August 5th, 2016

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Kris Jenner Crashes $250k Rolls Royce

- Crashed her car into another car that was trying to turn onto the highway going the opposing way (Pics of cars @ the first source)
- Crash is basically other drivers fault
- Kris said her hand hurt after that, but other than that she was fine
- The whole Klan showed up after the accident
- The crashed Rolls Royce was only one week old
- She got a brand new Rolls Royce delivered to her in a glass box that had 0 miles on it (Pictures @ the 2nd source)


Luckily no one was seriously injured

New music from Legend X

Christina Aguilera snapchatted this image of her at the studio preparing a new masterpiece, very little is known about this project.

On the other hand, Linda Perry was interviewed by Colombian radio station "radio w", around 15:58 she confirms they wrote a "very special song" and can't wait for everyone to hear it.
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Rise up lotus

Sources: Xtina's Snapchat and Radio W, Tweet 1, Tweet 2
flash tomcav givingFACE

Katie McGrath Joins Supergirl as Lena Luthor

-Katie McGrath, better known as Morgana on the BBC's 'Merlin', joins Supergirl Season 2 as Lux Luthor's little sister Lena.
-Recurring role, described as beautiful, powerful, enigmatic.
-Has taken over Luthor Corp and moved to National City, wants to re-brand it as a 'force for good'.
-Kara is 'drawn into Lena's sphere'.


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US Gymnast Laurie Hernandez prob getting snubbed for All-Around

-Marta Karolyi can only choose 3 gymnasts to represent the US in the All-Around competition
-1 will obv be Simone Biles, 3-time World Champion
-And after the podium training yesterday, it looks like Marta is going with 2012 vets Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas over 16-year-old Laurie Hernandez, who placed 2nd at the Olympic trials last month
-Laurie's coach cried all week lol

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source 2 3

I mean Gabby already had her spotlight in 2012 so... #justiceforlaurie

Jaskier Bomb

Alice Eve's Absence in Star Trek Beyond Explained

Simon Pegg (co-screenwriter of the film) said in an interview: "With this it felt like we would under-serve her if we included her, she might end up feeling like she hadn't been given the amount of screen-time she deserves, so rather than bring her in and just have her be a supporting role, like, have her not be in this one, and when the time comes [bring her back], the worst thing to do would be to have her in the film and have that character be killed, and that felt like a cynical thing to do. We thought rather than have Carol Marcus not be used to a reasonable capacity, let's just not include her, have her be alive, in canon, and ready to come back at any time."

There was originally a mention of her working on the Genesis Project, but it was scrapped.


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Alicia Vikander Covers Vanity Fair's September Issue

-writer says she does the "Luckiest Girl Alive" thing effortlessly
-goes in depth on her breakfast (of course), calling it both European and health conscious (it's a mix of muesli and yogurt and fresh-squeezed lemon juice mixed with apple-cider vinegar)
-talk about her new film company: Vikarious Productions
-calls out the movie she did with Fassbender as Oscar-bait (the writer, not Alicia)
-most interesting, she lived in an apartment with Tove Lo and Icona Pop while in the early days of her acting career
-basically, it's a great bio article about her life prior to becoming an actress while all her male co-stars wax on about how wonderful and talented she is:
As Redmayne puts in, “There’s this other thing that has nothing to do with her technical brilliance. A kind of deep emotion and capacity to feel that is volcanic.”

jon snow

"Game of Thrones" Live Concert Experience

- Ramin Djawadi, the show's composer, will obviously be attending

- Issac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) will be at the concert for a q&a

- The event includes: a live concert with a full orchestra performing music from the show, Q&A session with Ramin and Isaac, an interactive GoT exhibit.

- Takes place on: Monday Aug. 8 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles at 11:30 AM PST.


Say what you will, but the music on this mess of a show is always amazing.

What are your favorite tracks from the GoT soundtrack?

VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Assaulted By Fiance Igor Tarabasov

Trigger Warning: The video and pictures linked to in this post are very graphic in nature.

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You can view the video as an easier embed here.

Just, wow...
celine on jimmy

Celine Dion Sings My Heart Will Go On For ABC + Covers Elle France

  • Céline performed for ABC's Greatest Hits live from her concert in Montreal

  • She says thank you to ABC and the song has been important in her life for 2 decades

  • She dedicates the song to René

  • When asked if she regrets not having a girl she says she thought about adopting a girl, and that life is an open book

  • The magazine goes on sale today

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it's so nice when the crowd sings along
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jacob Latimore + Algee Smith join John Boyega in Kathryn Bigelow's film on the 1967 Detroit riots

  • Described as having lead roles in the ensemble film

  • Official cast now incudes Anthony Mackie, John Boyega, Hannah Murray, Will Poulter, Jack Reynor and Ben O'Toole

  • Kathryn Bigelow is directing from a script by Mark Boal who also wrote The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty


Still needs some Angela Bassett though.


