February 4th, 2017

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David Miliband speaks to Trevor Noah on the Daily Show about the refugee ban

Mods, I posted this because although short, it's a really good and heartfelt interview.

- David Miliband is the President and CEO of the IRC, an organisation that helps and resettles refugees around the world. UK people remember him as the former Foreign Secretary of the UK and No 1 Banana fan.
- David says that the ban is a propaganda gift for Al Qaeda and ISIS.
- Says that the human side of the story is getting lost amidst all the statistics out there.
- He brings on an Iraqi man who was affected by the ban. The audience claps and cheers them on.
- David notes that it's harder to get to the US as a refugee than any other route, even before / without the ban. He adds that not only is it right to welcome refugees, it's smart.
- You can visit www.rescue.org if you want to volunteer or donate.

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Mimi Leder to Direct Natalie Portman in Ginsburg Film, "On the Basis of Sex"


Mimi Leder has been hired by Natalie Portman to direct the RBG drama. Leder is perhaps best known for directing Deep Impact which was the highest grossing film directed by a woman until Twilight.

On the Basis of Sex will follow Ginsburg's early years at law school and her first big case. Portman is producing as well as starring as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The screenplay is by Daniel Stiepelman, who just so happens to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg's nephew.

This will be Leder's first feature film since 2009's Thick as Thieves which starred Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas. In between then and now, she has worked on The Leftovers and Shameless.


Little Mix on Trump visiting UK, the women's march+Theresa May

In interview 2nd of February,

-On whether they like Theresa May: "Of course! Bit of girl power there"
(not the first time they've mentioned like for Theresa May, in interview with the Guardian when asked Jade said “Yes, I enjoy her but I’m not sure about the kitten heels.”)

-On whether Donald Trump should be allowed to visit the UK (the matter is currently being debated in UK parliament): "We welcome all visitors."

-When asked if they marched in the Women's march + if it's a stance they agree with + want to take up: "No I think we do it through our music mostly, we have a lot of girl power anthems, you know about making women feel confident encouraging them to stand up"

Hate to make similar post 2 days in row but we need a new trump post. If the name isn't recognizing, Theresa May is the UK prime minister for the conservative party, the one responsible for the Go home or face arrest vans. Trump is heartless idiot who conned his way into presidency.

Atlanta police apologize for Beyoncé pregnancy tweet

After Bey's announcement Wednesday that she's pregnant, the Atlanta Police department department tweeted, "Beyoncé may have everyone wanting to celebrate her pregnancy, but remember no celebratory gunfire! Stay safe, Atlanta!"

Police spokesman Sgt. Warren Pickard said some people found it funny while others were offended.
Pickard said the decision was made to take the tweet down "because it doesn't focus on what we do every day as a public safety department." and that "We wanted to somehow add comedic relief to the things going on around the world, and we missed the mark,"
They have deleted the tweet and tweeted an apology.

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The Chainsmokers respond to being called "the Nickelback of EDM with Nickelback cover/mashup"

After being called the Nickelback of EDM,Tthe Chainsmokers responded by posting a video of them doing a brief acoustic mashup of their song "Paris" with Nickelbacks "How You Remind Me".
Nickelback then responded with an acoustic mashup of The Chainsmokers "Closer" + "How You Remind Me".

cute but I'd wish they'd just email each other these+ leave my ears out of it.
The Chainsmokers or Nickelback, pick 1 ONTD?
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Father John Misty performs acoustic version of new 13-minute song “Leaving LA”

He is due to release his 78-minute new album "Pure Comedy" April 7th, says this song “Leaving LA” took him 2 years to write; while writing it he stopped drinking, smoking + doing drugs. It’s a "self-deprecating look at hipster culture in Los Angeles".
Did you listen ONTD? What did it take for you to stop drugs?
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Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV checks into rehab

his message on instagram:

"so i guess now is the time for me to stop kidding myself, and everybody else. checking in now for a long-haul inpatient treatment... i've taken this road way past the point of sanity and fucked with way too many people. see you all on the other side, i love you forever, you know who yous are. thanks to bailey and ed and dani and will and amanda and my mom. sorry."

about damn time... the last part of his post is kinda eerily phrased tho. btw, he & Sky Ferreira are not together anymore, are they?

Ms Marvel becomes a protest Icon!

  • Kamala Khan, AKA Ms Marvel, was introduced in 2014 as the first ever Muslim superhero.

