October 12th, 2016


MLB Playoff Update: Even Year BS falls to the Cubs! Toronto and Cleveland in ALCS! Nats/LA tied!

Things were looking dire for the Cubs as they fell to the Giants on Monday and were down 5-2 in the top of the 9th. But the relentless Cubs offense and the terrible Giants bullpen turned the tied and the Cubs scored 4 runs in the ninth to take the 4th and decisive game. Off to the NLCS!! #FlyTheW

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What's that about even year bullshit? ;)

also: Congrats to Cleveland and Toronto fans! AL teams looking scary. Good luck to Dodgers/Nats fans tomorrow. Giants fans: magic isn't real. ;)
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Daniel Dae Kim Lands Three Shows on Different Networks

Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-O/LOST) put on his producing hat and has gotten three shows into development on CBS, ABC, and TV Land. He is aiming for diverse leads in each series. Two of the shows are based on popular Korean dramas while the other is based off a novel.

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Other Asian celebrities express their congratulations to Daniel
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Gal Gadot Comments on Wonder Woman's Sexuality


In light of Greg Rucka's (current comic book writer of Wonder Woman) belief that Diana is bisexual, Variety asked Gadot if the film will reflect any of that.

“It’s not something we’ve explored [in the film]. It never came to the table, but when you talk theoretically about all the women on Themyscira and how many years she was there, then what he said makes sense. In this movie she does not experience any bisexual relationships. But it’s not about that. She’s a woman who loves people for who they are. She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts.”

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Zayn and Donatella Versace: Fashion’s Newest Couple

Zayn has teamed up with Donatella Versace to design a collection of men’s and women’s clothing for Versus Versace that will be out in may of 2017. Zayn will also become the face of Versus in advertising campaigns.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Zayn on the project: “I’ve always wanted to design clothes and there’s no brand I’d rather design for than Versus. I like to learn about things I’m interested in and I enjoy being around creative people so I think it will be cool. The bonus is that I get to collaborate with Donatella, whom I love and admire. I know we’ll create something amazing.”

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Nosedive starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, and James Norton
Upvotes from quality people mean a solid popularity arc and influencer access to the city's top spots.

Playtest starring Wyatt Russel and Hannah John-Kamen
Nothing you see here can physically harm you.

BLACK MIRROR Season 3 premieres next week on Oct 21st. Also, notice anything familiar in one of the scenes?

Jaskier Bomb
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Issa Rae's "Insecure" Premieres Solid Thanks to Early Online/Streaming Debut

585,000 viewers from Sunday night premiere and repeat + 601,000 viewers from HBO Go, HBO Now and HBO On Demand where the show has been available for two weeks = 1.1 million combined viewers.

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Insecure airs on Sunday nights

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who watched? did you like it?
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Atlanta Commercial for Ahmad White

Is your life in shambles? Call 1-260-33QUEST. Get the answers you deserve. Don’t be dumb.

If you call the number, you don't get any life advice or nutella sandwiches but rather this pre-recorded message: “Salutations, and welcome to Free Your Mind. I’m unavailable right now due to a brief incarceration. Please, type in your number and a member of the brotherhood will contact you shortly. Enjoyable day to you.”

For those who don't remember, his character was last seen in the pilot episode trying to force Earn to eat a sandwich on the bus.

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what tv personalities do you turn to for life advice?

Instagram MUA James Charles is Covergirl's first male spokesperson

It’s official: so excited to welcome @JCharlesBeauty to the COVERGIRL family. ❤️ Show your support for James by regramming his COVERGIRL vid using #COVERGIRLJames!

James Charles is a 17 year old who only started doing makeup a year ago and rose to fame on social media because he does ~the look~

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best/worst instagram makeup "artists"?

Kim K. Robbery Update

Radar Online somehow got ahold of a video that shows Kim inside her apartment after the police arrive. For some reason Radar takes this as being EXPLOSIVE NEWS that Kim faked the whole thing. Here's why they think that:

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Radar is a mess for this, and even worse for acting like their article wasn't throwing around accusations. They ain't shit.
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Fox's "Lethal Weapon" gets a full season order

- the full season will have 18 eps
- it's on Wednesdays at 8:00
- "This Is Us," "Designated Survivor" and "Speechless" also got picked up recently
- that's about it really

Anyone watching? I only saw the pilot, but I liked Clayne Crawford and his mischievous hair. And I had all these feels because they used "The Mighty Rio Grande" in the sad-Riggs scenes, and that just makes me think of the escape sequence in Room and, well, ya know. [/csb]
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Overwatch Halloween patch released! New skins, event and more + new character leak?

