April 3rd, 2017


figure skating post! who won the world championships?

the 2017 world figure skating championships just wrapped up in helsinki and crowned 4 new world champions in men, ladies, pairs and ice dance! WHO WON???????

tessa virtue's qt face welcomes you in

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-hanyu broke another world record and rallied from a fifth place finish after the short program
-nathan chen did not break his hips, but fell twice in a six-quad (!!!!) program and finished sixth. jason brown finished seventh and they qualify three american men for the olympics next year.
-medvedeva set another world record with a program based on 9/11 and is a lock for the next olympics..........unless current jr world champion and backloading kween alina zagitova has something to say about it
-karen chen finished just off the podium and ashley wagner underperformed, but both helped to secure three places for us ladies at the next olympics. (gracie gold owes them a fruit basket tbh)
-this was only sui/han's second competition of the year after the had surgery on both her ankles last year and didnt skate for four months.
-virtue/moir had a 5 point lead in the short dance over current world champions papadakis/cizeron which they needed after scott stumbled at the end of a step sequence and papadakis/cizeron set another world record in the free dance. their short dance score held up and helped them win their third world title, 7 years after their first in 2010, capping an undefeated comeback season
-shibutani siblings won bronze, but were disappointed with marks far below the two frontrunners

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so who were your faves guys? are these winners all going to repeat as olympic champions next year?

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Jean-Marc Vallee Discusses Big Little Lies Finale + Possible Season Two

- Jean-Marc Vallee was initially set to direct two episodes of the series but Reese and Nicole convinced him to direct all episodes.
- Says its all about storytelling and acting and doesn't like to interfere in the cutting room.
- Nicole did about 80% of the violent scenes with Alex.
- Didn't want to add music over the violent scenes and wanted to use the direct sound of the scene.
- Jean-Marc is not up for a season two because the ending is good enough.
- [Spoiler (click to open)]He also explained that they didn't add a line in about Bonnie being abused in the past bc whether or not she was abused, she was going to push him. There was no reason to justify it.
- Jean-Marc is working on Sharp Objects with Amy Adams next and will be directing all the episodes.

Five years (!) after Kristmas in July, Rupert Sanders comments on the affair.

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Back in 2012, photos surfaced of Kristen Stewart cheating on her then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders. The internet [and ONTD] immediately broke, along with Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Now, Sanders is opening up about the incident, saying it was a mistake.

"You never know what's coming in life," he said. "Around every corner there's something unexpected, and that's life. You just have to brush yourself off and continue moving forward the best you can. Everyone makes mistakes. I am bound to make more mistakes, and I wouldn't expect my life to be exciting if I didn't...If you took people off the table for a momentary lapse, there would be no one making art."

So, basically, what we have here is a standard "Can I live?!"


Do your "unexpected" mistakes make life exciting, ONTD?


Celebs attend LA Fashion Awards

Kim in Givenchy & Nicki, who was given the Fashion Rebel award, in Versace
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Chris Evans -kinda- confirms the end of Captain America after Avengers 4.

- He was on Ellen promoting 'Gifted' when he mentioned that after Avengers 4 his contract is up.
- Filming of his scenes begin in May. Avengers 4 films later in the year.
- Ellen is producing Chrevans new movie: Jekyll.


'The end of my contract'. No hoe, unless you play Brian Kinney in a remake of Queer As Folk, imma need you to do this forever!!!!

Evan Rachel Wood covers Elle Canada, talks feminism, bigotry & music

· Says her character on Westworld forced her to face trauma she's dealt with, including her experience being raped, and that playing Dolores has made her less ashamed. She says opening up about her experience has been overwhelming because people share theirs with her, and that she is using her past to guide her 3 y/o son
· Moved from Los Angeles to Nashville to give her son a more normal childhood but also because she wants to contribute to a cultural shift in a more conservative region, saying she confronted a man who negatively compared Ivanka & Melania Trump's appearances w/Chelsea & Hillary Clinton's. Says she wants everyone to have access to affordable health care, and then just leave each other alone
· Says she hates that feminism is equated with hating men, since she loves men, and that she's been told she's going to hell for being bisexual
· Wood, who is a big Bowie fan, says music is her religion; she prefers happy songs because it's more difficult to focus on what's good. She's big into spirituality and self-help
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Wrestling post: The Undertaker retires

After his awful match with Roman Reigns last night at WrestleMania, the iconic Undertaker is finally retiring. Leaving his hat, trenchcoat and gloves in the ring and kissing his wife at ringside, Taker walked the ramped and gave one last look to the crowd before leaving. His gear was still in the ring as production crews began cleaning up after the event.

