March 30th, 2017

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Short film from Disney imagines how LeFou and Gaston first met

"Walt Disney Studios partnered with Young Storytellers and Tongal to give four talented kids the chance to create the series 'Beyond the Castle: Stories Inspired by Beauty and the Beast'. The third film, 'LeFouston', explores how LeFou and Gaston met. Written by Robert Nelson and directed by Kevin Ulrich."


More information on the program, along with the other two short films, can be seen here.

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major lazer & camila cabello have made over 20 songs together

- major lazer are dishing some major details about their studio time with karla
- "we made like 20 songs with karla. we love her." diplo says
- "we have stuff with her. she’s done stuff with a lot of our friends, like cashmere cat, benny blanco, frank dukes - a lot of great producers we work with."

- this is amazing news, because ontd can’t wait to hear a full solo album from karla


are you ready for karla to smash on your radio??

ICON & ONTD's favorite feminist and Latina Jennifer Lynn López to make #ByeByeBirdie less sexist!

- the show will highlight rosie's struggle as a PUERTO RICAN woman nearing middle age
- rosie wont be a secretary. she'll be a high school music teacher and albert a history teacher!
- the soon to be critically acclaimed live musical will air in december


whats ur favorite musical starring a latina, ontd?

Drake's More Life Eyeing Second Week at No. 1 on Billboard 200

Reigning King of rap, radio, and rhythm, Drake unleashed his new album More Life just two weeks ago and the digital project has already topped the Billboard 200. With all 22 tracks from the album sitting pretty on the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard is predicting a second week at No. 1 for the Grammy award winning singer/song-writer/rapper.

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Drizzy now holds two new records, one for most hits by any solo artist ever with 154 bops, and one for most simultaneous hits on the chart with 24 bops.

Sources: @BillboardT. @RapUp, 1, 2.

1/4 of the charts is literally Drizzy. When will your favs? [x]

Viola Davis - OSCAR

Demi Lovato And Joe Manganiello On "Smurfs: The Lost Village"

Demi Lovato and Joe Manganiello talk about their new movie, “Smurfs: The Lost Village” - which hits theaters on Friday, April 7th, 2017.

  • [2:25] Demi Lovato plays Smurfette; Joe Manganiello plays Hefty Smurf

  • [4:54] Demi talks about how important it is for her to play roles or have songs that have a positive message behind it

  • [6:18] Joe and Demi talk about the film and how they got involved

  • [16:22] Demi's favorite cartoons growing up: Doug, Recess, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, and Daria.

  • [16:56] Joe's favorite cartoons growing up: G.I. JOE, Transformers, Thundercats, Dungeon's and Dragons

I'm blue da ba dee da ba dye
ONTD, what were some of your favorite cartoons growing up?

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The View comments on George W's comments on 45's inauguration and chats with David Axelrod

Today's hosts: Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila
Today's 🔥 topics:
Yesterday, news came out that Painter George W. Bush commented on 45's inauguration as he left the dais, "that was some weird shit." The panel comments on what Painter George made.

Former Senior Adviser David Axelrod is today's guest on The View. The panel presses him on what's happened in the less than 100 days of 45's administration. He also talks about this special "The Axe Files" airing this Saturday on CNN.

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STARZ - AMERICAN GODS Title Sequence + Gillian Anderson News

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Another look at Gillian Anderson as Media, Goddess of Television. Also, follow-up to the American Gods Character Posters post, Bryan sadly explains why we WON'T be seeing Gillian Anderson on any official promotional material :

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You Will Believe Again on April 30th

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Jordan Peele in talks to direct live-action Akira

-Jordan Peele is in early talks to direct live-action Akira according to sources at CinemaCon. He's high on WB's list after his success with Get Out.
-Akira's been in development hell for 15 years since they obtained the rights.


Quentin Tarantino & girlfriend are fighting over having kids

· After Quentin Tarantino, 54, turned up to his birthday party without his 33 y/o girlfriend, Israeli singer Tara Pick, a source told Page Six that the couple are fighting over when to have children
· The source says that Quentin wants to be married and have kids later while Tara doesn't want to wait in part because of her ~biological clock~ and because her family is pressuring her to have them
· The couple aren't engaged but Quentin gave Tara a promise ring. They've known each other for 8 years


ONTD, do you feel like you're being pressured to have kids?

