August 9th, 2016


Rio - Day 4 - Morning/Afternoon Event Viewing Post

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Highlights: Women's gymnastics team finals (@ 3p EST), Women's soccer (AUS @ 3p EST, CAN @ 3p EST, USA @ 6p EST), Equestrian jumping, Men's rugby sevens, rowing, archery, women's diving finals, more swimming heats, etc...

please share others in the comments!

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Kendall Jenner tried to throw singer Tallia Storm out of the VIP area at a pool party

*she was trying to chat to hailey (lol) who she met at the EMAs last year
*kendall tried to throw her out of the vip area twice for standing in front of her
*they didn't let talia out bc she was there before kendall even showed up
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What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you at a party , ontd?
day season 2

Jon Rudnitsky Cut from SNL and Taran Killam Tweets

Along with Taran Killam and Jay Pharaoh, Rudnitsky was cut from the show after his first year.

Taran Killam tweeted about him being sacked from SNL.

The only two cast members confirmed to come back are Colin Jost and Michael Che.

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We were robbed of a proper goodbye to Jebdidiah.


Britney Spears slaying in Hawaii + Ariana Grande + Kate Hudson + #MakeMe on BB

Britney has been on Holiday.mp3 this past week with her fam whilst showing off her banging bod

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Flop Member from The Killers Says the Band Has Started Over on #TK5

The Killers bassist and flop, Mark Stoermer, says this of current progress on the upcoming fifth Killers record:

"Nothing’s been set in stone; it’s too early to even comment on. We are working on it and have been for a year but we’ve started and started all over again. It’s unclear what we would or would not use."

Read the full interview with him promoting his flop solo material at the source.

ONTD, have you ever been held back by other fellow band members and/or co-workers?


Gina Rodriguez opens up about living with Hashimoto's disease and her weight struggles.

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is on the latest cover of Health, and she talked about her struggles with Hashimoto's disease and her weight.

On Hashimoto's:

"If I can at least walk for 30 minutes a day, it's extremely helpful for my thyroid gland. Running, boxing, jump rope, and hitting the heavy bag are my workout constants. It's always been a battle for me with weight. Keeping weight off is very difficult because my metabolism is pretty much shot, which to me felt like a curse when I was 19. As an actress, I was like, 'Seriously?! In a world that's so vain, I have to deal with the disease that makes you not keep weight off?' But it actually became a blessing because then I got to represent not only women and Latinas but also women who are dealing with this disease. I'm gluten-free, which is the most difficult thing in the world because, like Oprah, I love bread! I definitely eat gluten-free bread every day."

On avoiding snacking when she's on set:
"It's mind over matter because they put out doughnuts every morning, and they smell divine. I have to look at gluten like, 'Yeah, I want to eat that. Of course I do, but it doesn't make me feel good. And I want to feel good."

On featuring the accomplishments of Latino artists on her Instagram with the hashtag #MovementMondays:
"I'm not trying to change the world with it; I'm trying to inspire the little girl or boy out there who doesn't feel like he or she belongs—to remind them, 'Look at all the heroes you have to look up to.' I can use my platform to represent another community that feels like they haven't been heard. I want to generate love, positivity, and support."

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Taylor Lautner confirms Taylor Swift's 'Back to December' is about him

- During a Facebook Live video to promote Scream Queens, Lea Michele asked Lautner: “Didn’t she write a song about you? I think it’s something about a sweater and a hat, right?”
- Lautner said it was "Back to December"
- Watch it at the 09:30 mark here

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#RenewKilljoys + Promo, pics and synopsis for 02 x 07 "Heart-Shaped Box"

The team are tested to the core as tensions rise while Dutch interrogates a lethal Level Six agent they captured and Johnny secretly investigates Jelco's wall for Pawter.

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Also according to a recent interview with Tamsen McDonough who voices (and in the last episode physically got to play) Lucy on the Rac Rants podcast she mentioned that showrunner Michelle Lovretta has had six seasons plotted out for the series since the beginning.

Source 1, 2 and 3
Last week a.k.a The One Where Everyone Gets Some was so good. Just four more episodes left this season and it keeps getting better and better. If you haven't watched yet what are you waiting for?

