August 27th, 2016

Water War
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Chris Hemsworth Inadvertently Boosts Donations for Suicide Prevention Organization

While filming in the Gold Coast, Hemsworth noticed some crew members wearing these LIVIN hoodies and bought one. He was spotted wearing it on the Brisbane set, and as a result some more people ended up buying the hoodie.

Casey Lyons, one of the founders, said more than 100 orders were made yesterday for the grey hoodie. "That's phenomenal for us," he said."We would have sold a lot more if we had it. It's very humbling, but...we're always humble at any sale we make. It's a thrill to see anyone wear our merchandise. It was luck for us really."

LIVIN is a non-profit suicide prevention group co-founded by Queenslander Casey Lyons and Sam Webb (Australian Survivor) that aims to get young people to talk about their feelings, issues and problems using the mantra: "It ain't weak to speak." They produce a line of clothing as a way to raise money.

source/ LIVIN organization
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Emeli Sande teases her comeback

Emeli Sande, who had the best-selling album of 2012 in the UK, has tweeted this teaser. We'll be hearing new music from her in September.

Source: Twitter

favorite Emeli Sande songs?
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Eddie Vedder kicks out fan from Pearl Jam concert for arguing with a woman

Apparently a guy was arguing with a woman, when Eddie Vedder saw it he stopped mid-song to have the fan thrown out.
"Hey! Hey mister! Hey, hey, get your fingers out of that woman’s face motherf-...all the the fingers are pointing at you."

After security removed the guy, Vedder asked "Ma’am, you’re OK? Yeah? You’re good?" and resumed the show.

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Harmony Korine Plans to Adapt Alissa Nutting's Controversial Novel 'Tampa'

Harmony Korine recently announced during a Q&A that he is planning to adapt Alissa Nutting's novel Tampa, which chronicles a young teacher's affair with her middle school-aged student.

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Source 1, 2
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Kendall Jenner "hints" kanye's vma performance?

kanye being gross and the klan cosigning it? truly shocked!. the cosby wax figure makes my blood boil jfc
also where's the "kendall is so different from her fam" ppl at?
source :
source :

Jessica Alba says she regrets getting tattoos, also talks about makeup and fake tanning.

In her Allure cover story, Jessica talked about some of her beauty regrets and past habits.

On her tattoos:
"You’re never going to be in the same place emotionally and mentally at 18 that you are at 20 or 25 or 30. Something that’s meaningful to you when you’re younger is not going to be meaningful to you five years later. I have a few tattoos. I’m not into them now the way that I was."

On makeup:
"I actually wore too much makeup when I was a teenager. I wore a full face, and I probably [should have] worn a lot less. I didn't know that there was the no-makeup makeup look until I was in my 20s. I used to use a foundation stick and just rub it all over my face, and then I would break out. Then I would wear more makeup to cover the breakout. The most important foundation is great skin."

On fake tanning:
"I did it a little bit as a teenager and a young adult. I remember it was a trend, and we all used to do it. You put the sticker on to see how dark you got. I would go to my cousins' dances, like the Sadie Hawkins dance, and we would get a fake tan before. I would never do a tanning bed ever [now]."

sources: 1 2

Celebs call out Trump for trying to use Dwyane Wade's cousins (Nykea Aldridge) death for votes

Dwyane Wade took to Twitter to announce that his cousin, Nykea Aldridge, had been shot and killed in Chicago.

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This is awful, RIP to Nykea Aldridge, absolutely horrible that 4 children lost their mother.

SOURCES: Wade Tweet, Trump Tweet, Cheadle Tweet 1 and 2, Williams Tweet

Friday Box Office: Don't Breathe Inhales $10 Million, Blows Away Competition

Article summary:
- this horror movie is doing better than people expected

(Warning: Article comments spoil the ending which might trigger people.)

Source: Variety Twitter

Did you go out to movies on Friday nights ONTD?

Nate Parker Breaks Silence and Reveals Misogyny

Last night at screening of his movie, Nate Parker spoke out about his past treatment of women. The title of the article uses the quote "I was a dog" (Is this a new PR tactic?)

Also he said he never realized male privilege was a thing:

Speaking about male privilege, Parker, now 36, admitted:
"I never thought about it. I’m walking around daring someone to say something or do something that I define is racist or holding us back, but never really thinking about male culture and the destructive effect it’s having on our community."

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Colin Kaepernick protests the national anthem

One response from a Giants player:

-Kaepernick is a known supporter of the BLM movement.
-He says he knows there will be backlash (see Cam Newton and how he had to walk back his comments about race in this country)
-Doesn't care if he loses endorsements.
-The NFL released a statement saying standing for the anthem is not a requirement.
Daniel Brühl, Julia Jentsch

"Toni Erdmann" chosen as German Oscar entry

It's been a great week for German director Maren Ade and her film Toni Erdmann:
On Tuesday, Toni appeared on the BBC's list of 100 Best Films of the 21st Century, that same day it was announced that the film has also been awarded the prestigious Fipresci Grand Prix (awarded by the International Federation of Film Critics to the best film of the past year), this marks the first time in its history that the award has gone to a female director.
Then, on Thursday, it was also announced that Toni Erdmann has been chosen to represent Germany at the Oscars.
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Saw this last Sunday and absolutely loved it.

Sources: 0 1 , 2 , 3

Justin Moore calls out unruly fan at concert "I'll beat the f*** out of you!"