Emma Roberts Recruits Stephen For Her Online Book Club

- they talk about fashion and glasses for a bit, she says she would wear a different pair of glasses every day if she had her own show
- is surprised Stephen actually needs glasses to see
- says it's "accidental" that she's been in so much scary/horror stuff, people who know her say that she's actually "terrified of everything"
- she and her best friend started an online book club called "belletrist", to fight the misconception that millenials don't read
- their first book is "South and West" by Joan Didion

book post? or fashion/glasses post?

Disney's Frozen Original Ending Revealed

Producer Peter Del Vecho :

"Frozen went through many different iterations, but here are some common elements from some of the early drafts: Frozen was to open with a prophecy that “a ruler with a frozen heart will bring destruction to the kingdom of Arendelle.”

We’re then introduced to Anna, our pure-hearted heroine, and Elsa, an unrelated evil Snow Queen. We learn Elsa is a scorned woman; she was stood up at the altar on her wedding day and froze her own heart so she would never love again. Both Elsa and the audience assume she’s the villain from the prophecy.

Fast-forward to the final act: Elsa creates an army of snow monsters to attack our heroes while Kristoff has “a Han Solo moment” and comes to help Anna. To halt Elsa’s attacking army, the two-faced Prince Hans triggers a massive avalanche — not caring that the avalanche also puts Anna, Elsa and all of Arendelle in jeopardy. Anna realizes Elsa is their only hope, so she convinces her to use her powers to save the kingdom.

The twist is that the prophecy from the beginning is actually not about Elsa, but about Hans — he’s the one with a metaphorical frozen heart because he’s an unfeeling sociopath. Elsa’s heart is then unfrozen allowing her to love again."

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Wonder Woman Footage Reactions from CinemaCon, Plus Chris Pine Debuts a New...Look

Warner Bros. Pictures screened some new footage from Wonder Woman during their CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas last night to positive reactions all around. Check some of them out underneath the cut.

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Does this make you more excited for Wonder Woman, ONTD? Also, what do you think of Chris' new 'do?
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Celebs React to Political News of the Day: Planned Parenthood Funding Cut, Mike Flynn Wants Immunity

-Mike Flynn offers to testify if he can get immunity, so far no takers.
-A proposal to allow states to cut funding for Planned Parenthood tied 50/50 in the Senate so Mike Pence came in to screw over poor women.
-More EPA nonsense.

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Cannes Poster Controversy : Claudia Cardinale responds

“I don’t have any comment to make on the artistic work done on this image. It’s a poster, which beyond representing me, represents a dance, a flight. The photo was retouched to accentuate the effect of lightness and to transpose me into a dream character; it’s a sublimation. Concerns over realism have no place here, and, as a committed feminist, I see no attack on the female form. There are other things happening in the world right now that are more important to be discussing. It’s only cinema, let’s not forget that.”

Bobbie Draper
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Starz renews American Gods for season 2

Starz renewed American Gods for a second season, production on S2 is set to begin this September and will last till May of next year. The show premieres April 30th.


Well that was quick. We've got a month to go now, are you guys excited?
captain america

Chris Evans Talks Jenny Slate + Gifted Press

"She's my favorite human. She's the best. I've never ever ever met someone in my life who has a mastery of the English language the way she does. She'll give you one sentence and there's no fat to it. You're like, 'You just chose such an unbelievable collection of words that beautifully articulate what you say.' It's like an art form talking with her, because the visuals associated with her expression are just so colorful. She's so vulnerable, so honest, so interested in other people more than herself, she's incredibly compassionate, there's just nothing to not love about her." (For Jenny's comments about Chris, see this ONTD post.)

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War Machine | Official Trailer | Netflix

In a film for our times, writer-director David Michôd (Animal Kingdom) recreates a U.S. General’s roller-coaster rise and fall as part reality, part savage parody – raising the specter of just where the line between them lies today. His is an anti-establishment, pro-soldier exploration in the form of an absurdist war story of a born leader’s ultra-confident march right into the dark heart of folly. At the story’s core is Brad Pitt’s sly take on a successful, charismatic four-star general who leapt in like a rock star to command NATO forces in Afghanistan, only to be taken down by his own hubris and a journalist’s no-holds-barred expose. War Machine addresses the debt we owe to soldiers to question the purposes to which they are being directed.

