August 24th, 2016

Bella Thorne Comes Out as Bisexual

After photos of her kissing a girl emerged (what ?) Bella said "yes" to a fan on twitter asking if she was bi.

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Big Fat Quiz of Everything 2016: episode 2/3

Following my first post, here's the second episode of Big Fat Quiz of Everything! The teams:

  • The Sultans of Bhunai: Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade

  • TGGTTB :) (Two Great Guys Trying Their Best): Adam Buxton and Jonathan Ross

  • Tits and Teeth: Aisling Bea and Rob Beckett

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And next episode is on Sunday. Noel Fielding is returning with Eddie Izzard, Alan Carr, Chelsea Peretti, Romesh Ranganathan and Dara Ó Briain! It will be the last episode of the BFQoE series, so no more until the end of the year :(

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So how did you like this episode ONTD? Excited for next week? I know I am 'cause I love all of them (and Chelsea is returning yeeeessss I can't wait!!)

Britney Spears talks #Glory, Justin Bieber, Marriage, the Superbowl & more on BBC

Britney just did a great candid interview with BBC radio to promote the upcoming release of Glory.

It's a quick 10 minute interview worth the listen but a rundown:

- Almost drowning during her vacation in Hawaii

- What she thinks about fame

- Working with Divas in the industry

- She recalls a cute story about unexpectedly meeting Justin Bieber in her hotel room several years ago

- Would she be down to do the Superbowl?

- What advice she'd give her younger self? Hint it's about marriage.

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franco's band, daddy, mv is here!! (nsfw)

- directed by actor, director, author, genius, artiste james franco
- franco said of his clip in a press release, “everything gets wild at the chateau marmont. bungalow 2, where they rehearsed rebel without a cause in the ’50s and nicholas ray had his affair with young natalie wood. some hippies threw a party, and things got wild.” and there’s your plot summary


do you swallow??

Harry Belafonte on Nate Parker: "The fact that he should have been punished or whatever is history"

Legend, icon and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte loves Nate Parker and "The Birth of a Nation": he called Parker "a very bright young man" and the film "a winner". Maybe he hasn't heard much about the rape case, the stalking, the harassment and the suicide that clouds the whole thing? Indeed, Belafonte says, "I don't even know what the facts are. I don't know what the truth is." Well, OK, maybe he'll have a more considered opinion once he's better informed. But then, he also said, "The fact that [the system] may have screwed up, the fact that it didn't really take care of justice, the fact that he should have been punished or whatever is history. The fact is that he was confronted and then he did go through the process. Why are you bringing this up now? What has he done that requires this kind of animus?"


Naya Rivera reveals she battled anorexia as a teen, had an abortion while on Glee

  • Naya found out that she was pregnant in late 2010, weeks after breaking up with her now husband Ryan Dorsey to focus on her career.

  • She didn't tell Ryan about the pregnancy and made the call to terminate it during a day off from filming Glee.

  • She married Ryan in 2014, and they have a 11-month-old son.

  • She also talks about being anorexic when she was in High School, and how she didn't realize the severity of her eating disorder until she was writing her book.

  • She said that if her mom would pack a lunch at her she would trash it or give it away, and she would just avoid food at all costs.

  • She hopes that her son Josey reads her memoir one day in hopes that it gives him a better perspective on the issues women face.

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Natalie Portman Says French People Are Judgmental About Looks


To promote her directorial debut A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie Portman sat down for a lengthy interview. Her comments about France, where she used to live with her husband, have garnered lots of attention.

"People in LA are just wild. French people are very judgemental, or in Paris at least, about how you are and how you look. You would never wear workout clothes on the street or sandals or shorts or wild colours. It was fun to get back to where everyone’s just being free."

(Um, because people aren't judgemental in LA???)

More from the interview:

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Are French people snobby? Are people in LA snobby?


AFI cancels "Birth of a Nation" screening/Q&A

And so it begins.

