October 25th, 2016


Millie Bobby Brown for Interview Magazine

  • Millie is interviewed by Maddie Ziegler.

  • Their conversation is pretty much a transcript of a phone call.

  • They talk about how they met and how Millie was a big fan of Maddie before they became friends.

  • Millie was born in Marbella, Spain but she has lived everywhere and she says that she lives on a plane because she travels a lot and she doesn't really lives anywhere right now, but her favorite place to live is Los Angeles.

  • She was born in 2004, which seems to surprise Maddie because she didn't know that.

  • She started acting when she was 9.

  • She thinks that you can go by instinct with acting and that you don't need to practice as much as with dancing.

  • They talk about Stranger Things and the whole experience doing the show.

  • If you want to read the whole interview, click H E R E.

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ONTD, what were you doing with your life when you were 12 years old?

[misc] shannyn shades

Critics aren't happy with The Walking Dead

"I’ve been writing about this medium for 20 years and watching it for more than 40, and I can’t recall a major TV series marketing cruelty and trauma as cynically, even gleefully, as this AMC saga. The rampage was hyped by a lengthy, thorough ad campaign spotlighting not any regular cast member, but Negan and his weapon. [...] This is revealing: AMC’s marketing department generated suspense by asking who would live and who would die after Negan’s bat-fest, yet the emphasis was not on the potential victim(s), but Morgan’s George Clooney smile and Negan’s substitute phallus."

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ONTD, has your fav show's thirsty attempt to create their own Red Wedding hype backfired as spectacularly as this?
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Rihanna & Missy Elliot post emotional plea as backup dancer Shirlene Quigley is reported missing

Shirlene Quigley, a 32-year-old backup dancer, has reportedly gone missing.

She has performed with Beyoncé, Rihanna, Missy Elliott and Jamie Foxx.

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Quigley was last seen getting on a bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC on Sunday at about 1am. Her phone was later found at a bridal store in Chelsea, New York

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Tove Lo announced the Lady Wood Tour!

Swedish alt-pop [queen] Tove Lo announced the North American Lady Wood tour on her Facebook this morning:

“Next year can’t come soon enough. Babes around North America, get ready for #LADYWOODTOUR with special guest Phoebe Ryan!!!”

Her tour will be taking place across 11 dates in February before she embarks on her UK/European Lady Wood Tour in March.

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Don't forget Lady Wood comes out on Friday!

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Andrew Haigh to direct biopic of Alexander McQueen starring Jack O'Connell

  • Andrew Haigh who directed Weekend, 45 Years and wrote/created Looking is behind the project

  • The film will focus on fashion designer McQueen in the months leading up to his 2009 show

  • FYI: McQueen was 40 in 2009, O'Connel, while looking rough as hell, is only 26

source 1 2

Do you look older than your age ONTD?

Jury Acquits Man Accused Of Stalking Kendall Jenner

Shavaughn McKenzie, Kendall's stalker was found guilty of trespassing and not guilty of stalking. The jury consisting of seven women and five men returned the verdict Monday.

Kendall's lawyer claims McKenzie stalked Jenner for 15 months to track down her location. He arrived on her driveway in August when Jenner reported that McKenzie followed her up the driveway of her home and “repeatedly banged” on the window of her car. “I’ve never been so scared in my life,” Jenner said.

He faces six months in jail for the trespassing conviction.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Scarlett Johansson is also working on a Zelda Fitzgerald film

  • Scarjo's version is called The Beautiful and the Damned

  • The Fitzgerald estate is co-operating with Scarjo's version and they also allowed access to some papers written by Fitzgerald during her time in a sanatorium

  • Jlaw's version will be titled Zelda and Ron Howard is onboard to direct

  • Neither of these movies are in production yet

source 1 2

Team Jlaw or Scarjo?

Bruno Mars reveals what it's REALLY like working with Adele!

Bruno Mars stopped by WKTU for a chat with Cubby & Carolina Bermudez! Bruno did NOT hold back when discussing his experience when working with Adele on her song "All I Ask."

Bruno says, "There was a moment when she was singing in the booth and I'm not exaggerating at all and the water was vibrating...like you know that scene in Jurassic Park..... She's got some pipes on her, and she's just a superstar."

But Bruno said it did NOT start that way! "She walks into the studio she's got all this attitude, she's a diva, she's like, 'I don't want to do this. I don't like that.....' And then as soon as we uh hit a couple chords that she liked, we started rolling, and that's where we got that song from." Even so Mars still expressed he would want to perform the song with her, "I don't know what she's waiting on man I'm like come on Adele.. like send an email, let me know!"

