March 6th, 2017


DAY6 - How Can I Say

How Can I Say (어떻게 말해) is DAY6's March Every DAY6 Digital Single:

For those of you who aren't keeping tabs on them, DAY6 is a JYP Entertainment group that will release a monthly digital single every month of 2017. Here are their previous releases (After the cut):

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Sources: How Can I Say, I Wait, You Were Beautiful, Congratulations
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15 (5) Stars and the iconic movies that made them cringe

Many great actresses and actors such as Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford, Cary Grant, Jane Fonda and others have made some incredible movies where played some iconic characters. The following list which consist of 15 (5 below with the other 10 @ the 1st source) actors not so thrilled with their iconic characters.

Kate Winslet in Titanic
The Titanic star says of her performance (which she received a Academy Award nomination) after seeing a 3D version in 2013: "Every single scene, I'm like 'Really, really? You did it like that? Oh my God.' Even my American accent, I can't listen to it. It's awful. Hopefully, it's so much better now. It sounds terribly self-indulgent, but actors do tend to be very self-critical. I have a hard time watching any of my performances, but watching 'Titanic' I was just like 'Oh God, I want to do that again.'"

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Kenneth Lonergan defends Casey Affleck in Wesleyan University student newspaper

A student called Conner Aberle wrote an op-ed after Lonergan thanked Affleck in his winning speech for best original screenplay, for being complicit in the perpetration of sexual violence. Lonergan responded to Aberle's op ed saying that Aberle and The Argus (the name of the student newspaper) are complicit in slandering Casey Affleck. He calls the piece "such a tangle of illogic, misinformation and flat-out slander that only the author’s presumed youth can possibly excuse his deeply offensive display of ignorance, and warped PC-fueled sense of indignation". He reasserts that Casey Affleck is not guilty of the crime he was accused of. Lonergan goes on to claim that the sexual assault claim was merely mentioned in a civil lawsuit for breach of contract and that ultimately nothing was proved or disproved.

"Anyone can sue anyone for anything in this country; the unsubstantiated details go in the public record and stay there. Somebody as interested in actual as opposed to merely vocalized social justice as Mr Aberle presumably is, should unwind his tangled, immoral chain of reasoning and start over at the fundamental precept that an allegation is not an indictment" said Lonergan.

Ultimately Lonergan said that the piece was an example of the abuse of morals and reason that "those of us on the Left" like to imagine only exists on the Right.


ONTD, I have no idea about Casey's case.That is why I have not provided any links disproving Lonergan's claims. Does anyone have receipts disputing his narrative of Casey's innocence?

The best character of the entire Marvel Universe to appear in 'Inhumans'!!!

- Filming pics have revealed that Lockjaw, Blackbolt's giant teleporting dog will be featured in the show.
- Also, there's a first look at Blackbolt's costume.

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Katy Perry sexually assaults Shawn Mendes

-before flopping horribly & embarassing herself on stage katy hudson had no #mercy available on itunes and grabbed shawn mendes ass while he was being interviewed.

-chained to the rhythm is sinking to the bottom currently @ #14



Elementary 5x16 "Fidelity" Promo

Joan and Kitty try to prove that a string of murders, stemming from an old case Sherlock and Kitty solved in London, is connected to an international government conspiracy with the Defense Intelligence Agency Flynn? at its center. Also, Sherlock and Kitty's relationship is strained after she shares life-changing news, on the conclusion of a two-part Elementary.

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pitbull’s ‘fast and furious’ camila cabello collaboration originally featured britney spears


- pitbull’s "hey ma" originally featured romeo santos and britney spears
- “at first, it was me and romeo santos, britney spears was on the record. the fast and furious team ends up loving the record. and they brought on board j balvin and camila cabello. so, it’s been an interesting journey.” pitbull says to
- pitbull didn’t explain the logic behind the switch
- “you never know, there might be a remix with romeo and britney in the future. although for now, britney was fine with the last-minute change. she was a great sport, she’s been in the business for years. she said, ‘don’t even worry about that. we’ll use it for the remix, or we’ll do another record together.’”

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The View talks about 45's claims about Obama wiretapping him

The View is Live from Disney World this whole week!

Today's hosts: Whoopi, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Jedediah Bila

Today's HOT topics:
45 claims that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama
George W. Bush and Michelle Obama friendship
John Stamos talks about his love for Disney Land / Disney World
Whoopi surprises guests at Disney World
Where's your happy place?
Andy Grammer on writing "Fresh Eyes"

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Thanks to Megan Trainer's flop ass Epic Records might be shutting down

-“Epic is worth nothing now. They poured tens of millions of dollars into the label with no results.”

-Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer may even close Epic altogether.

-Epic Records CEO LA Reid and Epic’s president Sylvia Rhone are expected to face tighter purse strings. Reid & Rhone took major L's with Meghan Trainor, Future, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled and A Tribe Called Quest in 2016.


best new artist grammy curse strikes again!
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LOGAN's Dafne Keen on bonding with Hugh Jackman during her audition and X-23's future

  • Dafne Keen is the daughter of British actor Will Keen and Spanish actress Maria Fernandez Ache, so she grew up following them around on tour and being on film sets all the time.

  • She's bilingual and trained in martial arts.

  • James Mangold, Logan's director, told Jackman and producer Simon Kinberg that she was "the one" since he saw the audition tape that she sent, but he was worried that they wouldn't get her.

  • During the screen taste with Hugh, they had to do a scene in which he grabbed her wrist, and every time he did her watch would start beeping, but she didn't want to say where the noise was coming from. When Hugh asked her if the beeping was coming from her watch and she said yes, they started laughing and everything felt very friendly. She said that both Jackman and Mangold made her feel relaxed and they had fun.

  • Keen was 11 years old during the shooting of the movie, and she was described as a freak of nature, a supernatural child, and physically sharp as a tack by Kinberg and Mangold. She said that all the wire stuff in the stunts was great, but most of all she liked being a wild animal.

  • Kinberg thinks that Keen's future directors should trust her instincts because she has great ones, and they should also watch her because she does small, nuanced things that most child actors don't do.

  • Keen loves to sing, has an affinity for comedy and says that she gravitates toward any interesting characters. She really loves old musicals and would like to do one.

  • Mangold said that he's entertained by the idea of an X-23 spinoff, and Keen would love to keep playing her.

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    Robert Osborne has passed away at 84 :(

    Film historian Robert Osborne, the effervescent primetime host of Turner Classic Movies since the cabler’s inception in 1994, has died. He was 84.

    TCM’s general manager Jennifer Dorian released a statement saying, “All of us at Turner Classic Movies are deeply saddened by the death of Robert Osborne. Robert was a beloved member of the Turner family for more than 23 years. He joined us as an expert on classic film and grew to be our cherished colleague and esteemed ambassador for TCM. Robert was embraced by devoted fans who saw him as a trusted expert and friend. His calming presence, gentlemanly style, encyclopedic knowledge of film history, fervent support for film preservation and highly personal interviewing style all combined to make him a truly world-class host. Robert’s contributions were fundamental in shaping TCM into what it is today and we owe him a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time.”

    What a massive bummer. His respect, passion for and knowledge of cinema was unparalleled. I always wanted to meet him.

    More at the Source
    Piper and Leo

    Margot Robbie cast in "Marian"

    After Robin Hood's death, Marian picks up his cause and heads into a pivotal war that that decides the fate of a kingdom. She becomes a legend herself in the process.

    f: olivia curls
    • spoil

    Chained to the Rhythm falls out of the top 10, Lorde debuts at #100

    Despite the performances and crazy promotion, Chained to the Rhythm has now fallen out of the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's peak position was at #4! It's current position on iTunes is #8.

    With only a half a day of sales, Lorde's Green Light debuts at #100 on Billboard and will more than likely rise by next week.

    Ed remains at #1 with Shape of You, Bad and Boujee at #2, I Don't Wanna Live Forever at #3, That's What I Like by Bruno Mars at #4, and The Chainsmokers at #5! The Chainsmokers also now have 3 songs within the top 10 on Billboard (unfortunately).

    ONTD do you think Katy can turn it around this era?

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    ‘Flip or Flop’ Host Reveals Second Cancer Diagnosis, Says Illness Contributed to Split

    -Two months after his thyroid cancer diagnosis, he learned he also had testicular cancer. He and his cohost and wife, Christina, decided to keep the second diagnosis private. However, the demands of the show and his treatment took a toll on their relationship. The couple announced their separation last December.

    -Christina meanwhile is dating their contractor Gary Anderson

    source= &

    bring back candice olsen.

    Shirley MacLaine Can't Keep Her Hands Off of Amanda Seyfried's Baby Bump


    • Source points out that there's many pics of the 'The Last Word' premiere showing Shirley MacLaine's fondness for Amanda Seyfried and her baby bump.

    • It's also noted that despite of being a Wednesday, Amanda didn't wear pink.

