August 13th, 2016

New Bon Iver Single - 22 (OVER S∞∞N)

After weeks of cryptic images posted on justin's and bon iver's social media, and murals all over the world:

we finally have a release date (september 30), an album title (22, a million), and cover:

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Ballet: Nela my queen also the Black Swa

The Get Down opening day: prepare for polarizing opinions

The Get Down, Baz Luhrmann's lavish recount of the birth of hip hop in the Bronx, dropped its first 6 episodes on Netflix yesterday. As with (literally) any of his works, reviews are very, very mixed. Some people call it brilliant and others think it's a mess, no in between.

I sampled some reviews for y'all to appreciate the contradictions.

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Reviews aside, The Atlantic has a great piece discussing why it's so important to validate rap and hip hop through storytelling.

An undertaking like this, with the white Aussie Hollywood power player Luhrmann stylizing a history and culture far from his own, is an obvious minefield, and no doubt there are ways in which he has not navigated it fully. But the contributions of the journalist Nelson George in the writer’s room and Grandmaster Flash and Nas as producers may have helped prevent there from being too many cringeworthy moments of insensitivity (though viewers may cringe for other reasons during Luhrmann’s hammier scenes).

On the press tour before the show’s premiere, Grandmaster Flash has helped give insight into the reality that The Get Down so eagerly bedazzles. Talking to The Guardian about one of his Bronx block parties, the kind of Zeke and friends attend, he recalled, “The police officers loved us. You could see them parked across the street. They don’t have to chase no thugs because the thugs are in the park with us jamming. So we made their job easy.” And when walking in hostile gang territory back then, “It was like, ‘Oh that’s Grandmaster Flash, let him go. … They respected what I did.” So it’s really not just TV-show mythologizing when The Get Down presents music as a way to try and survive danger—exactly the opposite of how some people, even today, think of one of our era’s most vibrant art forms.

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The Atlantic: The Get Down and the Sanctuary of Hip-Hop

ONTD, pls discuss. Have you seen the first episode? The cast is AMAZING and very moving.

Emmy Award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett calls out Youtuber Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss, a makeup artist with over two million subscribers on his main Youtube channel, made a post on Facebook about how beauty schools are becoming irrelevant and that anyone can learn to be a professional makeup artist by watching videos on Youtube.

Kevin James Bennett, a renowned MUA who's won an Emmy for his work, took to Instagram and dragged Goss.

Caption: I feel we need to clarify the definition of a certain term - "self-taught". It is being used incorrectly, as a way to marginalize proper beauty education. Labeling well-known professional makeup artists as "self-taught" does not mean they have achieved their success without training and experience.

YT Influencers and Gurus are making outrageous claims that all you need to do is watch their videos, and practice on yourself, and you can become a professional makeup artist.

In plain English - BULLSHIT.

Marginalizing and misrepresenting the amount of training, practice, and experience necessary to build a successful career is irresponsible.

A person who is self-taught acquires knowledge or skill through self-motivation, outside of a structured curriculum. 30 years ago, we had no formal makeup schools in the north-east, so I am "self-taught' and will use myself as an example.

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Desus Nice from kobewife1

In "Make Up Your Damn Mind" News: Japanese Boyband SMAP Calls It Quits After 28 Years

ICYMI part 1: Popular J-Pop Group SMAP Breaks Up After 28 Years
ICYMI part 2: J-Pop Boyband SMAP Decides To Not Break Up After All
* Japanese boy band SMAP has decided to disband.
* Earlier this year, there were rumors that the group would disband only for them to deny these rumors and give an official apology over it.
* SMAP has been together for 28 years.
* They finished 12/31/16; some dudes wanna live their lives free of Johnny.
* The group put out this statement earlier about their disbandment:
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RIP to the GOAT boyband.
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Thomas Gibson: The Prior Incidents That Led to His ‘Criminal Minds’ Firing


- January 2013: DUI (he temporarily lost his driver’s license over this and a staffer had to drive him to/from work every day)

- December 2010: shoved a assistant director (the studio forced him to attend anger management classes after that incident)

- July 2016: kicked a writer

- had "an extremely tense relationship" with former co-star Shemar Moore

- quote from a longtime staffer: “It’s like a dark cloud has been lifted off that show. You never knew which Thomas Gibson was going to show up.”
Dominic Cooper

Casting Agents Reveal Stories About Hollywood's Biggest Stars

In a new book titled Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood Creative Artists Agency, author James Andrew Miller spills the tea on some of Hollywood's biggest stars including Goldie Hawn, Tom Cruise, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Nothing outrageous but I love casting stories. More stories at source.

Dominic Cooper

ONTD Original: Best Of Netflix Horror


While enjoyable Horror films are hard to find, I have put together a list of some quality films available on American Netflix right now. I'll try to give the rundown on each and avoid any spoilers as well. I'll also include the genre and gore level for each. Again, this is clearly just my opinion so feel free to share yours as well.

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Feel free to make any recommendations as well.


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Farrah Abraham says she's not attracted to black men and that's just "a Kardashian thing"

Part-time mother Farrah Abraham recently appeared on the Allegedly podcast to promote the new season of Teen Mom OG. The podcast is apparently worth a listen and full of a ton of gems including being where the story of Farrah fighting for Sophia to wear makeup at school originated. She also went on to say, "God bless her!" if Sophia ever wanted to do porn if she felt "valuable" enough and would make good money despite her own claims that she was raped during her stint with Vivid. Farrah also claims that famous men offer her money for sex which she doesn't accept because reasons but they're totally famous.

In the interview when she was asked about her private life she said she didn't have a dream guy per-say but if she did he would definitely be white.

"I’m always more attracted to white men. I’m not really into black guys," she said on the podcast. "I think that’s more of a Kardashian thing.”

In case you forgot back in April she also called Blac Chyna a monkey.

So Farrah is not into black people unless she can use their words to promote her daughter on Instagram.

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Random Thor 3 Update

To anyone who noticed or cared, when the initial cast announcement for Thor: Ragnarok was made back in May, the Warriors 3 (Tadanobu Asano, Ray Stevenson, and Zachary Levi) and the Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) were absent.

But recently both Asano and Stevenson have been spotted in Australia where the movie is filming.

Look who just stopped by our Gold Coast studio, to get some ink in between filming THOR! It's Ray Stevenson! Awesome work on the tatt Dai! #punkturedtattoo #tattoo #thor #raystevenson #punktured

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On another note, Taika Waititi has been set on creating jobs for Australian aborigines during the production of the film. "You're coming to a country and you're bringing money into the economy and creating jobs but I think you have an even bigger responsibility to look after the people that have less opportunities," said Waititi.

On the other end, around 80 locals in Australia's Gold Cast were reportedly laid off, and those people aren't too happy because they think they New Zealand crew members are getting preferential treatment. "There is quite a lot of antagonism about how the New Zealand crew is being well looked after and seem to be in charge of a lot of the main jobs," a local man complained.

Thor 3 comes out November 2017.