The 52 year old has spent close to 27 years wrestling, being best known for having the longest winning steak at WrestleMania, all together going 23-2 at the event. Whether Taker will continue to have any presence in the company outside of a in-ring performer like other retirees (whether as Undertaker or using irl name Mark Calaway) is unknown.

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what ur fav moment from this icon ontd??

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda started filming!

Starring Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) in the tittle role, filming started in Atlanta last Saturday. The movie is based on the book of the same name, and it revolves around a 17 years-old who comes out as gay in uncertain circumstances having consequences in everyone around him.


The book is soooo good! So who is playing Bramm?

Mirror Ari

Ariana Announces Brasil Dates and Reunites with Victorious Cast-Mates!

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Attn milfordacademy!

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Who was your fave Victorious character, ONTD?
all mine

Kyga Break Up Again + Look Into Tyga's financial woes

-Allegedly Kylie & tyga broke up and this comes off the heels of allegations from Blacc Chyna that Tyga hasn't paid child support. Amongst the many problems Tyga has succumb to so far, other than his face here is what he owes:

-Tyga Allegedly Owed More than $280,000 for Unpaid Jewelry

-Tyga was sued for allegedly failing to make payments on a 2016 Ferrari 488.

-Tyga also owes almost a million dollars in unpaid rent.


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jas tookes

Variety reviews Netflix's "13 Reasons Why"


- Leads Katherine Langford (Hannah) and Dylan Minnette (Clay) (the whole cast really) give career-making perfrmances

- Expertly examines the effects of individual passivity and group denial in in rape culture and bullying

- Becomes less convincing when it tries to morph into "How To Get Away With Suicide"


Discussion post! Are you watching ONTD?
daniel mysterious
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The View talks about Nikki Haley's comments in regards to US's relationship with Russia

Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila and Whoopi Goldberg
Today's 🔥 topics:
The View talks about Nikki Haley's recent comments while on Sunday's political shows. Haley is the current US Ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina governor. Sunny talks about she is not qualified just like how Jared Kushner is being sent as a surrogate for 45 to Iraq. Jed wants the administration to be tough on Russia not be tough on the media.

45 announces that April is Sex Assault Awareness month. They talk about 45's comments about grabbing the pussy and talking about Bill Clinton's scandal. New York Times has reported that Bill O'Reilly has paid out $13 million in sexual assault settlements to five women. O'Reilly recently renewed his contract with FOX News. The panel thinks he's playing victim with his PR statement. Jed calls out Fox News about what their brand should be with all this negative press they are getting. Joy thinks FOX News is a microcosm of what the country is at the moment.

To round out the day, the panel talks about if millenials have a regressive view in terms of gender equality millenial men would like their wives to be stay-at-home and they should be breadwinners. Sunny argues that we live in a world that it's a two income economy. Joy gives an anecdote about Joe Kennedy's family dinners.

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Matthew Underwood (Logan from Zoey 101) saves a baby from a heroin-fueled car crash

  • Two parents were high on heroin, cut across 6 lanes of traffic, crashed their car into a tree, and then passed out

  • The baby was in an unsecured car seat next to the father

  • Matthew saw the car crash and removed the baby, who was luckily uninjured, from the car and had his brother call 911

  • The mother had a syringe full of heroin in her arm. The father had xanax, a smoking pipe, and a 2nd syringe

  • The parents were arrested for child neglect and possession of drugs

Source: Twitter

Girlboss | Official Trailer | Netflix

Let's do this. Netflix Original Series 'Girlboss' streams globally on April 21.