    • Shirley also gave her opinion about Amanda's relationship with her fiancé Thomas Sadoski, who also stars in the movie: "I was very impressed with their maturity and their... being aligned. The baby is blessed."

    • The film's director, Mark Pellington, also shared how the couple acted on set: "This natural, real chemistry emerged on camera. It was like, boy, there’s something there — more than playing their roles. It was like, she seems really into him. And he seems really into her."


    Can you keep your hands out of pregnant women's bellies, ONTD? Ever tricked your co-workers into thinking your relationship only started after you and bae broke up with your respective partners when you were both actually cheating the whole time? TYFYA!

    'Fargo's New Teaser Gives Us a Glimpse of Season 3's Main Characters

    • The (mostly) silent new teaser of 'Fargo's third season give us a glimpse of Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and one of Ewan McGregor's characters (the later is playing twins).

    • Carrie is seen in police uniform while Ewan McGregor sports a receding hairline and a beer belly. Not sure @ what MEW is wearing tbh.


    Are you ready for the return of the best show on TV (except for maybe 'The Americans'), ONTD? TYFYA!
    ∘ aiki

    Toro y Moi thinks "we're all a lil racist" and "mixed race ppl have a better view on the world"

    Toro y Moi, or Chaz Bundick, is an American artist and producer known for his association with the chillwave movement. His recent tweets have brought confusion to many.

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    rubbing face, Body Moves

    David Letterman blasts #45 in New York magazine interview

    Letterman discussed a wide range of topics, concerning the current DIG and his administration:

    On Trump’s outrageous statements: “I’m tired of people being bewildered about everything he says: ‘I can’t believe he said that.’ We gotta stop that and instead figure out ways to protect ourselves from him. We know he’s crazy. We gotta take care of ourselves here now.”

    Trump's disrespectful tweets directed to Congressman John Lewis: "So he announces he’s boycotting the inauguration. Trump hops on his Twitter device and describes John Lewis as just another all-talk, no-action congressman, so sad." "Holy God. First of all, because I’m always thinking about myself, I think, 'I was about John Lewis' age when he marched acrosee The Edmund Pettus bridge. Would I have had the guts to do that?' The all-talk John Lewis goes down there and gets a goddamned skull fracture. I mean, Trumpy will never have to worry about a skull fracture because of the hair. Thank you! How do you know if Donald Trump is lying? His lips are moving. Thank you! But in addition to every other thing that’s wrong with the Trump, he’s ignorant in a way that’s insulting to the office, insulting to America, insulting to human rights, insulting to civil rights, insulting to John Lewis. Trump saying that broke my heart. I thought, 'You stupid son of a bitch. You ought to have know better than that'."

    On Jimmy Fallon's inteview with Trump: "Jimmy got a fantastic viral clip out of that.......I don't want to criticize him but I can only tell you what I would have done: I would have gone to work on Trump"

    The need to start to ignore Trump's tweets: "We don’t need more confirmation that there’s something wrong with Donald Trump. Let’s instead find ways to rebuild what is rational. And the Democrats, goddamn it, get a little backbone, get a little spine."

    SOURCES: 1 2

    Prince Jackson talks to GMA's Robin Roberts about his charity

    Prince Jackson sat down with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America this morning to promote about his charity, Heal LA, which he co-founded on his college campus (LMU) to combat child abuse, homelessness & hunger in Los Angeles. Heal LA is partnering with A Sense of Home, an organization which aids foster children who have aged out of the system. He also talks about his production company & his dad

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    Chance the Rapper Donates $1,000,000 to Chicago Public Schools

    - Chance met last week with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (Republican) who Chance said gave only vague answers about funding for CPS schools which are underfunded compared to many other schools in the state & are in danger of not having enough money to finish the school year, and thus having to end school 13 days early.

    - During his press conference this afternoon, the Chicago rapper announced that he was donating $1 million to CPS. He also stated that for every $100,000 raised (including the million he donated), Chance's social work non-profit will match with another $10,000.

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    The Bachelor: The end is mercifully close

    Tonight we have the last hour of boom-boom room dates and two hours of the women telling all. Expect to hear from 6 women, while the rest just fill seats.

    ONTD Bachelor Fantasy League Standings:

    1) Katibutlerr13 800
    2) itstenni 770
    2) Perdley 770

    Group p/w ontd


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    #5H3 Is Coming: Fifth Harmony Team Meeting

    dinalapolt BAM! The Fifth Harmony A-team! #goteam #fifthharmony #nostoppingus💯

    The Fifth Harmony gals had a meeting with their team recently. Looks like #5H3 lead single might come sooner than expected. The photo includes their manager (Maverick's Tara Beikae), head manager (Maverick's Larry Rudolph), lawyer (icon and one of the few good people in the industry Dina Lapolt, who managed to snatch "Fifth Harmony" trademark from Syco to the girls), Maverick's manager (Dan Dymtrow, who used to manage T. Swift before he sued her over contract dispute), music lawyer (Jessie Winkler), head of Ally's management team Cranberry Mgmt (Jeffery David) and more.

