August 21st, 2016


Big fat quiz of everything 2016: episode 1/3!

So I didn't see anything about it on ONTD and I thought I might share it, because it's hilarious.

For people who don't know the concept: every year Channel 4 makes a quiz with (mostly british) celebrities that retraces the news of the year, hosted by Jimmy Carr. Usually it comes out at the end of the year or beginning of the new year as "The Big Fat Quiz of [year]". HOWEVER! 2016 has a Big Fat Quiz of Everything in 3 parts and the first part came out last Monday!

The teams are:

  • David & Claudia: Claudia Winkleman and David Mitchell

  • The Awesome Clams: Mel Giedroyc and Kristen Schaal

  • One and a Half Condoms: Jonathan Ross and Bob Mortimer

Here it is:

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Next part is on Monday the 22nd, with everyone's fave Richard Ayode and Noel Fielding, Jonathan Ross (again) and Adam Buxton and finally Rob Beckett and Aisling Bea.

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So ONTD which BFQoY or BFQoE is your favourite? I have a hard time choosing but I have a soft spot for the 2014 one, because Mel B was so horrendously unfunny that it threw off EVERYONE and to see them trying to make jokes and keep up a positive atmosphere was the funniest shit eveeeer. (And the end was beautiful, I don't want to spoil it for those who didn't see it lol)
WC 2014

Julia Michaels to Perform at Olympics Closing Ceremony

Julia Michaels will perform "Carry Me" with Kygo

-Has worked with Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato, Zedd, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Kelly Clarkson, Gewn Stefani, Nick Jonas
-Has written 7 songs for Godney's "Glory" (!!)
-Has a record deal with Republic and working on a solo project.

EDIT: songs written for Glory: Invitation, Just Luv Me, Do You Wanna Come Over, SLUMBER PARTY, Just Like Me, Better, Change Your Mind

source & source

YAS! Let's discuss Glory y'all!!!!

Cecil Baldwin of 'Welcome To Night Vale' reveals he is HIV-positive

Recently Cecil Baldwin, best known as the voice of the 'Welcome to Night Vale' podcast, sat down with Seriously.TV where he spoke about his HIV status.

"I think ultimately the reason I wanted to talk to you about being HIV-positive today is that I find that we're at this age in 2016 where so many people in America and worldwide have HIV and are living with it and are surviving it and are making their lives work," Baldwin explained in the interview. "I think that it's important for people who are HIV-positive in the position to create a sounding board to let those other people know that we're out there and we're a part of every day life."

Baldwin went on to explain that when he first received his diagnosis he didn't know a lot about treatment and he essentially went into mourning and thought that his life was over. A friend, however, convinced him to stay in New York citing that there was a large community of HIV-positive people that would be able to help him.

Baldwin spoke of how there is still a stigma about people with HIV which is why he feels that visibility is important.

When asked about the notion that having HIV is dirty Baldwin responded with, "I'm HIV-positive and bitch, I shower every day."

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Andre 3000 Comes For Drake And Other Rappers With Ghostwriters

Andre 3000 has blessed us with another feature on Frank Ocean's "Blonde".  Although Solo (Reprise) is barely over a minute, Andre fits in a dig at rappers who don't write their own material - leading most of Twitter to believe its a shot at Drake who is the most high profile example of the practice.  Andre raps:

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Those last two lines are probably why we ain't got a solo album out of him. :\

Rihanna wears Garbage Bag After Getting Booed

Rihanna was booed by fans at a chaotic concert in Belgium on Thursday night.
And pop star Rihanna looked downcast as she went shopping at luxury department store Harrods in London on Friday.

The 38-year-old, who is set to play the UK's V festival this weekend, hid under a very puffy black coat as she indulged in some retail therapy after the disappointing show.


she's getting too old for this. she needs a break from weed tbh
ryu joon yeol

ONTD Original™: 10 International TV Shows You're Missing Out On

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Why stick to flop USA shows when there's quality stuff being made all over the world?
Below are 10 international recommendations in no particual order. It ranges from coming-of-age shows to crime and fantasy dramas. Some can be found on Netflix without you even knowing about it!
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i wanted to focus on coming of age shows, but ended up throwing a few other into the mix as well.
what are your faves, and what's your country's best show, ontd?
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Jordan Rodgers' Ex Calls The Bachelorette Winner 'Prolific Liar and Cheater,' Provides Receipts

- Jordan's ex-girlfriend, Brittany Farrar, dragged him on Instagram late Thursday night

- "After our breakup, I was surprised to find out what a prolific liar and cheater #JordanRodgers was during our entire 3 1/2 year-relationship," she wrote

- The posts have been taken down, but Reality Steve has screenshots

source + source + source

Jessica Alba's Honest Haircare Lauches Early & bonus fall palate for Ulta

Back in Jessica Alba told Allure back in March that her hair care line would be launching in October, but surprise! it's here now!

