August 2nd, 2016

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ONTD ORIGINAL: Top 10 Disney Ballads

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Ahh Disney ballads! The numbers where the characters share their hopes and dreams and arguably the heart of the films. These are the songs that you are most likely to belt in the shower or with your friends and I am here to share the best ones. Feel free to argue with me in the comments!
Side note: I have specifically chosen ballads that were sung by one of the main characters so songs like "Circle of Life" are not here. Maybe for another list!

10. "When you Wish Upon a Star." (Pinocchio)

Ahh! a classic! The melody you hear every time you see a Disney film now and now a slogan for the whole Disney name. It truly is beautiful, and the only reason it is not higher is the fact that it only really plays in the opening credits and not in the actual film.

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S 3 S 4 S5 S 6 S 7 S 8 S9 S 10 EDIT: i should have totally been more clear that I was thinking more of solos when i did this list and duets/romance songs could totally make a list of their own. <3
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Kendall Jenner leaves kylie's bday with Asap rocky

the two have been spotted together recently in paris, nyc and la and news outlets are reporting that they're "dating"
source :
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Niall calls out person who took a pic of him sleeping on a plane

-was traveling to Chicago this week when a girl took a picture of him sleeping on the plane
-thus happened even though he denied her initial selfie request due to being sick
-he was attempting to find which update account posted the picture first/it's source but in the end just called the person out on Twitter

Why would you even post a pic like that idg

Eva Mendes covers September issue of Latina, talks about her brother's death, raising bilingual kids

On losing her brother Carlos to cancer and having her daughter soon after:
"Losing my brother brought our family closer, and we were already close to begin with. So to just see everybody be there for one another and show up, I feel so lucky to have them. We had a funeral service for him and that same week I had the baby. It was really, really intense and obviously beyond heartbreaking, but also kind of beautiful."

On not having that much time to grieve:
"My older little girl is not yet 2 years old. My little one is still an infant, and right now it's really about surviving those nights and trying to enjoy this time as much as possible with them, and start the bond between Esmeralda and Amada. It's a really, really special time. I'm loving it."

On how she and Ryan Gosling raise bilingual daughters:
"We're constantly playing Cuban music. I speak to them in Spanish, and my mom speaks to Esmeralda in Spanish. Well, now she speaks to both of them in Spanish. Any time I have an opportunity to introduce her or them—I have to say 'them' now, though my newborn just sleeps all the time—to my culture, whether it's through music, or through food, I do. That is a main priority, for sure."

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Pink Ranger

SAW executive producer to reboot PUMPKINHEAD franchise

  • Peter Block is currently looking for a filmmaker to direct the movie, which will be released in 2017.


ONTD, what's your favorite horror reboot? You can make this a creepy post if you want to.
HBIC Marnie
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Suicide Squad director apologizes for saying "Fuck Marvel" at movie premiere

Someone recorded a video of David Ayer saying "Fuck Marvel" at the Suicide Squad premiere.


He later tweeted an apology.


Kanye Wants to Collab w/ Ikea

West announced he hoped to collaborate with IKEA during an interview with BBC Radio 1 on Monday.

The 39-year-old and father-of-two said: 'I have to work with IKEA - make furniture for interior design, for architecture, help them realize stuff.’

'Yo IKEA, allow Kanye to create, allow him to make this thing because you know what, I want a bed that he makes, I want a chair that he makes.'


Do you want ye to help you realize your furniture ONTD?

Miss Teen USA apologizes for using the N-word

--Karlie says she is very sorry, embarrassed, and ashamed for using the N-word in several tweets from 2013
---Says she was being a follower and wanted to fit in since the word was thrown around in the music that she listened to and the people she hung out with
--States that there is no excuse to say the word at all and is "amazed" she once thought it was ok to use it
--Also says: "I've grown," she said. "I've blossomed into the person I am today. I think I can turn this message into a positive message – because there are people that use that word and it's not acceptable, ever."


Anton Yelchin's parents suing Fiat Chrysler

- Victor Yelchin's told reporters they are hoping to prevent this from happening to other familities by suing. "Anton was our only son – a remarkable human being. It's against nature when a parent has to bury their own child."
- Yelchin's mother Korina added, "We were always proud of him being the greatest human being – not for being a star." Many of Anton's friends have reached out to her. "I just got a couple text messages from London and L.A. – his closest friends – saying, 'I love you Mama, just be strong.' "
- Family's lawyer revealed a notice was sent to Anton a week after he died saying that company has a "software fix" for the gear shifter, after a May notice explained that a fix was "currently under development." So in the wake of his death, the lawsuit is alleging that the the car manufacturer did little to correct the problemed design and were delayed in notifying car owners.
- Lawyer also revealed that a notice was sent to Yelchin a week after he died saying the company had a "software fix" for the gear shifter. The attorney also confirmed the auto-manufacturer sent a notice in May which explained that "a permanent remedy" for the gear shift was "currently under development."
- Apparently the family received no condolences from the car manufacturer in the wake of their son's death.

