March 7th, 2017

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Are Skrillex & Fifth Harmony Collaborating?

Ally, Lauren & Normani were seen at a studio with the 8 times Grammy winner producer/writer Skrillex. A bop is 200% guaranteed

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they're coming... THEY'RE COMING!!!

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Justin Hartley Is Upset He Hasn't Bared It All On 'This Is Us'

Discussing his 'This is Us' co-star Milo Ventimiglia's nude scene, guest co-host Justin Hartley reveals his disappointment with not having a nude scene of his own. Aisha Tyler says, "One of your co-stars on the show Milo Ventimiglia, the producers got him to brave his bottom, show everybody, drop his pants, in the first episode of the show... Has anything like that come up for you?" Justin Hartley responds, "You know, the thing about it is... No! I'm a little upset about it. And I get offended." Sara Gilbert laughs, saying, "It's coming for you!"

butt post, anyone?

eugenia volodina

Emma Watson tweets interview where she spoke on Beyoncé after she is attacked for criticizing her

After the Beyhive came for her for allegedly criticizing Bey's feminism (which is apparently sacrosanct though true Emma is in no position to criticize Beyonce's capitalist feminism) Emma Watson tweeted the part of her 2014 interview where she mentioned her, bolding her words to emphasise that she was speaking unambiguously positively of her.

rita ora's close friend behind simon cowell house robbery

- the criminal , darren february, who robbed simon cowell is a close friend of rita ora sources claim. ora also dated the criminal's brother, who is also in jail for armed robbery
- it emerged he was already behind bars for the hit-and-run killing of a biker
- darren was jailed last week for stealing jewels worth £950,000 from cowell's home - he, his wife lauren and their baby eric were asleep
- the two grew up on foreland house estate in north kensington, west london, a few buildings away from each other
- the pop icon has denied claims she is friends with darren


Little Mix talk about Louis Tomlinson's arrest

  • Perrie said that Louis is a really nice guy and all he was doing was protecting his girlfriend like any guy would do.

  • She was followed once by three cars to her house, and when she called the police their excuse was that, because she's a celebrity, they're allowed to follow her to her door, even though she doesn't want to be followed home by weird men.

  • Jade said that they like interacting with fans and they try to treat them like their friends.

  • Jesy thinks that it's easier to be in a group because there's always somebody there supporting you, and as a solo artist it's a lot scarier because if someone is invading your privacy you've got to try to protect yourself.

  • Perrie said that they don't like reading articles about themselves.

  • Jesy said that they write their music to make people feel positive and better about themselves, and if they write a song and it only touches one person and saves their life, that is the most incredible thing ever.

  • They're going to start working on their fifth album in September and October, which is when they will have some time off because they're going to be touring most of the year.

  • source / source

    ONTD, how do you feel about paparazzi? I honestly feel that their work isn't necessary.

    lauren jauregui mistaken for camila cabello at iheartradio music award

    Photographer at the #iHeartAwards red carpet yelled "Closer Camila!" Honest mistake or shameless trolling? 😒🤔

    — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) March 6, 2017

    while at the red carptet, photographers were calling out camila's name even though she isn't there. no one knows the other four members of fifth harmony.

    daniel mysterious
    • dbil

    The View talks about Ben Carson's slaves were "immigrants" comments

    The View is Live from Disney World this whole week!

    Today's hosts: Whoopi, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila

    Today's HOT topics:
    Ben Carson's comment about slaves were "immigrants"
    What lies did you believe as a did?
    Joy Behar takes the Star Tours and learns about Star Wars
    Ariel Winter from Modern Family talks about empowering women and teaching kids to be "good people"
    Sherri Shepherd (former View co-host) talks about moving to L.A. and being single

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    all mine

    Russell Wilson & Ciara pose nearly nude for Harpers

    Multi-aluminum selling Crunk recording artist Ciara Princess Harris & family pose for Harper's Bazaar latest issue.


    y'all couldn't do a normal sears family portrait

    Nicki Minaj' Ex Safaree Talks Remy Ma Feud

    He was on Wendy to talk about that feud that went down recently.

    • Says its crazy he's caught up in the feud & he wasn't aware of it at first

    • He was involved in her last album fully until 2 months before release

    • Is asked if Nicki is not a nice person behind the scenes, skirts the question and says he won't try to knock her down they spent many years together blah blah

    • Says that Nicki's people were trying to stop him from coming to Wendy's show and doing an interview

    • Says to the camera,  "Do what's right, you know what I did" to Nicki

    George Costanza

    Tyga Loses Another Lawsuit

    -Back in 2015 Tyga signed a contracted with Z entertainment to perform in Las Vegas. Contract stipulated that Tyga couldn't perform at other clubs that weren't promoted by Z entertainment during the time frame set by the contract
    -Tyga didn't follow the contract and performed at other clubs as well as flaked out when it came to performing at a Z entertainment-promoted club
    -Promoter sued Tyga for around $65,000
    -Tyga never showed up for the court date and lost
    -Tyga now needs to make another withdrawal from the bank of Kylie


    Gringos from 'How to Get Away With Murder' stopped from boarding flight to Brazil

    - HTGAWM actors Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee and Matt McGorry had planned to spend Carnaval together in Brazil. American citizens who want to #cometobrazil, however, need a visa. Gringos Jack and Matt did not realize this until they tried to check in at the airport and were denied.

