August 26th, 2016

Zelda Williams in Trailer for Lifetime's Girl in the Box + Interview

(click through to watch trailer. It won't embed since it's ~exclusive~)

Zelda Williams stars in this based-on-the true-story Lifetime film, opposite Zane Holtz as Janice & Cameron Hooker, a couple who kidnap a hitchhiking Colleen Stan (Addison Timlin) and hold her captive for almost a decade under their bed in a box.

Discusses film at 9:01, but the entire interview really deserves attention for discussion of her Dad, Robin Williams.

Girl in the Box premieres Saturday, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Has anyone here read the book about this case, Perfect Victim: The True Story of the Girl in the Box? The details have never left me since I did.

True crime/creepy post, ONTD?

ILD - oscar isaac

Soap opera actress Kassie DePaiva (OLTL, DOOL) reveals she is battling leukemia

I know that I have been quiet lately and I want to let you know what's been going on in my life. I was asked back to play Eve on Days and had begun my exciting return. During the 3 week July hiatus I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and have spent 6 of the last 9 weeks in the hospital. I will continue treatment over the next 3 months. My prognosis is good, I will not likely need a stem cell/bone marrow transplant, and we expect a complete cure. I consider this just a bump in the road. I have amazing prayer warriors, family, and friends that have been extremely supportive and life affirming throughout this.

I have a strong faith that strengthens me every step of the way. This has been a private matter but with Eve's return coming soon I felt it was time to let my loving fans know what's been going on. The Days and OLTL family love runs deep. Although I'm unable to be "camera ready" now... my goal is get back to stirring up trouble in Salem soon. Keep me in you thoughts and prayers.

Leukemia remains a rare disease and there is a great need for funding and donations of Stem Cells/Bone Marrow, Platelets and blood. If you would like to contribute in some way please go to and join or contribute to the Leukemia Fighters group you will find on their website. You can also join their Facebook page. There is a tremendous need to find exact matches for stem cell/ bone marrow. If you would like to make a difference in someone's survival please go to and find out how you can be a donor. If you would like to donate blood or platelets which Leukemia patients need a lot of, please contact your local blood bank or American Red Cross.

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Another One Bites The Dust: JLo and Casper Are Over

- Casper was supposed to go with JLo to a fundraiser in the Hamptons but instead he chose to go see a major UFC fight.

- JLo was so pissed that she announced on her WEBSITE that they broke up, not even telling Casper as he sat at the fight.

- No official word if she was just being petty or if they're done for good.


Taking that Pauly D route I see.  ONTD, are you problematic AND single?
celine on jimmy

Celine Dion's New French Album Is Here!!! + She Buys Fans Some Lunch

  • Celine has released her new studio album, Encore Un Soir!

  • You can buy it from Itunes or Amazon

  • You can stream it as well from services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, and Rhapsody.

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SOURCES : Twitter/ Celines Insta / 1st fans insta / 2nd fans insta / JPDion Tweet

why isn't the deluxe version available in the US
Harry Potter; DH1

Demi Lovato -- Dating UFC's Luke Rockhold ... We're Cool for the Summer

- The 24 year old has been seeing the 31 year old since summer began
- They met at a gym
- They've left secret social media messages towards each other (click the source)

Mean Tater

Susan Sarandon, Riley Keough & Shailene Woodley stand with #NoDAPL

shailenewoodley had to fly to LA for three long days of jury duty. my heart and prayers were with the people up here in North Dakota the whole time. sure feels good to be back on the ground with these brothers and sisters. link in bio! #dakotaaccesspipeline #dakotaaccess #UpToUs #RezpectOurWater

Shailene Woodley, Susan Sarandon, & Riley Keough showed up in Washington D.C. on Wednesday outside the courthouse where about 100 members of North Dakota's Standing Rock Sioux Tribe were protesting to join in fighting for their right to clean water and keeping their source clean by shutting down the Bakken Pipeline. Rosario Dawson has also been at protests for the cause over the last couple of weeks.

Sarandon spoke at the protest: "I'm here as a mother and a grandmother to thank the people of the Standing Rock community for bringing our attention to this horrible thing that is happening to their land, which in turn will endanger all of us ... because all of our waters are connected."

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Summary of: Source A & Source B

Shailene's IG pic

Check out Sacred Stone Camp, and please check out their Go Fund Me Page to help!

ETA: White House petition to stop the pipeline

Little Mix's "Get Weird" goes double platinum in the UK with over 600k sales!

  • Last week, on their fifth aniversary, they were 1k away from reaching double platinum, and this week it finally happened.