- Fiat Chrysler released the following statement: "FCA US LLC extends its sympathies to the Yelchin family for their tragic loss. The Company has not been served with a lawsuit and cannot comment further at this time. FCA US urges customers to follow the instructions in their owners manuals and the information cards sent with their recall notices. These instructions include advising customers to set the parking brakes in their vehicles before exiting."

Kanye and Drake to release joint album?

-Last night at OVO Fest Toronto Kanye seemed to imply that he's making an album with Drake
-First Kanye asked the crowd if they were ready for "this album" before stating he wasn't talking about TLOP or Views.
-Drake then came on stage repeating the question before beginning his performance.
-Kanye has previously talked about wanting to work with Drake, and has sort of collabed with him on a song
-Drake is one of Apple Music's biggest spokespersons, causing some to wonder if this is a way for Kanye to get in with the company.

This is either going to be fire or the hottest mess

Britney Spears: Saves a fan's life + Candids + Joe Jonas + Kate Hudson + #MakeMe on BB

- 18 year old David Lecours, a Britney fan, was severely depressed over his sexuality
- he was able to get a meet and greet where he gave her a letter explaining everything he had been going through. She told him how strong and proud of him she was in person.
- Days later after the meeting he received a personal letter from her
- Says he cried his eyes out at the gesture and it set him free in a way.
- he's in a much better place now. two year ago he wasn't sure he was going to make it to his 18th birthday

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Oprah picks Colson Whitehead's "Underground Railroad" as her next book club title

Synopsis: Cora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Life is hell for all the slaves, but especially bad for Cora; an outcast even among her fellow Africans, she is coming into womanhood—where even greater pain awaits. When Caesar, a recent arrival from Virginia, tells her about the Underground Railroad, they decide to take a terrifying risk and escape. Matters do not go as planned—Cora kills a young white boy who tries to capture her. Though they manage to find a station and head north, they are being hunted.

The book was scheduled to be released in September, but due to the Power of OprahTM it was pushed up to today.

book post?


Anna Wintour Is Giving Hillary Clinton Fashion Advice on Campaign

Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour has been helping Hillary Clinton select her wardrobe during the presidential campaign.

The Business of Fashion reported, “Clinton has been consulting American Vogue editor in chief and Democratic party fundraiser Anna Wintour on her wardrobe choices for key moments of the campaign. On certain occasions, Wintour has approached designers to procure outfits for Clinton, who has settled into a uniform of brightly coloured pantsuits and jackets by US designers.”

Anna Wintour has been a longtime supporter of Clinton, and in 2013, at a reception honoring designer Oscar de la Renta, she predicted Hillary becoming president in 2016. “I can only hope that all of you in Little Rock will be celebrating here come November 2016. All of us at Vogue look forward to putting on the cover the first female president of the United States.”


Zayn Malik is producing a show about boy bands

  • Zayn is gonna be the executive producer on a TV show about boy bands

  • The show will be produced by the makers of HBO's Entourage

  • It will be about the in fighting, egos, and backstage drama of boy bands

  • Eventually an actual boy band will be created and singles will be released from the show

  • Casting for the show starts next month in LA

Source: Twitter

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RHOC's Shannon Beador: 'Kelly Dodd's Native American name should be "Dances With B*****T"'

After a ridiculous fight at Shannon Beador's 70's themed party on last week's episode, Kelly Dodd attempts to make amends with Beador. However, it ended up with Beador racially insulting Dodd by saying she "looks like an Indian."

Things heated up during their meeting when Dodd tries to apologize to Beador whom she kept referring to as "Mrs. Roper" at the party. Dodd snaps back, "Who cares? You look like an Indian."

"You're insinuating that Indians are ugly," replies a there are cameras here-shocked Dodd. You can watch the CLIP HERE

Deador's "Indian name" for Dodd is "Dances with Bullshit". She took to Twitter to defend herself...

There are no winners here. Dodd told a caller on Watch What Happens Live! that she was channeling "Half-Breed" Cher for her 70's costume. Also, back in April, a video surfaced of Kelly Dodd, before she was a cast mate, saying, "I don't like black guys, I don't even know any black guys."