Oh boy... Bradley Cooper & Todd Phillips Turning "Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS" Into HBO Miniseries

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Let's see if they hire the proper scriptwriters for this...

Sesame Street's Grover & Danny Glover are #TeamRefugees when it comes to the Rio Olympics

Team Refugees are a shining reminder that refugees are people with dreams to fulfill and lives to build, who can enrich and inspire communities if we'd just treat them with a little neighborly love. They will be marching together under the Olympic flag at the parade of nations later tonight! Learn more about their amazing stories:

Grover source, Glover source, UNHCR source

ONTD Original: The Best of We Hate Movies Podcast.

Enter any movie post on ONTD, and someone will probably mention the podcast We Hate Movies. What's that you say? It's the iconic and best movie podcast out there right now. Four regular dudes talk about movies that are bad and make you piss yourself laughing doing so. What's not to like? With over 250 episodes in the can, here's just a small portion of some of their best offers.

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Source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

What's your fav episode, ontd??

It's here! 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Viewing Post!

Can't believe it's finally here! In the US, broadcast will begin at 730/630 CT on NBC. I will add streams as they become available!

Source: Me
Streams 1:
Streams 2:
Stream 3:
Stream 4:

Brought to you by ONTD prince, Nathan Adrian

Gaga Takes It To Capitol Hill

In an assemblage that can only be described as Stripper Turned Politician, with an open, oversized pantsuit revealing a mesh-front brassiere that she pairs, very much in Gaga fashion, with chunky platform heels and a short, blonde coif

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Do you like to mix up styles, ONTD? Did you wear converses with your prom dress?

la diabla blanca

Katy Perry accused of stealing idea for "Rise" music video

The Jonas brothers' father has randomly called out Katy perry for stealing from Olivia Somerlyn's "Parachute" music video.

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ONTD University of Phoenix lawyers, did she steal?
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La belle Candice for Untitled Magazine

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“Just being able to play Iris West is putting me in a position to impact change. She is such an iconic character and so many people will know her and remember her as a black woman. Playing this role, I sometimes get blatant racism and the even more painful and complicated non-blatant racism. But, I gladly put on my armour each day and take it. I have to be strong and continue to deliver, because this is bigger than me. It’s not just about this role, its about the landscape of film and TV. It’s about the young girls coming after me. I need to make sure I was strong enough to keep that door open for them. To show up at work and do my best, and change and impact as many minds as I can.
We don’t discuss Iris’s blackness. It’s a non-issue. I always say, Iris is so much more than her skin color. And the less we talk about it or make it an issue (especially on a genre show like this), the more we normalize it to an audience that maybe isn’t used to seeing that on screen. She’s written the same way we’d write her if a white actress was playing her. She has the emotions that any woman would have in her circumstance, regardless of color. Now, that doesn’t mean she isn’t black or isn’t a product of being a black woman in this world, its just means those facts don’t change her being a very relatable and lovable everywoman. I am deeply humbled every time someone reaches out to me to say, “I grew up reading The Flash, I cannot imagine anyone else playing Iris West after seeing you do it.””

marion cotillard

Britney fans are furious about the Make Me video.

They also started a petition and it got over 3500 signatures in the last 2 hours.

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Delta Airlines shows a cut of 'Carol' that has all of the kissing scenes removed

The original version didn't meet Delta's guidelines, although other airlines show the movie in it's entirety.

All moments of physical intimacy (kissing, sex, etc) have been cut out.


CBB Day 8: Eviction Night! + Shocking Exit!

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I will be watching SS tomorrow night so I wont be around to make a CBB post until at least 11pm so if someone wants to do it feel free if it is juicy.
perfect :3

There will be no "director's cut" of Suicide Squad + Zack Snyder directed a scene in it

-Despite reports that WB severely intervened with Suicide Squad's final cut to make it more humorous and fun, director David Ayer stands by theatrical version as his own.

-There will probably be ten minutes or so of extra footage on the DVD, but no director's cut.

-According to users on Reddit who saw the test screening, most of the cut scenes involved the Joker, specifically the Joker beating up Harley Quinn.

-Zack Snyder directed the Flash cameo.

-The film is still on track to break August opening records.

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ONTD Original: 5 Pop Underdogs

ONTD Original: 6 Pop Underdogs
not everyone is on the (right) track to be the next madonna like gaga, and not everybody can smoke a joint whilst an army of songwriters write ha album then go in the studio, warble and nay, and come out with effortless #1 hits, some pop queens dont get the recognition they deserve by constantly putting out jams, ballads, pussy poppers and so on, yes, kelis, robyn and those other girls are pop underdogs but lets get into the new pop underdogs

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ONTD, who's the next Queen of Pop?

Text by me, Source is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6