October 10th, 2016

Perrie Edwards 'faked orgasms in bed with Zayn Malik' according to @LittleMix's new break up track

LM new single references the exes the girls had, Jade added: “Shout Out to My Ex is a song that we’re sure loads of people can relate to.

“It’s all about moving on after a relationship ends to bigger and better things, and leaving the past where it should be.”

Lyrics are as follows:

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Tacky tacky.
U ever faked an orgasm ontd ?
shotgun betty

Sycophantic Toadie Billy Bush Suspended from Today Show Over Trump Tape

NBC News suspended Billy Bush from the Today Show because of his role in the notorious Trump tape. In case you've only just gotten back from a mission to the International Space Station and nobody has told you what happened: Trump was on a tour of a soap set for Billy Bush back in 2005 during his Apprentice days. They were doing a dumb tie-in promo for a Hollywood news show that is not Entertainment Tonight. Trump's mic was still on and recording him when he said he wanted to "grab her by the pussy" -- her being Nancy O'Dell, apparently (or not, my bad -- it was soap star Arianne Zucker). Billy Bush was heard on the tape encouraging this kind of disgusting talk and laughing like a frat boy.

Below the cut, check out John Oliver's segment on Billy Bush from Last Week Tonight:

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Misha Collins campaigning for Hillary Clinton + Ivanka likes Trump tweet calling her a piece of ass

This photo is of me in Washington D.C., in the suit I wore when I was a White House intern.

I'm currently sitting on a plane at O'Hare airport on my way to Iowa. As you may have noticed, I’ve been encouraging folks to register to vote (and to get their friends registered). But I think it’s important to walk the walk, so I'm heading to Iowa to help people get registered to vote.

Tomorrow (Note: He posted this late last night so he's doing it today), I’ll be kicking off the day at a local park in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, then will be stopping in at coffee houses in various cities. If you're an Iowan (or even adjacent to Iowa), come get registered to vote and join me for a cup of coffee! Here's my schedule (all times are subject to change because, as you well know, traffic in Iowa can be brutal):

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In bonus Trump fuckery...

She has since unliked the tweet and it has been deemed an accident by a member of her staff.

Source 1, 2 and 3
The video is long but it's worth a watch. He talks a lot about the language that Trump uses to get people fired up but that he has no actual policies and also about his experiences in the white house with Hillary. Also this is mostly an excuse to continue ranting about all this fuckery.

ONTD Original: Is the new Power Rangers movie going to flop?

Guess what, ONTD? I have my eyes set on a new movie after Floptastic Flop: Mighty Floppin' Power Rangers. So the question is will the new Power Rangers movie flop or will it actually make enough bank for Tommy to appear in the next movie?

1. Pushed back release dates...

Did you know that the Power Rangers movie was originally supposed to be released July 22, 2016? Did you know it was pushed back to January 13, 2017? But isn't the release date is March 24, 2017? Yes, that means it got pushed back twice. Same thing happened to Fantastic Four. Pushed back release date don't look very good because they show the movie experienced delays or some kind of trouble. The only good sign in this case for Power rangers is that the release date was pushed back before filming even began so any troubles would be script, casting, or budget related...

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ONTD, remember when you said Fantastic Four wasn't going to flop? What excuse will you make when Power Rangers flops? Will it be the same excuse?

Quinoa Queen Shailene Woodley is Arrested!

Shailene Woodley, clay and bone broth eating enthusiast, was arrested this morning during a peaceful protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Shailene and around 100 other protestors were arrested for protesting after engaging in protest on a construction site. The Dakota Access Pipeline is set to be built on Standing Rock Sioux land and burial grounds.


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Political Activist QUEEN! When will your faves?!

Celine Dion Says Late Husband Rene Angelil is the Only Man She has Kissed

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Celine Dion, 48, admits that late husband Rene Angelil was the only man she has ever kissed. The couple met when she was 12 years old, and he was 38.

At 6:02 in the video, Dion says, "Before he left, it was very, very difficult for all of us,” Celine said. “For me especially, and my children, to see the man of my life die a little bit more every day. And when he left, it was kind of a relief for me that the man that I love, the only man that I kissed, the only man that I loved — yeah, I never kissed another man in my life. So the man of my life was my partner, and we were one. So when he stopped suffering, I said to myself, ‘He’s OK. And he deserves not to suffer.’"


