February 3rd, 2017

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Sneak Peek of Grimes & Janelle Monae "Venus Fly" MV

If it doesn't work for you, it's on her instagram here.

On instagram she captioned the video:

"sometimes it feels futile to be making art in this cruel and extreme political climate, but some of the brightest moments of the last few months for me and for a lot of you, i suspect, have come from seeing @janellemonae 's amazing and positive vision of the future, especially when we are being introduced to so many possible dystopian futures. Thanks to for giving so much time, energy and creativity to this project 👁👁👁 as a director editor, creative director i also feel like is my strongest work, and i can't wait to share w y'all. thanks @tidal for being amazing patrons of the arts!! and @route_eleven !🤘🏻my amazing team! (i know i just used amazing twice but woke up and my mind is devoid of adjectives at this early hour)------------> forgot to add earlier #femthefuture"

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Harry Styles Celebrates His 23rd Birthday!

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Harry Styles celebrated his 23rd birthday at Cafe Habana in Malibu. His well-wishers included old people celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tommy Lee, and Adele.

Larries also had a meltdown when the love of his life Louis Tomlinson acknowledged Harry's birthday on Twitter. Notably, Harry didn't invite any of his ex-bandmates to the party though Niall, Liam, and Louis are all in L.A.

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Keke Palmer shuts Wendy Williams up on her own show

Keke Palmer appeared on Wendy's show and when Wendy asked her talk about the Trey Songz incident, Keke shut her up by saying that she didn't need to as Wendy already told everyone and and she didn't like how accusatory she was towards her (link to that video). Wendy is left stuttering.


Details about the Paul Thomas Anderson-Daniel Day Lewis fashion movie emerge

PTA and DDL along with the crew and some of the cast are shooting for it in Lythe, Whitby. Set pictures have emerged.

Very little is known about the storyline except that it is set against the backdrop of the fashion world of the fifties in London. According to the source, "the story illuminates the life behind the curtain of an uncompromising dressmaker commissioned by royalty and high society."

English actress Leslie Manville (favorite of director Mike Leigh) and German/Luxembourgian actress Vicky Krieps have joined the cast. Megan Ellison's Annapurna Productions is producing the movie and in exciting news, JONNY GREENWOOD will score it, like he has with PTA's three previous movies.

I'm here for it but I wish Paul would move away from white people and do a dark comedy with Maya...smh
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Frank Ocean's father is suing him for defamation

- his father filed a lawsuit for defamation
- he says that his son's claim that he used a gay slur cost him "financial opportunities"
- this refers to a post Frank Ocean made on his tumblr after the Orlando nightclub shooting
- he's suing for $14.5 million in damages

on an unrelated note, Blonde is still everything to me. best album of 2016, imo. <3

Marvel announces cast for its "Runaways" pilot

Gregg Sulkin (“Faking It,” “Don’t Hang Up,” “Anti Social”) as Chase Stein is a lacrosse-playing, high school heartthrob. While many write him off as a dumb jock, Chase exhibits flashes of untapped brilliance in engineering, not unlike his wildly successful father’s.

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Josh Thomas Announces Season 4 of 'Please Like Me' Was the Last

In a post on his official Facebook page, Josh Thomas announces to fans that Please Like Me has officially ended after the conclusion of Season 4. In an excerpt from his post, he says:

The other producers and I have decided that Season 4 of PLEASE LIKE ME is the last. We decided this because we are really happy with what we’ve made and feel like it is complete.

I want to thank everyone who has watched the show and sent me a friendly note. This show is so intensely personal, it recreates the most intimate moments of my life and lays them out for anyone to watch. Seeing how people have connected with this show has been tremendously confidence building for me and I’m really grateful for that. Thank you.


I'm gonna miss this show so much. =( Was one of my favourite gay shows ever. Loved the awkward charm and how it dealt with mental health issues. S4 had a few episodes that just made me bawl.
Tori Kelly (Tiara)

Spanglish cover of Selena's "Si Una Vez" - Play-N-Skills ft. Becky G, Frankie J and Kap G

Play-N-Skills teams up with Frankie J, Becky G and Kap G for the Spanglish version of "Si Una Vez" from the incredible Selena Quintanilla.

The full spanish cover was released last December with Play-N-Skillz ft. Wisin, Frankie J, Leslie Grace. You can view the video here.


Not sure how I feel about this. Si Una Vez is a CLASSIC. ONTD, what do you think about this version?
Movies - IT

"It" Producer Shares Pictures of the Loser's Club Cast on Set

Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Are you excited? Now that I've finally finished the book (itsbeen84years.gif) I feel like I can talk about the new adaptation lol. idk how I feel about Richie's and Bill's casting tbh but I guess we'll have to see.

iamamiwhoami co-creator Claes Björklund/Barbelle (@_brbl_) releases Never Too Much

Barbelle is the solo project of Swedish multi-instrumental musician, producer and songwriter Claes Björklund, known to most for being the musical producer working from the shadows with the groundbreaking, award-winning, iconic audiovisual project iamamiwhoami.

