March 9th, 2017

87 Books by Women You Should Read Before You Die 💀♀️

anne frank

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

About: Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life, Anne Frank's remarkable diary has since become a world classic—a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an eloquent testament to the human spirit.

In 1942, with Nazis occupying Holland, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl and her family fled their home in Amsterdam and went into hiding. For the next two years, until their whereabouts were betrayed to the Gestapo, they and another family lived cloistered in the "Secret Annexe" of an old office building. Cut off from the outside world, they faced hunger, boredom, the constant cruelties of living in confined quarters, and the ever-present threat of discovery and death.

In her diary Anne Frank recorded vivid impressions of her experiences during this period. By turns thoughtful, moving, and amusing, her account offers a fascinating commentary on human courage and frailty and a compelling self-portrait of a sensitive and spirited young woman whose promise was tragically cut short.

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Book Post??

Emma Watson & Ian Somerhalder on Jimmy Kimmel live

-He talks a bit about the upcoming The Vampire Diaries series finale
-He talks about Nikki Reed
-He talks about some weird thing you get inside of if you want to concentrate or something, didn't listen that much
-He says America is a beautiful country

Are you excited about the fact that TVD will finally end?

-they show a clip of the snowball fight from Beauty and the Beast (ngl the clip was really funny)
-she talks about Celine Dion
-Her family doesn't give a fuck about movies
-She talks about Pretty woman, and Jimmy is like "how old were you when you were wishing to play a hooker?"
-Jimmy shows a clip of Emma mouthing Rupert's and Dan's lines from the first Harry Potter movie, and Emma says she would ruin takes doing it

Did you like the clip?

baby groot

First Look at Thor: Ragnarok

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok – the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization – at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela. But first he must survive a deadly gladatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger – the Incredible Hulk!

Thor: Ragnarok is set to be released on November 3, 2017.

eugenia volodina

John Boyega tweets in response to SLJ's comments on Black Brits being cast in Black American roles

In response to Samuel L. Jackson's comments on Black British people being cast in American films the Star Wars actor tweeted this,

He also retweeted this

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non black people white people stay in your lane please

5h ally brooke covers "sweet dreams"

- legendally shared an acoustic cover of eurythmics' "sweet dreams" with a piano accompaniment by producer-songwriter jeffrey david
- jeffrey david has worked with seal, zedd, echosmith, goo goo dolls, christina grimmie, etc
- the only talented 5h member left is currently recording new music with lost kings and lined up a headlining performance at a music festival in brazil this summer



Ryan Gosling Impostor Accepts ‘La La Land’ Trophy at Major German Awards Show

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- Two German comedians, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf tried to get a Goldene Kamera award for their TV show "Circus Halli Galli" through a rather unconventional method by setting up a fake PR agency and sending an e-mail to the organizers telling them that Ryan Gosling is in town for a commercial shoot and would drop by if he gets an award.

- The Goldene Kamera people agreed and the duo planned on sending a Ryan Gosling lookalike from Munich named Ludwig Lehner. Since he resembles Ryan but not that much, they made sure that he wouldn't walk the red carpet, give any interviews, sit in the front row, etc.

- On March 4th, they sent him and a fake entourage to Hamburg for the award show. The crew managed to get him in, he picked up the award, dedicated it to Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf, then he ran off and people in the audience (among them Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell) were extremely confused.

- In the aftermath, the ZDF (the broadcaster responsible for the Goldene Kamera) is now trying to get Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf to return the award to them. So far they haven't done it.

There are also two subbed, long videos from "Circus Halli Galli" I put under a cut where they explained and showed the weeks leading up to their prank, as well as what was going on backstage right before and after.

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ONTD, has anyone ever pranked you as badly as that?



naomi letterman

Katy Perry to be honored for LGBT rights advocacy work

Katy Perry is to be celebrated for her work on behalf of LGBT rights.

The Human Rights Campaign announced today that Katy will receive the group's National Equality award on March 18.

HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement: "We are thrilled to honor Katy Perry for using her powerful voice and international platform to speak out for LGBTQ equality... Her compelling advocacy, from the stage to the campaign trail, has had a profound effect on the lives of LGBTQ people—and, in particular, young people. Katy's message of inclusion and equality continues to inspire us and the world."

America Ferrera will be presented with the Ally for Equality Award by Lena Dunham.


Brie Larson addresses her reaction to Casey Affleck's win at the Oscars

  • Last month, during the Oscars ceremony, Brie Larson didn't clap after Cassey Affleck won the best actor category.

  • A lot of people interpreted her response as a silent protest in light of his sexual harassment allegations.

  • During a Vanity Fair interview while promoting her new movie Kong: Skull Island, Larson addressed her response and said that whatever it was that she did onstage kind of spoke for itself, and that she said all that she needs to say about that topic.

