September 13th, 2016

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Indiewire's 2016 Emmy Predictions


[Drama Series]
Outstanding Drama Series
Will Win: “Game of Thrones”
Could Win: “The Americans”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Will Win: Rami Malek, “Mr. Robot”
Could Win: Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards”

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Will Win: Robin Wright, “House of Cards”
Could Win: Keri Russell, “The Americans”

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Will Win: Lena Headey, “Game of Thrones”
Could Win: Dame Maggie Smith, “Downon Abbey”

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Will Win: Kit Harington, “Game of Thrones”
Could Win: Jonathan Banks, “Better Call Saul”

[Comedy Series]
Outstanding Comedy Series
Will Win: “Veep”
Could Win: “Black-ish”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Will Win: Jeffrey Tambor, “Transparent”
Could Win: Anthony Anderson, “Black-ish”

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”
Could Win: Ellie Kemper, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Will Win: Tony Hale, “Veep”
Could Win: Louie Anderson, “Baskets”

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Will Win: Allison Janney, “Mom”
Could Win: Anna Chlumsky, “Veep”

[Limited Series]
Outstanding Limited Series
Will Win: “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
Could Win: “Fargo”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie
Will Win: Courtney B. Vance, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
Could Win: Bryan Cranston, “All the Way”

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie
Will Win: Sarah Paulson, “The People v. O.J. Simpson”
Could Win: Kirsten Dunst, “Fargo”

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie
Will Win: Sterling K. Brown, “The People v. O.J. Simpson”
Could Win: Hugh Laurie, “The Night Manager”

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie
Will Win: Jean Smart, “Fargo”
Could Win: Regina King, “American Crime
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Kendall Jenner & her squad calls themselves "The Super Natural Friend Group"

Kindle was on the cover of Allure's Oct. Best of Beauty issue, despite Kylie being the make up pioneer of the klan.

● Her screensaver is a text bubble that says "i gave you a boner, don't ignore me"

Her speech is sprinkled with "like," "literally," and California-isms such as "gnarly."

She wants her IG to look good:
I want my Instagram to look good. You go through people's pages and it's all, like, selfies or their butts. I love a good belfie—don't get me wrong, I post those every once in a while. (a belfie, is a selfie of your butt and i'm offended to type it)

Her squad consists of Hailey Baldwin (yikes), Cara and Gigi: (smh)
This is going to sound really, really lame, but we all call ourselves the Super Natural Friend Group because we all have such cool individual lives and we've been dreaming about them since we were so young.

She wants you to talk to ha! :
I find it offensive if you're with someone at a dinner and they're just sitting on their phone the whole time, I take that personally. Like, am I not interesting enough for you to talk to me? (lol)

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Beauty Post ?

Britney Spears just released the best track this month, Listen to Mood Ring in full

The track is on the Japanese edition of #Glory (on sale now)

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which song should this have replaced on the album?

Lady GaGa talks Selena Gonez's break and the pressures of fame......

Lady GaGa stopped by WKTU's Cubby & Carolina to promote her new single, "Perfect Illusion!" GaGa talked about the pressures of fame, following recent reports that Selena Gomez has taken a break to deal with her health and stress issues.

GaGa said, “I’d say its definite, I mean, serious is broad, you know, term, I mean. There is a lot of really serious things going on in the world. So, its hard to say, you know, “famous”, you know, seriously awful or something when there is something serious things happening that are you know truly terrible in the world. Uh But I would say that you know, fame is, is uh very isolating, it’s uh, something that uh, takes a moment for you to stabilize yourself, especially if you’re, you know, really in it for the music, uh or for, you know your craft, because it can be a distraction from all of those things. Suddenly, it’s about, you know, keeping up with your career, or keeping up with, uh, number ones, or you know, being on top. And with this record, I just tried to spend the last three years recalibrating myself so that I could have human connection with, you know, people all over the world that maybe didn’t think that they could ever have a connection with somebody like [me]."


fifth harmony cancel more 7/27 tour dates! who's to blame?


- fifth harmony just cancelled even more stops on their 7/27 tour
- cancelled 6 of their planned shows in berlin and munich, germany, geneva and zurich, switzerland and marseille, france, scheduled for october and november
- the girls are yet to offer up an official explanation as to why they decided to pull the stops from their tour schedule
- fifth harmony's concerts in auburn, washington, ridgefield, washington, san diego, california, and las vegas, nevada were all cancelled without explanation last month


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KENZO's Fall-Winter 2016 Film and Campaign: The Realest Real, a movie by Carrie Brownstein

With social media ever more present in our lives, blurring the barriers between ordinary and famous, for KENZO's Fall-Winter 2016 film Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have invited writer/director Carrie Brownstein to take a look at the invisible digital walls that separate us from our favorite personalities and icons, and the curious conceit of a dream come true. Carrie Brownstein's short film for KENZO, The Realest Real, is a humorous exploration of the fickle and instant world of the internet.

