March 21st, 2017


Naya Rivera regrets dyeing her hair a month after giving birth

She expected “to grow the best mane of hair” from the pregnancy.
“That did not happen at all. After breastfeeding, what I was left with was breakage in certain areas from the drop in hormones. It was definitely thin on the ends and certain places like my widow’s peak would be a little more up in my face.”

“I did probably the worst thing you could do in that situation, which is then go dye it. I made the problem worse and paid the price for that. I’d tell new moms, ‘Don’t dye it yet!’ Don’t buy into the whole mommy makeover thing, because you will regret it.”

“I was trying everything from carrot seed oil on a hairbrush to full-blown coconut oil treatments every single day. I even went back on my prenatals [vitamins] long after I had stopped breastfeeding to try to get back whatever juices were flowing out of my body,”

“I started to see results and experimenting with a bunch of their other products (haircare brand Nioxin). I just feel like it’s healthy again. I stopped dyeing it and cutting it and experimenting with all these different things. I sort of went back to my roots if you will, and I am happier that way.”


hair post ! Have you ever dealt with hair thinning problems ?

ONTD's favorite couple, Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky, watch Beauty and the Beast

Contrary to false reports of a breakup, JLaw and Darren were spotted in NYC watching Beauty and the Beast, and later, grabbing dinner at an Indian restaurant. According to a "source", Darren and Jlaw were kissing and hugging throughout.

Another source said that Darren visited Jlaw for his bday in Budapest where she is shooting for her new movie. The source also added that the couple are very happy together. A separate source reported that Jlaw is very comfortable with Darren's family (could be the son with Rachel Weisz?)

More pics of the happy couple are at the source!



rita ora installs £20,000 panic room into her london home

-rita ora has installed a state-of-the-art panic room costing $20,000 in her london home after charaf elmoudden stewie_e left her "incredibly shaken up" when he broke into her home while she was sleeping.
- the pop icon has now decided to upgrade her security provisions – including the £20,000 safe room – to stop any burglaries from happening again
- a source said: "rita is still incredibly shaken up, and continues to have horrendous nightmares about the burglary. although the perpetrator is in prison, it has not eased her peace of mind and she has been living in almost constant fear that something similar would happen again."
- "because rita is in the public eye, she remains a target for thieves so had a security team come in and completely overhaul her personal security."


do you have a panic room?

6 Funny Canadians Worth Following On Twitter

For all the ONTD comedy fans out there, here is a list of Canadians whose twitter accounts consistently make make me smile:

1. Mark Little (@markmarklittle)

Mark Little is a stand-up comedian, actor, and founding member of the east coast comedy group picnicface.


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Who makes you laugh on twitter, ONTD?

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Viola Davis - OSCAR

The Cast of "Power Rangers" - Press Tour in NYC

The Power Rangers cast make a stop in New York City to promote the new movie hitting theatres on Friday, March 24th 2017!

Becky G, RJ Cyler, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, and Ludi Lin stopped by the AOL Build Series to discuss the film. The cast talk about the audition process, working in Vancouver (ayyyy!), their friendship, and more. Naomi Scott reveals that she played all the Power Rangers for her audition tape.

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BUILD Series | Today | Live with Kelly | Today (March 14) |

Swet Shop Boys Releasing "Sufi LA" Vinyl EP

Swet Shop Boys (aka Riz Ahmed/Riz MC & Heems) are participating in Record Shop Day 2017 by releasing a new EP "Sufi LA" on vinyl with six new tracks, April 22.

all mine

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hiddleston Want to Be Excluded From the Taylor Swift Narrative

-During recent press junkets both Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hiddleston have tried to avoid the topic of Taylor Swift .

- Gyllenhaal tried to swerve questions about Blanca Diabla and said, "I would love to talk about the movie." Gyllenhaal gave a "cold smile" and "intense eyes" during the line of questioning, adding that he gave an "exaggerated shrug" when the probe continued.

-Hiddleston responded "testily" when his relationship with Swift was brought up. "What should I regret, in your mind?" the Kong: Skull Island star said. "I would rather not talk about this, if that's alright." After calming down from his I <3 T.S tank top flashback Hiddleston added, "You have to fight for love. You can't live in fear of what people might say," he said. "You know, you have to be true to yourself. I'm not going to live my life in hiding."


