September 7th, 2016

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32 Stars almost cast in 2016 biggestmovies


- the original La-La Land cast: Emma Watson and Miles Teller
- the original cast for Passengers: Keanu Reeves and Rachel McAdams
- Gal Gadot ditched Ben Hur for Wonder Woman
- Zendaya ditched Storm/X-Men: Apocalypse for Spider-Man: Homecoming
- Emma Stone said no to a Ghostbusters role
- Joaquin Phoenix said no to Lex Luther and Doctor Strange
- Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy said no to Rick Flag/Suicide Squad

👑 CL 👑 : "The only thing I wanted to be besides an artist and a dancer was a nun."

More quotes from the interview + Photoshoot @ the SOURCE

ONTD, what did you want to be when you'd grow up?

Apple Unveils New iPhone

You can livestream it here:

Won't begin until 10am PT

To be unveiled are the iPhone 7/+, an Apple Watch 2 with new bands, and refreshed Beats products. Will there be no headphone jack? 👀

We may also see the debut of Apple's rumored wireless "AirPods" earbuds, and we'll find out when iOS 10, macOS Sierra, tvOS 10, and watchOS 3 will officially launch.


Little Mix's new book "Our World" to be released next month

From Amazon UK:
Little Mix are the UK's most successful girl band. They first found fame - and each other - on The X Factor in 2011. Five years later they have gone from strength to strength, achieving huge global success. With three platinum-selling albums in the UK and over 14 million record sales worldwide, the band are both adored by their fans and critically acclaimed for their brilliant music.

In this book the girls share the real behind-the-scenes story of both their personal lives and their success. They reveal the many highs - what it feels like to perform in front of thousands of people; the excitement of seeing your music soar to Number One around the world - but also the lows. Through it all the girls have had each other, and their incredibly close friendship has grown stronger and stronger as the years have gone by. Now the girls are like sisters, and in this book they share their journeys and how it feels for your dreams to come true.

Brimming with exclusive photos, this book shares with us the girls' innermost secrets - their hopes and dreams for the future, their families, their relationships, their style advice and above all their friendship. This book is Little Mix's story in their own words and tells you everything you need to know about their lives both in and out of the spotlight.

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The Killers cover Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind," Officially Begin Recording #TK5

The Killers performed at this years Lake Tahoe Summit, an annual event where lawmakers meet to discuss issues in regards to the environment. This year featured an appearance from our very own President, Barack Obama. Shortly afterwards Brandon Flowers and the boys took the stage to perform their own rendition of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind." Check out the video and images of Brandon looking delicious below. 👀 👀

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In other news, the only other member of the Killers that matters, Ronnie Vannucci Jr. talked to DIY Magazine and confirms that the Killers will officially begin work on their fifth studio album. A bit confusing as the band has been in the studio already recording new material. But if we remember correctly flop member Mark Stoermer confirmed earlier that the band may have scrapped all of that material.

-"Officially" begin work on the fifth album September 9th in Las Vegas.
-They are working with frequent collaborator and producer Alan Moulder.
-Doesn't know what direction sonic wise the band will go - it changes in the studio.
-Says that the band working with Elton John on #TK5 are simply rumors.

Read the full interview at the source.

bflow is looking good. and that bulge - God i am parched.

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Sabrina (H12)

Old white guy says he'll sue the Academy over 'inactive' status

- Robert Bassing (member of the writing branch since 1958, gave notes on 1950 best picture Oscar winner All the King's Men and his most recent screen credit came in 1977) says he'll sue the Academy over age discrimination after receiving a letter this year that he and many others 'may lose their ability to vote because of inactivity in the business'

- He's says the purge is disturbing and insists that he's more bothered with the perception that retired members are to blame for the #OscarsSoWhite than 'losing his Oscar ballot'. He says: "At the time I was invited into the Academy, you only needed one major credit and a sponsor,". "If they want to change the rules, then change the rules going forward, not going backward."

- He sums up the Academy strategy as 'trying to reduce the number of old white men so they can meet their numbers, and that's not right.'

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Lady Gaga Teases 'Perfect Illusion' lyrics

Gaga sent her fans into another meltdown by sharing the track's first lyrics. She tweeted a collage of brand new pictures along with the lines:
I don't need eyes to see
I felt you touchin' me
High like amphetamine
Maybe you're just a dream

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The excitement is getting too much! Are you here for these lyrics, ONTD?

Source + Source
wee lesbian

Angela Lansbury Rumored to Guest Star on Season 7 of GOT

- Totally reputable German tabloid Bild says she's going to be in two episodes, filmed over four days

- No word on who she's playing, and everyone is split between making "she's gonna solve all the murders" and "she secretly murdered everyone" jokes, so she's obviously perfect for the show


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waffle taco

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Entertainment Weekly asked readers to vote for their favorite fall show, and said show gets a spiffy cover. Supernatural once again wins with over 2.6 million votes!