Girlboss is inspired by the New York Times best-selling book #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, founder of the fashion brand Nasty Gal. The series centers on Sophia (Britt Robertson), who began selling vintage clothes on eBay and, by the age of 28, had built the multi-million dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal. Girlboss is created by and executive produced by Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect 1& 2, 30 Rock), who also serves as showrunner. Charlize Theron (Monster, Young Adult) and Laverne McKinnon, of Denver & Delilah, Christian Ditter (How to Be Single) and Sophia Amoruso will also serve as executive producers. Ditter also directs all 13-half hour episodes. Girlboss stars Britt Robertson (Sophia), Ellie Reed (Annie), Alphonso McAuley (Dax), Johnny Simmons (Shane) and Dean Norris (Jay).


Brandon Flynn and Miles Heizer from "13 Reasons Why" are dating in real life

  • Brandon Flynn and Miles Heizer, who play Justin and Alex respectively on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, are a couple in real life.

  • source / source

    I love this whole cast so much.

    UPDATE ON CHRISTIAN NAVARRO/TONY'S AGE: Someone on Twitter told me that he isn't the Christian Navarro who was married to Traylor Howard and that IMDb got that info wrong. Apparently, he's like 25/26.
    • kjesta

    Black Sails: Finale Featurette + Show Post-Mortem

    So, did the rat get the entire fucking boulangerie?

    In its extra-long series finale, Black Sails left all other tv shows in the fucking dust and cemented its status as iconic LGBT lore forever.  Also, naval combat and epic fight scenes and more meta-narrative layers than James Flint has freckles, so par for the course on this show.

    To recap why the end, if not perfect, is still pretty darn special and important:

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    In the words of resident Twitter troll, secret Tumblr-user and caring sweetheart Luke Arnold,
    Crew, has your fave show not only invented straightbaiting, but also massively subverted other shitty lgbt tropes? Is there life after Black Sails?

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    (idk why the vid disappeard, fixed it!)

    ‘Chewing Gum”s Michaela Coel Brings Biting Wit That Won’t Lose Its Flavor

    Chewing Gum (season 2 will drop april 4 on Netflix)
    “I mean, it’s quite mad actually. It’s quite mad how people seem to get the show the way I wanted them to get it. I get messages from people that break down the show to me, and I’m like, ‘You get the show as if you wrote it,’ and that’s amazing. It’s been really cool.”

    “Those who get the show, get the show, and then I think [for] other people, it’s way too vulgar and disgusting. But really, I have never wanted it any other way. I’m not afraid to comment [on sex and religion]. I think you just have to do you, whatever that is, and not feel like you have to be a certain way for other people to like you. That’s bullsh*t.”

    “There’s loads of different cultures. There’s loads of different people from different countries, but at the same time, it’s not a very happy area. Chewing Gum is kind of like the world I wish I grew up in. There wasn’t really a sense of community growing up. You [also] don’t see working-class black people being happy on TV.”

    to young women of color
    “If there’s anyone out there that looks a bit like me, or just feels a little bit out of place just trying to get into performing. You are beautiful, embrace it. You are intelligent, embrace it. You are powerful, embrace it.”

    black self-love and acceptance
    “[Tracey is] a black, dark-skinned woman, who is just being free and crazy, and she’s vulnerable, and she’s funny, and she’s cute, she’s endearing and she’s messed up. I don’t see it on TV enough, and that’s why I made the character. If I wasn’t black, I would have wrote that part for a black person and cast someone else. I want people to watch it and to feel liberated and do whatever they want.”

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    Sonequa Martin-Green talks Star Trek Discovery

    -There's a lot of responsibility being the lead of a show this big and you have to make sure not to lose yourself.

    -Discovery will be bigger, rawer and grittier.

    -It'll be refreshing to see Star Trek through the eyes of someone else besides the captain.

    -Her characters name has officially been revealed as Michael Burnham

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    Just finished S4 of ST:Voyager. Seven of Nine is everything.

    Jesy Nelson from Little Mix + CHris Clark from The Only Way is Essex confirm they're dating

    The Little Mix star, who is from Essex, posted pictures of herself kissing the Only Way Is Essex Star and talked about missing him on tour in interviews, confirming their romance, which had been rumored since they were pictured backstage at the BRIT awards, where Little Mix took home Best British Single for "Shout out to My Ex" . The week before, when Jesy denied not being single, Leigh Anne had teased her about Chris in an interview, possibly prompting them to go public.

    Plus Perrie makes cute posts about bf Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
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