January 27th, 2017

Erika Jayne

Housewife down! Heather Dubrow quits RHOC

-Wants to spend more time with her children
-Has a lot of exciting things going on
-The show has made her more adventurous
-Just thought it was time to move on

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Yes she was stuck up but she/Vicki/Tamra/Shannon were the perfect mix. I'm scared for the new season.

Tag Suggestion Post

(relevant ones to ONTD only, please!)

If you like a tag someone recommends, please just reply to them with a +1 or "THIS" or w/e instead of making another comment thread (just so we don't have a billion comments asking over and over for a specific tag) and we'll be going thru the post and adding them if they're good! Please, only suggest tags if you intend on using them. People ask for certain tags and a lot of them are never used.

Also, read the comments before suggesting - someone probably already suggested your tag and we're trying to keep it as condensed/easy to sort out as possible - thanks! :)


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Slumber Party

Kylie Jenner & make-up artist Julia Kuzmenko settle lawsuit

You may remember hearing 2 months ago that Kylie got called out for ripping off an image from make-up artist Julia Kuzmenko. Back then Julia shared the above image with the caption:
"Really @Kyliecosmetics? Haven't you gotten enough inspiration from me already?"

A few days ago Kylie posted the original image from Julia with a very vauge caption
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sources 1/2/3
Jaskier Bomb
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Dominc West to Play Lara Croft's Dad in Tomb Raider


-Apparently the role had been offered to Colin Firth, Viggo Mortensen, and Ralph Fiennes before it finally got to West.

-The plot of the film is about Lara trying to finish his research, salvage his reputation, and find him

-Dominic West also played Vikander's father in Testament of Youth

-Walter Goggins and Daniel Wu are also in this movie


lol, I pictured Dominic Cooper before the image loaded
joan watson - rme

Hamilton West End cast announced

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- All the main roles have been cast, aside from Alexander Hamilton and King George III, they are still meeting people wrt these roles. Lin-Manuel Miranda is still expected to appear at some point in 2018.

- Christine Allado as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds, Rachel Ann Go as Eliza Hamilton, Tarinn Callender as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison, Rachel John as Angelica Schuyler, Jason Pennycooke as Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson, Cleve September as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton, Giles Terera as Aaron Burr, and Obioma Ugoala as George Washington.

- Two of the castmembers, Christine Allado and Cleve September were previously in the London production of In the Heights, which closed at the beginning of this month. Some fans of this production of In the Heights seem to want white British actor Sam MacKay to have some notable role in Hamilton (they want him to play Hamilton). If this happens, this OP will be very angry.

Sources: one, two, three, four.

ONTD, will you be seeing, or trying to see, Hamilton in the West End?
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Thursday Night's TV Ratings: Riverdale Premieres Soft while ABC Wins the Night


R = Rerun / P = Premiere / F = Finale

Riverdale lost a bit of it's Supernatural lead in and only brought in 1.37 million viewers and .5 in the demo which is comparable to both Frequency and No Tomorrow's series premiere ratings. Neither of those shows were renewed.

ABC mightily won the night. Grey's Anatomy's ratings beat its own season premiere. Scandal scored a demo rating that they haven't achieved since last year's midseason premiere. And it managed to give How to Get Away with Murder a boost as well.

Around 8 million viewers tuned into CBS for their Mary Tyler Moore tribute.

NBC only had reruns, and FOX did okay with their reality competition shows.

what did you watch last night?

Bellamy Young on Sway

- Sway continues to stan. And give her hugs. And gifts. Like always.
- Bellamy talks about campaigning for Hillary and going to the women's march in Los Angeles
- Mentions Trump and the role of the arts
- Shonda's arc for the season was that the Russians were behind the election but had to scrap it due to current events
- Plays a trivia game about her favorite movie, 1946's "Notorious"

Source: YouTube
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Eva Mendes Leaves the House Wearing a Ring, This is Now a Story

Eva Mendes, currently retired actress, entrepreneur, longtime girlfriend/partner of Ryan Gosling, mother of his two daughters and sometimes-recluse, left the house wearing Gosling’s clothes and a ring. The ring's on her right hand but RadarOnline's going to assume it's a wedding ring. If we remember, US Weekly claimed last year the two were married in a private ceremony. Their rep denied it but US Weekly kept the story up with added denial.

Gosling is currently promoting La La Land in Japan, Eva's just trying to live her life.

Enjoy this mindless gossip non-story in place of real life garbage.


ONTD, how mad is the media that this couple isn't playing The Game?

Trump calls Madonna "disgusting" for comments at Women’s March.

During a Thursday night interview with Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump put singer-songwriter Madonna on blast, calling her “disgusting” for her comments during the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21, 2017.

