November 27th, 2016


Why actress Liza Weil is so proud of her role on 'Gilmore Girls'

“The thing that’s the most lovely to me, looking back at my time on Gilmore Girls, was how fortunate I was to be a young actor and to be on a show that made it really cool for girls to be smart. There were a lot of beauty shows, teen soaps, a lot of attention on looking pretty and being sexualized. It was really a gift for me to not have to do that and to really be able to explore the real issues of what it is to grow up.”

it will be shameless.

ONTD Original: Electro covers of iconic bops (2016 round up)

Love it or loathe it, you've heard this song before. In 2016 no classic bop from the 80s or 90s was safe, but not every fresh chanteuse butchered the original.

Lucy Neville vs. Crowded House
Fall At Your Feet
Original released: 1991 (Peak: UK Charts #17)

The og:

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Who reigns supreme ONTD?

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Arielle Scarcella interviews a lesbian YouTuber who recently came out as bisexual

In her latest video, YouTuber Arielle Scarcella interviewed Lysandre Nadeau, another YouTuber who recently came out as bisexual after living life as an out lesbian. Arielle asks Lysandre how coming out as bisexual was for her, since instead of coming out to straight people, Lysandre suddenly found herself coming out to gay people. Lysandre said that when she identified as lesbian, she felt that women who came out to her as bisexual were traitors, but realizing that she is bisexual has changed her perspective. Arielle then asks Lysandre if she thinks that Lysandre coming out as bisexual will further the myth that lesbians haven't found the "right man," and Lysandre responds, telling Arielle that her coming out as bisexual was never about her attraction to guys, but that it was instead about her overcoming her own fear.

Source: YouTube

Have you ever come out as bisexual after coming out as gay/lesbian?
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Are Eric Andre and Rosario Dawson Dating?

Yesterday, Eric Andre uploaded pictures of himself and Rosario Dawson holding marionettes to Instagram. Eric's mom was also present for their wild puppet adventures.

They have been interacting pretty frequently on social media and spending time together in real life, so some sharp internet detectives are speculating that these two are indeed fucking. Rosario has previously dated director Danny Boyle, Jason Lewis, and Jay-Z, among others. Eric Andre dated Miss Ashley Banks herself, Tatyana Ali, in 2012.
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Source: 1, 2

ONTD, do you approve of this couple?
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Young M.A. kicks out a fan for not having phone out during show

Most artists would prefer that fans not take videos and pics during their concerts. As many artists have said before, they would rather have fans live in the moment and enjoy the show instead of taking pics for bragging rights and social media. Apparently Young M.A. didn't get the memo because she tried to remove a fan out for not having her phone out.

After ordering the crowd to take their phones out, the "OOOUUU" rapper notices a fan in the front doesn't pull out her phone when told. “Where is your phone? Why is your phone not on? If you in the front, you better have your fxckin' phone out or you're going to the back."

After singling out the girl, she continues: “You been touching on me all night, where is your phone? ... You gotta get down. She gotta get out of here,” forcing her to move back from the stage & replacing her with a fan who had a phone.

M.A. made an apology days later at another show, suggesting that her being gone off that henny was the reason she was so rude to the fan. "Just the other day, I fucked up. I was yelling at this girl that didn’t have her phone, right ... I won't lie, I was off the Henny... I just want to send my apologies to that girl."


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Tom Ford: “I wouldn’t be caught dead in flip-flops”

Talking with People Mag’s The Jess Cagle Interview where Tom talks about his career and life. Including those things, Tom had to fill in the blank, 'I wouldn't be caught dead in _______ 'and he says: “I wouldn’t be caught dead in flip-flops,” Ford shares. “I hate flip-flops on men unless you have the world’s most perfect feet, and then only at a beach resort, never in the city. I think this trend for men in sandals in the city drives me crazy, or on a plane. When you’re on a plane and someone gets on in flip-flops, it’s very strange.”

His personal preference would be boots saying “I like a boot. It’s the Texan in me.”

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Do you agree ONTD?
Also fashion post

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Princess Beatrice reportedly sliced Ed Sheeran’s face

There was a party

James Blunt asked Princess Beatrice of York to be fake-knighted with an authentic ceremonial sword

She agreed

When she lifted the sword to place it on his shoulder, she accidentally swung it back so forcefully that the blade sliced through Sheeran's cheek.

Sheeran was treated at a nearby hospital, and later returned to the party.

shirley manson
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Garbage's Shirley Manson wants women to fight for equality again

Says the world has been getting more conservative after 9/11, and when that happens women get affected

Sees a ‘global movement towards eradicating women's rights’ and that women have to stand up against it and be vigilant, understand that human rights get eroded all the time. But also mentions that there a lot of women out there fighting every day, like Michelle Obama and Serena Williams.

Doesn't understand why a woman would want to distance herself form the idea of equality.

Also talks about the pressure to be beautiful and presentable on social media that women face which cause insecurities

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Selena Gomez Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Selena shared recently some of her beauty tips and techniques.

- She works out while on tour but she also has a sweat bed. "I have a sweat bed, which looks like a burrito that I wrap myself up in, and I sweat for about 45 minutes. Just little things to kind of keep me healthy and keep me focused".
- Sleeping with makeup on her face is not her "vibe"
- Washes her hair every 3 days
- Envies Rachel McAdams and Blake Lively's hair
- Would never go blonde herself


What are your beauty and hair secrets, ONTD?
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Green Day won't apologize for protesting Trump at AMAs

-Vanity Fair wrote some stuff about how it's 2004 all over again because there's an asshole president elect and Green Day is protesting.

-The chant at the AMAs was inspired by punk legends MDC and their 1982 anti-fa song "Born to Die." The chant went "no war, no KKK, no fascist USA." MDC approves of Green Day borrowing from them. Rolling Stone has an article about it.

-Billie Joe semi-joked that an album about Trump would be called The Day After. “But I think the A.M.A.s, with us, it was a good start to challenge [Trump] on all of his ignorant policies and his racism.”

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Source is a small Vanity Fair piece.


Lucian Piane goes at it again on Twitter. Highlights after the cut.

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A lot more at the SOURCE 1 2 3 4

ONTD, does he have a mental disorder or just drug problems?
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Blind Item: Cozy Breakfast


- two cast members of a successful cable show

- both are single

- their characters never had a scene together (yet)

- spotted having a very touchy breakfast in the country their show is filming in
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Dr Strange Is Marvel's Highest Grossing First Solo Installment

source 2

the latest Strange BO numbers: domestic ($205.1M) + international ($410.9M) = Worldwide ($616M)

this outperforms all other MCU first solo installments:

Iron Man ($585M)
The Incredible Hulk ($263M)
Thor ($450M)
Captain America: The First Avenger ($370M)
Ant-Man ($519M)
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30 Underrated '90s Movies That Every Millennial Needs to See


Welcome to the Dollhouse — 1996

Genre: Comedy, Drama

About: An unpopular seventh-grade girl finds her life a living hell, thanks to the ridicule of her peers and the indifference of her family. This critically acclaimed, entirely unsentimental dark comedy depicts her struggles to survive this incredibly awkward age.

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What underrated movies do you think every millennial need to see??