I feel bad for everyone else who worked on this movie, only to have their hard work overshadowed by the terribleness of Mr. Parker and his friend. The film's success could have meant a lot to many of them.

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The judge who threw out Kesha's case against Sony had a massive conflict of interest

-It turns out that the New York State Supreme Court judge who threw out Kesha's appeal in her lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke and Sony had a pretty big conflict of interest, in that she's married to one of Sony's lawyers. Hmm. Apparently, Judge Shirley Kornreich's husband, Ed Kornreich, is a partner at a firm called Proskauer Rose, which has Sony/RCA as a client.

-Kesha dropped the case against Sony in Los Angeles, but she's continuing her appeal in New York. On August 1, the performer posted on Facebook about the lawsuit, writing: "The lawsuit is so heavy on my once free spirit, and I can only pray to one day feel that happiness again."

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Sarah Silverman & Susan Sarandon on France's Burkini Ban

- The Burkini is a swimsuit worn largely by Hijabi Muslim women, which covers their hair, arms and legs and allows them to comfortably enjoy themselves at the beach. Non-Muslim and Non-Hijabi women have also been known to wear the Burkini for its UV protection & coverage (e.g. Nigella Lawson).
- Several towns in France, including Nice, have banned the burkini.
- *Fully Clothed Police Officers* approached the Burkini wearing women at a beach in France and forced her to undress on the beach.
- She was then fined the equivalent of £32 for breaking the burkini ban.
- According to the Judges who upheld the ban, the clothing could be viewed as a ‘provocation exacerbating tensions’ within France and it liable to cause offence and to provoke people to violence.
- It has not dawned yet on the judges that the burkini is an exact replica of this, which, coincidentally is entirely legal and not a threat to national security.

What the woman is wearing doesn't even look like a burkini. I could be wrong but it looks like leggings with a long sleeved shirt and a scarf tied around her head. It wasn't covering her neck or wrists. Like a twitter user said, that men can force a woman to undress in public with the full weight of the law behind them should give us all pause

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Gosselin Updates - Mady speaks out + Collin's special needs

-Mady speaks out about Jon's claims that he has no say in which children he gets to visit. States "He makes it seem like we're being kept from him, which is insane. He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don't want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen. He doesn't even know us—how can he dare to talk about us?"

-Kate opens up about Collin's special needs and that he is away at a program designed to help him gain better life skills to handle his "educational and social challenges". "Over the past year or so, Collin had such a different schedule—different schooling, different therapies, his own room—that his leaving wasn't like one day he was sharing a room and on the bus with them and then suddenly he wasn't," Kate says.
-It's been rough on the entire family having Collin away, but it will be beneficial in the long run.

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Leslie Jones's website was hacked and private information + photos leaked

- Nude pictures, her passport, drivers license, phone number and Twitter password were posted on her website.
- Also posted were YouTube videos of the gorilla Harambe.
- Connected to Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos being banned from Twitter.


Gambit loses its director. Again.

Director Doug Liman has left the X-Men spinoff Gambit. He will now be directing Justice League Dark for Warner Bros. Sources say Liman leaving was a mutual decision. Liman is the second director to leave the project after original director Rupert Wyatt left last October.

Fox still believes production will finally get underway in January, after being delayed twice. It was originally scheduled to begin last fall.


The world does not want this d-list x-man movie made.

Doug Liman to Direct 'Justice League Dark' for Warner Bros

  • Amist of his exit from FOX's Flop 'Gambit', Liman joins WB as director of the 'Dark Universe' adaption.

  • While plot details are not yet known, the story revolves around a dark Justice League team that consists of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon

  • No release date has been announced at this time.

  • Scott Rudin is producing, and Michael Gilio is writing the script.

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NSFW: Did former "One Life To Live" actor have sex with gay porn star?

Str8UpGayPorn is reporting on a clip that is featured on porn star Billy Santoro's website.

The clip called "Soap Opera Star Fucks Seth In L.A." features Billy Santoro's husband Seth Santoro getting creampied by someone he claims to be a soap opera star.

