March 18th, 2017

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Beauty and the Beast eyeing to break March opening weekend record

Projected to earn as much as $175M this weekend in the US (with a $60-62M Friday) to smash Batman v. Superman's March opening weekend record of $166M.
Could become Emma Watson's highest opening film breaking HPDH2's opening weekend of $169.2M.
Has so far earned $16.3M in Thursday night previews and $11.5M in Thursday international market debut.


Are you watching BATB this weekend, ONTD?

Coachella is suing Urban Outfitters

Coachella is suing Urban Outfitters on the basis that Urban Outfitters is "trading on the goodwill and fame" of the Coachella brand.

Some of the items include the “Coachella Boot,” the “Coachella Mini Dress,” the “Coachella Pocket Tank,” and the “Coachella Valley Tunic.”
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Beauty & The Beast Win Friday Night's Box Office with $64M

Emma Watson's eyebrow acting won Friday night's Box Office with Beauty and the Beast pulling in $64M. It is estimated to bring in $170M this weekend. The film has already earned $115M worldwide.

South Sudan's savior Tom Hiddleston's movie "Kong: Skull Island" brought in another $7M. Logan brought in $5M.

If 'Beast' holds, it will break “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” record for largest opening in March with $166 million.


what did you do Friday night ONTD?
Sooyoung Beautiful

Kehlani and Teyeon Have A Cute Moment On Instagram


R&B singer Kehlani and K-Pop Singer Taeyeon are both fans of each other!
The two follow each other on Instagram
Taeyeon recently did a V Live to promote her latest album, My Voice.
During the live stream Taeyeon spoke about how one of her favorite singers is Kehlani and how she loved her!
Kehlani posted the video on her Instagram with a reply.

kehlanihi @taeyeon_ss I am watching, yes! 💛 I love you right back!! Thank you so much!

So cute!
I guess unnie does like black people!
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Hans Zimmer retired from scoring superhero movies because he hates Ben Affleck's Batman

Hans Zimmer says in an interview to Inverse that he felt great loyalty to Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman and scoring for the new Batman would feel like betrayal.

He tried to come up with something for Ben but could not because Ben plays it differently than Christian. According to Zimmer, Ben's character is more middle-aged and "grumpy" as hell but Zimmer couldn't "feel the pain" that he felt in Christian's performance and it was that pain which interested him enough to score for the movie.


LMFAO wtf kind of pain did he sense in Christian's generic-ass performance?? Zimmer is so self-important and serious.


For Tim Allen, being a non-liberal in Hollywood is like being in 1930s Germany

- Confirms he attended the inauguration

- On the video he says "You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30s Germany"

- Also talks about taking his kid to a gay parade, online security

- Article mentions there's a clandestine support group for conservatives in Hollywood with 2,500 people

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Jacob Banks - Unholy War (Music Video)

This is Jacob's first single from the upcoming EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom. He's about to tour the US for the first time so please go out there and support if you can ❤️
From the interview:
- The Boy Who Cried Freedom is essentially me. I’ve been in a rough situation before with music and I wanted to separate myself from everything ... I did it all by myself and it was a sort of a war cry of me wanting to make music under the terms I wanted. The whole EP is a story of a boy (me) who ran away from something...
- I’m fucking with all of those old-age genres. Soul, for instance, is older than time so I always ask myself how ... can we make it sound like it was made in 2017 as opposed to before Jesus was born.
- So that’s [spoiler]John Mayer – I look up to him as far as writing songs and being a good musician. I look up to Bob Marley for always telling the truth, and Kanye West for always pushing the needle forward. I essentially try to do what Kanye West did for hip-hop for soul music – pushing the genre forward and asking questions of people.

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Some random tries to tell Jessica Chastain women directors aren't important

Chastain was showing some love for her The Zookeeper's Wife director Niki Caro on twitter. Of course some guy had to tell her that actually, she was wrong:
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ONTD when's the last time a man gave you his unsolicited opinion?

Tilda Swinton's ex reveals he is the child of a 'loving' incestuous relationship

Tilda's former partner, artist and writer John Byrne, revealed he's the child of an incestuous relationship between his mother and her dad.

He says his dad gave him a 'wonderful mixture of genes' with his daughter, and claims that's what they do in Ireland, it's a traditional thing and no one talks about it.

His mother died in the '80s. She suffered from a mental illness, and he believes it was related to the relationship.

John and Tilda split in 2005 and have two children together.


Dead Awake Official Trailer 1 (2017)

From the creator of the iconic FINAL DESTINATION franchise comes the paralyzing thriller DEAD AWAKE. Kate Bowman (Jocelin Donahue) is a straight-laced social worker who finds herself plunged into a world of supernatural terror while investigating a series of mysterious deaths. Each victim suffered from a chilling condition known as sleep paralysis, a nightmarish assault on the senses that immobilizes its victims as they dream. As a terrifying entity begins to haunt Kate’s friends and loved ones, she must fight to stay awake to stop the nightmare she’s unleashed!

Starring: Jocelin Donahue, Lori Petty, Jesse Bradford.

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Donnie Yen Announces IP Man 4, Chasing the Dragon Poster, and Pineapple Bun Eating

-Donnie Yen (known now to many internationally as Chirrut Îmwe from Star Wars: Rogue One) took to social media to announce that (YES!) Ip Man 4 is happening!
-Wilson Yip will be returning as Director, and filming begins next year.

-Donnie teaches everyone about traditional Hong Kong food culture by talking us through his breakfast - the noble Pineapple Bun.
-Everyone loves the Pineapple Bun.

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-Crime drama Chasing the Dragon stars Donnie as 'Crippled Ho', a character based on real life notorious Hong Kong gangster Ng Sek-Ho.
-Andy Lau co-stars as Lee Rock, based on real life police officer Lui Lok.

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Are you hungry for Donnie's Pineapple Bun(s), ONTD?

Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, And Mischa Barton Take Legal Action Over Private Pics Leaks


  • Emma Watson's lawyers have already being instructed about what to do over the invasion of privacy, mentioning that the stolen pics are of her trying out bikinis/underwear in a fitting room (AKA the actual nude pics aren't her).

  • Amanda Seyfried's lawyer has already sent a cease-and-desist letter to the site that seems to be the original source of the leaked pictures, causing 4chan's moderators to delete threads in which the unauthorized publication of the photos was happening.

  • Alyssa Arce, Jillian Murray, Analeigh Tipton, Rhona Mitra, and Iliza Shlesinger are among other victims of the leaks.

  • The leaks seem to have happened exactly one year after one of the culprits of the Fappening was charged with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

  • Mischa Barton's lawyer promised to "come after" anyone involved with her case of 'revenge pornography#39; and the actress has obtained restraining orders against two ex-boyfriends (Jon Zacharias and Adam Shaw), one who bragged about having intimate pictures and videos of her taken without her permission and another who has forged her signature in checks (the latter has been arrested). This info would confirm that her case isn't related to the other leaks.

  • Barton has recently been low-key shamed by RadarOnline for doing a bikini photoshoot, as the site gave their article about such shoot the title of: "Hot Mess Mischa Barton Strips Down Amid Revenge Porn Scandal".

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