  • During an interview with Jane Fonda for Elle magazine, Larson mentioned that, having played two characters who were sexually abused, she has done a lot of work with victims of sexual abuse and we can't take any steps backward in allowing people to think abuse is their fault because that's the people-pleaser disease.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Nicole Kidman explains her strange clap at the Oscars

  • She was wearing multiple (borrowed) rings and didn't want to ruin them by clapping them against each other

  • She said: It was really awkward! I was like gosh, I want to clap, I don't want to not be clapping, which would be worse, right? It was really difficult because I had a huge ring on that was not my own, but it was absolutely gorgeous, and I was terrified of damaging it!

  • The ring she was most terrified of damaging was a 13.58 carrat Harry Winston ring


Ring post!


SVU: Ripped from the Headlines, but with a Trumped Up Twist!

The Good Fight, the CBS All Access show, will be ripped from the headlines this Sunday. And, for the first time ever, Law & Order: SVU will be the subject of those headlines. Remember how SVU did a Trump episode, and they released a promo for it? And then they rescheduled it? And then they rescheduled it again? And then they shelved it permanently?

Well, the writers for The Good Fight thought that was hilarious, so they wrote an entire episode about it. In their fictional version of events, the Faux SVU writer gets sued by Faux NBC for leaking the Trump episode online (like we all hoped the real SVU writers would).

In a further twist, Gary Cole (who played Faux Trump in the unaired SVU episode) will be guest starring in this SVU-themed episode of The Good Fight (as Diane's husband, of course). Also, the SVU episode was called "Unstoppable", while (according to imdb) this episode of The Good Fight will be called "Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate". lmaooooo

Lastly, an ONTD PSA:

Remember how I posted that promo about Barba's secret? For the episode airing on March 22? Well, you can forget it. The Barba episode will be delayed for a week (airing on March 29) and we'll get a different episode on the 22nd, instead. Click to see the new promo.

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This messy post was brought to you by the clusterfuck that is Season 18 of SVU.

twitter, ice-t's comments, imdb, youtube

WTF, I have no words for those Trump spoilers
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Anne Hathaway to star in The Lifeboat

  • Deniz Gamze Ergüven who directed Mustang and the upcoming movie about the L.A. riots, Kings is directing

  • Film is based on a book of the same name by Charlotte Rogan

  • Is a period piece about a woman who survives a shipwreck and then is tried in court for her actions at sea


Are you ready for the return of Anne Hathaway?

Ari tour

How Ariana Amassed 100 Million Insta Followers, Passing up TSwift and Your Faves

    -  According to Vanity Fair,  Ariana is now behind only Selena Gomez (?) for the most Insta followers, with almost 100 million, despite having less worldwide name recognition than Tswift, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Bieber and your fave.
    - They say it's because she sings better than the rest of them, posts a lot, keeps it real and has "recurring characters" (her friends and dogs)
    - Ari's Insta:

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What is your social media strategy, ONTD?
daniel mysterious
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The View talks to Mandy Moore and James Cameron

The View is Live from Disney World this whole week!

Today's hosts: Whoopi, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila

Today's HOT topics:
Mandy Moore talks about "This is Us" and "Tangled"
James Cameron talks about the new "Avatar" themed portion of Walt Disney World opening this ummer

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SOURCE: 1, 2, 3
mammary_glands bullies me!!!

American Idol's La'Porsha Renae says she chose to be straight after being gay for 2 years

Previously on ONTD: 1, 2

American Idol contestant La'Porsha Renae recently came under fire by a fan for being homophobic (see: the "previously on ontd" links), which led to the following string of tweets:

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sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
buffy halloween

Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin have broken up

- Met in 2012, on The Vampire Diaries set
- Started dating in summer 2013 before Paul's divorce from Torrey DeVitto was finalized
- They haven't been seen together since December, but he did go to Australia with her for Christmas
- "They are still good friends," a source tells E! News. "The relationship just ran its course."

There have been rumors they'd broken up since around New Year's, but this is the actual confirmation.


Quavo from Migos says he can't be homophobic because he has a song with Frank Ocean

  • Last month Quavo from Migos said that Makonnen being gay made him less ~hard of a rapper because he used to rap about trapping and selling molly and apparently gay people can't do that. Offset and Takeoff cosigned his remarks and said people supported Makonnen coming out because the world is ~fucked up and not right.

  • They issued a shitty "I'm sorry if you're offended" twitter apology and said that they wished Makonnen didn't have to hide his sexuality and that they love anyone whether they're gay or straight

  • Quavo addressed this again in a Billboard interview. He said, "If you real from the heart, you real from the heart. That ain't got nothing to do with no sex or gender. It's 2017, and we all living." However, he went on to add, "When Makonnen’s music came out I thought it was hard, so if he would’ve come out the same way... I got a record with Frank Ocean That closes my case."

Source: Twitter

Scarlett Johansson will never talk about her divorce, Romain Dauriac will fight for custody

Scarlett Johansson
“As a devoted mother and private person and with complete awareness that my daughter will one day be old enough to read the news about herself, I would only like to say that I will never, ever be commenting on the dissolution of my marriage.”
“Out of respect for my desires as a parent and out of respect for all working moms, it is with kindness that I ask other parties involved and the media to do the same. Thank you.”