Featuring Laura Harrier, Natasha Lyonne, Mahershala Ali, Rowan Blanchard, Kim Gordon and Karan Kendrick.


ONTD, which celeb do you wish was your mom?
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The fall broadcast sitcoms and the return of 'manxiety'

This fall, broadcast television will turn its attention to the battle of the straight white man to assert his masculinity in an increasingly alien world. And you won’t need to wait until the first presidential debate to see it.

Talks about a new trend for fall TV shows like CBS’s “Man With a Plan,” “The Great Indoors” and “Kevin Can Wait", with male leads adjusting to new roles 'At home and in the office, they find themselves struggling to prove that they matter in a world they no longer exclusively run'.

Mentions how “Kevin Can Wait” and the other sitcoms are resolutely apolitical. But they have come along just as the campaign is stirring up operatic male angst over being left behind by history.


it must be so hard...
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Mel and Sue quit The Great British Bake Off, following the show's move to Channel 4

Yesterday, Love Productions announced that the current season of The Great British Bake Off would be the last on the BBC. The parts failed to reach an agreement and the show will move to Channel 4.

Statement from Love Productions: "This has never been about who might write the biggest cheque, but about where we can find the best home for Bake Off. Unfortunately we were unable to agree either a fair valuation, and nor were the BBC able to provide the necessary comfort for the future protection of such a distinctive and much-loved television series."

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Today, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have decided to step down as the presenters of the show. They wanted it to stay on the BBC.

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No words yet from judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood about the move.

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How do you feel about change ONTD? Will you still watch the show?

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Ellie, Louis Tomlinson and Lou Teasdale Wish Niall a Happy 23rd Birthday

louist91 Massive happy birthday Niall! Miss you always X #rapscenewatchout

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 photo niallgif20_zpsd1xshq3w.gif

No word from BFF Ellie Goulding or the other two losers from 1D.

Hairspray LIVE casts it's Seaweed and Little Inez


Original Hamilton cast member, Ephraim Sykes, is stepping into the smooth dancing shoes of Seaweed.J.Stubbs. while Shahadi Wright Joseph, currently playing Madison in School of Rock, will be playing his sister Little Inez

Hairspray LIVE airs December 7th on NBC


op note: I've been checking ontd since the hairspray movie came out and this is my first post :o excite (be gentle edit: sorry for the network mixup, the fox tag isn't letting me delete it :\ )

LQ/Radio Rip of Utada Hikaru's "Michi" + Hikki's Promo Activities for Fantôme

As mentioned in a previous post, Michi was described as a "dancable" track that condenses her hiatus into a single song. The track is meant to let her fans know that she's okay and has matured as a person. The track will be released as a digital single via iTunes this Friday.
#buyappplauseonitunes #buyapplesauceonitunes #buyappleandcinnamononitunes #buymichionitunes

[Promotion Activities]Promo Activities
Meanwhile, Hikki has quite a bit of promo lined up for her upcoming album. First, she is collaborating with Shibuya men's fashion department store Lumine Men (Think 109 or 109-2 catered towards men's streetwear and urbanwear instead of gyaru-o). The department store's first floor will temporarily become a cafe featuring original coasters, screenings of music videos from the album, and new live videos. Customers who spend at least 5,000 yen will also be entered in a lottery to win an original Fantôme t-shirt.

Hikki also has a series of television appearnces lined up. She will be appearing on the following shows (With some pictures provided by the source):

Music Station Ultra Fes 30th Anniversery (9/19)
No additional information on her appearnce is out at the moment. This will mark her first appearance on telvision since her hiatus.

NHK Songs (9/22)
Her setlist will include Michi, Hanataba wo Kimi ni, and Tomodachi. She will also be interviewed by Itoi Shigesato.

Love music (9/30)
She will be answering video questions from various people such as Nagasawa Masami, Hanaregumi, Suiyoubi no Campanella’s Koumai, and Chris Pepper.

NEWS ZERO (Early October; date unspecified)
She will be performing Manatsu no Tooriame, the new theme song for the show.

In addition to these television apperances, Hikki will also be on the cover of MUSIC COMPLEX. The magazine will be released on September 27th, the day before Fantôme releases.

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time to cancel my hair appointment, I'm bald now.
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ONTD Original: 10 most popular youtube beauty gurus

Last year I made a list of the 10 most popular beauty gurus...and a lot has changed in a year. Below is a list of the NEW ten most popular beauty vloggers right now. The list is based on the socialblade chart which takes into account total view count, subscribers, influence, other social media and revenue (which is a great way to go because it cuts out people who bought their views or people who still have their billions of views from years ago but are lucky to get half a mill these days).

People on this list are exclusively make-up/beauty gurus. I cut out people who make one beauty vid every now and then. Along with their names are their most viewed beauty video.

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Panthers p

'Friday Night Lights' 10 year reunion special

The 10 year reunion of the premiere of Friday Night Lights is fast approaching and a reunion special has been put together by EW/People on their new streaming network.

