March 29th, 2017


'Crazy Rich Asians' Lands Its Male Lead

Crazy Rich Asians has landed its male lead, casting Henry Golding to play Nick Young.

The story follows Rachel Chu (Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to her boyfriend Nick's (Golding) hometown of Singapore for his best friend's wedding.

Michelle Yeoh is attached to play Nick's controlling mother.

flash tomcav givingFACE

The Flash - 3x19 "The Once And Future Flash" Promo

-Episode directed by Tom Cavanagh.
-Will feature new/modified Flash suit.
-Written by irl friend of a friend of the OP, Carina Adly MacKenzie, also writer on The Originals.
-Not back until April 25th!

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Are you completely taken out of shows/movies when your job is performed badly/inaccurately on them, ONTD FlashFam?
Such as doing chest compressions on someone's liver...

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Piper and Leo

The Buffy cast reunites for EW

EW has reunited the whole cast for the 20th anniversary. There's a video of everyone talking about the show at the source.


New Details and Title For the Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Revealed

-The sequel will be called "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2"
-The principle cast consisting of John C. Reilly (Ralph), Sarah Silverman (Vanellope), Jane Lynch (Sergeant Calhoun) and Jack McBrayer (Fix-It Felix) are all slated to return
-The center of the movie will still be about Ralph and Vanellope's friendship
-The movie will be in theaters March 9, 2018

[Official Title Image]

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I really loved the video game concept in the last movie so I don't know how I feel about this tbh, hopefully they will prove me wrong.

Kendall Jenner & Paris Jackson shopping at the flea market

The models, who share an agency (IMG) and (update: I lied) whose families have been friends for years, were spotted in a totally candid moment shopping at a flea market in Los Angeles.

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ONTD! What's your least favorite fashion trend (past or present)?
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The View talks about Spicer's latest outburst and is graced by Katie Holmes

Today's hosts: Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila
Today's 🔥 topics:
The panel talks about yesterday's presser in which Spicey's latest outburst. This time it was targeted at April Ryan (if you need a refresher during this era, she was the one that asked 45 if he has met with the Congressional Black Caucus and he asked her to setup that meeting).

Katie Holmes graces the panel as she talks about the second mini-series that she's taken on as Jackie Kennedy. She talks about Suri and answers rapid fire questions from Sara.

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Tomorrow's guest is David Axelrod.

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Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Classic Concert Announced

- In honor of Sailor Moon's 25th anniversary, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing a tribute concert on August 2nd and 3rd
- The concert will feature music from the anime and musicals and none from PGSM because apparently Japan pretends that show never happened
- Akiko Kosaka, one of the composers from the original anime, and Ishida Yoko, who sang Otome no Policy, will be guest performers.
- Sailor Moon's voice actress, Kotono Mitsuishi, will also perform
- More guest performers may be announced
- Official fan club members can purchase tickets between now and April 9, then from April 14 to the 23rd. General ticket sales begin June 3rd.
-Meanwhile, performance group La Fée Sauvage has announced a Sailor Moon symphonic concert tour, with performances in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Spain.
-Tour begins in Paris on November 25th at the Palais des Congres. Other dates and ticket sales information to be announced.
-Performances will feature synchronized projections of the 90s anime.

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What are your favorite Sailor Moon songs?

Bonnie McKee discusses sexual harassment in the music industry, Dr. Luke, and the writing process

Bonnie McKee went on Ross Golon's (he's written songs like Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" and Flo Rida's "My House") podcast where he interviews songwriters. She talked about her life, experiences in the industry, and how she's written so many hits.
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Riverdale 1x08 Preview: The Outsiders

Fred's job is at risk so Archie gets his friends to help. Moose ends up getting fucked up by Southside Serpents so him and Archie decide to stupidly go to their biker bar ALONE to confront them (this episode also signals the return of Joaquin). Jughead's trying to keep his own serpent connection a secret. Meanwhile, Veronica wants to throw Polly a baby shower which will probably lead to an awesome slap fight between Penelope Blossom and Alice Cooper.

how did I fall so hard for this damn show?
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The Who's Roger Daltrey says that even a dead dog could have beaten Hillary Clinton

In a recent interview, The Who's Roger Daltrey said Democrats lost because they pushed Hillary Clinton as their candidate.

He said that even a dead dog could have beaten her in the election.

He also said that Donald Trump needs a haircut and that Brexit is the right thing to do.

Source: Twitter

Little Mix perform on the Late Late show with James Corden + Leigh Anne surprised by bf Andre Grey

The Burnley striker surprised her by visiting her while she was on tour in America

caption: leighannepinnock So 3 days ago this happened.. I was so down, being away from home for so long and all I wanted was one of his cuddles.. this surprise was more than I could have ever asked for.. completely in shock and over whelmed to finally see him again after so long.. I absolutely adore this boy with everything I have in me.. il never be able to put it into words.. I love you so much.. hardest thing was saying bye again.. 💔

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Lenny contributors talk about their preferred methods of birth control.

