November 28th, 2016

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Lady Gaga on CBS Sunday Morning

Lady Gaga sat down for a candid interview on CBS's Sunday Morning show. She touches on her breakup, her musical transformation, her strong family bond. Through tears, she goes on to discuss how fame made her lose a connection with everyday people.


- Her grandmother told her, "I hope that you won't be too maudlin while you're putting this music into the world." She didn't want gaga to form a self-pitying obsession with the death of her aunt (too late)

- On her breakup with Taylor: "I think women love very hard... sometimes I don't know that the love is met with the type of dignity we wish it would be met with..."

- On her music evolution: "I think it is hard for [fans] at times to change from album to album because I go through quite a transformation and that's just the way I am as an artist. They have to let go of the last era of music."

- Had trouble washing off the persona she created: "I used to come home and I think my mom used to watch me have a real hard time washing it off. I'd keep the wigs on. I'd keep the makeup on. I'd keep the outfits on. I never wanted to let my fans down, I always wanted them to see me in my art form."

- On her privacy: "I'm very accutely aware that once I cross my property line, I'm not free anymore. As soon as I go out into the world, I belong, in a way, to everyone else. It’s legal to follow me. It’s legal to stalk me at the beach. And I can’t call the police or ask them to leave."

- On missing everday people: "I miss going anywhere and meeting a random person and saying 'hi' and having a normal conversation about life. I love people."

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Westworld Finale will be 90 Minutes

Keep in mind that because there are no commercials during HBO shows this will actually be 90 minutes of content rather than 60 minutes of content and 30 minutes of commercials.

The episode is titled The Bicameral Mind and is directed by Jonathan Nolan, written by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy.

The second season will most likely air in 2018.

what surprises are left?
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Shailene Woodley shares FB live post at Standing Rock from Thanksgiving

-the video is almost an hour long. Shailene talks about why she is there and also interviews water protectors about their struggles. She also talks about the Thanksgiving that is commercially celebrated vs. what Thanksgiving actually looked like.

“None of our children know the truth about not only what happened to Native Americans when Westerners decided to colonize this country but what is still happening to Native Americans,” Woodley said in the video. “We have to remember that this pipeline was supposed to be built in Bismarck, North Dakota, which is a primarily white, ‘American’ area, and when the people of Bismarck decided that when this pipeline breaks it would compromise the integrity of their water, they moved it to the Native American reservation.”

-“We have to remember that this pipeline was supposed to be built in Bismarck, North Dakota, which is a primarily white, ‘American’ area, and when the people of Bismarck decided that when this pipeline breaks it would compromise the integrity of their water, they moved it to the Native American reservation.”
-Shailene was arressted this October for peacefully protesting at Standing Rock. Police labeled it "engaging in a riot"

Donate to Standing Rock here

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Promo for Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah Remini Sues Scientology, Tom Cruise was "Isolated"

The 8-part miniseries starts TOMORROW on A&E at 10pm.

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franco's band, daddy, release album and film

- franco’s band daddy have released their album ‘let me get what i want’, inspired by the smiths and features the band’s own andy rourke
- every song on the album has an accompanying music video, with the 10 clips combining to form an hour-long art film.
- film and album are inspired by the smiths’ 1984 song 'please, please, please, let me get what i want'

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gentle but you weren't, gentle but you weren't, gentle but you weren't....

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Harry Styles is working with Bruno Mars and Max Martin on his solo music

  • Robbie Williams told the Belfast Telegraph that he met Harry Styles in an airport and he told him that he had spent a week writing with Bruno Mars and was about to spend a week writing with Max Martin.

  • Robbie also thinks that Harry is the new him, and that [Harry Styles] has beguiled the whole world just by being Harry Styles.

  • He also confessed that neither Bruno or Max returned his calls last year when he tried to contact them to work with them.


Argentina win the Davis Cup for the first time.

- Croatia were 2-1 ahead going into the 3rd day
- Cilic was 2-0 up in the 4th tie, 1 set away for the win, Del Potro came back to win in 5
- Delbonis played Karlovic and had only ever beaten him once on a default, he managed to win in straight sets
- This was Argentina's 5th final

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Channing Tatum Supports (RED)’s fight against AIDS

- Channing Tatum stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to announce his partnership with (RED).
- (RED) is committed to fighting and ending AIDS.
- With a donation of your choice to (RED), you can win a chance to accompany Channing to the premiere of his new Magic Mike Live show in Vegas, as well as attend an after-party as his personal guest.
- Donations can be made HERE.

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Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote this show...I just like to look at nice things.

Would you let these dudes grind on you, ONTD?

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Trailer

MTV posted the trailer for the newest season of Teen Mom 2, airing January 2. Includes:
*Javi calling Kail out for cheating
*Babs finding out about Jenelle's pregnancy via a police report
*Chelsea announcing her pregnancy

i'm here for this javi/kail messiness!


Somali-American teen becomes the first Miss USA hopeful to wear a hijab

Halima Aden starts off Miss Minnesota USA's swimsuit segment to big cheers from the crowd. Announcer: "She's making history tonight."

— Liz Sawyer (@ByLizSawyer) November 27, 2016

*The Minnesota pageant happened on Sunday.

*Halima Aden, 19, is a Somali-American born in a Kenya refugee camp and moved to the U.S. when she was 7 years old.

*The teen made the top 15, before being cut.

*The teen says she entered the competition to bust misconceptions about Muslim women.

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So pretty! What do you think the Trump supporters will do after this? LOL
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Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?


-Says fertilized eggs do not have same rights as fully developed individuals
-We should stop letting religion guide our decisions
-Nobody likes abortion but you can't tell women what to do with their bodies
-The world has more important problems to focus on
-People wouldn't know how fertilization works if it wasn't for science so they shouldn't assume other scientific facts without knowledge
-Focusing on abstinence is not affective and doesn't address the problem


Bill is slaying your faves with facts right now, take notes.