"Honestly, she's disgusting. I think [Madonna] hurt herself very badly. I think she hurt that whole cause," Trump said, adding that what the Queen of Pop said along with a "couple of others" was "disgraceful to our country."

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Lindsay Lohan makes some new friends

Lindsay met with Bana Alabed, the seven year old girl from Aleppo whose tweets about experiencing the crisis there captured the attention of people all over the world and who ended up safely making it Turkey with her family, and Turkish president Recep Erdogan at the Turkish presidential palace. They were wearing buttons referencing Erdogan's "the world is bigger than five" quote.
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celine on jimmy

Celine Dion Joining "The Voice" + Performing Tribute For Bee Gees

Celine and Gwen went on the TODAY show to talk about The Voice
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Mod, idk where you wanted the cut so I just put them there
Ty for your time!

SOURCES : TODAY Interview / Grammys Tweet / Pop Crush
jessica jones
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Huge shakeup at Today Show to make way for Megyn Kelly

- NBC is canceling the third hour of “Today” to make way for new star Megyn Kelly
- Kelly will take over either the 9 a.m. hour from Tamron Hall and Al Roker or will replace Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford
- Kelly will start in September
- An insider adds: “People are pissed. The third hour was beating every syndicated show across the board. They were in over their head and bit off more than they can chew when they hired Megyn.”

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New music post! Featuring the holy trinity of newcommers: Tinashe, Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson!

Tinashe, Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson have all dropped new songs this friday!
Tinashe features in "Quit You", the new single of the DJ duo Lost Kings.
Dua Lipa just dropped her collab with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, "Scared To Be Lonely", together with a music video.
Zara Larsson released her new single "So Good" which features Ty Dolla $ign.
You can check out the songs below:

#StreamItOnSpotify! #BuyItOniTunes!

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source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

ONTD, which one is your favorite?

Ed Sheeran Calls Out Copycat Musicians, Challenges Adele's Record

The singer-songwriter covers the March issue of British GQ,and has spoken quite candidly about his musical competition:

  • "There are a lot of singer-songwriters around now. I'm not the first but there are more than before. I'm very happy for everyone to be in the same race as me, even if they copy every single thing I've done. In a 100m sprint to get a No1 album, I just know I'm going to win."

  • Adele is the only person who has sold more records than him in the past ten years [citation needed. Really, though, because Wikipedia tells me Taylor Swift's 1989 sold over 9 million while Sheeran's 'X' sold 7.9 million...]. "She's the only person I need to sell more records than...I'm not in competition [creatively] because we all sit in our own lanes, but once the creative product is out there is a race to the finish line."

  • Both he and Taylor weren't popular in school so they attribute this to their drive to become the biggest male/female artist in the world.

Here for these underdogs!

Amazon announces release date for new ASOIAF book!!


-There a new short story or novella from George R.R. Martin this year.

-According to Amazon, it is called "Book of Swords
" and will be released this October the description for the book says “a new story from George R. R. Martin set in the world of A Game of Thrones!”

-The story’s specific subject matter is a  mystery but people think  that it might be an excerpt from Fire and Blood (nicknamed the GRRMarillion), Martin’s comprehensive history of House Targaryen.

i can't help but think of the obvious shade D&D threw at GRRM awhile ago, and while D&D may not be as talented, he really should have taken their advice on one matter:

[Spoiler (click to open)]"One practical thing we’ve learned as writers is how to work almost anywhere. We had specific, persnickety routines, before. This chair, this coffee mug, this time of day. When we started Thrones, it quickly became apparent that our old ways of working would prevent us from getting the scripts done on time, and that this in itself could destroy the show. So we got better at working wherever we were, whenever we could. And that’s been really helpful, realizing that what we thought we “needed” to work effectively was really just a kind of magical thinking, and that we could get words down anywhere. They weren’t always good words. They often needed to be rewritten, and rewritten again. But they fed the machine, and kept things moving".

fixed the text mods, no more c/p.
pippa <3

Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, and Jasmine Cephas-Jones will perform at the Superbowl

Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, and Jasmine Cephas-Jones originated the roles of the Schuyler Sisters in "Hamilton" and will perform "America the Beautiful" at Superbowl 51.


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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Continue Their Love Affair On Romantic Trip To Italy

  • They have a "sexy" relationship apparently

  • He thinks shes very sexy and talented (LMFAO)

  • They like each other's personalities....because you know, in most relationships you don't.


Have you ever gotten out of a relatively private relationship to then pack on the PDA with your new lover across all continents, ONTD?

Nadal sets up dream Australian Open final against Federer !

Rafael Nadal set up an Australian Open final against his great rival Roger Federer after edging Grigor Dimitrov in a classic five-set semi-final which stretched for nearly five hours on Friday.