The commenters at Str8UpGayPorn are convinced that the soap opera star is former "One Life To Live" actor [Spoiler (click to open)]David Fumero.

The clip and photos are featured at the ***NSFW*** source below.

UPDATE: The soap star appearing in the clip has asked Billy Santoro to remove it from his website!


Marvel narrows down director list for Captain Marvel to 3

The final three candidates for the directing job of Marvel's Captain Marvel film are, according to The Hollywood Reporter:
-- Niko Caro (Whale Rider, North Country, The Zookeeper's Wife)
-- Lesli Linka Glatter (Emmy nominated director of Homeland, Mad Men, West Wing and others)
-- Lorene Scafaria (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Meddler)

No final choice will be made anytime too, says sources. The film, starring Brie Larson, hits theaters March 8, 2019.

ILD - oscar isaac

Gina Rodriguez on the cover of Latina magazine

- You can find Justin Beiber, Kanye West and Drake on her playlist
- Loves being able to represent both of her cultures
- Talks about shooting the film 'Deepwater Horizon.' Says a lot of movies were offered to her after her Golden Globe award win. This was the movie she had to do
- Says her role in the movie had to be played by a latina and if it wasn't, it would be devastating. She told Peter Berg: "If it’s not me, it could be Natalie Martinez. It can be Melonie Diaz. It can be Génesis Rodriguez. It can be Stephanie Beatriz. It can be Melissa Fumero. It can be any Latina out there crushing it and killing the game."
- Says latinos in the industry are helping one another
- Also says latinos got Obama in the White House so we can make sure Trump doesn't get in
- Talks about Alex Garland, Oscar Isaac, filming 'Annihilation' and her role (plays a lesbian!) in the movie
- Mentions Mark Wahlberg

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Epic/Sony acquires 13-year-old Lil Poopy

Because of how he used to shit all over his dad, this child rapper is known as Lil Poopy and now his shit is gonna be all up in Epic/Sony for 4 years after his newly signed deal. You might have seen this Lil Poopy before if you watched Lifetime's reality show "The Rap Game" or if you're into French Montana, seeing as he is one of his Coke Boys. In a video for French's "Pop That" remix, he caused some controversy by slapping a grown lady's ass.

"Pop That" remix:

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Comic book Roundup

-Archie #11
-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual #1
-Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #30
-Action Comics #962
-Batgirl #2
-Flash #5
-Wonder Woman #5
-Wynonna Earp #7
-Captain America Steve Rogers #4
-Extraordinary X-Men #13
-Star Wars #22
-Deadpool #17

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Paris Hilton's Iconic Debut Album #'Paris' Has Reached Its 10th Anniversary

  • August 22 marked 10 years since 'Paris' has been released.

  • Despite of its flawfreeness pointing to it being a flawless virgo like me, this album is actually a leo.

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SOURCE 1/2/3

Do you still bop to Paris Hilton's first album, ONTD? Do you prefer leo or virgo people? It's my birthday btw! TYFYA!

Hiddleswift Have A Major Fight

A source reveals the pair of two months had “a major argument” in early August.

The source of the 26-year-old “I'm Only Me When I'm With You” singer, who split with Calvin Harris in early June, “They weren’t spending as much time together.”

The issues came from the 45-year-old actor’s busy schedule. Inseparable the first few weeks of their romance — after they were photographed making out near her Westerly, Rhode Island, manse June 14, they traveled from Nashville to England to Italy and finally to the Australian set of his superhero film Thor: Ragnarok — it became tough for them to pencil in face-to-face time, says a close Swift insider.


How long till they breakup ONTD?

+thanks to the good sis google for this tip
ru obamas

Watch the first 12 minutes of RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 2!