ONTD, how many people have you kissed in your life?
[FS] red lips

DCTV Films Massive Crossover Event


Amber Tamblyn Speaks Out Against Sexual Assault by Sharing Her Own Story

I need to tell you a story. With the love and support of my husband, I've decided to share it publicly.

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To this day I remember that moment. I remember the shame. I am afraid my mom will read this post. I'm even more afraid that my father could ever know this story. That it would break his heart. I couldn't take that. But you understand, don't you? I needed to tell a story. Enjoy the debates tonight.

(SW) leia

Queen Carrie Fisher says Drumpf's sniffles are "absolutely" a cocaine thing

Space mom accused Drumpf of being a coke addict when a fan asked her about the sniffling on Twitter.

“Tell me something about that sniffle...coke head or no?” the fan tweeted.

"I'm an expert & ABSOLUTELY" the former cocaine addict but now actual inspirational queen answered.

Trump spent 95% of the second debate sniffling and the other 5% complaining how the world is against him.

if carrie fisher says it, it must be true

Source and the tweet

Colin Kaepernick criticized by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In an interview with Katie Couric, the Justice called the recent kneeling protests by Colin Kaepernick and other football players on behalf of Black Lives Matter dumb and disrespectful. She says that although she wouldn't arrest them, it's a terrible thing to do, like flagburning.

She added, "If they want to be stupid, there’s no law that should be preventive. If they want to be arrogant, there’s no law that prevents them from that. What I would do is strongly take issue with the point of view that they are expressing when they do that."

[The Avengers] Black Widow

Andrzej Wajda, Academy Award–Winning Icon of Polish Cinema, Dies at 90

* Andrzej Wajda has died at the age of 90
* he died in hospital of lung failure after being put into a medically induced coma in recent days
* Last year he directed Powidoki, which is Poland’s official entry for this year’s Academy Awards
* he made almost 40 movies ( Katyń, Ashes and Diamonds, Man of Marble etc.)


Film critic Devin Faraci accused of sexual assault

Birth.Movies.Death's critic Devin Faraci has been accused of sexually assulting a woman several years ago. The accusation came after Faraci mentioned the Trump tape from this past weekend. Devin replied stating he didn't remember doing it:
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Michael Ealy joins the cast of "Being Mary Jane"

Ealy will play Justin Talbot, the new producer of Great Day USA, and unfortunately for Mary Jane, he is also the man who previously got her fired from CNN

He was approached directly by his friend Union to consider taking on the role.


Costume company selling Kim Kardashian robbery victim outfit for Halloween

A company has rushed to produce a tasteless costume of Kim Kardashian called 'Parisian heist robbery victim' for Halloween this year.

The company in question also made a Megyn Kelly bloody tampon costume last year inspired by some of Trump's misogynistic word vomit.

They're charging $70 for this mess.

I figured there would be a ton of DIY versions of this for Halloween but a company actually manufacturing and marketing this is so gross.
jackie weaver

Billboard's 21 Under 21 2016: Music's Hottest Young Stars

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did you fave make the list? is your fave the future of the music industry?
what are you/were you doing while being under 21?

source: twitter

Angelina Jolie threatens to SUE Perez Hilton!

Angelina Jolie is suing mad according to Gossip Cop! Her lawyers fired off a threatening letter to Perez Hilton over his recent coverage of Angie's divorce.

Perez posted the drama on Instagram and said, “In other news, #AngelinaJolie’s lawyers at Greenberg Glusker have just threatened to sue me for my coverage of her split from #BradPitt.” He continued, “ME!! I have always been one of Angelina Jolie’s loudest and strongest supporters and defenders!!!!! This was my email back to Angelina’s lawyers, #BertFields and #PriyaSapori. Glad I’m not running for president!!”

Perez's response to Angie's team? He said, "Suck my d**k!" This should be an interesting story in the next few days!

SOURCE http://www.gossipcop.com/perez-hilton-angelina-jolie-sue-attorney-threat-lawsuit/
kelis // laugh

Paris Jackson’s boyfriend covers up Confederate flag tattoo

Paris Jackson’s boyfriend’s controversial Confederate flag tattoo has gone up in flames.