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all mine

James Blunt reveals that story about Princess Beatrice cutting Ed Sheeran's face open was a lie

Random Interviewer: You were there when Ed Sheeran’s face was cut, allegedly by Princess Beatrice as she went to mock-knight you. What actually happened?

James Blunt:Ed was drunk, messing around, and he cut himself. We made a fancy story up; people fell for it. It was very embarrassing.

  • fka

Samantha Bee is sorry for offending man with stage 4 brain cancer after saying he has "Nazi hair"

During a segment on her show Full Frontal, Samantha Bee said a CPAC attendee has "Nazi hair."

The man from the segment, as well as his sister, both tweeted at Samantha to let her know that his haircut is a result of the chemotherapy he had undergone for his stage 4 brain cancer.

Samantha responded, saying she is sorry for offending him and that she has removed him from the segment.

Full Frontal's executive producer Jo Miller said that the show reached out to the man and that they would donate money to his cancer treatment.

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Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan Collab Coming, Mendes Stans Gaga

Shawn Mendes has been seen with Niall Horan in the studio lately.

Mendes recently told Access Hollywood during the iHateRadio Music Awards red carpet that him and Niall have been working on a song as well as "hanging out a bunch, he's really sweet."

When asked about Gaga replacing Beyonce @ Coachella, Mendes replied "She's going to kill it. Lady Gaga is amazing and was amazing at the Superbowl too, yaas queen."


they look very... cozy

Mini Riverdale Round Up + Viewing Post

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Episode 7 premiere tonight. Riverdale will be on a three week break and will return on March 30, 2017. Hopefully this will be posted by 9pm.

Sources : 1,2,3


Trailer for Buster's Mal Heart starring Rami Malek

The film follows a mountain man(Emmy Award Winner RAMI MALEK) on the run from authorities who survives the winter by breaking into empty vacation homes. He's haunted by a recurring dream of being lost at sea only to discover that the dream is real: He is one man in two bodies.

ontd are you ready for Rami to snatch up all those meaty leading man parts?
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Patricia Clarkson Lands Role in HBO's 'Sharp Objects'!!!

Clarkson will play Adora Crelin, the mother of Camille Preaker, a reporter returning to her hometown to cover the murders of two little girls.

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OMMMMGGG it seemed only Amy Adams was attached to this project. Gillian Flynn is also writing some of the episodes so I have a lot of faith in this!

Nicki Minaj Attempts A Clapback w/ "No Frauds" feat. Drake and Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj finally released a diss track titled "No Frauds" after Remy Ma bodied her with "Shether" last month.

It was wack, don't bother listening to it tbh. It is an autotuned mess.


Disney's live-action Aladdin searching for Middle Eastern youngsters to star

Set to be directed by ‘Snatch’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’s Guy Ritchie, the remake is on the look-out for two actors aged 18-25 to play lead pair Aladdin and Jasmine.

Shared on Twitter, the casting call states that the leads must be able to sing and if they have dance experience that would certainly be a plus.


Kristen Stewart Comes Out As Bisexual!

kstew shaved head

Kristen Stewart has publicly come out as bisexual in a new interview in The Guardian! Kristen says,

“You’re not confused if you’re bisexual. It’s not confusing at all. For me, it’s quite the opposite.

On being an LGBTQ icon and sexual fluidity:

"[It's] been nothing but positive. I mean, it’s hard to talk about. I don’t want to seem presumptuous, because everyone has their own experience. The whole issue of sexuality is so grey. I’m just trying to acknowledge that fluidity, that greyness, which has always existed. But maybe only now are we allowed to start talking about it.”

On prejudice against LGBTQ people:

“...Things are changing. I mean, I don’t think I would have approached my life differently if that hadn’t been the case...But all the prejudice; it’s going for sure. I mean, yeah, it’s definitely still there. People still have some horrendous fucking experiences. But it’s cool that you don’t have to nail everything down any more. That whole certainty about whether you’re straight or gay or whatever.”

kstew gif

I am shooketh!

TV - ANTM Kyle

Who WON ANTM Cycle 23?

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omggggg I'm such a flop y'all should never rely on me to make results posts again lmao [Spoiler (click to open)]BUT I'M SO HAPPY THAT PREVIOUS SPOILER ABOUT CORYANNE WINNING WAS WRONG, YAAAAAAAAS INDIA!!!!

'Most Hated Woman in America' Trailer

A true-crime biopic about the disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, founder of the "American Atheists" and pioneering firebrand in the political culture war, The Most Hated Woman in America captures the rise and fall of a complex character who was a controversial villain to some and an unlikely hero to others.

The film stars Academy Award® winner Melissa Leo, Josh Lucas, Adam Scott, Vincent Kartheiser and Juno Temple, and was directed by Tommy O’Haver from a script by O’Haver and Irene Turner.

Scandal 6x06 Promo "Extinction"

Rowan is caught by surprise when someone from his past resurfaces, and Olivia has to make a life-changing decision about the campaign. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal exactly what happened the night of Francisco Vargas’ assassination, on “Scandal,” airing Thursday, March 16th on ABC.

Source - 1
This felt like a boring ep but OMG the end was super tense.