April 1st, 2017


ONTD Original: Books that have been adapted into Oscar nominated films

The April reading task in the ONTD Reading Challenge is to read a book that has been adapted into an Oscar nominated film. The film can be nominated in any Oscar category. If you've yet to decide on a book, milfordacademy and hjalmartazar bring you a selection of recs pulled from the Adapted Screenplay nominees and winners!


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ONTD Original: Oscar Nominated Horror & Sci-Fi Films Based on Books
The Oscar's Library
If you're on Goodreads, join the discussions in our ONTD Reading Challenge Group!

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baby groot

DC unveils first look at Cress Williams as "Black Lightning"

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Production is underway in Atlanta for DC/CW's pilot Black Lightening.

Show synopsis: "Jefferson Pierce made his choice: he hung up the suit and his secret identity years ago, but with one daughter hell-bent on justice and the other a star student being recruited by a local gang, he’ll be pulled back into the fight as the wanted vigilante and DC legend — Black Lightning."


Are you looking forward to a fifth DC superhero show on CW, ONTD?
Harry Potter; DH1

Mama June debuts final weight loss results

- Mama June debuts her weight loss and surgery results for the first time
- The change was so intense, Honey Boo Boo and the rest of her kids didn't recognize her
“She looks great, I’m really proud of her” says Honey Boo Boo

How are your new year's resolutions going ONTD? Summer will be here before you know it!!!


"Absolutely" Queen comes out as Trans!

Yesterday, Fresh Tilapia Queen, Gia Gunn, came out as trans, showing us her true fabulous self!

In the video, she declares "“I thought I would dedicate today in the spirit of being visible to share my transition with all of you. I have been on hormone replacement therapy for about a year and I identify as female and I am indeed transgender.”

She joins to other Queens like Sonique (season 2), Carmen Carrera & Stacy Layne Matthews (season 3), Jiggly Caliente & kenya Michaels(season 4)  Monica Beverly Hillz (season 5) and  Season 9 queen, Peppermint.

Post your favorite gifs in the comments!



Riverdale at WonderCon

The cast and crew were at WonderCon yesterday and shared some of their wishes for season 2 (which is still in the process of being written). Before the panel started, a reel was shown with lots of old footage, but there was some new stuff sprinkled in there as well. For some reason WB decided to strip it of the audio, but if you want you can try watching ET's version on their shit video player HERE

Above is footage from episode 10 which is supposed to be Jughead's birthday party but gets crashed by Cheryl and then once alcohol gets involved, it turns into a rager

Below are some crappy gifs I made of the new footage from future episodes. Not included are Cheryl yelling at her minions, Hermoine looking traumatized as she slumps to the floor crying, and Cheryl crashing Archie's small party.

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Read Smash creator's essay about being fired from her own show

“What Came Next” by Theresa Rebeck, Excerpted from Double Bind: Women on Ambition

Theresa Rebeck (creator, writer, showrunner, producer of "Smash") :

- was fired at the end fo season 1 without cause (comfort level issue = men who dont want to work with women)
- said the men had conspirated to have her removed from her post
- was advised to ignore it and put it behind her
- could not be hired for 3 years
- fired her lawyer, her manager, her agent then hired new ones
- had to take a step back, accept a demotion, and take a job below her skill set and pay grade
- was described as a lunatic
- had to keep her head down and prove that she was smart and hardworking and a team player
- during those years : she wrote two plays, finished her 3rd novel, directed All My Sons for a major regional theater, wrote and directed an independent movie.
- was pissed that the men at her level who had been fired in similarly ridiculous circumstances somehow managed to bounce upward
- had to be a good girl in order to prove that she could run a tv show again one day
- said the misogyny is beyond anything in the writers' room (offensive and sexist jokes)
- said that television writers are quite well paid
- said "play well with others" = keep your mouth shut
- was told that the show was "too important for the network" so they took it from her

Josh Safran (Gossip Girl) was hired as show runner and "Smash" died under his watch but he was still hired to run another show (Quantico on abc) while Rebeck was unemployed because rumored to be a lunatic.


