October 1st, 2016

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Colleen Ballinger (MirandaSings) is getting a divorce


there were rumors/speculations of her and joshua not seen together anymore for awhile and colleen finally confirms the story. talks about how they've had a rocky relationship from the start, and just realized recently neither of them are happy anymore. blames herself for not being able to make him happy and just wants the best for him. asks fans to not pick sides or attack joshua because they're both devastated.

Collen also stars in Netflix's "Back Off Haters" as her famous character 'Miranda'

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<;/3 :(
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Tinashe round up! New song + Player won't be on Joyride, and more...

- No date for Joyride yet. The interviewer says he heard October, to which she just replies "That's the goal..."
- 'Player', featuring Chris Brown, won't be on the album.
- 'Joyride', the song that Rihanna "stole", might be on the album.
- She votes on the local library, not in any "famous voting building".
- She learns her routines in 1 day.

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she seems defeated... or high... or both lol

German Actress Sophia Thomalla Compares Her Cleavage to the Refugee Crisis

"Small breasts are like refugees: they're simply there, but you wish they weren't.

  • boasted that that tweet made her gain 2000 more followers in just an hour

  • later claimed that it was just a social media experiment and a deliberate attempt at provocation

  • also thinks Donald Trump is a "real guy" and that no one wants to vote for a "little grandma that you have to take care of"

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ONTD, have you ever compared your breasts to a humanitarian disaster?

New promo for season two of "Outsiders" featuring Sasil a.k.a. the best part about the show

Season two begins January 2 on WGN America.

Another @OutsidersWGN Press Junket down with this guy @kylegface. 'Ol Hasil and Sally Ann dodging #Sasil spoiler questions left and right. 😂

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I'm glad that this and Underground both got renewed. It'll still probably be a while before we see any promo for that since it's not set to return until March. Anyway here have some Sasil.
haters will say its photoshop

Britney Spears talks Justin Timberlake collab

In a quick preview of Britney's interview with Rylan on 'This Morning,' she was asked if the rumors of her wanting a Justin collab were true and if it was something we would potentially see. She replied, "One of my friends asked me if I would do a song with him and I said 'yeah,' so they took it as I really wanted to. And that would be fine but yeah, I think it's just a lot of talk." She goes on to say, "You never know."

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NYT profiles socialite and political daughter Tiffany Trump

- In addition to being the daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples, Tiffany is a young socialite and member of the "Snap Pack"
- Despite this, does not seem like much of a partier
- She is expected to take on a larger role in her dad's campaign
- She didn't agree to be interviewed by the NYT for this profile, but did pose for its photo shoot

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'Alias' turns 15 - top 10 (3) twists, episodes and interview with Merrin Dungey

'Alias' premiered on ABC 15 years ago today (yesterday, actually). EW listed the shows' top 10 twists
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Angelina Jolie in Early Talks for War Drama 'Shoot Like a Girl'

The film is based on the book Shoot Like A Girl: How One Woman’s War Against the Taliban Led to Her Victory Over the Department of Defense, an upcoming memoir by Air Force Major Mary Jennings Hegar that will hit shelves in March 2017.

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when would she have the time with all the current drama?

edit: fixed pic! sorry

Scream Queens 2x03 Promo "Handidates"

Determined to find out who the killer is, Dean Munsch, Denise and the Chanels question Hester. Chad accuses Brock of being the killer and makes a shocking proposal to Chanel. Meanwhile, a new patient with an outrageous disorder (guest star Cheri Oteri) leads Chanel #3 and Cassidy to grow closer, and another victim crashes a celebration. (episode airs Tuesday, October 11th on FOX)


Kylie Jenner makes home-cooked meal for her man

Kylie Jenner made her man a home-cooked meal and showed off her skills in the kitchen by cooking Tyga a full-blown feast and capturing it all on Snapchat.

Jenner whipped up chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, potato chips, ribs and candied yams.

If you recall, Kylie's older sister, Kim, also enjoys making homecooked meals for her loved ones and is a regular participant of #SoulFoodSundays.

Tyga made sure to finish his plate, making Kylie boast, "Yeah that's right. To the bone".

it actually doesn't look half bad tbh. not like kim's prison plates


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Kelly Osbourne Settles Suit With Her Dad Ozzy's Rumored Mistress

Kelly Osbourne has settled her lawsuit with the woman who allegedly had an affair with her father Ozzy.

The 31-year-old television personality was being sued by Ozzy‘s rumored mistress Michelle Pugh after Kelly criticized her and shared her phone number on Twitter.

Kelly has since deleted the tweets and the women have reportedly reached a settlement in the lawsuit outside of court.

“The tweets have been removed and the lawsuit has been privately resolved. The resolution statement is mutual,” Michelle‘s lawyer F. Edie Mermelstein told People.

she is so immature

Justin Theroux was "mortified" by his sweatpants on The Leftovers

-He didn't feel "objectified" but he did feel embarrassed. He felt like someone had yanked his shorts down in public.

-Says that even though people were overall very complimentary, it was "mortifying more than anything else"