August 3rd, 2016

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Winona Ryder Recalls Her Shoplifting Incident

She had an interview with Porter magazine, where she recalls getting arrested at Saks Fifth Avenue:

"Psychologically, I must have been at a place where I just wanted to stop. I won’t get into what happened, but it wasn’t what people think. And it wasn’t like the crime of the century!

It allowed me time that I really needed, where I went back to San Francisco and got back into things that, I just had other interests, frankly."

She also talks about getting back into acting after her roles in movies such as Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites and Boys:

“People associated me with the 1990s and I wasn’t that anymore, and they didn’t really buy me as my age. It’s that line in First Wives Club – ‘There are three ages for women: babe, district attorney and Driving Miss Daisy!’ I just never got to play that district attorney."

She doesn't know if a Beetlejuice remake will ever happen, and is currently busy promoting Stranger Things.

Have you ever shoplifted in your life ONTD ?

The Hills reunion: 'That Was Then, This Is Now' - RECAP

A few bits:
- The breakup with Jason Wahler had behind the scene cuts of Lauren worried that he didn't look sober and something was "off". She was worried about who was going to be there to take care of him once she was gone. (Her parents were beyond excited that relationship was over)
- There was zero romantic chemistry between her and Brody Jenner. Any kind of flirting and romance was fabricated and encouraged by producers. Behind the scenes footage caught an awkward kiss between the two followed by Lauren saying "Can we please be done? This is the most awkward thing ever".
-Same goes for the "romance" with the Frenchman on the motorcycle in Paris. Producers asked Lauren to kiss him at the end of the night, but when she declined they asked HIM to make the move instead. Camera footage caught Lauren fleeing the date (or "running like a thief") sans kiss.
-Was setup on a blind date with William Tell (who had never seen the show and knew nothing of Lauren's Laguna/Hills past)

Anyone else watch?


How 'Batman V Superman' and Studio Interference Ruined Suicide Squad

  • The Hollywood Reporter has written an article about how Suicide Squad turned into the mess that the reviews are now showing it to be.

  • The film was a mess to begin with. Ayer wrote the script in 4 weeks and Warner just rode with it, an insider arguing that 'had Ayer been given more time to work on a script, the final output would've had a better chance'. Warner refused to give him any sort of extension because the release date had been announced and advertising deals were cut.

  • Warner/DC didn't trust David Ayer as a director either from the start. They wanted a competing vision and two cuts of the film. They set out with company Trailer Park, who cut the original teaser, to work on a second cut of the film to fit their vision.

  • Warner/DC became more anxious with production when the BVS reviews came out and they were 'completely blindsided by the negative reaction'.

  • Warner didn't like the cut they were seeing, more dark and serious in tone, when Warner wanted a funny, edgy film that was promised in the teaser.

  • Ayer agreed to Warner's idea to screen two versions of the film. This happened in May and the Warner-Cut (which included more characters introduced early on and flashier scenes) won the blind-test which caused the reshoots and tens of millions in more spent.

  • Ayer felt betrayed by his agent for him siding with Warner and dropped him and then rehired his old agent back all within 24 hours.

  • Warner went behind Ayer's back and screened another new cut, which melded Warner's version and Ayer's version and the reaction was strong enough that this was the version they were releasing to theatres and Ayer was fine with.

  • Seven editors were brought in to cut the film, but only John Gilroy is credited. Interestingly enough, John left the film halfway through and the final editor brought on was Michael Tronick.

  • The film must make $800 Million, the same amount as Batman v Superman ended up making, in order to be considered a financial success for Warner/DC.


What a damn mess. Warner and DC really are fucking up their own money.

Matisyahu joins kid who doesn't recognize him playing his song

-some kid named Clint in Hawaii plays a ukulele version of One Day by Matisyahu
-Matisyahu, who looks kinda surfer dude now, joins him in singing but isn't recognized
-kid gets on Matisyahu's guest list at the end

source 2
ashley wagner

Michael Phelps selected to be Olympic flagbearer for United States

-Phelps has 18 gold medals and been in 4 Olympics before Rio but this will be his first time walking the opening ceremony
-"And now, I want to walk in the Opening Ceremony, take it all in, represent America in the best possible way and make my family proud. This time around, it's about so much more than medals," he said.


who's carrying your country's flag at the Olympics, ONTD? kinda forgot this starts on Friday...

