November 12th, 2016

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Celebs desperate for Golden Globe noms schmooze with the HFPA*

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*The HFPA is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a random group of 90 international "journalists" that vote on the Golden Globes. They love bribes and big name celebrities which is why celebs always go to their parties to suck up to them hoping to get an award.

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Version Exclusives LEAK!


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Which version are you buying, ONTD?
king tuna

Trump's win revealed to Big Brother contestants

- 6 BB contestants are some of the last people to find out about Trump's win...

- after host Julie revealed their next president, the contestants were left in disbelief


Kumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch Tweet About Being Harassed By Alt-Right Trolls IRL

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Thomas' twitter, Kumail's
Captain Marvel

Smoking Gun Photo in Taylor Swift's Sexual Assault Case Leaks Online

  • The photo at the center of Taylor Swift's sexual assault case has surfaced online.

  • Taylor's team desperately wanted to keep the photo under wraps because it would 'prejudice' the potential jury.

  • Taylor claims DJ David Mueller reached up her skirt and grabbed her ass right when the photo was being taken.

  • Mueller denies the claim and is countersuing Taylor for defamation.


Lock this asshole up, that photo is just....ugh.

Crazy Rich Asians news round-up

- Director Jon M. Chu is going the extra mile to find the very best Asian-American and Asians actors for the movie, with open casting and trying out unknowns, including people with no agency representation. Says a lot of the big agencies are unhelpful in finding the actor who could play Nick, the hunky male lead, for example. Says he discussed whether he is allowed to cast a Korean as a Chinese person, or a half Chinese-American (doesn't say what he concluded).

- Says conversations about whitewashing and Chris Rock's Asian "jokes" at the Oscars came up in meetings with the studio execs. "Hollywood listens to money and to controversy". Wants the community to come out and support the movie to show studios there is a market for movies with Asian actors and Asian stories

- "We also had offers from digital studios that would have paid even more than a studio, and we had the difficult decision of deciding whether to stick to, you know, [streaming] or go with the big screen, and we all made an agreement that that’s the battle that we were gonna fight, because on the small screen, there’s a lot of things happening right now, like you can feel [Asian representation] bubbling. There’s Fresh Off the Boat, there’s Master of None, while on the big screen it’s still archaic, and so we knew that we were all in a position to bet on something. We could go for what we stood for and what Kevin Kwan always wanted even from a book stage."

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"Is this book any good?" YES it is unless you hate FUN
you made me a shadowboxer baby

STREAM-Juliette Lewis returns with Future Deep EP

Actress, singer and total badass Juliette Lewis is back to rock you with a brand new EP Future Deep.
In her words: “Future Deep- is personal revolution music. An eclectic bunch of songs tinged with the darkest blues, contagious 60s garage rock and dance funk anthems. Reflecting a dangerous youth, regret and the raging strength to make it through. But of course its all fun as hell to listen to!”

Stream here:

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Preview of Little Mix on the Jonathan Ross show + candids + Glory Days International Road trip!!

On the show:
- Perrie said she found it hard to cope with the publicity surrounding her and Zatan's breakup, after he left her crying everyday and homeless when he dumped her by text.
- Felt she had to mention it briefly but doesn't like talking about it and would never go into detail.
- Jesy talked about how being in a group makes it easier to go thorugh bad times because they all support each other
- Leigh Anne said "When I split up with my ex, I was thinking 'I have got my three best friends, what does it matter?'
- People don't believe they get on so well but they do
- Jade says they channeled their life experiences into their memoir and new single "Shout out to my Ex", said it was tough sitting down and telling someone everything but it was like 'therapy'
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Only 6 more days till Glory Days is released! Are you excited?

Ethan Coen writes Op-ed for the NYT, calls out the media, Fallon, Comey and more

Spoofing Fallon's own 'thank you notes', director & screenwriter Ethan Coen called out the media (for being so balanced!),  Weiner, Comey, 3rd party voters, the electoral college, American voters and Fallon (Maybe now you could have the Grand Wizard on your show: He leans his head to you, you slip his hood off and ruffle his hair. Could be a cute bit!)