  • Get Weird is the most selling album by a western girl group this decade and has sold over 800k albums world wide (pure sales). With streams, they have sold over 1 million albums.


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Britney Spears dropped by the SiriusXM and Z100 studios in NYC

Britney Spears is currently in New York City promoting her latest effort "Glory." She visited Z100 to chat with Elvis Duran and also stopped by SiriusXM to talk to Kid Kelly. "Glory," which came out today, is currently at #2 on the iTunes chart and her single "Make Me" is sitting pretty at #7 thanks in part to it being discounted to $0.69.

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Source: Getty Images

Harry Styles in Cafe Habana Post

After months of filming Dunkirk, looks like Harry Styles finally got some downtime as he was pictured hanging out in Cafe Habana with Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford. He left with the wife of Ben Winston.

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Ghost In The Shell cast photos apparently leaked

Angry Asian Man puts it best: "Your first look at the other members of GHOST IN THE SHELL's Public Security Section 9. You know, the folks who will accessorize Scarlett Johansson's onscreen Asian-ness."

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Never forget:
"So I tell people to keep asking, and to keep asking for diversity in Hollywood." -ScarJo

Bless this Queen of Diversity Promotion.

btw mods, please reject my other post!✌️

Stream Young Thug's new mixtape &&& Vince Staples new EP

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wow vince's is fucking amazing

Florence soundtracks another thing, it's a Tim Burton movie this time

The song was made for Tim Burton's new movie called 'Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children'. Florence says in a press release: "I’ve always been a huge fan of Tim Burton’s. We have a very similar sensibility. It’s the kind of dark, dark romance of his work — so beautiful and whimsical, but with an element of darkness to it. That’s something that I always try and achieve in my work, too. I knew we would get along really well working together and we did. I feel like we’re coming from a similar place of quite frantic imaginations trying to get the words out before the pictures in our heads disappear. He feels like a kindred spirit."

this is not bad but i can't wait for the next proper thing after HBHBHB
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Kanye West kicks off the #SaintPabloTour , performs on a floating stage

he perfomed a 31 song setlist that includes :
Famous , feedback , all day , father strech my hands pt 1 /pt 2 ,wolves , real friends, can't tell me nothing , power etc

ontd , will u be attending this fuckboi hell?
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Desus Nice from kobewife1

Mexican Boy Band and Korean Girl Group Collab On A Song

Mexican boy band CD9 and Korean girl group Crayon Pop have collaborated on a new song called 'Get Dumb'. There's an English and Spanish version. It ain't a bop, but apparently it's at #57 (and allegedly peaked at #2) on iTunes Mexico as of me writing this. Congrats to both bands I guess.

English Vers.

Spanish/Spanglish Vers.

ONTD, do ya'll like this??
Source: My ears 👂👂👂

#WhitePrivilege Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Ryan Lochte Heading To Richmond Comic Con

Olympian and local village idiot Ryan Lochte as apart of his apology shame tour, is heading to a comic book convention (which typically hosts sci-fi/fantasy actors and noteworthy comic book writers/artists) hosted by Wizard World. The convention will be taking place from September 9th to 11th in Richmond, VA. If you want to meet Lochte, which we all know you want to, he will be there September 10th.

Wizard World continues being trash, news at 11.
Joe's neck

DNCE performs new song for The Today Show's Citi Concert series this morning

The VMA-nominated Jonas and his band performed a new song "Body Moves", which will appear on the band's first full-length album due to be released in November. (UGH. They keep pushing it back!)

Along with Body Moves, they also performed their new single "Toothbrush" and their platinum smash hit "Cake By The Ocean".
They also held an adorable puppy.

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New Photos from Beauty & the Beast!


Beast, Dan Stevens, looking fine with that geometric hairline.

Beauty and Beast, set to launch, premiere, whatever, on March 17th, 2017, has released the first looks at two iconic scenes. Disney and Emma Watson fans are foaming at the mouth to get more from this live action adaption, but they seem to be cleverly keeping the mystery, leaving us with these photos and one teaser trailer of Emma's face and a rose. The film is directed by Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh's Bill Condon and is written by Evan Spiloyopoulos (Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time) and Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower).

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What do you think ONTD?

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Tori Kelly (Tiara)

Becky G - "Sola" (Music Video)

[Becky G co-directed the music video for Sola]

@iambeckyg: Hoy es el día! That's right, today's the day! Being a co-director on this music video was so fun & also a new challenge for me! I was filming Power rangers when I came up with the concept & storyline, Now to see it come to life for everyone to enjoy gives me butterflies! Can't wait for you guys to see it! I WANTED TO GROW. To do something inspired by the movie world that recently has influenced my creativity, something with an interesting storyline, along with a powerful message of female empowerment. "Movie magic mixed with a little Bad-ass" I like to say.

