December 24th, 2016

Brit Marling Reveals What She's Gifting To Others These Holidays + Shadowed a Blind Man For 'The OA'

  • She's giving out books from brazilian author Clarice Lispector. The surprise is what book or facial feature on the cover they'll get.

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What gifts did you bought for the holidays, ONTD? Let's talk about that mess of a show called 'The OA'? What books have you been reading lately? Happy Holidays, btw!

Rhett & Link Visit The Tonight Show

They do one of their popular 'Will It?' segments from Good Mythical Morning where they drink nasty tea concoctions.

Answering questions about the most frequently used apps on their phones and what they last ordered offline.

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Daisuke Maki of EXILE, Verbal of M-Flo and DJ Daruma Seriously Injured In Car Accident

- The trio were traveling to perform for a Sandaime J Soul Brothers concert in Hokkaido (which was cancelled following news of the incident).

- The passenger van that they were riding in was leaving a convienience store parking lot when the vehicle was broadsided by an oncoming truck after midnight.

- Verbal and DJ Daruma received serious injuries while Daisuke Maki was severely injured.  The conditions of the other four passengers have not been released.

- Taku Takahashi (other half of M-Flo) tweeted to fans about the accident:

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As the year is about to be over(thank Gawd!), and because I was bored and I love my beautiful corruption-filled country, I decided to make a post with the 12 Mexican scandals that kept Ventaneando, TVnotas and the other off-brands afloat this 2016.

So without further ado, PART ONE is right here!

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What other Scandals do you remember, Mexican ONTDers?

Also, Happy Holidays!!!
bb yoda halloween

Co-stars and celebs send well wishes to Carrie Fisher

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The latest is that she's stable in an intensive care unit.

Best of ONTD 2016: Nominations!


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I will be counting the nominations starting Tuesday, December 27th. The voting post will be live Saturday, December 31st and the results will be posted on Sunday, January 1st.

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Goodbye 2016!
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Beyond Casey Affleck: women's struggle in male-dominated industry and the dangers of speaking up

Affleck is currently a fav to win the best actor Oscar for “Manchester By The Sea”. He settled two sexual harassment lawsuits and it’s time to talk about them.

Górka, one of Affleck’s victim, is a cinematographer. Women make up less than 4% of the American Society of Cinematographers, competition is fierce. Now imagine filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against a male director, producer, and actor who is very well connected.

Indiewire talked to women in the industry - most of them said that when it comes to being sexually harassed, it has happened to them or someone they know at some point, sometimes on “nearly every job.”

But what they all agree on is that coming forward would potentially kill your career. That happens because jobs in the industry basically come on recommendations.

Coming forward mostly depends on where you are in your career. If you’re still trying to establish yourself, the victim probably doesn’t want the 'troublemaker' label.

Women in the industry always have to prove they can be ‘one of the guys’ in a male-dominated world, prove they’re good enough for the job, while having to tolerate a lot of ‘locker-room talk’.

On a studio film, when for example a producer is made aware of a sexual harassment incident, studio lawyers immediately get involved to protect the corporation. The same doesn’t happen with indie films - it can be seen as more progressive but there’s no obvious chain of command regarding who you have to report to, and it often doesn’t end well for the person who filed the complaint.

They say the industry is slowly changing and the production world is starting to adjust to women.


Exclusive First Look at 'Captain Underpants' Movie!

"Based on Dav Pilkey's long-running and frequently banned kids' books, the animated Captain Underpants follows George Beard (Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (Thomas Middleditch), two fourth graders who hypnotize their tyrannical principal (Ed Helms) into stripping down, tying a curtain around his neck, and declaring himself Earth's newest defender."

  • Movie will mix traditional CG animation, sock puppet sequences, and hand-drawn 2D scenes to capture the books' eccentric nature. The Flip-o-Rama is in!!!

The movie will hit theaters June 2nd, 2017

Merry Christmas to the user who was hyped for this movie, whoever you are. Also, why the fuck is Kevin Hart doing voicework for a fourth grader? I cannot get with his homophobic, one-trick pony ass.
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DrakeLO coming in 2017?

Jenny has been spotted with Drake a few times recently, with Drake even attending her Vegas show twice. The question is are they just friends or is a new celeb power couple on the horizon?

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Desus Nice from kobewife1

ABC Greenlights Remake of Korean Drama

The show is called Somewhere Between and was ordered straight to series for Summer 2017.

* It is a remake of the 2014 Korean drama God's Gift- 14 Days. The show is about a mother, after living through the murder of her daughter, gets a second chance to save her.
* The show has secured writer (Stephen Tolkin, Brothers & Sisters) and executive producers Ivan Fecan and Joseph Broido.
*This is the second Korean show to be adapted for American audiences, after NBC's Better Late Than Never, which was an adaptation of the hit show Grandpas Over Flowers. Only two American shows have been adapted for Korean audiences, The Good Wife, which was a hit for Korean cable channel TvN, and Entourage which was the biggest flop of the year for TvN.

An excuse for a K-drama post. Who's watching Goblin?


Jennifer Lawrence Visits Children's Hospital for the Holidays

For the fourth year in a row, Jennifer Lawrence has made her annual visit to the Kentucky children's hospital. Earlier this year, she donated 2 million dollars to the hospital.

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ONTD Original: The Best Pop Songs From The Britney Wannabe Era

The Best Pop Songs From The Britney Wannabe Era

ya girl was everywhere, all the pinche pingas and nastys wanted to their guac in britneys taco, all the gworls wanted to be ha, heffas will pretend and deny but miss britney had "it" so much so that after the record smasher "baby one more time" all the record exec gorls was trynna ride that money train that britney & the good larry sis laid out, so they called whoever and got the hottest under 17 blonde poppin & gave ha a record deal, starting what we now know as, the stan war! but here are the best songs from the britney clones

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ontd whats your favorite pop song from a blonde?

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|| empire of the rising sun ||


Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

Happy Holidays, ONTD! This is all I wanted. ALIEN : COVENANT comes to theaters, May 19th 2017.

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TCM Remembers 2016

TCM has released the annual "TCM Remembers" tribute, memoralizing those we lost from the film industry this year. 

The song is "Goin' Home" by Dan Auerbach. If anyone else dies before the year is done, WHICH THEY WON'T, they'll add them.
ONTD, which of your favorites did 2016 come for?  My heart broke when I remembered Anton. :(