  • The sneak peek isn't geo-blocked which is nice

  • The full episode airs tomorrow (August 25th at 8/7C) on LogoTV and VH1, and is 90 minutes (I think every ep this season is 90 mins)

  • In Canada you will be able to stream it at 10pm EST tomorrow on their new launched OutTV Go website ($3.99/month)


team alaska obviously.. hbu ONTD?
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Xtina Maxim

One Woman Recreated Some of @Xtina's Most Iconic Looks, & The Results Were AMAZING

Ali Drucker, Senior Sex & Relationship Editor at Cosmopolitan wasted NO time when given the opportunity to don some of Chrietina Aguilera's most iconic looks for this piece. From Genie In A Bottle, to Lady Marmalade, and of course, the chaps from Dirrty, she had a blast recreating the looks of one of her idols.

Check out the rest of the outfits at the source!

ONTD, what's your favorite Xtina look?

Sources 1, 2

Jeremy Renner to voice main character in "ARCTIC JUSTICE: THUNDER SQUAD"

Plot: A group of inexperienced heroes must thwart an evil plot to melt the Arctic.

Jeremy Renner's previous voiceover credits are "cops" in Catwoman: The Game & the naration for the History Channel mini-series "The World Wars".

Omar Sy, Alec Baldwin, Angelica Houston, John Cleese & James franco have also been cast.


ONTD, are you devastated that you won't be able to see his gorgeous face in this movie?

Britney's Lifetime Movie Coming Soon

-The movie will be called "Britney"
-the movie will depict Britney's life as "tumultuous"
-Natasha Bassett will play Britney.
-the movie will last 2 hours and show Britney as a young girl from Louisiana, her relationship with Justin Timberlake and her downfall that saw her lose custody of her children and the struggle with drugs that eventually placed Britney under a conservatorship.
- Production will begin Sept. 19 in Vancouver for a 2017 premiere.

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Hope Solo Suspended for 6 Months after "Coward" Comments

No Comment yet from #NWSL if this will affect her playing time.

UPDATE: US Soccer has also terminated Hope Solo's national team contract according to Grant Wahl

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amy veep
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Jamie and Jools Oliver reveal name of newborn son

Wow what a Hot Day today guys 😎 so the littlest one is stared out ⭐️☀️⭐️ and sleeping's probably polite to formally introduce the new boy to you, his names River Rocket Oliver we think it suits him and he's a little gift and we are all very happy.... Thanks for all your kind wishes big love jamie and gang X X X

River joins his older siblings: Poppy Honey Rosie (14), Daisy Boo Pamela (12), Petal Blossom Rainbow (6) und Buddy Bear Maurice (5)

Underground (WGN) adds new cast members


- Aisha Hinds has been cast in the recurring role of Harriet Tubman
- Jasika Nicole as Georgia, an abolitionist with a covert station along the Underground whose quiet confidence hides secrets of her own
- Returning stars are Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Aldis Hodge, Christopher Meloni, Alano Miller and Jessica de Gouw
- Amirah Vann (Ernestine) has been upped to a series regular in Season 2
- Marc Blucas will return in a guest role as John Hawkes

Lady Gaga tweets about the earthquake in Italy


Just an excuse to talk about this, a huge earthquake hit Italy last night, there are currently 120 deaths, but the count is rising, there are still hundreds of missing people.
Read how to help here.
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The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media, Interview, Promo, Social Initiative, Casting

New Season 3 Promo - Time Strikes Back

EP Todd Helbing Talks Savitar, Flashpoint, Jay Garrick & the Musical Crossover!

One half of everyone’s fave Helbing Brothers, EP Todd Helbing sat down with IGN to discuss a whole load of Season 3 happenings.
One often complained about feature is the reliance on Speedster Villains… well he also has something to say about why Season 3 will feature yet another one of those! So buckle in, Flash Fam, and the rest of which can be found at the source.

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'We Are All Heroes': New Good Deed Fan Initiative Started

 photo candicetweet_zpsl8aua7x7.png

After reading this tweet from Candice Patton, Iris West on CW’s 'The Flash', inspiration struck a member of our very own Flash Fam, and a concept was developed that could influence change and encourage others to do so as well:

Though he possesses superhuman abilities, Barry Allen's true power comes from his ability to empathize compassionately with people, even villains like Zoom. His true heroism is in believing the best of everyone.