Celebrities React to Ohio State Attack

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The Somali descent attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was killed. Racists in America are using him to justify islamophobia and Drumpfaloopa's ideas.

Mariah Carey Is Getting Called Out For Her Instagram Photoshop Fail

On Thursday, many celebrities were sharing photos of their Thanksgiving celebrations on social media, but it was Mariah Carey whose holiday 'gram got extra attention. The singer posted a festive photo on Instagram of herself holding a pie and can of whipped cream while wearing a plunging lace-up bodysuit and skinny jeans.

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Luke Evans and Daniel Bruehl to Star in TNT Series, The Alienist

Brühl plays the tile character, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, who's trying to understand what makes a man a murderer. He also has past trauma.

Evans will play John Moore, Kreizler's friend.

Set in 1896 New York, Laszlo and John are enlisted by then NYPD commissioner Teddy Roosevelt to investigate a series of murders of boy prostitutes.

The series is based on Caleb Carr’s bestseller of the same name. Cary Fukunaga, Eric Roth ,Hossein Amini, and Steve Golin and Rosalie Swedlin all serve as executive producers. Jakob Verbruggen serves as executive producer and director. Production will begin in 2017 in Budapest for a late-2017 premiere on TNT


Rih Rih's navy accuse Shakira (ft. Maluma) of ripping off "What's my name?" video

Rihanna's fans accuse Shakira of ripping off Rhi's video "what's my name?" and highlight similarities of both videos.

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What do you think,  ONTD?
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South Park to Address "Basic Decency" of Americans in Season's Penultimate Episode

upload pictures free

- In the penultimate season's episode titled Not Funny, after a revealing internet history program (think doxing) becomes reality the SP police tell people to rely on the "rationality and basic decency" of 'Murica at which point everyone in SP goes crazy.
- The whole season has revolved around the presidential election (and now Trump as PEOTUS as accurately represented by Mr. Garrison) and trolling (which at this point is just redundant since we've all been trolled)

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Cassandra Clare talks about the audiobook for Tales from Shadowhunter Academy

The cast list for the audiobook is:

1. "Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy" - Devon Bostick
2. "The Lost Herondale" - Jack Falahee
3. "The Whitechapel Fiend" - Luke Pasqualino
4. "Nothing But Shadows" - Nico Mirallegro
5. "The Evil We Love" - Chris Wood
6. "Pale Kings and Princes" - Ki Hong Lee
7. "Bitter of Tongue" - Torrance Coombs
8. "The Fiery Trial" - Sam Heughan
9. "Born to Endless Night" - Keahu Kahuanui (get those post-Danny cheques, i guess)
10. "Angels Twice Descending" - Brett Dalton

Clare says that she was "quite involved in the process." (Ofc she was.)

You can read the interview and listen to excerpts at the source.
(resubmitting this bc my first submission linked to the actual EW article instead of the twitter as the source.)

Dane DeHaan is gonna be a dad!

Caption: I'M GONNA BE A DAD!!!! @annawoodyall has been hard at work cookin' up a lil #babyDeHaan and I literally couldn't be happier... or more excited... Or more in awe. 👶!!!!!


Congrats to them! Surprised to learn there is no Dane DeHaan tag, I guess I will be requesting it in the next tag request post because mods now reject posts if they say something like 'Where's the Dane DeHaan tag?' at the end.
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Laura Marling announces the release of her next album

You can also watch the video for the first single ‘Soothing’ (it's nsfw-ish)

Semper Femina, Laura Marling’s sixth album will be released on March 10th next year.

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Cancel Your Netflix!! There Will Soon Be a 24/7 Taylor Swift Channel

- AT&T has announced a brand-new channel, called Taylor Swift NOW!, that will run 24/7 as part of its new streaming service DirecT Now

- The channel will broadcast never-before-seen concerts, to special events, to behind-the-scenes footage and "glimpses into Taylor's life spanning her entire career."

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Madonna's son Rocco Ritchie is "so glad" he doesn't live with her anymore

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Madonna's 16-year-old son Rocco Ritchie said that he's glad that he doesn't live with her anymore. Rocco made the comment in response to Madonna's recent Mannequin Challenge video, writing "so glad I don't live there anymore." Rocco's comment comes after his recent arrest for marijuana possession.

Source: Twitter

Do you still live with your parents?
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"Hamilton" makes $3 million after massive Thanksgiving boost

- it's the second show to gross more than 3mil in one week (Wicked was the first)
- the cumulative box office gross is now $35mil


so much for that boycott, huh


Kanye Had Nightmares Before Hospitalization

Kanye was reportedly having bad dreams about Taylor Swift Kim's robbery ordeal before his hospitalization a week ago.

The klan is the only family ye' has left and it got him shook to see what happened to Kim.

'He's been shaken up ever since the robbery in Paris. It did a number on him as much as Kim. The mere thought that anything could happen to her sent him in a tailspin. He wasn't sleeping and he was having nightmares about it.', the source claims .

Kim found it 'excruciating' seeing Kanye in such a paranoid state. She has been by his side and has been helping feed him.


Excerpts of The Hollywood Reporter's 'The Actresses' Oscars Roundtable

  • The roles in La La Land were originally written for younger people (we know it was Emma Watson & Miles Teller).

  • Made sure to drop the fact they sang everything live cus bish is CAMPAIGNING!

  • Says comedy saved ha life (even tho ha thirsty ass only goes for the dramas that may give ha acclaim cus sis is transparent)

  • By far the lesser actress in this roundtable, bye.

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Are you ready for the Oscars to get it all wrong, ONTD? TYFYA!