Scott Porter, Connie Britton, Adrianne Palicki, and many of the cast members reflect on where their characters are now as well as reveal some behind the scenes details.

Porter reveals that some of the cast used to sneak onto the Panthers field during off hours and play flag football until Jesse Plemons tore his ACL while Taylor Kitsch was covering him.

Link to the full 20 minute special is at the Source.

Also a Lyla Garrity/Jason Street reunion over the weekend.

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Lady Gaga opens up about mental health issues

- Revealed that she is still taking medication from the traumatizing take off of her career: "When my career took off, I don’t remember anything at all. It’s like I’m traumatized. I needed time to re-calibrate."

- Suffered a period of depression a few years back that left her "exhausted - like i was dying"

- Now feeling a bit better, she adds: "I take medication. I’m not saying I feel good because of the medication - I wouldn’t encourage young people to take anti-depressants or mood stabilizers. I openly admit to having battled depression and anxiety and I think a lot of people do. I think it’s better when we all say: ‘Cheers!’ And ‘fess up to it."

- Was ready to leave her 20's behind as she turned 30: "30 is fantastic because I feel like I have all the wisdom of my 20s."

How do you deal with your mental health issues, ONTD?
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DNCE and Ne-Yo Team Up for Pop-Tarts SodaMazing Concert in Chicago

Pop-Tarts hosted a college-student filled concert last week at the House of Blues in Chicago to celebrate the end of summer.........

"The event celebrated mash-ups — not only in music, like their headliners DNCE and NE-YO, but also in food. Pop-Tarts unveiled their new flavors inspired by classic sodas: Root Beer and Orange Crush."

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DWTS protesters explain: "Lochte hurt Americans in Brazil"


LA residents Sam Sododeh, 48, and Barzeen Soroudi, 40, interrupted Ryan Lochte's appearance in DWTS by walking onto the stage and screaming "liar!" before a camera. A group of women were in the audience with matching anti-Lochte shirts.

They made no move towards Lochte himself or any of the dancers/judges, actually ignoring Lochte in favor of addressing the camera, as you can see in the video @ TMZ.

One of the men told Access Hollywood: "Lochte is a liar. He hurt Americans in Brazil. Two of his own teammates were detained because he ran away and he lied ... We want to publicize that this is a bad decision to have a liar be publicized as a star."

Barzeen told TMZ he was in Rio for the games, and Lochte Up Abroad made him a target while he was down there because he insulted Brazil: "We want the world to know that we don't take what he did lightly. He embarassed Americans on the world stage". He said that their intention was never to hurt Lochte and that it was a non-violent protest.

Sododeh said: "Our purpose was to get the message out that Lochte is a coward, a liar, and, under Brazilian law, a criminal".

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ONTD Original: 15 remixes that transformed these flops into bops

Every once in a while, a pop star will release a single that doesn't immediately capture the public's attention. In these cases, they will sometimes commission a remix of their song to give it an extra boost on the charts. Usually these remixes will make it easier to dance to the song or feature an additional act to help its chart position. Here are 15 flop singles that were given the remix treatment to turn them into hits.

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What's your favorite remix?

Hollywood's go-to divorce lawyers reveal the secrets of high-profile splits.

-Laura Wasser has been a Hollywood lawyer for nearly two decades and has worked with the likes of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, "multiple Kardashians," and countless other top athletes and high profile celebrities. She once had a client ask if they could request their spouse lose the baby weight within a certain time frame, in order to receive a bonus in the prenup.

-Neal Hersh, who has represented Brad Pitt, Kim Basinger and Halley Berry once had a client request a prenup stipulation that allowed them to have extramarital affairs, but their spouse was not allowed to cheat.

-There is sometimes no need to hire a private investigator when paparazzi photos can be used. Hersh once had a case where drinking was an issue, and he was able to find a picture in a tabloid of the person in question in New York with a glass. They couldn't prove wether it was apple juice or scotch, but since it was the evening and the type of glass they were holding was typical for drinking scotch, but it worked to his advantage.

-Celebrity lawyers have also perfected the art of releasing information to create less commotion, which is why break ups are usually announced on a Friday or before a holiday weekend. If a celebrities career is on the decline they will announce a breakup/divorce to stir up publicity.

-Found that celebrities tend to overshare about their sex lives with their lawyer, using the meeting as a therapy session. Hersh once had a client detail the size of his genitalia, explaining that his wife complained he was not big enough.


Mophie reunite, get matching tattoos.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams met up today in Belfast as Game of Thrones filming gets underway (though based on her hair, Sophie hasn't started filming yet), and among their various stops all over town, they visited a tattoo parlour and walked away with matching tattoos, like they had been talking about for a while.

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Ryan Seacrest and Adriana Lima Are....Dating. Like, Dating. Da....ting. They Together.

- Ryan (41) and Adriana (35) were spotted eating a romantic dinner in NYC after supposedly getting closer during the Olympics in Rio.

Source E! News, girl