Padalecki and Ackles will also be appearing at EW’s upcoming PopFest event in Los Angeles next month. Tix available EW's site.

Supernatural returns October 13th on the CW.


-This is a really cute cover, tbh!
-Yes, the show is still on. Make that paper $$$
-Yes, Jared can be #theworst on social media, but OP would still be his bttm betch

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Rihanna gets photographed by Terry Richardson for CR Fashion Book

Rihanna is on the cover of the winter issue of CR Fashion Book and the magazine hired sexual predator Terry Richardson for the shoot.

According to the magazine's editor, Rihanna is supposed to look like a modern-day Marie Antoinette. "I wanted to show that she is not just a villain to be despised or a muse to be channeled. She is neither, actually. She is a prototype for contemporary fame, body, beauty, celebrity and femininity."

"In this issue, I wanted to capture that sense of attraction and repulsion: the fantasy of glamour but also the poison and prison of femininity and society. The magazine is crafted around key elements of [Marie Antoinette's] life—her exuberant sense of fashion, her elaborate hairdos, her intense sexuality—almost like a modern biography through fashion imagery. And on the cover is Rihanna, who shares with Marie Antoinette an air of royalty that I, and the world it seems, find intoxicating."

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Kendall covers Vogue Australia

Kendall kan't stop, won't stop with the #slayage. She's now on the October cover of Vogue Australia.

Some quotes about modeling and her career:

“When I was a little girl, I was always tall and lanky, and supermodels were my superheroes.”

“I would look through my mother’s fashion magazines and dream of making that my reality. I would never in a million years complain about what’s been given to me. This is my dream. I’m incredibly blessed.”

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all the wine, matt berninger

CBS show will use replica rooms to help solve the case of JonBenét Ramsey.

source 1/source 2

Drakes DJ has $3M worth of jewelry stolen from tour bus

Thieves reportedly got into their tour bus while he was performing and stole 3 million dollars in jewelry that was packed in a fucking briefcase. It reportedly belonged to his DJ, Future the Prince.

(same DJ who allegedly got beat up in the club and gave us this GIF of Drake on gully mode).

Twitterverse is actually speculating the the jewelry was Drizzys.


Lmao clapping his hands all over the place. Looks just like Tyra in the "Child's Play" video.

ONTD are you an idiot that leaves multiple houses worth of jewelry in a briefcase on a bus unattended while you warble through your discography?

First page of Gilmore Girls revival script revealed.

  • The first page of the first episode of the Gilmore Girls revival has been released.

  • As revealed previously, each episode will be titled and take place during a season.

  • This is the first page of the Winter episode, which will be the first episode of the revival.


thoughts on the script? :/
Le Moustache

Odell Beckham Jr. replies to Lena Dunham's thirst

If you're unfamiliar with the story, Lena Dunham talked about how Odell ignored her and created think pieces/fanfiction as to why that is. These stories range from him not wanting to confront his attraction to someone who doesn't fit the prototype to him being gay because some guy must've caught his attention on his phone.

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SOURCE: Twitter
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Alias Grace, the most Canadian miniseries of all time, gets more Canadian, casts David Cronenberg

  • Beloved Canadian David Cronenberg is joining the cast of miniseries Alias Grace (yes he also sometimes acts but usually just cameos)

  • David Cronenberg is best known as a director of movies like Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, and A Dangerous Method AKA that movie that gave us the gif of Keira Knightley distending her jaw that people use to point out that KK is a bad actress

  • Alias Grace is an adaptation of Canadian icon Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name

  • Miniseries is written by pocket Canadian icon Sarah Polley and directed by Canadian Mary Harron. Canadian Sarah Gadon is starring

  • Canada



LISTEN: Fifth Harmony - Voicemail (HQ)

The song is an outtake from Fifth Harmony’s second album 7/27. It was said by their management that several extra songs that didn’t make the album would be released throughout the year, and Voicemail happened to be one of them.
Voicemail is now a "Napster bonus track" (what s that??) and unavailable on iTunes.

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a LQ version of the song was circulating on twitter a few weeks ago.
another bop by 5H. but what is their management thinking? not including "big bad wolf" and "voicemail" in the standard edition of the album? not promoting the undeniable bop that is "all in my head" properly?

source: vimeo x genius

Comic book Roundup

-Aquaman #6
-Batman #6
-Cyborg Rebirth #1
-Green Arrow #6
-Supergirl #1
-Walking Dead #158
-Doctor Strange #11
-Invincible Iron Man #13
-Uncanny X-Men #12
-Spidey #10

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Model of the year bella hadid on the cover of GQ

Best nepotism model bella hadid attends the GQ awards and wins model of the year

who's ur fav nepotism model , ontd?
source :
source :
Sidney Prescott

Demi Lovato has replaced Selena Gomez at the Global Citizen Festival 2016

In a statement, Demi said: The Global Citizen Festival combines music and activism in a way that inspires and affects millions around the world. I am proud to support this amazing organization's ongoing efforts to improve global healthcare and to end extreme poverty.

Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Major Lazer and Metallica are also performing.


Kanye & Drake working on joint album; Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show at Roosevelt Island

“We’re just working on music, working on a bunch of music together, just having fun going into the studio,” West said.

“We’re working on an album, so there’s some exciting things coming up soon."

He also presented his latest collection, YEEZY SEASON 4

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Queen Sugar (OWN) understands how complex family can be


"We rarely get to see black families on television in the kinds of hyper-realistic stories Queen Sugar relishes, so it’s exciting to watch a show get the room it needs to explore in the same way as distinctly white shows like The Sopranos and Parenthood. (If you need a reference for Queen Sugar, though, think Friday Night Lights by way of Six Feet Under.)"

What did you think of the premiere?
celine on jimmy

Celine Dion Tops World Wide Charts + "Performs"

  • Celine has sold 311k copies of her new french album "Encore Un Soir" total the first week

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Thanks for your time!

SOURCES: Celine Sales / Performance 1 / Performance 2 / Boxscore Results /Babs / Brit Brit
Jaskier Bomb
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Rewatch the Pilot and Promo for Episode 3 of "Atlanta"

Summary from YouTube: This man Earn broke as hell. How you gone go out on a date with no money? Umm mhmm these Atlanta dudes trifling. But Ok, Paper Boi might really be about that life tho.

And FX put the first episode up on YouTube. It's probably region locked though.

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have you ever been denied your attempt to eat cheap?
[DU] Calvin Candie

Shia LaBeouf reveals he was almost in 'Suicide Squad

* about Scott Eastwood character "“The character was different initially. “Then Will Smith came in, and the script changed a bit. That character and Tom Hardy's character [later played by Joel Kinnaman] got written down to build Will up.”
* “I went in to meet, and they were like, ‘Nah, you’re crazy. You’re a good actor, but not this one.’ It was a big investment for them.”
* after "Fury" David Ayer tried to convince Shia to consider a part in “Suicide Squad”


Britney Spears' manager on scrapped Make Me vid + #Glory; believes his ideas are cutting edge

In a new interview Britney Spears' manager and label give insight into Glory's release plan, the scrapped Make Me video and more.

- with Glory having an underwhelming opening sales week and the first single failing to take off this interview has fans incensed

- Britney's manager finally acknowledged the scrapped Make Me video and claims there's no conspiracy theory, alluding that the original David LaChapelle directed video simply did not work.

- They opted to not do a surprise release and took a semi traditional route instead

- Manager claims Spears still appeals to a younger demographic!? asdfsdfjdkjf

- Says they aren't following trends but keeping the ideas cutting edge


Grey's Anatomy 13x01 Promo

“Undo” – When one of Grey Sloan’s own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what happened while the rest of the doctors jump in to help. Meredith juggles huge secrets that affect her relationships with Alex and Maggie. While Richard helps Jo with a big decision, April and Catherine clash over the new baby, on the season thirteen premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network.


Welcome back, people!

OG MMPR cast not invited for cameo spots in new reboot film

-No one from the original tv series was invited to be part of the film
-Walter is a little confused by none of them being asked
-Still supports the film nonetheless

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Do you think they should've invited the original/2.0 cast to cameo in the film?
King K

Melissa George in hospital after brutal domestic assault

Australian actress Melissa George has been taken to the hospital after her partner of four years (and father to their two children) assaulted her.

- Taken to the hospital after reporting incident at 3am
- Was taken in for a swollen face, dizziness & nausea
- He has not been arrested or charged


ugh :( love her. stay strong <3
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Gaycation heads to Ukraine in the season 2 premiere

Ellan and Ian interview a drag queen, one of the only openly gay journalists in the Ukraine, and the leader of an organization that actively hunts LGBTQ people there.
You can watch it here.


The day has come! SUPERNATURAL has a date for it's series finale...

...or not. who knows.

Follow-up to their entertainment weekly cover. Jared and Jensen have said that they're seeing their 300 episode as a possible series finale. That could mean Season 14 (2 years from now) could be a shorter 13-episode season to end the show with episode 300.

... but then they say that nothing is set in stone, so they'll be doing this shit forever and i'm still to weak to stop.


ONTD, are you onboard for three more seasons?