More at the SOURCE http://ktu.iheart.com/onair/cubby-and-carolina-in-the-morning-55161/interview-bruno-mars-talks-working-with-15237148/#ixzz4O7yxKSfF
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Actual Supermodel Alek Wek Says Instagram Models Are An Embarrassment


“I think the fashion industry has gotten to a place where it is embarrassing. When I think of ‘Instagram models,’ I say you have to take baby steps. You cannot just walk straight onto the runway. When I was working, there was no digital. We actually worked, we used Polaroids”

“Anything that those girls get for instant gratification, [they’ll] have to pay for it later.”
Over It

Perrie Edwards & Luke Pasqualino have broken up + Little Mix & JoJo stan each other + LM in Belgium

  • Perrie and Luke start going out in August after they were introduced by a mutual friend.

  • She ended the relationship because she can't commit right now because of Little Mix's busy schedule and because there wasn't a spark between them.

  • She prefers to focus on her work with the girls right now.

  • Luke unfollowed Perrie on Instagram after the breakup.

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Me to Luke after this news: Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss. Had your eyes wide open, why were they open?

maeve 2

Paul Beatty, an American, wins the Man Booker Prize

- Beatty is the first American to win Man Booker, the award had previously only been open to Commonwealth, Irish, and Zimbabwean citizens
- "The Sellout" is a stinging satire of race and class in the United States
- Beatty was selected from among six finalists, which was scaled down from 155 submissions


What are you reading, ONTD?

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky seen out together following dating rumors

- The new couple were seen leaving Commissary at The Line Hotel. They left in the same car after having dinner with her friends.

- "She struggled when she dated Chris Martin and seemed very stressed out. With Darren, it will probably be different. He does not attract attention like Chris does. He does not seem like a person who enjoys being a celebrity."


Oop. Justin Timberlake Could Face Jail Time for Ballot Selfie

The 42 year old singer and "actor" posted a photo to his IG on Monday in front of a ballot machine at the New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Germantown, Tennessee while making an ugly face. Taking a photo or video at the voting booth is illegal in Tennessee with a penalty of up to 30 days in prison and a $50 fine.

A representative from the Shelby County, Tennessee District Attorney's office said that Timberlake's actions are 'under review'. The state passed the law last year.

Nationwide, laws are mixed as to whether you can take a picture at the voting booth. Check your state before you can't stop the feeling and snap a pic.


justice 4 janet! jail ha

Kim Seen in Public For the First Time Since Paris Robbery

Kimberly stepped out on Monday night for froyo with ha BFF Jonathan Cheban.

It was the first time she has been seen since since she was robbed in Paris. She wore an oversized hoodie with some white chanclas.

She has been pretty low key and has not posted on social media since the incident.


pobrecita, at least she got sprinkles
[Westworld] Hector Escaton

Britney Spears Pursuing Tom Hiddleston?

* Britney's love British guys,the accent and their good manners
* for her Tom's a real gentlemen
* "Britney wants is to have a chance to go on a date with Tom, and she's very hopeful that once they get some alone time together, she'll be able to totally charm him."

jackie weaver

MGK and KKKarla are coming for that Bonnie & Clyde throne! Beyoncé and Jay Z better watch out!

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"that juxtaposition is what everyone desires. Prior to this it was 'Bonnie and Clyde' from Jay and Beyoncé"

source: twitter
i can't

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane Tries To Prank Her Bandmates: Preview

..because it's almost Halloween bwhaha😈 (evil laugh) love pranking my girls - stay tuned

"I'm staying right here." we now know Normani would survive a horror movie by simply minding her own business. thatsmygirl.mp3
and you ontd, how would you react in a scary situation? would you survive a horror movie?

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Cheryl Is Officially Divorced + Her Divorce Papers Leak

Cheryl Tweedy is officially divorcing her French husband in a few weeks, and now the papers which leaked are indicating why
On the papers Cheryl checked that the marriage broke down due to "The respondent’s (her ex husband) unreasonable behaviour.”
In one section when asked: “If you consider the respondent’s behaviour has affected your health, state the effect it has had.” The response written was: “It caused stress and weight loss.”
The paperwork means their relationship will officially be over in six weeks when the Decree Absolute is issued. '

Why did your last relationship end, ONTD?

