January 4th, 2017


Cartoon Network Once Again Drops The Ball and Five New Steven Universe Episodes Leak

With starting off a new year, Cartoon Network continues it's old tradition of accidentally leaked Steven Universe episodes. The new Steven Universe episodes were suppose to air starting January 30th with another Steven Bomb premiering five new episodes throughout the week. Cartoon Network though mistakingly uploaded all the episodes onto their app making them accessible for a short time before taking them down but you can still find the episodes online throughout the internet. Two significant members that work on Steven Universe, Matt Burnett (writer) and Michaela Dietz (voice of Amethyst) commented on the most recent leaks.

Source 1 & 2 + My Words
I haven't seen a show before with so many leaks lol. Anyone else watched the new episodes?
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Luke Arnold talks Black Sails, really wants you to know how much Silver cares for Flint

Luke Arnold recently guested on the Black Sails fancast Fathoms Deep to discuss the show at length.

You can listen to it in full at the source, but I also took a treasure chest full of notes. (The full interview is worth it though, so much in-depth analysis!)

  • Resident Treasure Island expert among the cast.

  • His favourite episodes are 303 (the doldrums/shark date) and 409, hasn’t seen 410 yet.

  • “Thing that switches on behind [Toby Stephen’s] eyes between “action” and “cut”, it’s something else. [...] When Flint comes out, it’s really bizarre, and [...] in season three, around the same time, myself, Luke Roberts and Toby Schmitz all had [...] to look Flint in the eye, and have a moment. And after each of them the three of us would get together and go, “Guys, this gotta be it. I stared into Flint today.””

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In conclusion: Luke is possibly the biggest Toby Stephens fan out there and has a lot of deep thoughts about character development, narrative, overarching themes, and the joys of kicking someone’s head in while a rotation of stage hands use toothbrushes to attractively spray you with fake blood.

Source: Fathoms Deep Podcast

ontd, have you too been blessed with perfect hair?

Marlon - Eh
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Ray J brags about Kim sex tape within seconds of entering Celebrity Big Brother

- Ray J (35) entered CBB tonight for his $1,000,000 fee - right as Kim K returned to social media.
- His entrance music was "I Hit It First", his song allegedly about Kim.

- He bragged in his introduction: "You might know me for my music, TV shows and my DICK!"
- He encouraged viewers to purchase the tape: "Go download it! Put some money in my pocket, you're still jerking off to the sex tape! Enjoy!"

- Ray J reunited with Stacy Francis (X Factor USA, fought with Whitney Houston over Ray J hours before her death) in the house.
- Kim's BFF & ex-housemate Jonathan Cheban tweeted that he was a "loser".

Source: 1 & 2
RM - wink

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams will star in the comedy 'Game Night'

'Game Night' follows several couples who gather for their regularly-planned game night when something goes terribly wrong.

(Bateman is currently working on his new Netflix series “Ozark". McAdams's next project “Disobedience,” in which she stars opposite Rachel Weisz, is currently in development.)


rita ora lost thousands of pounds on festival urinating device

- rita hoped to revolutionized outdoor music festivals by releasing a new device, which would help women urinate standing up so they wouldn’t have to lose their place in front of the stage
- unfortunately, the project didn’t work out, leading the mogul-supermodel-megastar to describe it as one of the “worst” investments she ever made
- “it let you wee on the spot so you don’t lose your spot after waiting for live five hours. it fell through and it looked weird and i thought, ‘i can’t be bothered to do this, you know what, just wee on the floor.’ that is one of my worst investments. when women need to go we need to go, guys don’t have that problem when you need to go you just post up on the corner and let it go.”


how do you pee at festivals??

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Connie Britton is staying on Nashville!

Connie appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today and confirmed that she's on Nashville for the duration. She also praises the new season, saying that it's exciting and gets back to what the show used to be about. Season five premieres tomorrow night.

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Kylie Jenner quits her own app after her team post an unapproved 'sex life' story

Kylie Jenner recently tweeted out that she will no longer be posting content her on app after someone on her team posted an unapproved story about her relationship with Tuna.

SOURCE 1 2 3 4 5

If she wasn't aware of what was being posted in the first place what difference will her not posting make?

Best and Worst LGBTQ TV Characters of 2016

Today Autostraddle released a list of the best and worst LGBTQ characters of 2016 with running commentary you can read for youself at the source.

Here are a few of the names they mention.

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Who are your favorites, ONTD? Will you miss any of 2016's dead or cancelled queer women characters as much as I will (bye forever Amy Raudenfeld)?
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The ONTD 2017 Reading Challenge!

Welcome to the 2017 ONTD Reading Challenge! We know that reading is not ONTD’s strong suit, but this year, hjalmartazar and milfordacademyinvite you to join the ONTD Reading Challenge: 12 books, 12 months, and ONTD-themed categories.

The rules are simple:

  • Each month, read a book that corresponds to the category.

  • No page limit.

  • It can be a book that you’ve already read.

  • Novellas, graphic novels, and anthologies can count toward a category.

  • If you missed a month, you can go back and read a previous month’s task.

  • Keep us updated on how your reading challenge is going on our book posts!

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Source: written by milfordacademy and hjalmartazar

EDIT: We have a Goodreads group dedicated to the challenge now! Join us here!

Dr. Luke Gets Permission To Show Katy Perry A Text From Kesha To Lady Gaga

A private text message from Kesha to Gaga sent in April 2016 was added as evidence in Kesha's ongoing sexual assault case against Dr. Luke. Curiously, a judge is granting Dr. Luke permission to show the text to Katy Perry.

This seems very gossip girl meets law n order, what do you think was said in the text ONTD??

