

  • Caitlyn also believes Robert defended OJ, not for the notoriety, but because Kris Jenner had moved on from him to be with then world famous Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner.

  • Caitlyn says there was huge animosity between Kris and Robert over his defending OJ against her best friends murder.


Bish, Caitlyn is about to blow up the family with this book.
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Lana Del Rey reveals artwork for upcoming album "Lust for Life"

Lana Del Rey has released the cover for her 5th studio album "Lust for Life" today! The "Sad Girl" star previously released an album trailer giving hints of her new album theme and rumoured collaborating with "The Weeknd's" Abel Tesfaye.

Lana has yet to announce the release date for the album, but has been hyping this more than her previous 2015 release of Honeymoon.


Are you ready to be SNATCHED this next era, ONTD?
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Katrina Law Returns to Arrow; Tyler Hoechlin & Calista Flockhart Return to Supergirl

-back for multiple episodes
-culminating in a fight between nyssa and her (half) sister talia (lexa doig)
-maybe a story about the two of them ~awaits~ in a future season

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'Scandal' Hits 100 Episodes: Casting Secrets, ...

- ABC wanted Connie Britton as Olivia Pope, but Shonda wanted Livia to be black to honor Judy Smith, the inspiration behind the character.
- Scandal was supposed to be about Olivia Pope but then it became the Olitz show.
- Nobody wanted to play the president Fitz because he was not the LEAD.

- Kerry wanted to play Olivia Pope because she had never seen a black woman at the center of a television drama.
- They tested Jill Scott, Anika Noni Rose and Kerry for the role of Olivia Pope. It went to Kerry.
- Bellamy Young (Mellie) was supposed to be in only 3 epsiodes because Fitz was supposed to divorce her but Shonda liked her, so her role was expanded.
- Tony Goldwing (Fitz) lost a role in a ABC drama (Grace) to Eric Roberts, then Shonda offered him the role of President Fitz.
- Scott Foley (Joke) was offered the role of Stephen (played by Henry Ian Cusick) because Shonda created the role for him, but ABC said NO, then when Foley was jobless again, Shonda offered him the role of Joke, the love interest of Livia.
- Dan Bucaktinsky (James) read the part for Huck and David Rosen. He got the role Cyrus' hubby.
- Darby Stanchfield (Abby) was the last one cast. Abby was supposed to be 10-15 years younger than the actress.
- Henry Ian Cusick (Stephen) was cast because ABC wanted someone with international appeal.

- Colombus Short (Harrison) 's contract was not renewed because of his messy personal life : bad performance on screen, coming late at work, awkward atmosphere with the cast, ...

- Shonda entertained the idea of a B613 spinoff, but of course it never happened.


Potential second season of Big Little Lies would be about Bonnie and her father

- Nicole and Reese have been talking about doing a second season of BLL.
- Lianne Moriarty has been asked by the producers to come up with some ideas for a possible second season.
- She would like to focus on Bonnie and her past while also focusing on what happens next with Celeste.
- Jean-Marc Vallee has already stated that he does not want a second season and it should be left as is.


No thanks to a second season tbh.
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Shakira's Chantaje reaches 1 billion views

Shakira's hit Chantaje (ft. Pretty Boy Dirty Boy), the first single of her upcoming eleventh album, reached 1 billion views this past Friday. It is the fastest Spanish video to break 1B and the third fastest overall.

This is the second Shakira video to have over a billion views after her 2010 hit Waka Waka, and it's the second most viewed video of 2017 after Luis Fonsi's Despacito.

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Despacito is going to break the record in less than a month though, but still, it's impressive for a song that had no promo at all.

celebs react to US Press Sec Sean Spicer's Claims Hitler Didn't Use Chemical Warfare

Spicey boobed it up real good today by comparing Assad to Hitler, claiming Hitler never used chemical warfare in WWII (!!!), forgetting pretty basic terms like "gas chamber" and "death camp", referring to sites where gas was administered as "holocaust centers", and then releasing a bad statement of clarification that basically implied holocaust victims weren't innocent people.

The ~out of touch liberal hollywood elite was not about it.

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I.D. Concludes "Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery"

Tonight's episode concludes Investigation Discovery's 3-part series on the Casey Anthony case.

She was found not guilty, but you already knew that. The episode showed the aftermath of the trial and subsequent events like how she was fucking her attorney to pay off her debt.

Here are 2 times her story did not make sense:

1. After Casey left her parent's home, her mother and father did not see Casey or Caylee for the next 31 days. When asked by her parents, Casey said she was on a work detail (lie, she was unemployed).

Her father George got a notice to pick up Casey’s car from an impound lot, and noted that it smelled like a decomposing body.

Her mother, Cindy is the one who called to report Caylee missing. Casey immediately claimed she was adducted and just spoke to her saying:

“She was excited to talk to me. She said, ‘Hi, mommy!’… Today was the first time I have heard her voice in over four weeks. After 31 days, I know that all that matters is getting my daughter back.”

Caylee had already been dead for 4 weeks, something the defense conceded to be true.

2. Casey claimed to have worked at Universal Studios as an event planner.

While she was employed there for some time, she had not worked there for years.

She made up coworkers and relationships. At one point, officers accompanied her to the studio to see her office. Casey led them on around on a walk for a while before finally breaking down and admitting she did not work there.

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Black Sails: Post-Mortem Interviews & Tweets

It's now a solid week since Black Sails ended, and its end has not done much to slow down the speculation and debate, fitting for a show with this many layers. Here's a tiny selection of what the cast&crew have to say post-finale. [Plenty more on banned sources, sadly.]

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The creators also retweeted the following tumblr post re: the ending and our own attitudes to marginalisation and bigotry:

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They also shared the following link to an article that speaks of the central theme of LGBT marginalisation on Black Sails:
Meanwhile, Old Man Stephens can't match Luke Arnold's troll game, but he does his best:

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Crew, how did you survive this first Sunday without new pirate shenanigans? Are you still basking in the glory?

(Special thanks to mammary_glands who provided lots of of interview notes!)
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The Raven Cycle Getting Adapted into TV Series

Author Maggie Stiefvater confirmed it on her twitter after some literary agent posted this screenshot

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All you need to know about the series is in the picture but on the tv side, Catherine Hardwicke will direct the pilot while a writer from CW's The Secret Circle will be the showrunner.

It's being produced by Universal Cable.

No word on casting because it's still too early.

is this series worth reading?
book post? fancast post?