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    all those recent meetings, their lawyer telling the fans that exciting news are coming... they are cooking us something and I'm ready

    source: meeting x chrisinsta x melissainsta

    First Description of 'Wonder Woman' Footage

    Several movie websites visited the "Wonder Woman" editing room recently and were shown 15 minutes of footage. Here's a brief description of some of the scenes they were shown.

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    Panthers p

    Connie Britton celebrates her 50th in Austin with Sophia Bush and Taylor Kitsch

    Connie Britton turns 50-years-old today and celebrated in Austin over the weekend with friends and family, including her former Friday Night Lights co-star Taylor Kitsch and good friend Sophia Bush.The former Nashville star has just signed on to a Netflix project,"The Land of Steady Habits", alongside Ben Mendelsohn and Edie Falco.

    Source Source
    Sabrina H31

    Lisa Kudrow reveals that a Friends guest star told her, "Now you're f---able"

    - While on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Lisa was asked a question by a fan 'who had the worst behavior as a guest?'
    - "The worst behavior just off the top of my head? I rehearsed without makeup most of the week and then on show night I'm in hair and makeup and I was told, ‘Oh wow, now you're'—can I say it? ‘Now you're f--kable. That’s bad behavior, I’d say.”
    - The other guest Jennifer Beal asked did she retaliate and Lisa responded she told Matt LeBlanc, "He's like a big brother," she said
    - She did confirmed later it wasn't Charlie Sheen

    Friends fans, who do you think it was?

    Trailer for 'FIRE ISLAND', Logo's gay version of The Real World.

    - Logo revealed the trailer for 'Fire Island', the gay reality show to fill the Finding Prince Charming shaped hole in nobody's heart.
    - The guys share a house in 'Fire Island', the home of gay parties apparently...
    - It holds almost every kind of stereotypical gay category: a muscled model, a bear, a black guy, a slutty latino, a gay hipster, and a sassy gay guy with a 70's pornstache holding a poodle.
    - Gaysians remain as rare as unicorn's farts.


    ONTD, I'll watch this cause I hate myself, will you?

    Tom Hiddleston's Advice on How To Survive A Bar Fight


    Taylor's ex is making the rounds to save his image promote Kong: Skull Island, and he gave advice on how to survive a bar fight. In the movie he plays a rugged, daring adventurer, but he has more practical advice for the real world:

    "If you get into a bar fight, the best thing to do is to pretend you don't know what you're doing and run, get the hell out of there. That's what [the army guy he trained with] said. You don't want to get yourself in trouble."

    If someone were to start trouble and cut in front of him at the bar,

    "I'd say very politely, 'Excuse, I’ve been waiting X amount of time. Usually people are pretty good about that. That’s kind of social protocol. You don’t break that rule. People are like, 'Okay, you go ahead.'"

    Have you ever been in a fight?


    Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks to star in Pentagon Papers movie directed by Spielberg

    - Hanks will play Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee, and Meryl will play publisher Katharine Graham in The Post, a drama about the Post's involvement in the publication of the Pentagon Papers. Spielberg, who is also one of the producers alongside Amy Pascal, will direct. Everyone will win Oscars.

    - The Pentagon Papers were a 7,000 page report on the history of US involvement in Vietnam that was leaked to the New York Times and other papers in 1971 by military analyst Daniel Ellsberg, who had worked on the report while at the RAND Corporation and had previously tried and failed to get Senators to release the study on the Senate floor. After Nixon's AG obtained an injunction against the NYT to prevent them from publishing more, the Post obtained a copy and began publishing their own stories, opening the floodgates as more newspapers joined them. The government's attempt to block the Post from publishing was less successful, their case was joined to the Times', and a little over two weeks after the initial publication, the Supreme Court ruled in New York Times Co. v. United States that the government hadn't met the "heavy burden" justifying prior restraint on publication, and newspapers were able to publish stories on the classified material.