Movies - Carrie and Billie

Anna Kendrick discusses sexism and feminism in Hollywood in Glamour UK

On the wider issue of sexism in Hollywood:

“It shouldn’t be the most important conversation about sexism – because no one really wants to fucking hear actors talk about this, because we’re in such positions of privilege… I would love to hear more about sexism that exists in other fields and how we can address that – but we keep getting asked about it.”

When asked if she thinks celebrities have a responsibility to use their platform to talk about ‘issues’:

“Well, it’s weird, isn’t it, because I feel like why would anybody want my ‘expert opinion’ on any of these topics? If you want to learn about intersectional feminism, read Roxanne Gay, don’t ask me, you know? I’m being asked to speak on these things when I’m trying to learn about them myself.”


Are you too privileged to talk about sexism, ONTD?

MAC is majorly expanding their Caitlyn Jenner collection

MAC partnered with Caitlyn last year to release one lipstick shade, and yesterday they announced that a new Caitlyn collection comprised of lip glosses, eyeshadows, lip pencils, eyelashes, lipsticks, and blushes will be released on January 5th.

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Writers Guild Awards Film Nominees Announced

The Writer's Guild of America today announced their film nominations for Original, Adapted and Documentary Screenplays. Television nominations were announced back in the beginning of December and can be found here.

The nominees are:

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what were your fav scripts this year, ontd??

Dustin Lance Black: I have no respect for actors who hide their sexuality

Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has said he has no respect for actors who lie about their sexuality.

Black, who is engaged to the British Olympic diver Tom Daley, said: “I have no respect for someone who lies about their sexuality. At the very least say ‘no comment’, just keep your personal life personal. If you’re going to closet yourself, that sends a negative message.”

He said: “I’ve never encountered homophobia in casting from the studios or networks – not once, not ever. Where you encounter it is with the agents and the managers, they’re the ones who have an outdated notion of the price an actor might pay if it’s discovered that they’re LGBTQ. Often they don’t want to see anything happen that might compromise their investment.”

He added: “I think they cripple their actors because they stunt the star’s ability to be open and honest, and an audience can feel that.”


Angelina Jolie Rips Brad Pitt in New Filing: He's 'Terrified the Public Will Learn the Truth'

Angelina Jolie Will Seal Custody Documents.

Angelina's Lawyer Claims Brad Pitt Is Afraid ‘Public Will Learn the Truth’

“There is little doubt that [Brad] would prefer to keep the entire case private, particularly given the detailed investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dept. of Children and Family Services into allegation of abuse,” state the court documents.

“The kids are traumatized. The mom has been protecting the kids by not revealing what really happened on that plane. Her interest since the outset hasn’t changed: to protect the health and safety of the kids.”

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Britney serving in new photoshoot + her new relationship is #instaofficial

Your fave celebrity instagramer Britney Jean Spears uploaded a series of fun, flirty pics to welcome the new year in style.

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Source 1: https://www.instagram.com/britneyspears/
Source 2: http://britney-galaxy.com/britney-spears-hopes-she-can-tour-again-britneyspears/

Adam Driver says that fans can expect Kylo Ren to show "humanity" in Episode VIII

Speaking to Larry King, Adam Driver explained how Kylo Ren will show a new side in Episode VIII - and it might not be what you would expect.

Larry: Without giving away any spoilers, what’s one aspect about Kylo Ren you’re excited you’re excited for fans to see in the next film?

Adam: I think, erm, maybe this is such a general answer but you know – humanity. Even though it’s very much a blockbuster movie, there was no taking that for granted and that we were forced to be general. There was a lot of plot points that we knew were operating in the first one, that we get to explain more in the second one, to make both of them make sense. But they do kind of feel socially active to me, and George Lucas originally, a lot of Star Wars was in response to Vietnam and a lot of what I remember talking about with JJ and Rian was this idea of terrorism, and two sides being morally justified to behave however they wanted to to get whatever they thought was absolutely correct.

Adam Driver is also pictured at the New York Critics Circle awards on 3 January.

So ONTD - what do you make of Adam's comments here/what do you think they indicate about what they might do with the character in Episode VIII?

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Michael Keaton reveals why he didn't do Batman Forever

-It sucked.
-He didn't understand what Schumacher wanted to do
-when Schumacher asked why the films had to be so dark, Keaton knew it was time to jump ship
Fun little side note: Marlon Wayans was originally cast as Dick Grayson before Tim Burton got the boot and he gets residuals from the film due to his contract being broken.

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Kim's Komeback

Kim is back to business.

The 36-year old[1] has come out of recluse as she was spotted hanging out in some shredded jeans with long dark slick hair to the side at the Hotel Bel-Air. She previously only went out of her home incognito after the robbery and kanye meltdown. The social media mogul posted her first Snapchat since October of herself eating earlier today and also posted her first selfie this year. She returned to IG yesterday.


kylie is shook
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Girl Meets World officially cancelled

Michael Jacobs has confirmed that Disney's cancelled Girl Meets World.

Sources 1 and 2
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Amazon renews The Man in the High Castle for a third season

  • Been renewed for a third season.

  • Will get a new showrunner, Eric Overmyer, who was EP for Bosch (another Amazon show).

  • Season 2 was the most-watched Amazon show during it's debut weekend.

  • Amazon's head of comedy and drama said, “As timely as ever, the exploration of characters at a dark point for humanity has provided incredible stories for two seasons. Eric and his team are doing an incredible job crafting stories about the inner lives of those who struggle to do good in a world that is not. We couldn’t be more excited to bring season three to customers in 2017”.

Yessssssssss. Season 3 wishlist?

S. E. Hinton won't write gay (or black) characters

Someone told S. E. Hinton that she should have more diversity in her writing. Hinton did not have time for this gay agenda.

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previously on ontd: S.E. Hinton Doesn't Want Your Gay Agenda Invading Her Book