Jason Momoa Has a 37th Birthday Party and Takes His Shirt Off, Bless

prideofgypsies Life goals. Find a goddess who drinks Guinness Make babies Live ALOHA

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Jason Momoa, Aquaman and problematic hottie, had a birthday party celebrating his 37th year on earth. He posted pictures with his wife, Lisa Bonet, and surprisingly, his friend Michael Fassbender. There were other pictures posted, but I don't know them, so.


ONTD, do you take off your clothes when the whisky starts flowing?

...also we're gonna need a Jason tag soon.

Emma Watson's High School classmates were punished if they approached her or asked for autographs

emma watson high school points

-Emma attended the posh Headington girls school in Oxford as a teen

-The school had strict rules about students not being allowed to talk to Emma if they weren't friends with her or ask for autographs

-If a student approached Emma, they would receive a "penalty point". If they received 3 penalty points, they would get detention.
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celine on jimmy

Celine Dion Wants To Cover AC/DC and Lady Gaga

Celine is currently in Quebec on a summer tour until the end of August
Says she can see Rene's death and feel bad she lost her best friend and that her sons lost their father but she knows he's with them in their hearts in a different way
She trusted Rene so much that she didnn't bother to go to meetings but now she's been getting really involved and attending meetings
She has a lot of ideas that she wants to do such as an unplugged show with just acoustics
Someday she wants to do a show where it's not all of her popular songs and rare songs
Celine also says she would also like to do a show where she covers other artists songs that she loves.
She lists AC/DC, Miley Cyrus, Sia, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, The Doobie Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Who
She loves AC/DC's song Thunderstruck


sorry mods, didn't see the other post

Kim Kardashian on "The Hills"

Spencer Pratt reminds us of Kim Kardashian's desperation. "The Hills" reunion released cut footage of Kim attending a housewarming party despite claims that she had no interest in the show.

source, 2

Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen to star in 'Ingrid Goes West'

• Ingrid (Plaza), who is obsessed with social media star, Taylor (Olsen), travels across the country to befriend her
• Plaza is producing; Matt Spicer is directing
• Currently shooting in LA

naomi letterman

Mark Ronson: LG5 is some of my favorite music I've ever worked on

Mark Ronson says Lady Gaga's new album is "incredible." The musician, who is producing the upcoming record, spoke about the project during Zane Lowe's Apple Music Beats 1 show earlier today and revealed that it's some of his favorite music that he'd ever worked on.

"We've been working on this record for a while," Ronson said. "I can't really get into it too much. I'm not trying to be coy, but I feel like it's not my place. When the time's right to tell the story, I feel like she should tell. But it's some of my favorite music I've really ever worked on. It's incredible, I love it."

He continued: "It's very rare you're working on something and you go to bed at 3 in the morning and you wake up at 8 and you just cannot wait to get back to the studio to work on that thing you were working on. I can't wait until you can hear it because the music speaks for itself. Some of my favorite musicians of all time are working on it," Mark added.

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Rihanna covers September issue of W Magazine

In W Magazine's new issue, Rihanna stars as Tomorrow, a character created by Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker for this apocalyptic photo shoot. Tomorrow is the "ruling warrior queen" and only remaining woman on earth. The photographer is Steven Kline and the stylist is Edward Enningful.

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View rest of the shoot at the source

Suicide Squad director responds to the bad reviews

Translation: "I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees," a quote from Emiliano Zapata Salazar, hero and leading figure of the Mexican revolution.

Source, source

If only he put this much passion and drama into the movie…
Sam Wilson

The 13 Day Global Gravity Falls #CipherHunt ends with the Statue found in Reedsport, Oregon

In case you aren't aware of the story, back in February Disney animated show Gravity Falls ended its two season run and at the end of the final episode you saw a small glimpse of real life footage depicting a statue of one of the show's characters, Bill Cipher. It wasn't until two weeks ago right before San Diego Comic Con, show creator Alex Hirsch announced that the statue is indeed real and started a global scavenger hunt around the world from St. Petersburg, Russia to Japan. Gravity Falls fans asked for the help of Pokemon Go users to help find clues and even completing a huge puzzle found in a PO box in Los Angeles to get access to unseen content. Finally after the final clue was cracked many people narrowed there search down and found the coveted statue at Reedsport, Oregon and buried beneath the ground was a huge chest filled with exclusive items including a mysterious USB.

