September 11th, 2016

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Jason Mitchell joins Kahtryn Bigelow's drama on the 1967 Detroit riots

Jason Mitchell has been cast in Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit Riot Drama. He joins John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Will Poulter, Jacob Latimore, Algee Smith, Ben O’Toole, Jack Reynor, Kaitlyn Dever and Hannah Murray.

No details about his character have been revealed.

Careless ::AlexWinston::

Joe Jonas Fan Gets Shoved By Security For Trying to Kiss Him

While at a recent meet and greet with his band DNCE at the Plaza Patria Mall in Guadalajara, Mexico, Joe Jonas encountered a very excited fan who attempted to kiss him. Security was quick to grab her and push her aside, but the incident was caught on video and quickly went viral on social media.

This is the grossest meet and greet ever

— gwyneth (@Taysbra) September 9, 2016

The user who posted the clip of the incident captioned it: "This is the grossest meet and greet ever." Twitter stans were divided over whether Joe, the body guard, or the handsy fan deserved the most criticism.

Have you ever attempted to kiss your fave, ONTD?

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ONTD ORIGINAL: 15 Most Beautiful (Famous) Women in the World

Introducing my subjective list of the 15 most beautiful (famous) women in the world. (For all I know their could be some cashier in Ohio or a bartender in Spain or scientist in Switzerland who blows all of these celebrities away, but they aren't famous so I don't know who they are.) Presented in alphabetical order:

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Feel free to disagree with some of my (no-doubt in some of ya'll opinions, basic) choices in the comments. Also add your own picks with pretty, pretty pictures.

Source: My opinions and 30 images from Google cropped with my Photoshop skills.
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Alexis Arquette passes at 47

Alexis had a long career that spanned decades. The cause of her death has yet to be determined. RIP.

charisma forever

x-men: apocalypse gag reel + deleted mall scene

it's so long, lmao.

you can watch the 3 minute mall scene, featuring Nightcrawler, Jubilee, Jean Grey and Cyclops HERE

source 1 + 2
looks like a fun but also pain in the ass movie to work on. also THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE DELETED THE MALL SCENE /forever bitter.
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The complete list of 2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards winners


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Ayumi Hamasaki Announces Separation from Husband

Ayumi Hamasaku posted on her official fanclub (Team Ayu) blog that she will be separating from her husband of three years Tyson Bodkin. The two met while Ayu was on vacation at Los Angeles in 2013 and got married a year later. He is a medical student at University of California Los Angeles. Below is a translation of her post regarding the divorce provided by the source.

[Statement from Ayumi Hamasaki]

Today, there’s something I need to tell you all.

My partner, the man who walked this road with me together for three years, and I have decided to part ways. He is walking his own path, and I will walk mine.

As far as this announcement goes, I’m writing here because I wanted you to hear it from me first. For now, I’m focused on rehearsals for the TA tour and recording new songs and will keep on going!!!

Have a lovely Sunday.

[Rumors about Divorce during the Relationship]
Divorce Rumors prior to Announcement
Throughout their three year marriage, Japanese media have been speculating that the two would divorce. One particular notable case was when she posted a picture of her hugging a man thought to be someone other than her husband with the following hashtags: #let’s forget something little by little“, #let’s anticipate a new something, #bye bye my love and #hello my love".

Ayu responded with the following statement the same day this was reported by the media.

“Got nothing to report or whatsoever? I just used a social network during a fun night. It’s not as if anything sad has happened either. Even if, there just are such days. I’m human after all.”

It later turned out that the hashtags are actually lyrics from her song "you & me", but the disconnect between these hashtags, the image, and her relationship status invited continued speculation about an impending divorce.

This separation marks Ayu's second divorce as she was previously married to Austrian actor Manuel Schwartz.