No thank yous for Hillary, though. She fought too hard to avoid this outcome, so boo to her!


"Finding Prince Charming's' Chad Spills Tea, Goes Off On Robert Sepulveda Jr. On Instagram

- Finding Prince Charming contestant Chad is spilling some serious tea after the show's reunion show yesterday on struggling hooker Robert Sepulveda, Jr. on Instagram!

- Chad is revealing what happened after the cameras stopped rolling after the finale. Chad claims that Robert tried to sleep with him AND some of the other guys after the show ended, even though he picked a winner at the end.

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Former Gay Racist Escort Robert Sepulveda Jr. throws shade back to FPC suitors.

- They show a clip of Sam yelling. Robert says he's never seen that clip before. Bitch that's a lie, you were right in front of them!. He says Sam is a deeply troubled individual with psych issues.
- Boring and beautiful Eric says Logo actually cut a lot of drama.
- Robert mentions 'people trying to call him out' but it was actually 'they who were doing naughty stuff in the house'. Probably referring to Chad who outed his fake businesses and that he's still a ho. Also, Chad hooked up with Sam in the house.
- He basically said he's not with Eric anymore but they'll 'always have a bond because of the show'.


*grab your popcorn, girls*
|| the brave ||


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SE recently released a Japan-exclusive demo for Final Fantasy XV, titled Judgment (You can access this demo easily if you have a JP PSN account, there are tutorials on youtube to help you if you're curious to make one!). The trailer above was the secret reward given to players for completing the demo =) I tried the demo myself and have been enjoying it so far, but don't want to do too much as I'm saving most of my experience with it for the actual release on Nov. 29th (finally...)

Anyone else give it a go? It looks so beautiful on the PS4 Pro. For those curious, here is a thread showcasing the differences in the two quality modes available on the Pro : Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc Demo Has PS4 Pro Enhancements @ 1080p

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South Park works in Trump victory at the last minute

- Originally, it appeared that the show anticipated a Hillary Clinton victory, reflected in the episode's teaser and its title, "The Very First Gentleman," released Monday.

- After the results, they rewrote/reconstructed the show in less than 24 hours Wednesday to reflect Donald Trump becoming the 45th president-elect.

- Title of the episode was changed to "Oh, Jeez," and some of the lines said in the teaser for a Clinton victory were also altered.

- Mr. Garrison represents the show's Trump character (referred to as "Giant Douche"). His running mate is Caitlyn Jenner.


Dave Chappelle is tonight's SNL host.

- Starts at 10:30c/11:30est
- A Tribe Called Quest is the musical guest.
- If you'd like screencaps or gifs, this tumblr will be posting them as the show airs.

Update: Kristen Wiig hosts next week (11/19).


What's your favorite Chappelle Show sketch, ontd?

Mystery actor wanted Priyanka Chopra to think she was drowning as a "joke"

During a recent interview, Priyanka Chopra's mother Madhu narrated an incident about how one of PC's Bollywood heroes played a "prank" on her but got tricked himself.

"She (Priyanka) is a good swimmer. On one of the foreign shoots, they had to go mid-ocean and she was supposed to jump in and the hero comes and saves her. So they went out in the boat. She had not told anybody she could swim. The hero tried to play a prank on her. She jumped and they moved the boat away, thinking she'd believe she was drowning and make a noise. She did no such thing... she started swimming. She's a very strong swimmer. She was enjoying herself in the water. The hero got so pissed,” Madhu added.

Mrs. Chopra refused to reveal who this actor was, but the popular guess at a Bollywood gossip site is Ranbir Kapoor (the same guy who decided to tell Natalie Portman he "loved her work" when he spotted her crying at Tribeca), and the movie would be Anjaana Anjaani. It is rumoured that when they were filming it overseas, Ranbir brought along his side-chick, which allegedly prompted Priyanka to call his girlfriend, Deepika Padukone (who will be in the new xXx movie), and let her know.


has anyone ever tried to play a shitty prank on you, ONTD?