Jessica Alba covers Allure and talks about her business and misconceptions people have of her

On people who think she's an environmental nutcase who hates all chemicals:

"Everything is a chemical. Water is a chemical. I'm not against chemicals. I care about human health, and I want whatever is safest and healthiest. Some people can have very extreme points of view. I created the Honest Company because I'm not extreme. I couldn't identify with people who wanted to do everything completely 100 percent from nature. I don't have a garden growing my own organic fruits and vegetables. I don't have an organic farm where I'm raising my own livestock. That's not my reality. So I want the best options that work for me without me feeling like I want to compromise on health or safety. Honest is about that happy medium, and not extreme."

On what motivates her:
"A, I'm a hustler. B, I've been working since I was, like, 12. I've lived all over the world; I've worked all over the world with adults and seen all these different dynamics. I've been part of a lot of businesses' marketing strategies, and I see how they utilize someone like me. I love learning. I'm a sponge. I haven't lost my thirst and desire to learn. Every day is different, and I'm working toward something that I feel really good about. So it's super gratifying."

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Read full cover story at the source.

She kind of looks like Rose Byrne on the cover.

Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Tyga Over Unpaid Rent

- Tyga didn't show up to court today, where he was to answer about his finances after stiffing his former landlord on a $480,000 judgement
- Attorneys for the landlord expressed their client's frustration after seeing headlines that Tyga bought girlfriend Kylie Jenner a $200,000 Maybach for her birthday
- The judge sided with the landlord and issued a warrant for Tyga's arrest


Sebastian Stan to Star in Thriller 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle'

-The film is based off the book of the same name which is about a family, who already lost four of it's members due to poisoning, that isolates themselves from the hostile townspeople using rituals and talismans.
-Sebastian Stan is playing Charles, a distant cousin who wants to secure the family fortune for his own gain.
-It is currently filming in Dublin, Ireland right now and is produced by Michael Douglas.
-The film is being directed by Stacie Passon (Concussion), she also co-wrote the screenplay along with Mark Kruger.


Tyler Perry offers to pay funeral expenses for 15 month old twins who died after being left in car

Earlier this week, Breal Ellis, a woman from the Atlanta area suffered a great loss when her twin 15 month old daughters Ariel and Alaynah died after being left in a hot car. Ellis had rarely let her daughters out of her sight but left them in the care of their father for a few hours to be by her sister's side as she had gotten into a car accident.

During this time their father became drunk and left the girls in the car for an undisclosed amount of time where they ultimately died. Since then the father has been arrested and faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct.

A grieving Ellis appeared on a local news story that was then seen by filmmaker Tyler Perry. Perry was moved by Ellis who during the broadcast said she didn't know how she was going to pay for the funeral expenses having already lost a child in 2014. He immediately contacted the news station and offered to pay for the funerals of the twins in full. Due to Perry's generosity Ellis no longer has to worry about the costly services and funds that have already been raised for the family's GoFundMe page will be used for counseling for Ellis.

Source 1, 2 and 3
Jaskier Bomb

Studios Still Try to Breathe Life into Narnia Franchise w/"The Silver Chair" Film

Six years after Voyage of the Dawn Treader, a bunch of studios and production companies (TriStar Pictures, The Marc Gordon Company, The C.S. Lewis Company, and Entertainment One) have teamed together to get an adaptation of The Silver Chair filmed. Their intent is to have this be a reboot of the franchise which is convenient since only one character from the previous movies comes back, and he can be recast.

David Magee finished a script last year and that's about the only news. No director or cast or main executive producers.

The Silver Chair follows Eustace (cousin of the Pevensies) and his friend Jill as they go to Narnia to help find the lost Prince Rillian, a descendant of Caspian.

I know it's a reboot, and he's too old/busy, but I think making Poulter come back would be hilarious

day season 2

Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman Is Dating Adriana Lima, Also Got A Swedish Model Pregnant

Julian and Adriana met in the beginning of July in Miami. They aren't exclusive.

Swedish model Ella Rose filed paternity docs that Edelman is the father of her baby girl due in November. The two were just casual friends/lovers for 2 years when it happened and Rose will be moving to Massachussetts so he can be around the baby when she's born.