As part of Honest Beauty's offerings, all of the haircare products are free of aluminum, parabens, paraffins, talc, silicone, petrolatum, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances. 

There are two types of shampoo & conditioners: Hydrate and Restore.  If your hair is especially fried, there's also a Restore Leave in Masque. (semi-related: thankyousomuch to whatever ONTD user recommended Loreal's Total Repair 5 Damage Eraser in a ffa!)
There are also styling products:

  • Sea Salt Spray

  • Heat Defence Spray

  • Volumizing Spray

  • Dry Condition & Shine Serum

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Sources: Allure; LA Times; Honest Beauty
Favorite celebrity hair looks, ONTD?  Are beachy waves a myth??

Carly Rae Jepsen announces E•MO•TION Side B

Today marks the one year anniversary of E•MO•TION's worldwide release, and to celebrate, Carly has announced that new tracks will drop this Friday, August 26th.

Jaskier Bomb
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First Look at John Boyega in Untitled Kathryn Bigelow Drama

Some rumors say the film will revolve around or at least touch on the Algiers Motel incident wherein three black men were killed and nine other people were brutally injured by members of the Detroit Police Department, Michigan State Police and Michigan Army National Guard after a report indicated that a gunman was spotted around the motel. The police officers charged with the deaths of the three civilians were acquitted.

This picture was taken from where they are currently filming in Dorchester, MA. Also on the cast list are Hannah Murray, Will Poulter, Jack Reynor, Anthony Mackie, Jacob Latimore, Ben O'Toole, Algee Smith, and Joseph David-Jones.

The film is aiming to come out in 2017 around the 50th anniversary of the riots.

Lucas Lee

Coldplay remakes Fix You music video for their new single: A Head Full of Dreams.

- The iconic Britpop band took the streets of Mexico City to film some scenes for their new music video back in April.
- They also filmed clips during the last of three sold out shows of their "A Head Full of Dreams Tour" at the Foro Sol.
- Directed by Marcus Haney.


ONTD, have you ever been disappointed because you didn't make the cut of the music video your favorite band filmed at your show?
Harry Potter; DH1

Tyra Banks To Teach A Course At Stanford's Business School Next Spring

-The legendary supermodel is teaming up with professor Allison Kluger to teach
-The class will focus on building one's personal brand
- Will be available Spring 2017 semester.


Little Mix perform with Craig David and Lethal Bizzle at V Festival + Interviews/LM4 Updates

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Xtina Maxim

Christina Aguilera Threw Her Daughter Summer A Mario-Themed Birthday Party

Pulled from Jacquie-Lee's snapchat, the video shows Xtina (dressed as Mario) singing Happy Birthday to her daughter - Summer Rain Rutler.

Reminder that Summer is now 2 years old!.....and we still have no album.

This was really cute, and I love that she has close relationships with her contestants after their seasons are over.

Source 1

More of Madonna in Cuba

andylecompte "My Angels 😇😇 Happy Birthday M. Thank you for the most unforgettable experience.... 5 times around the world with you and..... still some lands we have left to explore 💋 #Madonna #birthdaygirl #bruyes"
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Where would you like to celebrate your birthday ONTD?

Natalie Portman Roundup: Natalie Told A Creepy Guy to "Get Lost."

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.00.11 PM

Natalie Portman supposedly told a man to get lost! Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor said, "I am star struck. I’ve run behind Natalie Portman at Tribeca. She was on the phone and she was crying. I went quickly behind her and said, 'I love your…' Before I could say 'work', she turned and said, 'Get lost!' So I’ve had my heart broken but I would still chase them."