Source: Youtube | Instagram

Words to live by: Mejor Sola que mal acompañada. What do you think, ONTD?
crush on you

Could Lady Gaga Be Collaborating With Florence Welch?

A Lady Gaga and Florence Welch collab might be in our future. Rumors of a possible collaboration began swirling after the English singer-songwriter shared an Instagram picture of her standing in front of a baby blue Ford Bronco – the same custom car Gaga was photographed driving earlier this week. On top of that, Gaga's fans pointed out that not only are both musicians in California right now, they were also both recently spotted with Mark Ronson. Mark was recently quoted saying that some of his favorite musicians were on Gaga's upcoming album.

Florence has expressed her admiration for Lady Gaga throughout the years. "Gaga is God," she tweeted back in 2009, while in a 2010 interview, she added: "I'm really obsessed with Lady Gaga, I think she's like total force of nature in the pop sense."

Would you be here for this collab, ONTD?
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#RenewKilljoys - Behind the scenes of last week's ep + Killjoys social media

Back to when my little peach was even smaller. Man these days are flying by. Photo cred Nana J @wildwood_collective

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Only two episodes left! New one starts in five. Prayer circle for everyone's favorite Doctor Princess.
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Selena Gomez Is Apparently Upset That Bieber Moved On

Selena's fam and pals are reportedly planning an intervention after her recent Instagram spat with Bieber.


  • She's reportedly upset he's moved on and is in a bad state. "He was Selena's first love, and she hasn't been able to totally get over him." And also "Selena's heard that Sofia is the first girl he's had strong feelings for since her", and "He was so harsh, and it made her realize that he really is over her"

  • "There's real concern, and the plan is to talk to her in the next few days to ask her to consider taking some time off."

  • Selena's team, a source also said that she never used him for publicity or fame and that whenever something good was going on in her life he'd post about her to get at her.

How long did it take you to get over your first big heartbreak, ONTD?
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Katy Perry Responds To Catfish Episode About Her, Is Very Sad

Katy Perry sent her sympathy to the Catfish victim who believed he was dating her for 6 years and was going to propose to "her".

She talked about it on SiriusXM and said, "Somebody sent me a link, I didn't actually read through it, because I just think it's really unfortunate and very sad."

The Peacock singer also went on to discuss important societal constraints when expressing her sorrow for the man, " heart goes out to him, actually, because anybody that’s been fooled like that or just you know… People have dreams, and people live in different parts of the world where not everything is as accessible. Like, we live on the coast, and you know, we get stuff in a way that some other people don’t get, and so I feel bad for him."

Ever dated a popstar who turned out to not be the popstar, ONTD?
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Rupert Grint to star in new series "Snatch"

Rupert Grint is set to star in new drama series Snatch. The series will draw inspiration from the 2000 movie by the same name. He will not only star in this new series for Sony’s streaming network Crackle, he’ll also serve as executive producer.

Also cast in the straight-to-series drama are Dougray Scott (Fear the Walking Dead) as a regular and Ed Westwick (Wicked City) as a recurring guest star. Nick Renton (The Musketeers) will direct.

Snatch will carry the spirit of the setting in the film, while creating a new world with new characters. Inspired by a real life heist in London, Snatch, centers on a group of twenty-something, up-and-coming hustlers who stumble upon a truck load of stolen gold bullion and are suddenly thrust into the high-stakes world of organized crime. The boys must quickly learn to navigate the treacherous waters of London’s underworld as rogue cops, gypsy fighters, international mobsters and local villains descend.

Grint will play the dynamic, frustratingly chaotic and utterly posh con man, Charlie Cavendish. Scott plays Vic Hill, who continues the con game from inside prison; Westwick plays night club owner Sonny Castillo.

Production on the 10-episode first season begins next week in Manchester, England. The series will premiere in 2017.


Jaskier Bomb
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Is Eiza Gonzalez Reyna Being Considered for DC Character Zatanna?


Very recently Geoff Johns started following actress Eiza Gonzalez (From Dusk Till Dawn series) on twitter, and she followed him back. Then she tweeted him this on the same day it was announced that Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) was directing Justice League Dark.

While this might be nothing, it's worth noting that a few days before Rick Famuyiwa was announced as the replacement director of Flash he started following a bunch of DC folks on twitter.

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