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More tweets and pictures at the source, statue tweet, and video
Would you go on a global scavenger hunt for your favorite show?
Black Canary

Comic book Roundup

-Aquaman #4
-Batman #4
-Green Arrow #4
-Green Lanterns #4
-Suicide Squad Rebirth #1
-Superman #4
-Wynonna Earp #6 (Of 6)
-Walking Dead #157
-Daredevil Annual #1
-Silk #11
-Uncanny X-Men #11
-Penny Dreadful #3 (Of 5)

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Emmy Awards: Complete List of Nominee Submissions

This year's list of submissions by Emmy nominees is now complete. Each series nominated for Drama and Comedy Series must submit six episodes to be view by voters. Shows nominated for Variety Sketch Series and Variety Talk Series, as well as acting nominees (except those in Lead Acting in a Limited Series/TV Movie), must submit one episode. With the new policy put in place last year, voters are no longer forced to watch submissions before voting.

The Americans - “Chloramphenicol,” “Travel Agents,” “The Magic of David Copperfield V,” “The Day After,” “A Roy Rogers in Franconia,” and “Persona Non Grata"

Better Call Saul - “Gloves Off,” “Rebecca,” “Bali Ha’i,” “Fifi,” “Nailed,” and “Klick.”

Downton Abbey - “Episode 6.01,” “Episode 6.03,” “Episode 6.06,” “Episode 6.07,” “Episode 6.08,” and “Episode 6.09.”

Game of Thrones - “The Red Woman,” “Home,” “Oathbreaker,” “Book of the Stranger,” “Battle of the Bastards,” and “The Winds of Winter.”

Homeland - “The Tradition of Hospitality,” “Why Is This Night Different?,” “All About Allison,” “The Litvinov Ruse,” “Our Man in Damascus,” and “A False Glimmer.”

House of Cards - “Chapter 40,” “Chapter 41,” “Chapter 42,” “Chapter 43,” “Chapter 44,” and “Chapter 45.”

Mr. Robot - “,” “eps1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg,” “eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf,” “eps1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v,” “eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt,” and “eps1.9_zer0-day.avi.”

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Source 1,2

who made good/bad choices ontd? more importantly will they even matter?

ONTD Original: Japanese Olympics Theme Songs

Whether you're a fan of swimming, gymnastics, or diving, the Olympics brings excitement to everybody. For those that can't watch the Olympic Games in person, the broadcast station is given the task of hyping the games for the audience. What better way to accomplish this task than a feel-good empowering theme song? Although many of us are familiar with Katy Perry's Rise, America isn't the only one broadcasting the Olympic Games nor are they the only one producing theme songs for the event. Here are some Olympics theme songs from Japan.

Namie Amuro - Hero (NHK 2016 Olympics)

[More songs under the cut]EXILE - Joy-ride ~ Kanki no Drive ~ (FujiTV 2016 Olympics)

Arashi - Power of the Paradise (NTV 2016 Olympics)

Ikimonogakari - Kaze ga Fuiteiru (NHK 2012 Olympics)

Superfly & Tortise Matsumoto - STARS (FujiTV 2012 Olympics)

Otsuka Ai - LUCKY☆STAR (FujiTV 2010 Winter Olympics)

Mr.Children - GIFT (NHK 2008 Olympics)

SMAP - Kono Toki, Kitto Yume ja Nai (TBS 2008 Olympics)

Ayumi Hamasaki - Born To Be... (NTV 2006 Winter Olympics)

Sources 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9*
*Added after originally posted
What are your favorite international Olymipcs theme songs?

Jared Leto sent a dead pig to WIll Smith and a rat to Margot Robbie

-There was a fake article circulating today about Will Smith hating Jared Leto, which people gladly believed (although if we judge by the stuff Will is saying about Leto in interviews, he doesn't seem like a fan...)
-Margot Robbie got a gift from Leto who was in character the whole time they were filming with a fucking rat in it.
-He sounds like a pain in the ass lmao

Pink Ranger

Antonio Sabàto Jr. thinks he's relevant; says Hollywood is blacklisting him for supporting Trump

  • Sabàto Jr. claims that he has been bullied after appearing at the RNC in Cleveland last month, and that Hollywood directors have blacklisted him since then.