- During "The Bud Light Party Convention" Justin Moore was performing a cover of Honky Tonk Woman when he saw a male concertgoer throw something at a woman in the audience.
- Moore stopped the song, crouched downstage close to the guy and said "Hey look at me! If you ever throw anything at a woman at another one of my shows I'll beat the f*** out of you!"
- Moore then made a throat slicing motion at the man and continued the show


note video may be nsfw due to swearing
have you ever gone to a concert where the singer/band has called out someone in the audience ontd?
Cosby Sweater
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Rebecca Black drops "The Great Divide", song is unironically good

- Rebecca is now 19 and back with a new single after moving to LA to pursue music
- Famous for that "Friday" bop from like 5 (?) years ago that everyone pretended they hated
- "As I've grown up, I've realized there are certain people I've let into my life that aren't healthy for me. This song is about letting those people go."

Src 1
Src 2

Can't believe she's one year younger than me, sis grew UP. Poor Katy must regret giving her that pity spot in TGIF now that ha pop-ballad crown is in jeopardy.
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Leaked email reveals Elon Musk found Amber Heard interesting because she's a fan of Ayn Rand

Billionaire inventor Elon Musk has been trying to meet Amber Heard for 4 years.

Elon became infatuated with Amber when they nearly met on the set of Machete Kills.

Elon emailed director Robert Rodriguez, asking to set up a meeting between him and Amber.

In the email, Elon Musk said he found Amber's love of Ayn Rand and George Orwell "most unusual."

Source: Twitter

Are you attracted to well read individuals?

Measles confirmed in Justin Bieber concertgoer, may cause a possible epidemic

A male Justin Bieber fan was recently diagnosed with measles and is believed to have been highly contagious when he attended a Justin Bieber concert on August 14, 2016. The concert was held in the Chiba Prefecture’s Makuhari Messe in Japan and drew a crowd of 25,000 people. The Disease Control and Prevention Center (DCC) and other medical organizations have sent out tweets alerting the public to the situation (tweet posted and translated at the source).

Japan struggles with occasional measles epidemic after laws were changed to give parents a choice in vaccinating their children.

ONTD, which artists would you risk measles to see live?
Belle, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, effulgent_girl

Captain America no more? Steve Rogers may be coming back as the 'Nomad' in MCU's Infinity War

- According to the Russo brothers, when Cap drops his shield in front of Tony in Captain America: Civil War, he is affectively leaving behind his identity as Captain America in the MCU.

- Joe Russo:
“I think him dropping that shield is him letting go of that identity. [It’s] him admitting that certainly the identity of Captain America was in conflict with the very personal choice that he was making.”

- People are now speculating that this free-agent version of Steve Rogers will take up the code name "Nomad" like he does in the comics.


Well, this should be interesting. I guess Evan's tenure as Steve Rogers really is coming to an end after the two Infinity War installments : (

🚨🚨🚨Pop Emergency: Britney's VMA snake is actually not called Banana!!


- MTV writer Crystal Bell embarked on a journey to answer one of the biggest mysteries of the century surrounding the high-and-mighty Britney "God Herself" Spears: where is Banana?

- Brit's performance was important to the snake community. It raised awareness for these animals, which people don't typically think of as cute — but they're terribly important animals in the ecosystem.

- Her impact on the designer snake industry is a real thing. A herpetologist and curator for the Wildlife Discovery Center said that when visitors want to take photos with the snakes, he asks them, "Do you want a Britney Spears?"

- Michael Hano, who was in charge of the snake back in the day confirmed that the snake did not have a name, it was indeed a female (despite many experts suggesting that it might actually have been a male) and is currently enjoying her retirement with one of his friends.

- "She was afraid of the snake, but she forced herself to handle it, and she did a really great job."

- The VMA tiger, however, is drop dead (beautiful).

You can read the whole text @ the source 1, 2.

Lupita Nyong'o has a new boyfriend ?

source, source

- She has been dating GQ Style Fashion Editor Mobolaji Dawodu for six months.
- They had been introduced through mutual friends of the fashion world
- Mobolaji had discreetly told people they are dating

Is Britney's song 'Liar' from #Glory abt Justin Timberlake? + No Surprises set for VMAs performance

Since Glory's release many listeners have zeroed in on the revenge themed track and have speculated it's about the Suit and Tie singer.

- They bring up lyrics from Liar that coincidentally(?) give a nod to Timberlake's infamous breakup hit Cry Me a River

- Timberlake can't stop alluding to the infamous breakup

- The media can't stop talking about Timberlake alluding to it & using it for promotional gain

Read full story at source

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Why men make more than women in Hollywood

JLaw who topped Forbes’ top-earning female star list with $46 million earned only about 71% of what the top male star, Dwayne Johnson, earned ($64.5 million). JLaw would be the 6th highest paid star in the list if it was combined with women and men.

That total amount for women usually includes income from something other than movie salaries. Jennifer Aniston, for example, wasn’t in any big-budget movies last year but continues to make the list because she has endorsement deals.

All of the top 10 male earners are over 40 years old compared to only half the top 10 women earners (which include for example Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston and Amy Adams).

Women actors aren’t given pay raises at the same rate as men are.

There aren't enough roles for women in the kind of movies that have mega-box office.

Harry Potter; DH1

It's official! Beyonce to Perform at the 2016 VMAs

- Beyoncé stans may be in for a surprise at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. The singer will be performing at this year’s VMAs, a source tells Billboard.

- “Beyoncé has been in top-secret rehearsals” for the show according to the Los Angeles Times

- Will overshadow Rihanna and Britney as usual

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*NSYNC & BSB creator Lou Pearlman’s infamous life story to become limited TV series

Magnet Management and Condé Nast acquired the rights to a recent article about the producer published by The New Yorker ("We Live in the Pop-Culture World That Lou Pearlman Created")

The project will most likely be a limited series and will tell the story of Pearlman’s life from his rise from blimp business owner to the music mogul and then his fall to fraud.