"Never Too Much" is the second single under that name, a soft electronic gem that'll make your Friday a little bit calmer. It's a remarkable offering, even utilizing the vocals of Nick Whitecross, frontman of cult 80s outfit Kissing The Pink. The visuals are, typically, wholly engrossing. Offering a glimpse into an entirely unique universe, you can check out 'Never Too Much' below.

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False alarm! Ariana Grande is NOT pregnant

  -  The @APEntertainment weirdly tweeted that "Ariana Grande is pregnant. guess who's the father?" with a picture of her
  - That post was quickly deleted and followed by one that said: ".@APEntertainment has deleted from its account a tweet about Ariana Grande. It was unauthorized. We are investigating,"
   - Ari is not pregnant, nobody knows why they tweeted that
   - The queen has not commented on the weirdness, unless you count this:

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Have you ever thought you were pregnant, ONTD?


Zoe Saldana to star in Action-Thriller 'Hummingbird'

Zoe Saldana will star in the action-thriller Hummingbird as a female black-ops assassin.

John McClain wrote the script.

The Swedish directing team of Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Akerstrom are helming.

Described as in the vein of Lucy, the story follows an assassin whose latest mark forces her to confront her true identity.


Gabrielle Union is launching her own haircare line

to give more options to women with natural hair
“I want women with textured hair to have great hair days. I went through a phase where I would leave my relaxer on so long, thinking the longer I leave this relaxer on, the straighter it’s going to be. Cut to lesions, like open wounds in my scalp, trying to chase something that was unrealistic, and eventually probably in my mid- to late-20s I decided to give up my relaxer, and I went natural. By natural I mean underneath the weaves, extensions, clips and the hair color was my natural hair — thriving.”

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Nicki Minaj calls out Giuseppe Zanotti on Twitter

A few hours ago, Nicki Minaj found out a Giuseppe Zanotti sneaker was using the name Nicki for one of their shoes along with the names Doris and Kriss. Nicki went to twitter to call him out saying he should answer her calls since she inspired the shoe years ago, give the money from the sneaker sales to charity in her name, and saying he's being racist for not giving her credit.
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She is currently trying to trend #GiuseppeWhatsGood on Twitter!

Are you team Nicki or team who cares? Do you think he's being racist for not crediting her for inspiration years ago?

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Ruth Negga Will Attend Oscars With Dominic Cooper + Dom Posts Another BTS PREACHER Photo

...Just don't expect him on the red carpet. The couple are extremely private about their relationship, but Ruth's other half will be there to support her on her big night.

""Dominic will be attending the Oscars. He is Ruth's rock and her constant support, but both of them are fiercely protective of their relationship," a source said.

"Exclusive sit-down interviews with magazines are as far away from Ruth and Dominic as you can get - they have no aspirations to be any sort of a showbiz couple and guard their privacy."

- Have been together for six years
- First met co-starring in a stage adaptation of Phedre with Helen Mirren in 2009
- "They have a lovely life together in London with a bunch of close friends and that's the way they like it."

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Hehe, for those who were curious about their relationship status in the last post =) I admire they're able to keep things so low-key and to their liking, especially if that works best for them.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Golshifteh Farahani's career is being impeded by Trump travel ban

  • Golshifteh Farahani is an Iranian born actress who currently lives in France.

  • In 2012 she was banned from entering Iran after posing nude in a French magazine.

  • She's supposed to film a movie Saturday in the U.S. but says she probably won't be able to enter the country despite having a French passport.

  • Why isn’t he banning Saudi Arabia? What about Pakistan? This is something we’re all asking ourselves. Is this about business, or about what? It's absurd. And I want to tell him that at this time in the world the only thing leaders should be doing is reuniting people instead of representing one nation or another as an enemy. It’s not going to work.


Lady Gaga will NOT mention Donald Trump during SB Halftime

Unfortunately, Lady Gaga says she has no plans to mention Donald Trump during her halftime show at Sunday's Super Bowl. In an interview wit Atlanta's 98.5 KLUC, she explains that her performance will be dedicated to everyone in America.

"No," she says when asked if she'll have anything to say about Trump. "That's not what the show is about. The show is coming from my heart to everyone in America that I love so much. This is my country and I'm proud to be a pop star from this country. I've travelled the whole world and it's something special to be from America. I want people that watch the Halftime show to feel the greatness of the USA."

When pressed further on the issue and idea of using the show to go political, she continues: "Because I know I have a bigger stage that day and that I've had a lot of really big stages that I'm grateful for, you know the power of your voice. And I would like to use to that voice to bring people together on that day. Saying anything divisive would only make things worse. And that's just not what I want for my country."

After being a vocal opponent of Donald Trump and campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the election, this news is a bit dissapointing.

It is rumored that Gaga cannot say anything political under contract. The NFL has denied those reports.

slumber party

Rita Ora and Zayn at the 50 Shades Darker Premiere After Party

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They look... different

Gabrielle Union reveals why it doesn't look like she is aging

March issue of Women's Health, featuring the Being Mary Jane star on the cover.