  • He reached out to Variety to whine, and I guess they have nothing else to write about because they posted an article about it.

  • I think this country allows you freedom of speech. Anybody should be allowed to say whatever they want. When you’re in my business, you can’t talk about [conservative] politics. You just can’t. You’re attacked viciously in a way that I’ve never been attacked before. On Twitter, there’s been name calling, and celebrities attacking me. That’s fine. I see it, but I don’t read it. I block them and delete them and move on. There’s so much negativity you can be taken into that. But I’ve also heard from celebrities: “If he can do it, I want to speak my mind too.” They are fed up with the way this country has been running and by all these lies.

  • You can read more of his delusions H E R E at the source.

source / source

Nice try, but you can't get blacklisted when you're a nobody.
thelma - 2

here's a Tom Daley documentary about his journey from London 2012 to Rio 2016

"An intimate portrait of one of Britain's best-loved sporting heroes. With unique access, this documentary follows Tom Daley's four-year journey from London 2012 until now."

Quote from the documentary: "He can do no wrong. Tom Daley is God."


ontd, do you think he has a good shot at gold?

tw for dustin lance black's face

IOI get salt and peppery for their new comeback

Produce 101 cuties, IOI are ready to debut their subunit with members Jeon So Mi , Choi Yoo Jung , Kim Chung Ha , Kim So Hye , Pinky , Kim Do Yeon , and Im Na Young.
They're giving Salt-N-Pepa inspired vocals in this Whatta Man cover/rework.

Do you like the sexy concept? honestly Somi looks like 12 so its a bit weird
Nayoung,Chungha and Sohye look amazing

Kate McKinnon on Ghostbusters, SNL and Hillary Clinton

- was a big astrophysics nut since she was 12 but gave up on that in high school because: math
- came up with that Holtzmann hair with her stylist, imagining what kind of hair a person who doesn't care about an exploding nuclear reactor have and it'd be like Tilda Swinton’s hair.
- doesn't talk about her character [possibly] being gay.
- said Leslie Jones was deeply disturbed and upset after the online abuse she suffered and told her she should get off twitter even though that's not a solution.
- doesn't have social media because it feels unnatural to broadcast anything other than the characters she has created.
- says Hillary is very warm and charming and sincere as a person


3 white actors cast in Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit riots film, will have the most screen time

Three actors, named Connor or Lucas or Hunter or something, have been cast in Kathryn Bigelow's upcoming film about the 1967 Detroit riots. John Boyega has already been announced as part of the cast, but Variety reports that the three potatoes pictured above "are expected to have the most screen time in the movie".

The riots happened because black Detroiters were lashing out against the segregation and discrimination in the city, precipated by a police raid on an unlicensed bar that served black patrons. The result? The army and national guard were called in, and black people were arrested and killed en masse.

And yet, if Variety is to be believed, the movie dramatizing the incident will focus on three white guys. Seriously, white Hollywood, seriously?

Source, background on riots

Britney Spears' fans start a petition to have #Glory album cover changed

Less than five hours after Britney Spears unveiled the cover of her new album, #Glory (in stores August 26th!) fans have started a petition to get her record label RCA to change it.

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Do you like the album cover, ontd? Which is her best & worst from her discography?

  • kydeon

Aubrey O’Day warned after spitting in housemate's food

- Celebrity Big Brother star Aubrey spat in the sandwich & drink she prepared for housemate Stephen Bear "as a joke".
- Stephen consumed it.
- She was given a formal final warning & Bear was informed.


Iggy Azalea signs development deal with NBC Universal

-The musician, and her production company Azalea Street, have signed a development deal with NBC Universal & Universal Cable Productions to develop scripted and unscripted content targeted towards millenials.
-The content may be streamed, broadcast on TV or distributed online.
-It will feature topics such as social justice and empowering of young women.
-She will soon feature her musical expertise when she appears as a judge on The X Factor after the Olympics.


ONTD what social justice topics do you want Iggy to cover on her new TV shows?