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No Mention of Vin Diesel on Dwayne Johnson's Fast 8 Thank You Post

Finished strong and on to the next. That's an officially wrap on #FastAndFurious8. Thank you to our director @fgarygray for the vision and execution. Thank you UNIVERSAL for being tremendous partners as always, thank you to all my fellow co-stars for the daily effort and grind. Scott Eastwood you handsome sumbitch! Natalie Emmanuel I have a cold Budweiser ready for you and Tyrese Gibson you still have the biggest smile and forehead I've ever seen.😂 And a huge THANK YOU to our hard working production crew - the backbone of our business. Your kind words meant a lot to me last night - thank you! In the end, we all rallied, as great teams do, kicked ass and will deliver an amazing movie to the world. Proud of our entire FAST FAMILY.
And now in two weeks I'll reunite with ol' friends Kevin Hart & Jack Black and we have the honor to introduce a whole new generation to the amazing world of #JUMANJI. *(for the record we are NOT making a reboot, but rather a continuation of the awesome JUMANJI story). It's also crazy to me how much me, Kev and Jack look like triplets when we're together. 👶🏽👶🏻👶🏿. Man this is gonna be FUN.
#WheelsUp #ThatsAWrap #FromFastAndFurious #StraightIntoJumanji #BigBrownBaldTattooedMan #DarkChocolateComedicRockStar #BrillaintCrazyCurvyCaucasion #TheseHashtagsAreRidiculous #INeedSleepAndCARBS #ButIWillSettleForTequila

Grown men can be so petty. Which team are you on?
|| wolves at your door ||

MIA // AIM Snippets from new album

    0:01 Freedun feat. ZAYN
    1:35 Foreign Friend feat. Dexta Daps
    3:06 Finally
    4:37 AMP (All My People)
    6:07 Ali R U Ok?
    7:36 Visa
    9:04 Fly Pirate
    9:26 Survivor
    10:49 Talk
    11:11 Platforms

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I know recent events have soured her to many people, especially around here, but I'm still pretty stoked for her new album. Listening to this, I'm really diggin' All My People, Ali R U Ok?, Talk, and Platforms. And hearing those samples of Galang and Mundian To Bach Ke on Visa, nice.

Her new album, A.I.M., is set to release September 9, 2016.


ONTD Investigates/Throwback Post - Did Rita Ora participate in a fake News story about her networth?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In 2014, sites like AOL as well as a few urban blogs started reporting that Rita Ora was worth $145 million dollars! Rita's net worth for this time also flunctuated, with UK tabloids - The Mirror, Daily Record claiming she was worth $100m with a yearly income of $30m not sure where they got their figures from -  so we are going to focus this on the $145 million .

$145 million net worth and a yearly earnings of $46 million would have had her earning more than Dr. Dre who raked in a paltry $40 million dollars in 2013 (source forbes). This wasn't even what caught my eye, I was more interested in how she had made this money.

The earliest source of this story was celeb satire site Mediamass, (remember this when you get to watch the interview below)  they cited the following as Ora's source of income (they have since updated their site to make it clear the story is false):

  • smart stock investments

  • substantial property holdings

  • lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics

  • several restaurants (the “Fat Ora Burger” chain) in London

  • a Football Team called the “Pristina Angels”

  • her own brand of Vodka (Pure Wonderora)

  • top-selling perfume (With Love from Rita)

  • a fashion line called “Rita Ora Seduction”

Not one to be left out, The Daily Mail also wrote an article in December 2014, about Rita Ora's success in which the above sources of income were listed but, admitted to having no evidence of their existence.

Still in 2014....Not long after the "news" broke, Rita was interviewed by the Breakfast Club where she was asked directly about her reported net worth....Skip to 08:51.

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(1) according to various company checking websites - Ora multiservice is a music publishing company, that looks after Rita's music rights, not a clothing line.

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ONTD - have you ever gone on a radio programme and pretended a fake story about you was true to save face?
Joe's neck

DNCE performed all over the UK this weekend.

Besides opening the V Festival in Chelmsford on Saturday afternoon, DNCE also performed to a sold out crowd at the O2 Academy in Islington on Friday night; the Heaven G-A-Y club in London on Saturnday night; and another performance at the V Festival on Sunday afternoon in Staffordshire

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katey: an 80s #look

LITTLE LEGENDS x V FEST [Performance Videos]

SLAYLUTE, they changed the intro! Wig. Off.
UPDATE: I was just informed that SALUTE was played during the Olympics Closing Ceremony! THE RISE!