    - Alfred, whose mother is Brazilian, boarded the flight with no problem and had the time of his life at the Carnaval in Rio

    - Jack and Matt instead booked a flight to Costa Rica

    sources 1 2

    ONTD, have you ever failed to research whether the country you were travelling to demanded a visa?
    [misc] shannyn shades

    Ryan Gosling Post: New Film Release Date, Another Film, Celebrates Eva's Birthday

    • Ryan Gosling’s holy mother of Oscar bait films, the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, is announced for release on Oct. 12, 2018. It will be directed by La La Land and Whiplash's Damien Chazelle. Miles Teller remains bothered.

    • Gosling is almost certainly going to be nominated for an Oscar and will probably win.

    • The story will focus on Armstrong's path to the moon, spanning several years in the 60s.

    • Gosling will produce and star in the film adaptation of Jeff Lemire's graphic novel The Underwater Welder. Ken Kao will also produce.

    • The story is about an underwater welder, a father-to-be, who encounters supernatural forces under the sea.

    • You know it's going to be weird as shit.

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    i can't

    Normani Kordei X Rolling Out Magazine: Singer dishes on Fifth Harmony, their upcoming era and DWTS

    "[ ... ] I feel like we haven’t actually reached our full potential yet. I feel like in this year, it’s definitely going to happen."

    - Is it difficult to have personal goals only to then have to shift that focus to accommodate other people?
    I would definitely say that being in a group was an adjustment. We auditioned for “X Factor” as solo artists, meaning we had the mentality of pursuing a career individually. But ever since I was little, I looked up to Destiny’s Child so much; I looked up to the Spice Girls and En Vogue. A piece of me wanted to be in a girl group … I think that it’s taught me to learn people, and just be respectful …

    - How’s the creative dynamic in the group and what can we expect music wise, now that the writing is coming from a perspective of four?
    The dynamic of the group is still strong, we have seen each other at our highest points and our lowest. … You will definitely get a new sense of who we are, and that is stepping into womanhood.
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    + DWTS rehearsals with Val Chmerkovskiy
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    Day Two

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    name a more iconic duo... I'll wait.

    sources: rollingout x dwts1 x dwts2 x dwts3

    Celebs react to GOP Rep. who said the poor should stop buying iPhones so they can buy healthcare

    In case you haven't heard, House Republicans have finally unveiled their plan to replace Obamacare! Unspoiler alert: it drastically cuts subsidies for lower income people and slashes Medicaid while allowing insurance companies to jack up premiums. So Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah, chair of the House Oversight Committee, the guy who refuses to investigate Trump's Russian links) went on CNN with his modern take on "let them eat cake!":

    All around great human being Patton Oswalt went off!

    Due to popular approval I'm bringing this tweet out of the cut. Legendary Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings has the answer: WWJD?

    Author Roxane Gay did the math:

    Collapse )Many sources: CNN, Oswalt 1, Oswalt 2, Gay, Bush, Jeopardy Champ, Richter, Kumail, Zuker 1, Zuker 2, Sarah, Chloe

    Funny Or Die's 'Get Out (Of The White House)' + Jordan Peele Has More Horror Movies Planned Out

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    SOURCE 1-2

    Are you ready for Jordan Peele's next movies, ONTD? Which social demons do you think he will tackle on? Would you ever visit the Trumps? TYFYA!

    The O.A.'s Brit Marling Covers Interview Magazine

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    SOURCE 1-2

    Do you believe in fantasy and speculative sci-fi, ONTD? How many cats and turtles do you own? What writers you stan for? TYFYA!

    Emma Watson talks her beauty routine

    Emma was featured in Into The Gloss' Top Shelf series. Here are some highlights from her interview:
    - tries to use completely sustainable and organic products
    - finds out about new products on instagram
    - insisted on having her freckles show in Beauty and the Beast
    - wears red lipstick on important days, like her graduation and the Women's March
    - takes a bath every single day. sometimes 2 or 3
    - puts oil on her pubes

    source | image
    happy emma watson week, ontd

    A Gender swap "Overboard" remake is happening with Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez

    The Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell comedy about a girl who loses her memory by falling off a yacht and the carpenter that falls in love with her,is getting the remake gender swap treatment with Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez. This time Eugenio will play a rich Mexican playboy who loses his memory, and Anna will be the girl that tricks him into thinking they are married.


    A Malfoy goes where no Malfoy has gone before: Star Trek!