Sources 1 / 2
ngl, this was obviously going to happen, especially considering how she talked about regretting moving to the US and "deserting everyone who was there for her all this time" on NHK Songs following with the theme/image of MADE IN JAPAN.
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ONTD Original: Celebs who urged you to vote, but didn't vote themselves

The US Presidential Election is on Tuesday November 8 this year, and celebrities are already hard at work trying to get young voters to hit the polls on election day. Although celebrities want you to believe that they care about getting the word out on the importance of voting, are these celebrities actually walking the walk like their "Rock The Vote" campaign urges? Let's take a look at some of the celebrities who have told you to "Rock The Vote" but haven't rocked it themselves.

Darren Criss: In 2014, Darren Criss was part of a star-studded "Rock The Vote" parody video of Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What," titled "Turn Out For What," that urged young people to vote in the 2014 Midterm Election.

In an investigation, it was revealed that 5 of the 14 celebrities who appeared in the video didn't actually turn up to vote in the midterm during the previous election in 2010, and voting records for 6 other celebrities who took part in the video could not be located. One of those celebrities who didn't vote was Darren Criss, who said he was turning out to vote in support of education. Shameful, isn't it?

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Have you ever encouraged anyone to vote in an election you never voted in yourself?
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First clip from Benedict Andrew's UNA starring Rooney Mara & Ben Mendelsohn

The movie is based on the play 'Blackbird'. From IMBD: "When a young woman unexpectedly arrives at an older man's workplace, looking for answers, the secrets of the past threaten to unravel his new life. Their confrontation will uncover buried memories and unspeakable desires. It will shake them both to the core."


Tom Hiddleston's Career Might Permanently Suffer After Taylor Swift PR Fling


Tom Hiddleston, along with Swift, has been widely mocked for his bizarre PR antics with Swift, such as posing on a rocky beach and wearing that notorious tank top that says "I <3 T.S." His Marvel costars have also publicly joked about it. But will his career be able to recover?

Multiple Hollywood outlets are saying that Taylor Swift was "napalm" for his image and career prospects. It's no secret that he was and is desperate to be a leading Hollywood celeb instead of just a respected, well-known actor. Hiddleston's PR team seems desperate to sink its claws back into those James Bond casting rumours. His publicist "sources" said to Gossip Cop that he is still in consideration for James Bond (lol). Gossip Cop insists that the rumors about Daniel Craig being offered $150 million to remain as Bond are not true.

The next two movies on his IMDB page are Thor: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island with queen hippie Oscar-winner Brie Larson. If Tom was hoping to boost his status by dating Taylor, it seems to have backfired terribly.

ONTD, do u think his career will suffer?


Source, Source, Source.

Vampire Weekend's Chris Tomson releasing solo project.

Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson is releasing his first solo project under the name Dams of the West. The album is titled Youngish American and will be released this fall. His wife directed the music video for his first single Death Wish. The album was produced by Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, and Tomson plays almost all the instruments himself. Also worked with Roger Moutenot, who has previously worked with Yo La Tengo and Sleater Kinney. When asked about the current state of Vampire Weekened he responded, "Online but away from the computer."

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ready for a new vampire weekend album tbh...

Rob Lowe is the official celebrity spokesperson for 🇺🇸 True American Patriots 🇺🇸

Quite a few celebrities, from Kate Upton to Chris Meloni, have spoken out strongly against athletes who do not conform to the standard posture while the Star-Spangled Banner plays before sporting events in the US. But there is one celebrity who stands above them all in resonating with true patriotic Americans:

Look at all those likes and retweets! This tweet is possibly the most popular thing Lowe has done in years decades! So popular that even some guy troll, despite being from the very country that the Star-Spangled Banner lyrically shits on, co-signs it:

Counterpoint from comedian Ian Karmel:

Chris Meloni source, Rob Lowe source, Piers Morgan source, Ian Karmel source

ONTD, have you ever gotten away with making child porn and then used that freedom to try to stop others from protesting against the deadly inequities of a flawed and racist legal system?