November 17th, 2016

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Margot Robbie to star in new Wong Kar-wai film

• Wong Kar-wai's first English language film since the colossal 2007 disaster "My Blueberry Nights"
• based on true story of Maurizio Gucci being murdered via gunman
• Robbie will most likely play Patrizia Reggiani, Maurizio's ex-wife who put the hit on Maurizio

Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones | Dance

Imaan Hammam & Dev Patel for Vogue

Model Imaan Hammam and actor Dev Patel are featured in a gorgeous spread for the December Issue of US Vogue. Imaan shared a behind-the-scenes look on her instagram and has shared a few of the shots on Twitter.

imaanhammamHad the pleasure to work with Dev Patel in Sante Fe. What an experience to be in such a beautiful and spiritual place with an amazing team!@tonnegoodman @alasdairmclellan@aarondemey1 @shayashual@voguemagazine THANK YOU😊

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Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump

Paris Hilton revealed that she voted for Donald Trump.

She says that she voted for him because she's known him her entire life.

Paris also adds that Donald Trump has always been supportive of her.

Paris Hilton previously was keeping who she voted for a secret.

Source: Twitter + YouTube

Drake wishes he was in the NBA part 80,256.

- Toronto Raptors held a "Drake Night" for their game against the visiting Golden State Warriors.
- Drake was seen heckling Kevin Durant from his plush court side seats.
- During the after game interview, Drake bumps into Durant (18 secs in)...who obviously was not having any of it.
- When asked by the interview what kind of trash talk was going on during this special night, Kevin Durant replied "I don't give a damn about no Damn Drake night" and walks off (52 secs in).

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was this all in good fun ONTD?

Tom Hanks on post-election fears: "We are going to be all right."

Tom Hanks gave a speech at MOMA's film benefit Tuesday night. While he didn't specifically mention Trump, it was clear what he was talking about.

An excerpt from his speech:

"We have this magnificent thing that is in place. It’s a magnificent document and it starts off with these phrases that if you’re smart enough you’ve memorized in school or you just read enough so that you know it by heart, or you watched those little things on ABC where they taught you little songs in order to sing, and the song goes (singing): ‘We the people/in order to form a more perfect union/established to ensure domestic tranquility/to provide for the common defense/promote the general welfare,’ and you go on and on. That document is going to protect us over and over again whether or not our neighbors preserve, protect, and defend it themselves.

"We are going to be all right because we constantly get to tell the world who we. We constantly get to define ourselves as Americans. We do have the greatest country in the world. We move at a slow pace. We have the greatest country in the world because we are always moving towards a more perfect union."

read the full speech at the source

ONTD, do you feel reassured now that this rich straight white male celebrity has told you that we'll be all right?

The 2016 National Book Award Winners Put Racism on the Spotlight

FICTION - The Underground Railroad (Colson Whitehead)

A novel about the horrors of American slavery and the sinister permutations of racism, following a young slave named Cora who escapes a Georgia plantation and, in a surreal twist, travels north via a literal underground subway. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Whitehead said he was drawing comfort in these politically uncertain times by focusing on the redeeming power of art.

NON-FICTION - Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America (Ibram X. Kendi)

A comprehensive study that finds the threads of racism as they wind throughout U.S. history and traces them from their origins. Even as he delved deeply into some of this country's bleakest moments, Kendi said in his acceptance speech, he kept his belief in that country and its people. "I just want to let everyone know that I spent years looking at the absolute worst of America, its horrific history of racism. But I never lost faith. I never lost faith that the terror of racism would one day end."

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congratulations to the winners! have you read any of these yet, ONTD?
Sabrina V6

Kate Upton has some choice....words for Cy Young voting + other MLB awards

Kate's fiance Justin Verlander came in second in the AL Cy Young (award for the best pitcher) voting to Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello even though he had more first place votes than Porcello (Verlander had 14 to Porcello's 8). So Kate took to Twitter to stress her frustration....

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I'll update both leagues MVP when its announced
Just updated with the winners of the MVP awards
image host
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The entire Hannah Montana series will be marathoned on Disney from 12/3-12/29

Hannah Montana reruns of the entire series will be shown on Disney Channel from December 3rd to December 29th this year.

Source: Twitter

Remember when Miley revealed she was Hannah to the whole city of Nashville in the movie, but every single person there never leaked it to anyone outside of the city that she was Hannah... k
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Jon Stewart argues against the idea that all Trump voters are racist

Jon Stewart appeared on CBS This Morning, where he spoke about how both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for Donald Trump's win. During the segment, Jon Stewart said, "In the liberal community, you hate this idea of creating people as a monolith. Don't look at Muslims as a monolith. They are the individuals and it would be ignorance. But everybody who voted for Trump is a monolith, is a racist. That hypocrisy is also real in our country. And so this is the fight that we wage against ourselves and each other."