BET Programming Head Fired While on Leave for Breast Cancer

Mashariki was caught off guard by public statements issued by the network and its CEO Debra Lee
Mashariki sent her colleagues an email this week, notifying them that she’s been on medical leave (since February after being diagnosed with breast cancer).
she planned on returning to her job on April 11.

Viacom/BET said that she’s no longer employed and denied any allegation of wrongdoing.

no comments from Mashariki and her lawyer.


WrestleMania roundup: Stage reveal, Hall of Fame night, match changes, etc.

WrestleMania weekend has kicked off in Orlando and a lot is happening. Up first, the entrance stage reveal and it's really something. Featuring a Universal Studios inspired globe, a roller coaster!, a ring above the ring, and one long giant ramp, these guys have really outdone themselves.

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r u ready for the manias of wrestling, ontd??

Fifth Harmony reaches 1 Billion units in Asia & Middle East

The 5H girls, who are currently touring in Asia, received a plaque in Hong Kong for reaching 1 Billion units in Asia and Middle East. The new come after Billboard & Nielsen Music reported that Fifth Harmony last album, 7/27, sold 1.6M units worldwide 6 months after it's release.
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Fun fact: There is also a Fifth Harmony themed café in Japan dedicated to the girls.

a million isn't cool, you know what's really cool? a billion.
queens of breaking into countries without even trying!

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The Junos Air Tomorrow - Check Out Who's Nominated!

The Juno Awards is the less-watched, less-known, less-coveted Canadian version of the Grammy Awards. Even so, the live show airs tomorrow night at 6:30PM ET on CTV. The show will be hosted by singer Bryan Adams and comedian Russell Peters.

The Gala Dinner and the handing out of some awards is being streamed on YouTube right now (Kiefer Sutherland just presented an award and he looked hot tbh and Grimes just won for video of the year):

Check Out The Nominees For The Live Event Tomorrow Night Below!:

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Are you going to watch the Junos, Canadians of ONTD? (You're a bad Canadian if you don't support the arts in my opinion!)

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'Get Out' smashes another record

Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out has officially broken another record. The film is now the highest grossing debut project with an original screenplay.

This honor was previously held by another horror film, 1999's The Blair Witch Project, which earned $140 Million in the domestic box office. As of today Get Out has passed the $156 Million mark domestically.

Love it.

In a Reverse April Fools Prank Adult Swim Is Airing the Season 3 Premiere of Rick and Morty Now

With no promo or anything Adult Swim decided to reverse prank all of us and air the season 3 premiere Rick and Morty. The actual season won't air until Summer but the season premiere is currently on Adult Swim's website and will be airing on tv until midnight (but Samurai Jack though).

Has anyone watch the premiere yet?

Tyra Banks removes age limit for ANTM

In a video posted earlier today Tyra Banks stated that the upcoming cycle of America's Next Top Model will be removing the age limit. Previously contestants could not be older than 27 but this cycle will be open to all ages.

Justice for Melrose

Walking Dead star, Daniel Newman, comes out!

Daniel Newman first posted the Twitter above to come out with the truth about his sexuality, and after getting such a big response from fans, he posted a video on Youtube explaining his tweet even further.

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He also confirmed he is attending the GLAAD Awards today!
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I don't watch the Walking Dead, but yey!
i ♡ t.s.

Asian American Media Group accuses ScarJo of lying about ‘Ghost in the Shell’ whitewashing

- The Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) group condemned the movie’s “whitewashing” of Johansson’s character Motoko Kusanagi in a statement released on Friday.

- The organization criticized Johansson’s recent interview on “Good Morning America,” in which the actress said she “would never attempt to play a person of a different race, obviously. and accused her of lying.

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Source: Variety.com
baby groot

Ghost in the Shell is flopping

Ghost in the Shell is underperforming (read flopping) at the box office this weekend witha projected ~$20m. The studio hopes that it will be make up for it with the international numbers. The film cost $110m to make.
Dreamworks' The Boss Baby is surprising with a projected $51m, overtaking BATB which is in its third weekend ($48m). Initial projections put The Boss Baby at mid $30m range.