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Taeyeon | My Voice

73 Questions With Selena Gomez

- Has a nice house OP personal opinion
- Her favorite place to visit in the world is Europe
- Hobby she would never give up: Dancing
- Describes herself in 3 words: Loyal, kind, giving
- Pet peeve: People who are rude
- Scares her the most: Losing someone I love
- Who makes her the angriest? People who act entitled
- Favorite Jingle: Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaners

daniel mysterious
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The View talks about NSA/FBI Directors fact checking 45's tweets

Today's hosts: Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila

Today's HOT topics:
The panel discusses how Admiral Rogers (NSA) and Director Comey (FBI) fact checked 45's live tweets during yesterday's Trussia hearing when the tweets were brought into record by Representative Jim Himes (D-CT). They also dive into Marco Rubio's (R-FL) comments right before the election of "Can this country afford to have a president under investigation by the FBI?"

45's trips to the Southern White House are once again a hot-topic for the panel. They discuss how that tax payer's money have been into play. Jed argues that he's not being fiscally conservative and does not agree that people should pay to visit the Southern White House. The subject of 45's live tweeting is decimated by the panel and are we losing our credibility because of it.

The panel talks about liquor and alcohol. We learn that Sara and Sunny recently had a deep conversation about liquor and mixologists. They try to answer do men really need alcohol to socialize?

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'Avengers for Fairytales' movie 'Princesses' being shopped around Hollywood

  • Disney is rumored to be interested in buying it (This isn't THEIR product, it's just the DP image)

  • Movie spec script going around Hollywood, written by Nir Paniry

  • Expect this to have a bunch of public domain princesses, but no word on who exactly

source | tweet

Which princesses would you like to see?
all mine

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Donald Trump #69420

-Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a video to Twitter mocking President Donald Trump's record low approval ratings and calling him out for a recent budget proposal that would cut funding for, among other things, Meals on Wheels and after-school programs for children.

-"Oh, Donald, the ratings are in, and you got swamped," Schwarzenegger said in Tuesday's video. "Wow. Now you're in the 30s? But what do you expect? I mean when you take away after school programs for children and meals on wheels for the poor people, that's not what you call making America great again. Come on!"


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Alec Baldwin on who should replace him as TRUMP on SNL!

Alec Baldwin chatted with Z100's Garrett Vogel on the red carpet for the BOSS BABY premiere last night. Alec discussed who he would want to replace him as TRUMP on SNL .... And how much longer he plans to play the role!

He said, " I don't know. They've had people in the cast like, Taran [Killiam] , who just left and Darell [Hammond]. I think that it's a rare time that someone who has guested on the show, over and over again, playing a really important role.I said "Not that I don't think i'm going to do it anymore, as if i'm going to quit." I don't know how much more people want to see that. I'm going to do the rest of the season between now and end of may.I don't know if they want me to come back next year and who knows what's going to happen between now and next year.

Video and more at the SOURCE

41 Women of Color Get REAL About Beauty and Diversity

Allure asked 41 women of color to tell us the story of their lives through their skin — and skin tone. Because our skin can be both a vulnerability and a defense. But most importantly, it can be a source of celebration.

“I’m half Moroccan, half Egyptian, and I was born in Amsterdam. I’m Muslim, and I’m super proud of my heritage and of my roots. I want to be a role model for young girls who are struggling with racism or struggling with their looks or with their skin color. I had Naomi Campbell, who I looked up to as a black powerful woman. But there aren’t many Arabic models, and being an African-Arabic model, I’m trying to open doors for more Arabic girls.”

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The rest at source #1

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Jenny Slate discusses her relationship with Chris Evans


- a lot going on in that profile

- is on good terms with her ex-husband

- hasn't really seen Chris since the breakup

- calls Chris "truly one of the "kindest people [she] ever met, to the point where sometimes I would look at him and it would kind of break my heart. He’s really vulnerable, and he’s really straightforward. He’s like primary colors. He has beautiful, big, strong emotions, and he’s really sure of them. It’s just wonderful to be around. His heart is probably golden-colored, if you could paint it.”

Princess Leia Buns

Screenwriter provides new details on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Alternate Ending


With the impending release of Rogue One for digital release this Friday and on Blu-ray April 4th, Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta goes into detail about what was altered from the original "happy ending" version of the film and the original fate of Krennic.