    - seems timely


    Tom Hiddleston: "Everyone is entitled to a private life"

    On Hiddleswift: "What should I regret, in your mind?" he shoots back, testily. Then: "I would rather not talk about this if that's alright."
    Then a long pause, with his hand on his chin. "I'm just thinking about this," he says after a pause. Then: "Everyone is entitled to a private life. I love what I do and I dedicate myself with absolute commitment to making great art and great entertainment and in my mind I don't conflict the two. My work is in the public sphere and I have a private life. And those two things are separate."

    On rocking ugly ass Gucci suits: "I am very lucky that there is an aspect of my job which requires promotion and so I most recently am lucky enough to work with Gucci, who have lent me clothes to wear on those occasions. So some of those clothes I get to keep, but a lot of them I give back, I can assure you."

    On being unemployed taking a break: "It’s really simple, I have been working very hard and been away from home for the last three or four years and I just needed to take a moment to catch up with myself," he says."I've been in London for the last four months and I'm just having a breather and catching up and spending time with my family and friends which has been really nice."

    More at the source

    Have you ever flaunted your relationship and your family for PR and then tried to exclude yourself from this narrative, ONTD? One that you have never asked to be part of?

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Photographed Together At Wedding

    meghan markle harry 2

    Photos of Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle surfaced today. The couple attended his friend's wedding in Jamaica, where they were photographed eating with a friend and walking together. There are rumours swirling that the pair are very serious and might be engaged soon, as Meghan is said to be living in London with Harry.

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    Do you think they'll get married?


    Arrest Warrant Issued to La Bruja Del Bloque, Azealia Banks

    Amerikkka's favorite bruja is a wanted woman. Azealia Banks is facing misdemeanor assault due to an incident in 2015 during which she punched and bit the tit of a security guard who denied her access to the VIP area at a Manhattan club. She failed to show up to her court hearing today and a judge issued an arrest warrant.

    La bruja could not be bothered to make her court appearance because she was too busy at Paris fashun week and thought her court appearance was on the 8th.

    The lawyer she probably can't afford released this statement:

    Azealia Banks mistakenly believed she had a court appearance on March 8 instead of March 6. She was in France for Fashion week due to meetings and other social gatherings and was not able to arrange her flight in time to appear today. She apologizes and will apologize in person to the Court for missing her scheduled hearing. In addition, she attempted to appear via a New York Attorney and through a close family member. Ms. Banks will go to the department to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Again, she apologizes for the inconvenience that may have caused the Department.


    maybe she lost her passport like lilo?

    Supergirl 2x16 Promo

    Supergirl 2x16 "Star-Crossed" Season 2 Episode 16 Promo - TERI HATCHER (“DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES,” “LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN”) AND KEVIN SORBO (“HERCULES”) GUEST STAR; DARREN CRISS (“GLEE”) MAKES HIS DEBUT AS THE MUSIC MEISTER – A new villain (guest star Teri Hatcher) comes to National City, putting Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) on high alert. Meanwhile, Winn’s (Jeremy Jordan) girlfriend, Lyra (guest star Tamzin Merchant), gets Winn in trouble with the law. Maggie (guest star Floriana Lima) attempts to help Winn but old loyalties get in the way. The Music Meister (Darren Criss) attacks Supergirl. John Medlen directed the episode written by Katie Rose Rogers & Jess Kardos (#216). Original airdate 3/20/2017.

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    Karrueche set to see Chris Brown in court for a permanent restraining order

    • Karrueche was granted an emergency restraining order against Chris because he has been threatening to shoot her

    • They were set to go to court 3 times so Chris could be served the restraining order, but Chris kept evading court

    • Chris has been claiming that she and anyone who says he's an abusive mess (ie the person from his entourage who leaked all the info to the Billboard expose) are liars

    • Karrueche is determined to prove he's a threat and give him an ultimatum: stay away from her for 3 years or go to jail

    • Apparently Karrueche is willing to testify under oath that Chris was just as violent towards her as he was towards Rihanna

    Source: Twitter
    • iigoru

    Tinashe dropping new single soon! Will play herself on "Empire", perform at the ANTM finale + more.

    After releasing her low in sales but critically acclaimed project Nightride, Tinashe is coming back(?) with a new single soon!
    The star of "Slumber Party" has been teasing us about new music and today she just started a radio tour to talk about her new song and introduce the DJs to it!

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    source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Stay tuned for the attempt #54637 at releasing Joyride!


    Luke Evans, Josh Gad & Alan Menken break out live version of 'Gaston' at BATB press conference

    During the LA press conference for 'Beauty and the Beast' last week, Luke Evans and Josh Gad joined Alan Menken for a live rendition of 'Gaston', right in front of the press.

    Enjoy the best part of this overall dreadful movie.