Source: YouTube + Twitter

Bollywood actress Malika Sherawat attacked in Paris apartment

Bollywood actress Malika Sherawat and her French boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans were attacked by masked intruders when they entered their apartment complex.
The attackers ambushed them "without saying a word, sprayed them victims with tear gas before punching them".
A criminal investigation has been launched, with detectives working on the theory that the assailants were attempting a robbery.


Scream's Bex Taylor-Klaus comes out as gay

On YouNow, a fan asked Bex if she was scared to come out right now, considering recent news. Bex's answer:

“Terrified, absolutely terrified. Part of why I’m coming out is because there’s so much hate and fear in and around the LGBT community right now and it’s important for us not to halt progress out of fear. Yes, it’s a scary time, but we need to stand up and say, even if you are afraid, I’m not afraid, or even if I am afraid, I’m strong. I am who I am and you can’t take that away from me.”

When Bex played a butch lesbian character (Bullet) on The Killing back in 2013, she said she was straight in a facebook post, telling fans, "I am a straight girl who plays a gay character on TV. No, I am not ashamed."

sources: 1, 2

good for her

Sabrina V6

HTGAWM's Viola Davis talks about how it is to play Annalise Keaton

For the last time, who's #underthesheet ONTD?

Viewing/Discussion post for S3E9 – Who's Dead

Jaskier Bomb
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Tom Hiddleston Showed up as a Gorilla on Jimmy Kimmel

So basically the bit is that Tom thought Guillermo was a producer and Guillermo tricked him into showing up in a King Kong costume because supposedly Leo dressed as a bear for The Revenant. Jimmy debunks that and then Tom chases Guillermo off stage. It's as awkward as it sounds.

Stop at 2:05 since the rest is just the trailer. Or don't watch it at all

what other embarrassing late night talk show appearances can you think of?
[tv] The Young Pope

The trailer for Disney's "Beauty And The Beast" is now the most viewed trailer in 24h in history

* In less than 24 hours, the trailer had 127.6 million views, breaking the records of Fifty Shades Darker (114 million) and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens (112 million).

What do you think about "Beauty And The Beast" trailer?
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Mel C reveals she was bullied by the other Spice Girls

In a recent interview, Mel C revealed she was bullied by the other bandmates, and that some lyrics from her latest album, 'Version of Me', are about bullying that happened during her time with the band.

She won't name names, but says it's been addressed and they apologized. Wishes she was stronger back then, but now that she's older she feels a lot more confident.

About a possible comeback gig/tour, she says anything less than the full line-up wouldn't be fair to the fans or the band.

shirley manson
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Brendan Dassey, of Netflix's “Making A Murderer,” won't be released from prison on Friday after all

A federal appeals court blocked the release of Brendan Dassey that would happen this Friday.

A motion filed by the state Department of Justice asked to keep him in jail until the appeal of his overturned conviction is settled.

rubbing face, Body Moves

DNCE promo in NYC for their debut album being released tonight at midnight!!!!!!

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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oram Po, Bollywood: South Indian Film Gets Oscars Push

  • Tamil-Telugu film Interrogation (Visaaranai) is this year's Indian entrant for the Best Foreign Film category

  • Second year in a row that the selected film has not been primarily in Hindi (last year's was the Marathi Court)

  • According to a KPMG report, South Indian film industries, mainly Tamil and Telugu, will soon overtake Bollywood in box office collections by language

  • Films in India are made in 42 languages

  • In 2015, Bollywood (Hindi) accounted for 297 of the 1827 films released. Tamil (Kollywood) films were also 297, Telugu (Tollywood) films were 284. These three industries currently account for two-thirds of box office revenue.

  • Both domestic and Hollywood films are being dubbed into multiple languages to reach a wider audience. Many domestic movies are also filmed concurrently in multiple languages

  • Interrogation director Vetrimaaran has moved to LA to campaign, with independent producers Guneet Monga and Aalif Surti

  • The Indian Govt has set up an Oscars fund of $150k USD for capmaigning purposes

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ONTD, what non-Bollywood Indian films have you watched lately? Rec post? And what are you doing with your 500 and 1000 rupee notes?

Superstar thanks you for your time~

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TWD News : sneak peek #2 for 7x05 - Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus got a raise

The Walking Dead actors Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln recently renegotiated to make $550,000 and $650,000 per episode for seasons seven and eight, respectively.

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This Is Us actress contractually obligated to lose weight

-In her contract, it says she has to lose weight like her character aims to do.
-Actress calls it a win win for her cause its harder to achieve on her own, but slightly easier to do for someone else and with the pressure.
-Says the story will eventually focus on other aspects of her character's life.
-Says she's not losing the weight for fame but as a choice for health reasons.
-Wants it to be known she's not selling out on the big girls


Try not to be judgy a-holes, yes, yes? So thoughts on this?

Also you should watch This Is Us