  • Ms Marvel is written by Muslim-American G. Willow Wilson.

  • This character was first used as a beacon against Islamophobia around two years ago, when was used to against a racist group in San Francisco.

  • Since the Muslim ban, Kamala has reemerged as an icon against the Orange neo-Nazi that America has as a president.

  • After the cut, some images from the Women's March
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    More at the SOURCE 1 2 3 4

    Other superheroes have been making the rounds against DTrumpfs. Post your favorites in your comments :D

    Mod, I removed the tumblr image and added some more from the women's march. Fixed the sources.

Eminem: "Trump's a Bitch," on Big Sean's No Favors

Em declares that Trump is a bitch and disses Ann Coulter in his featured verse from Big Sean's new track "No Favors."

His verse: “I’m anti, can’t no government handle a commando. Your man don’t want it, Trump’s a bitch! I’ll make his whole brand go under.”

Em showed his dislike for Trump previously by retweeting Michael Moore's movie, Trumpland back in November encouraging his fans to vote

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGzkg_GBG54

Claws Promo

Claws starring Niecy Nash. Set in a South Florida nail salon, the dramedy hails from executive producers Rashida Jones, Will McCormack and Janine Sherman Barrois

Hopefully this is good enough for Niecy Nash to get another Emmy. Karrueche Tran is driven and I like that she wants to be a serious actress. She could of easily got herself a spot on one of the Love & Hip Hop shows.

crazy ex-girlfriend showrunner comments on THAT FINALE

After the season two finale aired last night, Aline Brosh McKenna has been quoted in a number of interviews talking about the episode (which she wrote and directed) and what's next for season three.

[Spoilers for the finale, obviously]
On those flashbacks: "It stands to reason that somebody who engages in these obsessive-romantic behaviors has done so before. We wanted to show another instance in her life where she had engaged in extreme behavior and that this was a core wound and that she was still recovering from it."

On Josh's decision to join the priesthood: "I actually think the choice that he makes, in his own way, he's a bit of a coward, right? So it's a little bit of a...it's a path that he sees that in his mind is not hurting her, in the same way. [...] I think also like two percent of his mind figures: My parents will forgive me."

On Darryl and White Josh's future: "Darryl is, he's very much like Rebecca. He dreams and gets excited about things. [...] I think the second that Darryl heard that [White Josh doesn't believe in marriage], there was like a little cauldron started to boil in the back. So, we'll see."

On why Josh didn't open the envelope: "Because he realizes it’s not her fault, no matter what’s in there. And he knows it’s something bad. But that’s not what the problem is. The problem is his own issues."

On the direction for season 3: "The second season was, “We’ve slept together and you have to say that you love me.” Now we’re moving more towards what you think of when you think of the title, which is, “How do I get this person off of me?”

There is actually a lot I left out from the interviews so I definitely recommend reading the sources.

Sources: Source 1, Source 2.

Finale discussion post?
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Drag Race season 9 contestant Charlie Hides' racist past


- Rupaul's Drag Race season 9 contestant Charlie Hides (a white man) commonly performed in blackface as "Laquisha Jonz" which was "based on misogynistic stereotypes of Black working class women".
- Didn't stop performing as her until a petition was created and her act got canned
- Charlie Hides had this to say: "As a gender fluid immigrant this country, I was able to use Laquisha to express my feelings and experiences of being a fish out of water" "Laquisha's stand up comedy show is layered with subtext and nuance and positive messages. Never have I discussed race or racial politics. I've promoted peace and harmony and getting along with everyone."
- More info at Source 1

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Source 1 Source 2

Promo for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S12E06, Man Seeking Woman S03E06

The gang goes to a professional arbitrator to decide who's the rightful owner of a scratch off lottery ticket. While they're there they also try to clear up whether or not the events surrounding the scratcher prove that Frank is a hero or hate monger.

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Source. Source. Source. Source.

Thoughts on the latest episodes?

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Britney's Vegas show has now grossed more than $100 million

Living Legend you can look but dont touch! Britney's celebrated residency show 'Piece of Me' has now grossed $103.4 million, while also scoring an attendance of 710,000 through 197 shows. Unless it's renewed again, Britney's show will close this year so go see it while you can y'all!

Source: https://twitter.com/billboard/status/827718911563030528


Rob Stewart's body has been found :(

Rob Stewart was in Florida filming a follow-up movie to his 2006 documentary “Sharkwater” called “Sharkwater Extinction,”.