  • Halloween Terror runs from October 11th until November 1st

  • There is a new brawl with Junkrat as "Dr. Junkenstein"

  • There are 12 new skins that can be unlocked along with new sprays, victory poses, voice lines, player icons and more

  • The Hollywood map is now Halloween themed

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i am a mess, i'm sorry @ the mods, i hope everything is okay now!
my internet keeps shutting off so i feel like i just posted twice too yikes

kinda disappointed there isnt a widowmaker skin ): but i love everything else
anyone playing the brawl yet?? and what do you think about sombra?
lets exchange usernames!

7/27 Gold in the US + "All In My Head (Flex)" Certified Platinum In Australia + Diamond In Brazil!

... And "Work From Home" is now 3X Platinum in the US (making it one of the most successful song released this year). So far with all their certifications arround the world, "Work From Home" is 25X Platinum, 3X Gold and 1X Diamond
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With now both "Worth It" & "Work Form Home" having more than 1Billion views...
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"all in my head (flex)" went platinum in the only countries they did some sort of live promotion. coincidence, i think not.
and they keep getting those certifications all arround the world like it was nothing. again, and again, and again.

sources: riaa x 5hnews x popcrave x kworb x brazilcert
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Bella Thorne Reveals Her Celebrity Crush is Demi Lovato

Bella Thorne, who recently came out as bisexual, talked openly about her identity in a new interview with Maxim...and her current celebrity crush.

When asked when she decided to come out, Bella responded: "I didn’t even think about it. A fan on Twitter asked me, and I’m super open about it. So I just said, "Yeah!"

As for backlash after coming out, Bella replied: "It is hard in this business for us. It really is. I have already had people talk shit to me. And it comes from people in the industry, not even fans. I’ve had studios tell me my image is too "out there," hinting at it but not really saying it."

Bella also revealed that her celebrity crush is none other than Demi Lovato! "I must say…rawrrrr. She is a pretty toasty woman. Miley Cyrus, too. She’s dope. But Demi is fire, just fire."

As for what she looks for in a potential partner, Bella said it's "somebody who gets you, that relationship where somebody’s just completely accepted who I am as a person and is just like, 'Fuck it!' I love that."


Who's your celeb crush, ONTD?
thelma - 2

Looking's Raul Castillo joins the cast of the CW's Riverdale

Raul Castillo, who played Richie on HBO's Looking, has a recurring role in the CW's Riverdale. He's playing Oscar, "a serious, successful songwriter from New York who is also a visiting professor at Carson College, located in Riverdale. Cool and exacting, Oscar agrees to audition Archie in the hopes of possibly mentoring the aspiring singer-songwriter — but does Archie have true musical chops?"

Oscar makes his debut in ep 5.


also, according to this video, sabrina [Spoiler (click to open)]isn't going to be a witch, but someone who's escaped from a cult. lololololol

more spoilers: betty and veronica [Spoiler (click to open)]kiss in the pilot, according to this review, and moose is a closet case getting some kevin keller action.

Comic book Roundup

-Action Comics #965
-Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #3
-Deathstroke #4
-Flash #8
-Supergirl #2
-Superwoman #3
-Wonder Woman #8
-Amazing Spider Man #1
-Darth Vader #25
-Great Lakes Avengers #1
-Uncanny Avengers #15

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Janet Jackson Officially Announces Her Pregnancy ‘Blessing’ at 50

Janet postponed her tour in May to plan her family w/husband Wissam Al Mana; sources later confirmed to tabloids that she's pregnant. Her ~baby bump~ was first photographed in September but this is the only official photo. Das it, nothing else to write.

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Miley Cyrus talks growing up pansexual: "I Always Hated the Word Bisexual"

In a recent interview, Miley said she became more aware of her sexual orientation between the age of 10 and 12 – just before she started filming Hannah Montana:

"I didn’t understand my own gender and my own sexuality. I always hated the word ‘bisexual’ because that’s even putting me in a box. I don’t ever think about someone being a boy or someone being a girl. Also, my nipple pasties and shit never felt sexualised to me. My eyes started opening in the fifth or sixth grade. My first relationship in my life was with a chick."

She was the first gender-neutral person she’d ever met.

Her mom has apologized for not being more immediately understanding about her sexuality.


Disney & Sony looking for an Asian director for Mulan; Ang Lee Passes

- Disney and Sony are look for an Asian director for their Mulan live-action films
- Ang Lee passed on Disney's Mulan live-action :(
- Disney's Mulan is going to be in 3-D
- Disney really liked the recently rewrite which is why it's moving forward


Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent's Relationship Confirmed + Kstew roundup


The more reliable tabloids have confirmed that Kristen Stewart broke up with Alicia Cargile and is now dating Annie Clark of St. Vincent.