The Netflix original film is inspired by the book The Operators: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan by the late journalist Michael Hastings. Joining Pitt in War Machine is a highly decorated cast including Emory Cohen, RJ Cyler, Topher Grace, Anthony Michael Hall, Anthony Hayes, John Magaro, Scoot McNairy, Will Poulter, Alan Ruck, Lakeith Stanfield, Josh Stewart, Meg Tilly, Tilda Swinton and Sir Ben Kingsley. Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Ted Sarandos and Ian Bryce serve as producers. James W. Skotchdopole, Pauline Fischer, Sarah Bowen and Sarah Esberg serve as executive producers. The film will be released on Netflix on May 26, 2017.

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Charlie Hunnam Almost Struck by Lightning and Gets Beetle in His Ear

  • Was on location to shoot a scene for Lost City of Z when it started storming. Crew wanted to leave because they were worried about flash floods. Hunnam insisted on staying until lightning struck the speakers near him.

  • A beetle crawled in his ear in the middle of the night while he was sleeping. Tried to flush it out himself but in the end had to go to the hospital.

source: the wrap.

have you ever been struck by lightning or had a bug crawl in your body?
Harry - the Chosen One

Colin Farrell shares his thoughts on real Graves in 'Fantastic Beasts', fanboys Gary Oldman

While promoting the new Sofia Coppola film (and The Emojis movie nonsense) he's in at CinemaCon this week, Colin Farrell admitted that Graves in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' was a one-off film role, he doesn't expect to come back to the series, and he has no idea what happened to the real Graves before Grindelwald took over.

Bonus shot of him meeting Gary Oldman for the first time and promptly bursting into fanboy tears at the end.

cute canadian

Céline Dion Celebrates Her 49th Birthday!

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37 years in the business and still going strong!

SOURCES : Ellen's Twitter / Billboard Twitter / Céline's Vevo Channel / Céline's Insta /

Meet the cast of 'Married at First Sight' season five

The fifth season of Lifetime's Married at First Sight is set to air starting April 20th at 8/7c. This season of the show features a group of Chicagoland singles that legally marry a complete stranger.

From left to right the cast includes -

Danielle DeGroot - A thirty year old suburban dietician. She's looking for an intelligent man who loves sports and wants to take on a "masculine role"

Ashley Petta - A thirty year old restaurant manager who ended a five year relationship after her boyfriend couldn't decide if he wanted kids or not. She's looking for someone ambitious who wants to start a family.

Sheila Downs 💕 - A thirty-one year old director of operations at a Chicago school. She has a strong faith and is looking for an ambitious partner with a similar background that she hopes will be her best friend.

Cody Knapek - A twenty-six year old suburban entrepreneur. His parents divorced when he was a teen and it made him 100% committed to relationships. He wants someone that will make him laugh.

Nate Duhon - A twenty-six year old business manager originally from Michigan. He also has a strong faith and is looking for an ambitious partner with a similar background. Gosh I wonder who he'll be paired with.

Anthony D'Amico - A thirty-three year old who works in sales and marketing that is also originally from Michigan. His parents got together and split up three separate times and he moved around a lot. He doesn't like pessimists.

Source 1 and 2
I've never watched this show before but one of my childhood friends is part of the cast this year and she somehow managed to keep this a secret from pretty much everyone until today and it's blowing my mind so I had to share since I'm now super excited to watch this.
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Black Sails: Luke Arnold keeps trolling Tumblr + Social media round-up

These days it's no secret that Luke Arnold browses the Black Sails tag on tumblr, bc apparently he has no sense of self-preservation.
True to form, he keeps trolling.

(Trivia: he's actually trained in swordfighting and choreographed fight scenes for a Peter Pan movie!)

He also remains relatable reminiscing over the real star of season 1: Flint's hair.

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Meanwhile, in between continuously writing & reblogging pissed-off tweets over Brexit and 45, our favourite ginger Toby Stephens took the time for a pre-409 statement:

The creators also had some BTS fun:

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And last but not least, Luke dropped another bunch of cute on-set photos on his Instagram!

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Crew, are you ready for this iconic gay pirate show to end on Sunday?