A dive team from the Key Largo Volunteer Fire Dept reportedly found Mr. Stewart at a depth of about 60 metres of water off the Florida Keys.

The body was found approximately 90 metres from where Mr. Stewart had vanished. After the announcement, the filmmaker’s sister, Alexandra Stewart, posted a note on her Facebook page: “Rob has been found, peacefully in the ocean. There are no words. We are so deeply grateful to everyone who helped search, and happy that Rob passed while doing what he loved. We are working on how best to honour his incredible work.”

“It’s likely that he passed out from the rebreather, and sank right where he was,” said Mr. Watson, a Canadian who was involved in the search for his friend. The depth and underwater visibility would have been a problem in the search.

He [Rob] devoted his career to warning the world about threats facing sharks, other ocean life and humanity in general. “Sharkwater,” which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, became an international hit and prompted people around the world to lobby their governments for bans on shark finning.

RIP :(

fuck the mcu

Trey Parker and Matt Stone say Trump is too hard to satirise, decide to "back off" Trump jokes

South Park creators have decided to put the pause button on political jokes, claiming that “[the government is] already going out and doing the comedy. It’s not something you can make fun of.” They also add that “It’s really tricky now as satire has become reality" and that it was difficult to keep up with the craziness that was going on.

Although the first episode of the last season achieved the highest ratings of any SP premiere in a decade, the reviews were mixed.



Neiman Marcus follows Nordstrom's lead and drops Ivanka Trump's merchandise

A spokesperson for Neiman Marcus said:

"Neiman Marcus has a very small Ivanka Trump precious jewelry business which is comprised 100 percent of consigned merchandise (merchandise owned by the vendor). Based on productivity we continuously assess whether our brands are carried in stores, on our website, or both."

-The Neiman Marcus website no longer has Ivanka Trump products. Other retailers, including Macy's, Zappos.com, Saks Fith Avenue and Bon-Ton, still carry the collection.


fixed source mods

me watching fascist barbie get knocked down a few pegs:
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haters will say its photoshop

Lady Gaga's SB Halftime show to feature hundreds of lit-up drones

CNN is reporting that the Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime performance will include "hundreds — yes, hundreds — of lit-up drones."

The use of the drones had to be cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration, as it has established a “No Drone Zone” in a 34.5 mile radius around the stadium starting today and ending on Midnight on Sunday.

Earlier in the week, observers caught glipse of drones flying over the stadium during rehearsals:

They are rumored to be using Intel's 500 Drone Light Show:

Source: 1 | 2 | 3
Harry - the Chosen One

Bloomsbury releasing Hogwarts House themed covers for 20th anniversary of first 'Harry Potter' book

UK publisher Bloomsbury's selling Hogwarts House themed covers for the 20th anniversary edition of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', out June 1, 2017. The hardcovers are stunning, while the paperbacks are ugly as sin.

Sources: https://twitter.com/KidsBloomsbury/status/827502196723953664
Pre-order: https://amzn.to/2kap1Kg
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Selma Blair Breaks Down in Tears After Driving Away From Gas Pump With Nozzle Still In Her Car

Ok. So my head is still pounding. I drove away from a gas pump with the nozzle still in. I was chastised for wearing fur but that was weird cause it was teddy bear fur. And then I paid for the broken pump so that was over a 500 dollar tank of gas . Felt awful for being so absent minded. Then I burst into tears in front of barista after ordering and made everyone uncomfortable. Still crying. And I ran out of dog food. And excedrin. Can I have someone say this will pass ? #waytogo #crapday #stillgrateful #makemelaughplease #timetoplaywithmylittleone

gas station horror stories ontd?

David Beckham's Hacked Emails Leak

A number of emails allegedly written by David Beckham have been hacked and released, and they ain't pretty.

* Annoyed that he hasn't been offered the honour of knighthood, despite already receiving an OBE
* Calls the honours committie a "bunch of c***s"
* Backed stay in the Scottish Independence referendum, because he thought it would boost his chances of receiving the knighthood offer
* Tax body HRMC had reportedly placed a flag on him, which may have affected his chances
* Was asked to attend a Spanish sports award ceremony last year and replied to the invite with "unless its a knighthood, f*** off"
* Demanded UNICEF cover business costs for a charity work trip
* Reluctant to contribute his own funds to UNICEF
* Mostly did charity work to help with his image

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source source source

does this count as a #DavidBeckhamIsOverParty?