"Of course, as I've aged, everything on my body hurts! My hips, back, shoulders—lots of aches and pains. I get asked all the time how I look so young. I don't like needles. I'm not going to rule out Botox, but the idea of putting a needle in my face—I'm not there yet."

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First Picture for Season 2 of Stranger Things!

The kids of Stranger Things; Mike, Lucas and Dustin (not Eleven cause that would ruin your childhood) dress as the Ghostbusters in the first look at the second season of the show.

A trailer will debut during the Super Bowl.

expanse juliemao promo

The Expanse's Frankie Adams on Being Bobbie Draper

-Frankie Adams plays Martian Marine Badass Bobbie Draper (no, not that Bobbie Draper).
-Like Bobbie is also of Samoan descent and grew up in a Samoan household, "I just really like representing".
-Frankie calls out the usual American casting call for 'mixed-race actors'.
-Series creators Ty Franck and Daniel Adams talk about having to be dedicated to working harder as showrunners and casting agents to get the diverse cast you want.
-Frankie talks about the challenge of working in a 50-pound power armor suit in the midst of summer, having trained as a boxer, and doing most of her own stunts.
-She wanted to and was able to add elements of Samoan language and culture into the role.


Are you ready to devote your life to Bobbie Draper, fellow ONTD Martians/Expanse fans?

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ONTD Original: Ten Things from the 90s that contributed to today's Furries

When we often reminicse about nostalgia, we often think of Disney movies, Saturday morning cartoons, and playing outside. However, we often never think about the dark side of our nostaliga. How once innocent movies, television, and video games contributed to dark sides of fandom. In paricular furries.

A furry is an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online. After having a dicussion from a friend, I decided to look further by browsing various art websites, searching for furry art, while downing a bottle of tequila to see the similarities in popular 90s media and furry art.

Let's take a wild ride to see what could have possibly contributed to what the furry fandom is today.

A/N: I know some of the media from the 80s also influenced Furry fandom, however, that is for another day.

1. Balto (1995)
Who could have easily forgotten this loveable children's film about a Wolfdog going through a snow storm to bring back antitoxin to Nome in order to save the sick children from dying? Most likely no one, considering the film 15th at the box office the following week it was released. However, it is considered a cult classic among the furry fandom.

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Source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

ONTD, are you or someone you know a furry?
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IMDb Shutting Down Message Boards and Private Messaging


the boards are closing on February 20

“After in-depth discussion and examination, we have concluded that IMDb’s message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide. The decision to retire a long-standing feature was made only after careful consideration and was based on data and traffic.”

Keke Palmer on the View

-She talks about her book "I Don't Belong To You"
-She talks about being molested as a child by a family member (she was 5 and the girl who molested her was 9)
-She says that Michael Jackson was molested too and that she connected her story to his because he overcame it (:/)
-She just mentions the Trey Songz situation
-Here's a link to the full interview with Wendy Williams where she called Wendy out on multiple things: click


Amal Clooney keeps warm in loose jumper amid pregnancy rumours

Amal Clooney, 39, continued to fuel pregnancy rumors when she stepped out with husband George Clooney, 55, by her side in Barcelona. Arriving at the airport in an oversized tunic sweater, leggings, boots, and a beanie, the brunette beauty definitely appeared to have a baby bump underneath her clothing


Weak Men Cry Over Super Bowl Ad

Audi put together a commercial that dared to suggest that men and women should be treated equally. Meninists didn't like the message so much.

Refinery29 trawled through the comments so I didn't have to. Thanks, gals. Here are some of the gems:

  • "Can we start a petition to send these women to Saudi Arabia so they can experience true female oppression."

  • "Tell your daughter to find a real man to marry, and to avoid the mistake that her mother made. Tell her to buy a Dodge."

  • "The wage gap does not exist. There is no company that pays a woman less then a man for the same job."

Sure, Jan.


The Vampire Diaries 8x12 Promo


[Spoiler (click to open)]Bonnie injected the cure into Stefan, and I think he's going to die in the finale. I think Stefan will sacrifice what's rest of his life for Damon. Damon will drink the cure from Stefan, to become mortal and get his endgame with Elena, and Stefan will rapidly age and die just like Katherine did.

Caroline is the only pro-vampire character on the show. Every other character, even the vampires, think being a killer is a bad thing and they should have a mortal life. How could she think that Matt would want to be a vampire? He hates vampires and the supernatural.
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11 Biggest Oscars Shockers of All Time


Anna Paquin (The Piano)- Best Supporting Actress

About: A mute woman is sent to 1850s New Zealand along with her young daughter and prized piano for an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner, but is soon lusted after by a local worker on the plantation.

Won Against: Rosie Perez (Fearless), Winona Ryder (The Age of Innocence), Emma Thompson (In The Name of the Father), & Holly Hunter (The Firm)

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