December 31st, 2016

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Y'ALL KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS! your Tokio Hotel - 10 years later post

The post of albums turning 10 inspired this post and the post title, I just lifted from 2006.

Tokio Hotel has a new album coming out. 10 years after the release of Zimmer 483 and their first English album Scream, they are now releasing "Dream Machine" and touring.
New Logo

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The new music is pretty good, actually. Not quite as experimental as the last effort, Kings of Suburbia. They call this the album they always wanted to make.

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Are you here for this, ONTD?

Were you here for Zimmer 483 and Scream?

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Best of ONTD 2016: Voting

Voting is located under the cut. Some categories have more choices than others...there were A LOT of ties in the nominations post. The post, thread, & comment polls are linked if you need a refresher.

The results will be posted tomorrow January 1st.

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SOURCE: 1.2.

Category Post | Nominations Post

Walking into 2017 like...

Disappointed no one nominated the Corey Feldman dancing gif

30 second snippet of Emma Watson singing in 'Beauty and the Beast' - edited with HQ vid


thoughts? she has quite a 'disney princess'-esque tone (although obviously less trained than someone like judy kuhn or lea salonga) and her voice sounds less thin than say, emma stone's
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ONTD Original: Remembering the hottest Leonardo DiCaprio's movie kisses

No matter how you feel about him nowadays, you cannot deny Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the biggest teen idols of the 90’s whose name and worldwide appeal was inescapable. While his days of teen adoration may be over, we can still swoon over some of his classic movie romances.

Leo has had a lot of great kiss scenes in movies over the years. Some of which even occur more than once in the same movie. What better time than the Holidays to get all nostalgic and corny about one of the most memorable heartthrobs from the 90s?

Not ranked in particular order, they're only listed from the oldest to the newest films.

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Do you have a favorite Leonardo DiCaprio kiss/love scene from movies?
Sabrina (H27)

Ryan Gosling to play Neil Armstrong

- Ryan Gosling signs on to the biopic of Neil Armstrong from his La La Land director Damien Chazelle
- The movie will be adapted from the book First Man: A Life of Neil A. Armstrong and the script was written by Josh Singer (Spotlight)
- The film will "aim to tell the story of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to land a man on the moon in the 1960s" and will start filming next year


Noah Syndergaard calls Bryce Harper a douche, speaks for us all


off-season "I miss baseball" post. Also, how has your team been doing picking up talent in the offseason? If the answer is yes, Congrats Dodger fans! To Blue Jays fans: my condolences.

ONTD, do you think Bryce Harper is a douche?

Homeland Season 6 premieres early!


Showtime has made episode 1 of Homeland Season 6 available to all their subscribers across all its streaming and on-demand platforms, including Hulu.

The official premiere is still January 15th, and it seems the episodes will continue from that date.

Has anyone already watched it?? Be aware of possible spoilers below!

You lucky ducks in the US tbh.