Lena Dunham:
I've been on the birth-control pill on and off for almost fifteen years. It's the only thing that can control my endometriosis pain, and it's made my skin clearer, my moods more even, and my life altogether finer. In college, before I had a diagnosis of endo, I'd go off it whenever I broke up with someone or just felt restless. During one of those pill-less periods, I decided I was going to use the contraceptive sponge, newly back on the market. I was visiting a boyfriend and taking an eleven-hour Greyhound bus to get there. I was so excited to have sex and so intent on making it seamless and romantic that I inserted the sponge in the bathroom of the moving bus five hours before we arrived. I emerged to find a man auctioning off a Subway sandwich, because that's the joy of a Greyhound. I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to leave a spermicidal sponge in your pussy for that long, and by the time I got to him I had insane burning, and my distress was palpable. The rest of the weekend was a wash. I did not use the sponge anymore despite Elaine Benes's endorsement.

Since then, I've tried a bunch of different birth-control pills and settled on an extended-cycle pill called Seasonique. My periods are painful and disruptive and can put me out of commission, so limiting them to a few times a year is better for my health and happiness. I know that without the pill, I would not have been able to be a productive and functioning member of society, and that's not an exaggeration. I am genuinely nervous for the day I go off it in an attempt to get pregnant because it's such a big part of regulating my body, and the routine makes me feel really safe. Also, my pill case is a gorgeous, appropriately fleshy pink.

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more @ source #1

sources : 1. 10 forms of birth control explained

what birth-control methods do you use and why ?
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Lady Gaga covers Arthritis magazine

Lady Gaga is on the cover of the latest issue of Arthritis magazine.

She opens up about her battle with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Gaga, who suffers from chronic pain, had to cancel part of her tour in 2013 in order to get surgery.

Source: Twitter
Lindsay Lohan

Katie Holmes Roundup

Katie Holmes has been a busy little bee this month; she premiered her new 4-episode miniseries The Kennedys: After Camelot, where she plays Jackie Kennedy, alongside Matthew Perry (Ted Kennedy). The show is based on the book After Camelot: A Personal History of the Kennedy Family 1968 to the Present by J. Randy Taraborrelli, and is a follow-up to the 2011 miniseries The Kennedys. Katie made her directorial debut last year with the drama All We Had, and has directed an episode of TK:AC.

She's all smiles these days, and has even been sharing some photos of Suri Cruise on her Instagram, where the two look nearly identical <3. Suri used to be photographed constantly and stamped all over the tabloids, even earning her own tag here on ONTD, but Katie has been keeping her daughter out of the public eye since her infamous split with Tom Cruise in 2012. So seeing Suri is more like a treat now.

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Celebrities react to Article 50 being triggered

I know it's hard for most of ONTD to believe that there is a world out there outside the United States and Donald Trump, but it exists! Today the UK further continues to slide backwards into the abyss by triggering Article 50 - the beginning of the two year long process that is Brexit. Here are some celebrities that have posted their thoughts on Twitter:

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Post your thoughts / reactions to this mess, guys.
Comrade Jewbear

Michelle Kwan's husband Clay Pell files for divorce after 4 years of marriage

Clay Pell is WASP royalty, Harvard-educated JAG and lieutenant commander in the Coast Guard. He is the grandson of Senator Claiborne Pell, founder of the Pell Grants. Michelle supported him in a failed run for Rhode Island governor in 2014, and she most recently worked on the Clinton campaign.

They met in April 2011 vying for the same White House fellowship position (which he got) and married in January 2013 in Providence, RI. At the time of their engagement they basically described their relationship as sharing the same values and dedication to a life of public service.

His statement:

"It is with deep regret that I share that Michelle and my marriage is coming to an end. This is a sad and difficult turn of events for our family. I love Michelle, and wish her the very best as her life takes her in a new direction. I want to thank friends and family who have given wisdom and support, and I ask for privacy during this challenging time."

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playing "Fields of Gold" (her exhibition program in 2002 after losing to that Sarah Hughes) at her wedding must have jinxed them!

Season 6 of The Mindy Project Premieres in September, Will Be Its Last

mindyprojecthulu Next stop, more Mindy. 💞 The final season coming September 2017. #MindyOnHulu


Aww :( This is probably for the best
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Scarlett Johansson says she may run for office in the future

Scarlett Johansson was recently on GMA to promote her new film "Ghost In The Shell."

During the interview, she was asked if she would ever run for office.

She said that although she is very interested in local politics, it would not be the right time for her since she is busy taking care of her young daughter, also adding that her career is going very well currently ($$$).

Scarlett says she will have more time to focus on politics when her daughter is older.