Over the weekend, tattoo artist Justin Lewis’ Instagram account revealed 26 year old musician Michael Snoddy had the offending ink covered up with curling flames (and added a cigarette to the cackling skull above).

“Cover up on my buddy @michaelsnoddy love ya brother,” Lewis captioned a before-and-after image of the 26-year-old tattoo.

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Harley DC

Alleged Leaked Early Script for Live Action Mulan Has White Love Interest

- Script suggests the male hero is a 30 something European trader
- He decides to help Mulan after falling for her
- He fights to protect her and saves China
- Even if the draft was scraped people are outraged it existed

Source, Source

This better not be true.

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ruby by kaiser chiefs

Guy Ritchie to direct ALADDIN live action movie

  • Guy Ritchie, stylistic director of Lock stock and two smoking barrels, The man from U.N.C.L.E. and Sherlock Holmes (to name a few) is set to direct the movie, written by John August (Big Fish, Iron Man)

  • It will be a non tradional take, but keep the musical aspect of the animation

  • will include Ritchie's signature non-linear style

who would be your dream Aladdin cast, ONTD?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Finally Reveals Thoughts on Beyonce

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 7.51.59 PM


A few years ago, Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche gave a TED Talk called "We Should All Be Feminists." Later, Beyonce Knowles sampled excerpts from the speech on her song "***flawless." Suddenly, the acclaimed writer had a massive standing in pop culture and a new wave of publicity. She has held her tongue until the buzz about Beyonce's albums has subsided to discuss her thoughts on the whole shebang:

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Feminist book and music recs?

  • fka

You can meet & greet Madonna for $150,000

Madonna is charging $5,000 and up for a 400-person show during Art Basel in Miami Beach on 12/2.

The show will raise money for her Raising Malawi charity.

Her most expensive ticket package ($150,000) includes a table for 10 with access for four guests to a VIP cocktail reception and meet-and-greet with Madonna.

Source: Miami Herald

How much have you paid to meet & greet your faves?
  • fka

Demi Lovato wants to become an MMA fighter

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer says that Demi Lovato wants to become an MMA fighter.

Demi Lovato trains at Glazer's MMA training gym.

Glazer says she's a better fighter than most of the UFC guys that train at his gym.

Source: Twitter

Have you ever gotten into a physical altercation before?
Turn: TallBoy

Timeless 1x03

"The Summit at the Sands"

After landing in 1962 Las Vegas, Flynn (Goran Višnjic) has the team on the run with the era's most infamous mistress. During the restless, neon-lit night, Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) meets his old mentor Anthony Bruhl (guest star Matt Frewer), whose motives may be darker than anyone suspected. Meanwhile, Lucy's (Abigail Spencer) personal life is falling apart, Wyatt (Matt Lanter) attempts to change history for himself, and we discover Flynn intends to gamble with far more human life than we realized.



Laura Prepon to direct an upcoming episode of Orange is the New Black!

urn feed wenn com newsfeedarticle 1 15846 6 636x

She told U.S. breakfast show Today, "I start directing my episode of Orange in about a week and a half... Talk about a challenge! I'm really excited about it. That's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I'm getting my shot this show...

"It's gonna be great. Everyone's so supportive, and I've directed myself before so that'll be fine... I can't wait."


Ronny Chieng: International Student to Air in US(!) and Australia in 2017

- Follow up to this ONTD post[And/or you can watch the trailer here]

- Was one of six pilots aired on Aunty as part of Comedy Showroom, with viewer feedback determining which pilot(s) would be picked up. Ronny's show was the best reviewed, followed by The Katering Show's Bleak

- International Student will air in July 2017 on ABC in Australia and Comedy Central in the US

- Chieng announced the news on Des Bishop's podcast (warning for autoplay)

- Also talked about how Americans only want an Americanised version of international perspectives, because the fact that he is a Malaysian-born Chinese guy who grew up in Singapore and lived in Australia for 10 years is too much to handle -- he's just 'Asian'

ONTD, have you ever had to dumb yourself down? Do you worry about leaving the iron on? And how amazing was Ronny's takedown of that racist arse Watter?

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