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Taylor Swift Celebrates Birthday of Shawn Mendes and International Cat Day

Everything seems to be back to normal with curly Taylor Swift celebrating the birthday of Shawn Mendes and International Cat Day on social media.

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Celebs React to Trump Insinuation to Assassinate Hillary Clinton to Protect Gun Rights


aliya rio

The Inspirational Story of Chinese, Olympic Gymnast: Shang Chunsong

Shang Chunsong rose to international prominence at the 2013 World Championships when she was 17. Since then, people have continued to make insensitive and border line racist comments about her age, even though she is now 20 years old. The media, fans, coaches, and even other gymnasts have been making remarks about Chinese gymnasts being underage since 2008 when the Chinese team beat the US in Beijing. Regarding the accusations towards Shang Chunsong, they are even more disgusting because she grew up in ShiYanPing, one of the poorest regions of China, and is malnourished.
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Source: UK Reuters, Gymnastics Coaching, WOGymnast, Twitter

I thought Shang Chunsong's inspiring story needed to be posted because she's been getting shit about this since 2013. Now that it's the Olympics, even more people, including some on ONTD, are being gross and calling all the Chinese gymnasts dirty, underage cheaters. Gymnasts from all countries are small and look very young in general (Ex: Flavia Savaria from Brazil, Ragan Smith from the US), yet people always target the Chinese. And in Shang Chunsong's case, she's so small because she was malnourished.

What's Up with Netflix' A Series of Unfortunate Events Adaptation?

Netflix has been pretty quiet about this adaptation but thankfully some other site did all the leg work for me!

-It's done filming and the 8 (???) episodes of its first season will SUPPOSEDLY (since nothing definite is known yet) cover the first four books. A cotton candy truck NPH rented for the wrap party expresses wishes for a second season (no, duh).

-The earliest this could air is Dec 2016. Otherwise, expect a 2017 air date.

-As a reminder, the rest of cast (besides NPH as Olaf and Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket) are...

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Gigi Gorgeous detained at airport in Dubai for being transgender

According to Just Jared Gigi has been detained at the airport in Dubai due to being transgender. Officials at the airport claim that Gigi's passport has her listed as male and "imitation of women by men" is illegal in the country and punishible with a year of jail time.

Gigi says this isn't true and that all the information on her passport has been updated.

She currently cannot leave the country as officials will not give back her passport.

Source 1 and 2
I hope she gets home safely and they don't arrest her :\

Farrah Abraham fought for Sophia to wear makeup at school

--Farrah got into an argument with Sophia's principal over her wearing makeup to school

--Claims that Sophia is at the age where kids start playing with makeup but says that she was the only parent being called into school to be confronted over the situation

--To prove her point, Farrah says she told the principal that if she didn't want little girls going to school with makeup on than she shouldn't wear any herself

--Farrah says that after their argument, the principal never wore makeup to school again

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would you let your 7 year old wear makeup? at what age did you start wearing makeup?

Britney Spears x Just Love Me

A 35 second snippet of another track on Britney Spears' forthcoming #Glory has leaked.


You could ask me for a sorry
Let it calm before the storm
Ask for pieces of my body
Until all of it is yours

But I'm not gonna ask you for nothing
Just luv me, just luv me
I'ma keep it simple, real simple
Just luv me, just luv me
I'm not gonna ask you for nothing
Just luv me, just luv me
I'ma keep it simple, real simple
Just luv me, just luv me, just luv me


amazing! This is the album we've been waiting for.

Make sure to preorder #Glory available on August 26th!
all the wine, matt berninger

U.S. Department of Energy says Stranger Things portrayal was inaccurate

[Spoiler cut for good measure]

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favorite government (or non-government) conspiracy theories, ontd?

5 things to know about queen of Latin American's pop: Lali, who's climbing Billboard's #Social50 ♥

- Her new album SOY came out in May and it's already in the best sellers lists in many countries like Argentina, Israel, Italy, Peru, Uruguay, etc. It includes hits like "Soy", "Boomerang" and "Ego".
- Her new albums mixes a lot of different rhythms like pop, hip-hop, r&b, etc.
- She was on the cover of Billboard Argentina in June.

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so proud of my queen!!! she's ready to slay the world! ♥