SOURCE: VIDME | YOUTUBE | My television
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Project Runway and RuPaul's Drag Race's Santino goes on vegan rant

Santino Rice, former Project Runway contestant and RuPaul's Drag Race judge, went on an all-caps rant today about plant-based diets and being a raw vegan. He urged his followers to stop eating meat, as the continued consumption of meat will eventually lead to cancer. Fear not, as Santino tweeted that it is never too late to start eating vegan and that one can reverse cancer in the body through plant-based medicine.

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When was the last time a vegan tried to convert you save your life?

Fifth Harmony's 7/27 tour continues flopping

The last four shows of local act Fifth Harmony's 7/27 Tour have been cancelled

According to fans on Twitter, some of these shows were "mostly sold out" so the reason for the cancellation is currently unknown.

source + twitter
movie: star wars - bb8

Human Fart Noise Shane Dawson Makes Joke About Blue Ivy, Twitter Goes In

In his latest "Trying Girl Products" video (whatever that means...), YouTuber Shane Dawson goes to Claire's and buys a sheet mask made for children, and says it looks like it's for an adult face, and calls Blue Ivy a "he" and says she looks like a bank teller (skip to around 3:25)

I've seen some babies that have some adult-ass faces. Beyonce's kid? He looks like he's 48 and works at a bank. Like no thank you, Ivy, I'm good, I don't need a savings account

Twitter/Beyhive did not take it well, trending #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty and Shane tried to backtrack (and then deleted everything)

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Poor You: Korean Actor Apologizes For His Flop Show


* Kim Woo Bin (School 2013, Heirs) has recently come out to apologize for his current K-drama, Uncontrollably Fond.
* Unexpectedly Dull airs on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday for 20 episodes. The ratings for the drama were initially good, with a peak rating of 12.7% for the first episode (which is decent in Korea since most ppl are turning to streaming), however, the show found competition from the drama W that airs in the same time slot. W's 4th episode has gotten a 14.7% while the most recent episode of UF received a 9.5%.
* This is bad considering A) KBS2 has hyped up this drama for six months, B) It has two A-list celebrities and Hallyu stars attached to it (Kim Woo Bin and former Miss A bankroller Bae Suzy), C) The show was entirely pre-produced which is rare for a K-drama.
* The show isn't faring well with viewers, who call it boring and a rehash of tropes the head writer has already done.
* The show reportedly cost 10 million dollars to produce, which is the same amount as DoTS which was filmed on location in foreign countries and covered the cost of renting military equipment.

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ONTD, are you watching W or UF?
Has an actor ever apologize for a shit project?


Mel Gibson, Sean Penn to Star in 'Professor and the Madman'

mel gibson and sean penn split h 2016

-According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mel Gibson and Sean Penn are set To star in the forthcoming adaptation of The Professor and the Madman

-Gibson acquired the film rights to Simon Winchester’s book of the same name back in 1998.

-Gibson is slated to portray Professor James Murray, who oversaw the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary starting in 1857.

-Penn will play Dr. W. C. Minor, an inmate at the asylum for the criminally insane who ultimately submitted more than 10,000 entries for the dictionary.

-Apocalypto writer Farhad Safinia will direct.


Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Spend Family Time Together

Amber Rose posted videos on her Snapchat coparenting with sorta ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. Rumor has it that Amber and Wiz are back together after she joked about him ejaculating on her face after going to his concert.

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How are you at coparenting single parents of ONTD? These videos are pretty cute tbh
Joe&#39;s neck

Modern day goddess Ashley Graham slams body shamers

Ashley wrote an essay for Lena Dunham's newsletter, Lennyletter.

In her essay, Ashley talks about her responsibility as a body activitist. She talks specifically about comments referring to her size in a recent Instagram picture, with commenters calling her out for looking "slimmer". She points out the criticism she receives for every picture she posts. If she posts a picture from a "good angle", she's called out for trying to "look smaller". If she posts pictures showing her cellulite or rolls, she's called out for "promoting obesity". (FFS)  She's been called "ugly" for being ~overweight; and, on the flip slide, has also been called a "fake fat person" when she looks good in pictures.

The source for her letter is HERE . Please read it. She is amazing.

"My body is MY body. I'll call the shots."

In the meantime, Ashley was a guest host on CBS's The Talk yesterday...........

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A deeper look into 5h's drama


Since people were asking for it in one of the last posts, I thought I would make a post about 5h drama. Now with 5h getting their first top 5 hit and Work from Home being their second song not far from being triple platinum you would think that 5h would be happier than ever. Unfortunately that's not happening so here's a deeper look into their drama the past year.

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i haven't made a post on here in like 200 years lol but i had the day off so i said why not?