The "We Are All Heroes" project was born with the idea that every person has the ability to be a hero by choosing compassion in life, even with the simplest acts. We are here to encourage people to perform good deeds and random acts of kindness. We will spread the word by sharing stories and filling your heart with positivity because, yes, there are true heroes everywhere.

You can find out more and take part here at 'We Are All Heroes'!

TomCav & Carlos Support 'Gold On The Hill'.

TomCav and Carlos have sung out this week in support of 'Gold on the Hill', the 4th annual event held on Canada's Parliament Hill to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer, the leading cause of disease-related deaths of children in Canada.

More information can be found here.

The CW Wants You To Get Involved in STEM, Kids!

Grant, Carlos and Danielle kindly delivered a CW Public Service Announcement, courtesy of CW Good.

Kid Flash & Jesse Quick Team-up, Joom Returns!
Several tweeters and YVR Shoots have revealed scenes between Wally West/Kid Flash and Jesse Chambers Wells/Jesse Quick in the upcoming Flashpoint arc.
The scenes have been speculated as of a private nature, with many believing a romantic relationship will develop (known to fans as ~JELLYQUEST~), which will then be interrupted leading to a team up.

Also mentions of Jesse SUITED UP so...

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Also also, EP Andrew Kreisberg commended Teddy Sears on his role as Jay Garrick Hunter Zolomon Zoom JOOM last season, and confirmed that he WILL return as the Black Flash!

TomCav Appears on 'Village Idiot'.

Everyone's fave Harrison/EoWells/Harry, Tom Cavanagh, has featured as himself on episode 1 of comedian Dave Hill's new youtube webseries for 'Above Average', Village Idiot.

In it, Dave comes across Tom whilst walking down the street, and thinks that he is best friends with Tom after meeting him that one time, much like this Good & Noble OP of yours does. He then dares to pitch a new Flash villain to Tom. Bless.

Todd Lasance Cast as 'The Rival'

Aussie actor Todd Lasance, better known to many fans as someone off The Vampire Diaries, but to this OP as Julius Caesar from Spartacus, has been cast as a recurring villain. However, contrary to many reports, Greg Berlanti has confirmed that SAVITAR IS NOT YET CAST.

Many misleading reports are stating that Lasance is Savitar, but Berlanti confirmed otherwise, and The Flash Podcast has reported that TV Line has confirmed it with both WBTV and The CW tht he will in fact be playing 'The Rival', who in the comics was a speedster villain of Golden Age Jay Garrick - and also that Rival will recur in several episodes.

 photo 13669304_10153519432126923_1233613520902077033_o_zpspnkcoqnx.jpg

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Ashley Rickards Cast as 'The Top', Captain Cold Returns.

Ashley Rickards (of 'One Tree Hill' and 'Awkward' fame, no relation to EBR) has been cast as the genderswapped version of villain 'The Top', to appear in 3x04 opposite Mirror Master (Grey Damon), who will be facing off against Captain Cold thanks to Wentworth Miller's multishow contract.

 photo Ashley-Rickards-The-Top_zpswz1eggwn.jpg

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This Week On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'...
In this week's Roundup...
The cast on set doing their jobs, the cast out and about with each other, and the casts of Legends of Flarrowgirl together doing stuff & things.
Oh, and Candice snaps! And TomCav running TOPLESS in the RAIN... sit down, grab yourselves an oxygen cylinder or two, and prepare for beauty ❤️

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TC3, TC4, TC5, Candice Patton Snapchat (OP's Phone), Keiynan Lonsdale Snapchat (OP's Phone)

How's your Summer Hiatus going, ONTD Flash Fam? Miss and love you all! ❤
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Eminem continues to do good <33

Eminem met a few kids a couple weeks ago for the Make a Wish Foundation <33

Only one family posted pics online-I know Em doesnt care to have pics of himself online doing certain things like this but I am glad some of them got posted!

The little girl is so cute! And Em looks good too imo

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