Source: Twitter

Would you vote for Scarlett Johansson?
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Chloe Bennet is NOT here for your Skyeward Trash...

Chloe Bennet, better/only known as Skye Daisy Johnson aka 'Quake' on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, responded on twitter yesterday to some Skyeward shippers who had opinions not just about Skyeward but about how much she and Brett Dalton are 'BEST FRIENDS' and how she 'loves Ward'.

To summarise: Chloe really really does not.
Her response: "Brett who?" She is #benstridge trash (the ship of her and castmate Elizabeth Henstridge) for life.

 photo fuckingtellitsis_zps7tcn2zza.jpg

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Sources: Chloe Bennet Twitter, 2, 3, 4

Have you ever been sick & tired of delusional shippers who think you're into Nazis, ONTD?

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We need this

Jeremy Renner heads to Avengers 3 set, will not be in MI6

"Though it was previously something of a mystery as to whether or not Jeremy Renner would in fact be returning for Mission: Impossible 6, we now have confirmation via website Showbiz 411 that Renner will not star in Christopher McQuarrie’s upcoming follow up to Rogue Nation. Apparently citing scheduling conflicts as the key component for missing out on M:I6, there is no immediate word on whether this means that Renner is done with the franchise altogether."


ONTD, do you fly a lot for work? Have you been fired or reprimanded at work because of a jelous co-worker/boss?
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Craig Ferguson on Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Today Show

Scottish King Craig Ferguson made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote his Sirius/XM show, The Craig Ferguson Show.

Watch Craig talk about Trump buying his favorite golf course and Craig being caught smelling his finger on the jumbotron.

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Hey mod:

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jk jk sorry I'm a posting mess today. ♥

Lee Daniels Reveals Plans for Oprah's 'Terms of Endearment' Remake

A new version of “Terms of Endearment,” starring Winfrey and Kerry Washington in the roles played by Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger.

Daniels is setting it in the ’90s — and Washington’s character will fall ill of AIDS, not cancer, thanks to her husband “being on the D.L.”


Uh-oh, is Jake Gyllenhaal Becoming a Douchebag?

jake gyllenhaal 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal is giving a bunch of interviews to promote Life, and, um, some of them have been... not so good.

Jake was apparently acting like a self-serious, tortured artist and got bitchy with the journalist.

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--"I hope, in the future, you will see more of my work. If you’ve ever even seen my work.”

--He mutters to his publicist, “It’s always the last [interview of the day]."

Douchey or not?



Buffy reunion: Sarah Michelle Gellar chooses between Angel and Spike

SMG says she got a lot of hate and death threats. Bangel story was beautiful.
She says about Spike, that he understood a different part of Buffy that she needed to understand and discover. She picked Angel

Whedon says Bangel is the greatest love story that he will ever tell. Spuffy is a long term relationship because Spike went and got a soul because Buffy.

source. video

ONTD, Angel or Spike?

OP is for Spike, Spuffy forever
|| you&#39;re gonna carry that weight ||

FX - LEGION S1 Post-Finale Discussion + Inside Look at Powers + Cast on Social Media

CBR's Re-cap for the finale MAJOR SPOILERS

[Quick Recap *SPOILERS*]- Farouk/Shadow King isn't destroyed, but is transferred from David to Syd, Syd to Kerry, and finally from Kerry to Oliver

- Oliver/Farouk escapes Summerland with Lenny (YES!!)
- The final scene has David scanned then imprisoned by a mechanical orb by forces unknown (Could be Division 3?)

- Season 2 will have Oliver/Farouk still play a part of the story according to Hawley as both Oliver/Farouk and Lenny will be searching for "it" that they referenced last week

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Whoops, apologies about the cuts! What did you all think of the finale and the season as a whole? =) [Spoiler (click to open)]And how about that post-credits scene? Theories? Also, apologies to my fellow Expanse ONTDers, I've company coming over tonight after the Legion finale and won't be able to get my post up just yet, I'll try to later tonight if no one else makes one =)

Spoiler-tag for those who need it :

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Will Graham shifty eyes
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Wynonna Earp season 2 premiere date

Wynonna Earp season 2 will premiere Friday, June 9th. The link in the tweet has a cute video with Melanie, Tim, Dominique and Katherine announcing the date.


Just over 2 months to go, let's try and get the show a tag next tag suggestion post.
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Two nobody screenwriters pretended to be Seth Rogen to get their script read

  • Their script was called The Kosher Nostra and was about a Uber driver who ends up working as a getaway driver for the Jewish mafia

  • The two screenwriters wanted Seth Rogan to star, but after being ignored for years they decided to pretend their script was written by Seth Rogan and his writing partner to get attention. They  started forward their script under Rogen's name pretending to be an agent from UTA

  • Seth Rogen's lawyer sent them a cease & desist


What's the most desperate thing you've done to get a job, ONTD?