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@mods: this post contains professionally shot footage of their groundbreaking set!
twitter reaction has been overwhelmingly positive! the UK loves them! LOCAL LEGENDS only!


Nerdist Marries Model

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Chris Hardwick(44), of Talking Dead, The Nerdist, At Midnight, and anything that needed a host, married Lydia Hearst(31), model/actor/heiress, yesterday. The bride wore a custom-designed pink Christian Siriano gown while the groom donned a custom Prada suit. Hearst had teased her wedding dress in an instagram post a week prior to the wedding (and unfortunately it looked better in black and white)

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sia praises rihanna's ever-improving voice + riri performs @ V festival

badgal's voice on "anti" is EVERYTHING.

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sources: sia's twitter, rihanna daily's instagram, rihanna diva's instagram

Barbra Streisand complained to Apple CEO that Siri pronounces her name incorrectly

In a recent interview with NPR EGOT winner Barbra Streisand spoke of her frustrations with Siri for pronouncing her name incorrectly.

"Streisand with a soft S, like sand on the beach," Streisand explained. "I've been saying this for my whole career."

Of course when you're a living legend (and notorious control freak) like Streisand that's not something that you can let slide.

"I called the head of Apple, Tim Cook," she continued. "And he delightfully agreed to have Siri change the pronunciation of my name, finally, with the next update."

You will be able to hear Siri correctly pronounce the icon's name starting on September 30th.

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Are people constantly fucking up your name?

Kim Kardashian Sizzles in White Bikini

Kim Kardashian is in Mexico where she was pictured showing off her insane body in a white bikini. She gave birth to Saint 8 months ago.

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Would you want to have Kim's body (ass not sold separately), ONTD?
Jaskier Bomb
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Why the Gay Subtext from the Ben-Hur Remake is Missing


The 1959 classic film is infamous for the gay subtext between Ben-Hur and Messala thanks to Gore Vidal rewriting scenes to hint at a previous sexual relationship, Stephen Boyd playing along with this acting note and Charlton Heston being kept in the dark. Apparently this was changed for the current remake.

"It wasn't something we avoided but it wasn't something we had," said Toby Kebbel who plays Messala in the remake. "In 1959, the gay context was very important. They need a voice. You shouldn't have to hide in the dark about something you feel and you're grown with. That was their own thing they wanted to portray and we didn't need to. It's a different time, thankfully."

A producer of the remake, Roma Downey, voices her own doubts about it even existing in the Heston film. "I don't even know if that was true in that film," she said. "Here we have two brothers. They love each other. They're raised in the same household and it's so tragic to see their family just ripped apart."

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New Spidey Dancing to Controlla

Choreographer/Dancer Deja Carter has shared another video of Tom Holland busting out that Broadway background to try and keep up with her as they dance to a remix of Drake's "Controlla".

In honor of 100k followers here's a video of @tomholland2013 and I to make your day, you're welcome💁🏽😂 #dancingwithDej #controllachallenge #100k


obviously practicing for the new movie

Teen Mom's Tyler defends how he talks to Catelynn... says you're just jealous of their relationship

In case you missed it last week's episode of Teen Mom OG featured a scene where Catelynn mentioned that she was thinking of going back on Weight Watchers. This clip hit the internet and before the episode aired several outlets were talking about the way that Tyler spoke to Catelynn ("I don't want no heifer for a wife") and how he was more passive aggressive than supportive of his wife who has struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety.

Tyler recently took to twitter to make sure everyone knew that these criticisms were uncalled for because people don't know what real relationships are like and that everyone is just a jealous hater.

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He doesn't sound embarrassing or defensive at all!

Daniel Radcliffe: I'm friends with some really fucking racist people

daniel radcliffe horns

Daniel Radcliffe discussed racism in a new interview while promoting his new film Imperium in which Daniel plays a FBI agent who goes undercover in a white superemacist group.

The interviewer asked Daniel if he spent some time with real white supremacists to have a better understanding of the script and he said:

"No, but I know some really fucking racist people, friends I vehemently disagree with. They’re not white supremacists, they would never be that extreme, but they are anti-immigration and absolutely voted to leave in Brexit. And I’m still friends with them because I don’t think that friendship should be drawn along those lines. That’d be a really sad way of viewing the world. But yeah, I definitely have got first-hand experience with this.
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read full interview at SOURCE