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Would you have preferred the happy ending version of Rogue One? Mon Mothma thanks you for your time.

Source, Source 2

Mel Gibson Has Been Quietly Working To Help Holocaust Victims

  • A charity org called Survivor Mitzvah Project approached Mel Gibson years ago to see if he would like to get involved and he has been a big supporter of them since then.

  • The founder of the organization says that Evil Santa doesn't just write checks, but personally tries to get other people involved.

  • The same founder says the actor's (who caused a stir in 2006 for going on a druken anti-semitic rant) actions have helped a lot of people in 8 countries.

  • ~Sources~ (lmao) say that he has shown remorse of his behavior and is trying to turn his life around so he can be remembered for his work and not his scandals.


Have you ever been quietly helping holocaust victims while being loudly racist and anti-semite, ONTD? TYFYA!

Scandal 6x07 Promo - "A Traitor Among Us"

Scandal 6x07 "A Traitor Among Us" Season 6 Episode 7 Promo - After discovering new information about the assassination of Frankie Vargas, Olivia makes a shocking decision and asks Huck to complete one of the most difficult tasks yet, on “Scandal,” airing Thursday, March 23rd on ABC.

Are you ready for a Huck ep?

Source - 1

Last ep was a mess/doesnt make much sense.

Iron Fist comic creator downplays whitewashing controversy

"Yeah, someone made me vaguely aware of that. I try not to think about it too much. I have so little patience for some of the feelings that some people have. I mean, I understand where it’s coming from. You know, cultural appropriation, my god. It’s just an adventure story. Don’t these people have something better to do than to worry about the fact that Iron Fist isn’t Oriental, or whatever word? I know Oriental isn’t the right word now, either.

He was a character for a comic book at a different time. It’s very easy to second-guess anything. You can argue about Tarzan, you can argue about almost any character who came up then is bound to be not quite PC by some later standard or other. Okay, so you can make some adjustments. If they wanted to kill off white Iron Fist and come up with one who wasn’t Caucasian, that wouldn’t have bothered me, but neither am I ashamed for having made up one who was. He wasn’t intended to stand for any race. He was just a man who was indoctrinated into a certain thing.

I just think some people have too much time on their hands, I guess. They have an infinite capacity for righteous indignation. By and large, that tends to be misplaced quite often because if you’re becoming all upset over things that are just stories, and if you don’t like it, instead of trying to change somebody else’s story, go out and make up your own character and do a good job of it. That’s just fine, but why waste time trying to run down other people’s characters simply because they weren’t created with your standards in mind?
Now if something is really racist or degrading to a sex or race, an ethnic group or something like that, that’s something else, but Iron Fist isn’t that and never has been. It’s all about a fictitious race, a fictitious place like a Shangri-La, and one person who happens to be its emissary. There’s no reason why he can’t be Caucasian."

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Wyclef Jean was detained by police over mistaken identity

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Paris Hilton On Why She Has Stopped Partying & Inspiring The New Gen of IT Girls

  • On why she stopped partying: “I never go out anymore because, ‘It’s Thursday night, and this club is cool’ — I’m completely over that now. I’d much rather be at home with my boyfriend (Chris Zylka from "The Leftovers" and scene queen Hanna Beth's ex-fiancée), cooking, playing virtual-reality games, playing with the dogs. I’ve settled down a lot in that area. I’ve been to enough fun parties in my life. Enough to last many lifetimes.

  • On being a "fashion icon" to millenials like Kendall Jenner: “Kendall looked beautiful in that dress. It’s the perfect dress to wear for a 21st birthday. It makes me happy to see these girls be inspired by me.” (W Magazine has recently published an article calling Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid & Co. the new Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie)

  • Says people realize she's not the dumb blonde they think she is once she is in a boardroom talking about her business.

  • Refuses to talk about the fact that she voted for Trump.


Do you think Kendall and Bella are the new Paris and Nicole, ONTD? Is voting for Trump the proof that Paris is indeed a dumb blonde? TYFYA!

Glee's Dean Geyer sex tape leaks online.

- He was on Glee for a few episodes of season 4. He was Rachel's love interest in NY.
- He's with his girlfriend Jillian Murray, actress best known for her oscar worthy performance in 'Dark Ascension II: The Journey to Hell'.
- You can watch the video here.