    -He'll be playing Captain Lorca but won't be the lead
    -As previously reported Sonequa Martin-Green is playing Lieutenant Commander Rainsford who will be the focal character

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    On S3 of Voyager for my first rewatch of the series

    Fifth Harmony Sleeping at the Studio Working Hard on #5H3

    Normani posted this video of Dinah & Lauren sleeping on the floor in the studio on her Instagram story

    + Fashion influencer Farren FUCCI, who recently worked with Rihanna on her lastest cover for PAPER magazine, wants to collaborate with the girls of Fifth Harmony
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    hardest young women wordking in the music industry right now.
    sisters, hold your wigs and get ready for #5H3 era

    sources: popcrave x farren x fucci
    mammary_glands bullies me!!!

    ClexaCon convention round-up

    * There were 2,200 attendees at last weekend's ClexaCon, a Las Vegas convention meant to celebrate LGBTQ women in the media.

    * Actors who attended included Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi, Jasika Nicole, Ali Liebert, Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, Aasha Davis, Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgraves, Michelle Krusiec, Lynn Chen, Natasha Negovanlis, and Elise Bauman. Sara Ramirez also made a random appearance by attending as a regular guest:

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    and some rando fan tweet to cap off the post:


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    this post is dedicated to lyricalharmony

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    'Crazy Rich Asians' Adds Michelle Yeoh

    Yeoh will play Eleanor Young, Nick's controlling mother who disapproves of Rachel (Constance Wu).

    Jon M. Chu is directing the adaptation of Kevin Kwan's New York Times best-selling novel.
    The film centers on the lives of wealthy Chinese families living in Singapore.


    Can't go to Coachella? Music Festivals in Mexico

    If you can't make it to Coachella this year,or you're backing up because Bey can't make it, here are other music festivals in Mexico that you can go to (if you have a passport!)

    On April 1st Ceremonia will take place in Mexico city with headliners Björk,M.I.A, James Blake, Underworld, Beach House and more.

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    Are you traveling to see your favorite bands ONTD?

    [FS] red lips

    Legends of Tomorrow 2x14 "Moonshot" promo

    HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM — When the Legends track Commander Steel (guest star Matthew MacCaull) to NASA Headquarters in 1970, they learn where Nate’s (Nick Zano) grandfather hid the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny. The team notices a time aberration during the Apollo 13 mission and believes that the Legion of Doom might be involved. As the Legends journey into space to intercept Apollo 13, the Waverider suffers massive internal damage and Ray’s (Brandon Routh) life is left in jeopardy when he is stranded on the moon. Meanwhile, tension grows between Rip (Arthur Darvill) and Sara (Caity Lotz) as to who is the leader of the team. Victor Garber, Franz Drameh, Maisie Richarson-Sellers and Dominic Purcell also star. Kevin Mock directed the episode written by Grainne Godfree (#214). Original airdate 3/14/2017.

    source / source

    Celebrities At The Louis Vuitton Fall Show To Look At Another Season Of Fugly LV Clothes

    French actress Adele Exarchopoulos (L), British actress Sophie Turner (3rdL), French actress Isabelle Huppert (C), US actress Michelle Williams (3rdR), French actress Catherine Deneuve (2ndR) and US actress Jennifer Connelly (R) attend the Louis Vuitton women's Fall-Winter ready-to-wear collection fashion show in Paris on March 7, 2017

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    Filming for part two of 'IT' to begin later this month

    While the remake of Stephen King's IT won't be releasing until this fall production for part two is set to begin later this month.

    For those of you that abandoned the project after Cary Fukunaga stepped down here's a brief update. Part One is only telling the story of The Losers' Club. The adult counterparts of the characters are not going to appear in this film at all. Part One remains a period piece, however, it now takes place in the 1980s instead of the 1950s since Part Two will be taking place in modern day.

    While no casting information has been officially revealed as far as who will be playing the adult versions of The Losers' Club filming is allegedly set to begin as early as March 17 in and around the Toronto area. The production is allegedly shooting under the the fake name Accordion.

    The producers have supposedly gained confidence in the project after reception from early screenings of Part One went well. Stephen King even sat in on a screening and gave it his seal of approval.

    Source 1 and 2
    While the adult portion is the weaker part of the story I'm curious to see who they cast. I hope this is still filming next time I'm in Toronto.
    Joan Smalls, Yoncé

    The Night Manager might get a second season

    • The Night Manager AKA the miniseries for which Tom Hiddleston won a Golden Globe and then gave that awkward speech about how he's the reason doctors in Sudan get up in the morning, might be getting a second series

    • Director Susanne Bier expressed interest and said scripts are being developed: We all very much want to do a Season 2, but the thing we absolutely do not want is to do something that does not live up to the level of Season 1. That would be a really bad idea.

    • The first season was based on the book of the same name by John le Carré. No word yet on who would return.