Nadal pulled off one of his greatest victories in denying Bulgaria's Dimitrov, 6-3, 5-7, 7-6 (7/5), 6-7 (4/7), 6-4 in four hours and 56 minutes

lin // damn

How to Get Away with Murder 3x11 Promo - "Not Everything's About Annalise"

"Not Everything's About Annalise" - Annalise reaches her breaking point as she struggles to adapt to her new reality behind bars, but a surprise confession to Wes’ murder could change everything. Meanwhile, the K4 find their own freedom at risk as they discover the D.A.’s investigation is much bigger than they imagined, on “How to Get Away with Murder,” Thursday, February 2nd on ABC.

ONTD, do you think that confession was bullshit? Also, WES DESERVED BETTER.
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Director Hussein Hassan refuses to travel to America over Trump

  • Hussein Hassan is an Iraqi film director who had hoped to attend the Miami Film Festival to support his film Reseba — The Dark Wind

  • Withdrew visa application and will not travel to America as an act of "peaceful protest"

  • The festival will continue with the screening and offered this statement:  One of Miami Film Festival’s core values is to bridge cultural understanding, to provoke thought and discussion, and ‘The Dark Wind’ is one of the most timely, moving, and important films in this year’s festival. It is essential that roadblocks not be put in place that will prevent artists from the free discussion of their work, and equally essential that the world’s artists are made to feel welcome in the United States.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

New photos from A United Kingdom starring David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike

  • Film follows the romance of Seretse Khama, a member of Botswanan royalty who married a white English woman and later became the first president of independent Botswana.

  • Amma Asante directed the film.

  • Movie opens February 10.


Awww, that baby is so cute.

Emilia Clarke to Star in 'The Beauty Inside'

It's an adaptation of the 2015 South Korean film The Beauty Inside (The story centered on a man who wakes up every day in a different body — and the woman who loved him no matter what he looked like on the outside).

In Fox 2000's version, Clarke will play the woman who falls for the man with the body-switching disorder. Several actors will be cast to play the male lead.


Millie Bobby Brown to star in 'Godzilla' sequel

  • Millie has signed on to star in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the sequel of the 2014 film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe and Elizabeth Olsen.

  • The movie is scheduled to be released on March 22, 2019.


ANTM's Marissa & Kyle Have Their First Twitter Fight

Our only favorite couple from ANTM decided to go at it on Twitter. It starts with Binta, as ANTM drama always does:

Kyle jumps in:

Marissa also jumps in:

And it goes downhill from there. Collapse )

Have your ANTM faves ruined how you now see them?

Source 1, 2, 3

Sir John Hurt passes away at age 77

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that celebrated actor Sir John Hurt passed away today at the age of 77. Hurt had previously been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015.

Hurt had previously been nominated for an Academy Award for his performances in The Elephant Man and Midnight Express and had roles in both the small and big screen that have a big part in popular culture having been part of Alien (in one of the most iconic scenes of cinematic history), Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Doctor Who to name a few.

He had on more than one occasion joked about his many on screen deaths (the original Sean Bean) stating “I think I’ve got the record. It got to a point where my children wouldn’t ask me if I died, but rather how do you die?”

He is survived by his wife and his two sons, Sasha (26) and Nick (23).

Source 1 and 2
I can't believe this. Rest in peace, Sir John.
Shadowhunters malec adorableness

Shadowhunters - Will Tudor cast as 'Sebastian'

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-EP Todd Slavkin says "as we've done with all the episodes you’ve seen, we've always had our own spin on everything, and Sebastian is no different."
-Reported as being 'truly chilling'.
-Will Tudor is better known as 'Odi', William Hurt's qt carer synth/android in Channel 4's/AMC's Humans, he was also on Game of Thrones.
-Sebastian will be recurring in Season 2B, to air later this year.

Sources: TV Line Twitter, ShadowhuntersTV Twitter1, 2, Kat McNamara Insta, Nephilim Updates Insta, Emeraude Toubia Twitter

Are you excited about this casting, ONTD ShadowFam? If you haven't seen 'Humans', go watch!
Beware of Book Spoilers in comments - however it isn't known what or how much will be changed for the show, so.
WEEKLY DISCLAIMER: CC sold the rights and isn't involved in the making of this show.

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Black Sails: Luke Arnold & Toby Stephens on S4 + vid on fan interactions

This is a pretty nifty interview. It doesn’t actually give any plot/spoilers away and doesn’t say anything we haven’t been talking about for ages, but it still feels substantial. A satisfying read that gets me pumped for Sunday!

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And a cute video about memorable fan interactions!

The best is def the guy who painstakingly grew out his hair and beard like Flint’s, just before he shaved it off in S3 lmao.

A fan also spotted that Silver now has a tiny braid! Getting properly into the pirate aesthetic.
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Sources: 1 2 3 4

Crew, do you think Flint’s aspirations of a “sinful nature” finally include him getting laid? Or just more of the usual burning/raiding/murdering business?