ONTD, share your sex tape!
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Concept trailer for Tomm Moore's "Wolfwalkers"

From Tomm Moore, director of "The Secret of Kells" and "Song of the Sea", comes the third instalment in his Irish mythology trilogy!

Wolfwalkers tells the story of 11-year-old Robyn Goodfellow, a young apprentice hunter who comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack of wolves. Her life changes though after she saves a native girl, Mebh, which leads to her discovery of the Wolfwalkers and transforms her into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy.

The film is, again, brought to life by Kilkenny's Cartoon Saloon animation studio, using both digital and hand-drawn animation. The deer chase sequence from the trailer is insanely beautiful!

Read more over at Cartoon Brew.

Concept art & animation featurette:

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Black Butterfly Trailer #1 (2017)

Remake of French thriller, Papillon Noir by Herve Korian. Banderas will play Paul, a down-on-his-luck screenwriter who picks up a drifter (Rhys Meyers) and offers him a place to stay. However, when the deranged stranger takes Paul hostage and forces him to write, their unhinged relationship brings buried secrets to light.

Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Piper Perabo, and Antonio Banderas!


"All I Want For Christmas Is You" To Be Made Into A Festive Animated Movie

Festive kween Messiah Carey is making an animated movie out of her Christmas classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You.' The film will be released this holiday season.


kween. when will riTa?
scream queens

New York City launches citywide reading program

- BuzzFeed and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment launched a citywide reading program (essentially a book club) with a citywide vote on the book
- Five celebrities each urged New Yorkers to vote for a particular book
- Bebe Neuwirth was the celeb behind Americanah (list of other celebs and other books)
- Last week, it was announced that Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie had won
- NYC libraries have stocked up on extra copies and the audiobook is available for free
- Multiple events related to the book will be happening in the coming weeks
- Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo will be the leads in the film adaptation of the book

sources: 1 2 3 4

are u reading along, ontd?

SYTYCD host Cat Deeley rants on Twitter about hating restaurant's food... refused to tip her server

Deeley continued to post tweet after tweet about how much she disliked the restaurant. The TomGeorge Restaurant later elaborated stating that Deeley kept complaining that she didn't like the food so ultimately they ended up completely comping her meal. Her server then revealed that she also did not leave him any kind of tip which Deeley first tried to justify because the food was awful only to later claim that the service was bad (after previously tweeting that the server did nothing wrong).

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Source 1, 2 and 3
The backtracking is real. Server / customer horror stories anyone?

ONTD Original - Actors who almost played your (least)favorite characters

A look into the original castings of some of our favorite tv shows and how they differed from what we ended up with

Star Trek Voyager - Captain Janeway

Unaired Pilot portrayed by: Geneviève Bujold
Officially portrayed by: Kate Mulgrew

Reason for recast: Bujold was originally cast as Nicole Janeway, having never done tv before Bujold was not used to everything that went into a tv series and the producers knew that it would not work out so Bujold walked away from the part before they tried to force her out. Bujold also had a hard time connecting with the cast and played Janeway as a very cold Captain. Bujold requested the character be named Nicole but after she left, they changed it to the now iconic Kathryn Janeway.

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[FS] red lips

The Flash 3x18 "Abra Kadabra" & Legends of Tomorrow 2x16 "Doomworld" promos

Desperate to save Iris (Candice Patton), Barry considers taking the deal but Gypsy (guest star Jessica Camacho) breaches in to capture the villain for her own reasons and during the melee, Abra Kadabra manages to escape. Barry is furious that Gypsy interfered but Gypsy refuses to back down, forcing Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to take sides. Meanwhile, Julian (Tom Felton) is still a bit cold towards Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) but when she is severely injured in a battle with Gypsy, he rushes to her side. Nina Lopez-Corrado directed the episode with story by Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Brooke Roberts & David Kob.

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source / source / source / source

Kesha's amended lawsuit against Dr. Luke rejected by judge

-Its yet another setback in her battle against Lukasz
-New York SupremeSpecifically, Kesha tried to assert that Dr. Luk Court Justice Shirley Kornreich on Tuesday refused her attempt at amended counterclaims.
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Damn, she can't catch a break. Read the whole thing at the source, not very encouraging. Think she needs better lawyers