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Britney News: Old lawyer back, New lawyer out, Current lawyers in Court

Laura Wasser to represent Britney again? Maybe.

TMZ has learned disso queen Laura Wasser paid a secret visit at the UCLA psych ward last Tuesday, and the family wants Laura back as Brit's custody attorney.

Wasser, who repped Brit in the divorce, quit the case -- we're told because Britney wouldn't listen to her. But sources say Jamie and Lynne want her back.

TMZ knows Jamie wants to 86 Trope and Trope as Brit's reps, in part because they have been chummy with Sam Lutfi. People at UCLA say Britney "lit up" when she saw Wasser. But there's a hitch -- we're told the deal will be sealed ONLY if Britney doesn't fight the conservatorship. As of Tuesday, she was fine letting Jamie call the shots, but it looks like that's changed.

If Brit accepts the conservatorship and Jamie is at the reins, Laura Wasser could be back in the Britney business.

New lawyer not Britney's lawyer
TMZ just received the following statement from Brit's attorney Adam Streisand:

"At the request of Britney Spears, Adam Streisand, a Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP, met with her yesterday to discuss her legal rights in connection with the conservatorship over her person and estate. Following that meeting, Mr. Streisand learned that the court had issued orders that prevent Ms. Spears from retaining counsel of her own choosing, and on that basis, Mr.Streisand has decided he will not represent her at this time."

Conservatorship attorneys in court

TMZ is at the downtown L.A. courthouse where attorney and co-conservator Andrew Wallet and attorneys Samuel Ingham and Jeryll Cohen have just arrived in court. Jamie Spears is not there ... yet.

As we first reported, Jamie Spears may be gunning to get some teeth into the conservatorship order. With these lawyers lining up, that could be just what happens.

Stay tuned ...

So a lot of people are complaining about this Britney post, but you know what...I'm going to update this bitch any way, so here it is:

A rep for the court just came out of the hearing ... but can't tell us anything!

We're told that today's hearing with Jamie's lawyers and Brit's co-conservator is over, but court spokesman Allan Parachini tells TMZ "everything about this matter is sealed" and cannot disclose even why they are in court.

We have learned, however, that a motion that was filed today by Spears' conservator was unopposed.

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