‘Walking Dead’ Ratings Near All-Time High With Season 7 Debut & Thrashes NFL

With 17 million watching the October 23 premiere to discover who Negan would kill and 10.7 million among adults 18-49 for an 8.4 rating, the zombie apocalypse blockbuster had a very good night as the No. 1 show on broadcast and cable.


Brad Pitt Abuse Investigation Expanded

- The Brad Pitt child abuse investigation has been expanded to the entire family, including Angelina
- L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services initially focused on the plane incident in which Brad allegedly struck 15-year-old Maddox.
- DCFS has now expanded its investigation to other alleged incidents, including interactions between Brad and Angelina which were allegedly witnessed by 1 or more of their 6 kids.
- Some of the children have been fearful around Brad, and Maddox in particular has problems with his dad
- Brad had with Maddox last week ended quickly because Maddox didn't want to be there

Source: twitter

Disney teams up with Hamilton director and Ice Cube for new take on Oliver Twist

According to The Hollywood Reporter Disney has announced that they are currently working on a new adaptation of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. Disney is allegedly drawing inspiration from Hamilton and their vision for Oliver Twist is a hip-hop musical and they've tapped some big names for the project.

Ice Cube is set to star in the project as Fagin and he's also writing the treatment for the film. Disney has also recruited Marc Platt, one of the producers behind Wicked to produce along with Thomas Kail the Tony award winning director of both Hamilton and In the Heights as well as the acclaimed production of Grease Live! earlier this year.

Source 1 and 2
What do you think about Disney revisiting Oliver Twist?

"This Is Us" 1x06 Promo

"Career Days" - Kate interviews for a new job that seems just about perfect, although it comes with a catch. Randall doubts his career choice and wonders if he followed the right path. Kevin and Olivia's relationship moves in a new direction. Rebecca and Jack are conflicted on what to do when Randall tests as a gifted child.


toby, you absolutely suck.
chris wood

Nico Tortorella Reveals if it's Tougher to Date Men or Women

- “Women. Totally!” he said after a pause and a laugh during an interview with Access Hollywood Live.

- To Nico, being sexually fluid “means I do whatever I want whenever I want it. And I don’t really have a problem with it!”

- “I think we just kind of have to take the weight off of it a little bit,” Nico added. “Look, it’s 2016, we live in a beautiful country. There’s a lot of crazy stuff happening, but I still love where we live. And I think that everybody has the right to do what they want and be the person they want to be — as long as it’s effecting positive change in the world.”

Source: youtube

Greg Berlanti on Katie Cassidys return to the Flarrowgirl-verse

-Wendy Mericle on Katies return: “We’re really excited to have her, and it’s absolutely going to be a surprising, cool way that we bring her back,”

-Stehen Amell on Katies return: “We find her in a very unexpected spot at a very, very retrospectively expected time,”

-Madison McLaughlin on Katies return: “Meeting Katie, she was the sweetest; she totally embraced me and really welcomed me, and I have a feeling it would be a really similar encounter with Evelyn and the Black Canary.”

-Greg Berlanti on Katies return: “She gets to play a couple of different things this year. She’s not just playing a character this year. She’s a couple of different things,”

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What happened to MGs "we have told all the stories we can with Laurel"

Pokemon GO Releases Halloween Event

Niantic attempts to redeem itself by releasing a Halloween event for Pokemon GO which runs from Oct 25 - Nov 1.  Confirmed features include:

2x Candy for catches of any type
1/2 distance needed to hatch eggs of any type + 2x Candies that you get from hatched eggs
More sightings of Ghastly, Drowsy, Cubone, and Meowth (+ their evolutions)  Also Zubat for some ungodly reason


Damn I said I was over this game until they released Ditto, the Legendary Birds and Mew/Mewtwo.  Hopefully a Xmas event will have Ice Pokemon at high rates.
britney spears - blinking

Taylor Swift Wants To Date Drake

-As you all know, Taylor Swift attended Drake's 30th birthday party over the weekend.
-Sources say the two were very "flirty" with one another.
-Drake joined Taylor "in her booth after dinner" and then they "were intimately flirting, talking closely, and laughing."
-Another source said that Drake spent more time with Taylor than with his own mom.
-Taylor didn't speak to John Mayer or Katy Perry, who were also at the party.

Plus, other reports and piggish sources (you can figure it out) have claimed that Taylor is currently seeing someone on the down low.

ONTD, do you want Taylor Swift and Drake to date as well?

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