St. Vincent was previously dating Cara Delevingne. When they broke up, Cara posted this ominous message on her Instagram.

Rumours of cheating have plagued both couples.

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Evan Peters to return to American Horror Story tonight

After weeks of people asking where the fuck is Evan Peters on this season of American Horror Story series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed in a tweet earlier today that Evan will be returning in tonight's episode. Many are speculating as to who his character is going to be and the people at Screener TV have developed a theory based on the previous statement that the first five episodes each correlate to the previous five seasons of American Horror Story. This is to be taken with a grain of salt because Murphy is known for talking about things that never end up happening and dropping storylines but so far they have come up with the following connections.

Episode 1 → Murder House - First appearance from a character who resembles Piggy Man in season one.

Episode 2 → Asylum - The evil little girl in Asylum took a friend into the woods here Flora disappears into the woods.

Episode 3 → Coven - Cricket was introduced. Leslie Jordan played a similar character in Coven.

Episode 4 → Freak Show - They mention a Mott family once owned the land.

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Source 1 and 2
Are you happy to see Evan return? What do you think the twist will be? New episode starts in 15!
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2017 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor


Casey Affleck (“Manchester by the Sea”)
Joel Edgerton (“Loving”)
Andrew Garfield (“Hacksaw Ridge”)
Ryan Gosling (“La La Land”)
Tom Hanks (“Sully”)

Alden Ehrenreich (“Rules Don’t Apply”)
Lewis MacDougall (“A Monster Calls”)
Dev Patel (“Lion”)
Denzel Washington (“Fences”)

[fyi: Anne Thompson only predicts frontrunners she has seen (no one has seen Fences & Rules Don’t Apply yet)]

Mel Gibson Is No Longer Persona Non Grata in Hollywood

-He's spent 10 years in Director's jail.

-Hacksaw Ridge is garnering Oscar-level praise

-Agencies CAA and UTA are said to be chasing the star.

-Mel is also lining up work as an actor. He is currently in Ireland shooting passion project The Professor and the Madman opposite Sean Penn

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Tommy Wiseau Stars in New Film, Best F(r)iends

In "Best F(r)iends" Greg Sestero plays a man who meets a lonely mortician who takes him on a wild journey. It's from a story Sestero wrote about a road trip he took with Wiseau in 2003.

"I think it's a role that will really spotlight Tommy's unique talent and charisma, while also setting up an unexpected and exciting reunion," Sestero tells THR.

Best F(r)iends is directed by Gary Fong and was shot August and September of this year.

"After watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise," says Wiseau.

There are doubts about if this is an actual film or just promo for James Franco's The Masterpiece which is an upcoming film about the production of The Room.

do you think this movie is real?
flash tomcav givingFACE

The Flash Roundup - Extended Trailer, Promo Pics, Interviews and CW Welcomes Tom Felton

Flash 3x03 'Magenta' Extended Trailer

The CW Welcomes Tom Felton

3x03 'Magenta' Promo Images
The CW has released some promotional images for your enjoyment, and as always curated to cater to the interest of Flash Fam ONTDers, so heavily featuring the Families West & Wells. More images at the source.

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 photo FLA303a_0335b promo_zpseyutqsca.jpg

3x04 'The New Rogues' Episode Description
Episode 3x04 'The New Rogues' features the return of Wentworth Miller (DCTV Regular) as Captain Cold, as well as the introduction of Mirror Master and The Top.
Placed under a cut because it involves some Jesse Quick spoilers.

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Tom Cavanagh On Playing The Harrison Wells' of the Multiverse
The OP's Unproblematic Fave TomCav sat down with Variety to discuss playing five versions of Harrison, working with Kevin Smith, the musical crossover with Supergirl, his charity work with Nothing But Nets, and his charity basketball game.

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EP Todd Helbing Talks Flashpoint Consequences & Speedster Allies...
Exec Producer Todd Helbing (one half of 'The Helbing Brothers') got on the old dog & bone with IGN UK to chat Season 3.

In his interview, TH explained what we can expect and what we won’t see this season, why Flashpoint was wrapped up after one episode, the introduction of Tom Felton’s Julian Albert, and the addition of BB Speedsters Jesse Quick and Kid Flash, as well as all his love of Tom Cavanagh...

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No 'This Week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media' this week, ONTD Flash Fam! The cast have basically been mostly off for Canadian Thanksgiving, so it is kind of radio silent on social media.
Did you enjoy all the Barry dragging going on this week?

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