July 23rd, 2016


Nelly Furtado drops buzz single "Behind Your Back"

- Album out in November
- TSI will be her last pop album
- BYB won't be included in the album

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Amber Rose: Kanye really went through a lot of bullshit

- Rose had a (literal) front-row seat when Kanye interrupted Taylor’s Swift’s speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

- Amber said, "I’m not the biggest fan of Kanye but I was next to him at the VMAs that year. I remember the repercussions after that. I remember Taylor’s mother and father coming up to us and saying, ‘One day you’ll have a daughter and somebody is going to do that to you.' He was so remorseful. I mean he really felt so bad, because it wasn’t about Taylor. It was about Beyoncé and her video. He didn’t want to interrupt Taylor – he didn’t even know who she was at the time."

- She goes onto say, "It was just a very hard time for him, and I was around to see that. I watched Lady Gaga cancel the tour. I watched people say that they did not want to work with him anymore because of it. And he really went through a lot of bullshit and I know that Kanye would never ever go through that again by not calling Taylor to say, ‘Heads up, I’m about to go write this verse real quick. Just wanted to make sure you’re cool with it.’ I know that about Kanye."

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Selena Gomez feels "Unauthentic, Unconnected to Herself and Her Music."

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selenagomez not being negative about anything I've done. I'm grateful for every single moment I get here -Indonesia you were LOUD and clearly inspiring. Love you so much

OG and #2 most hated Squad member, after the snake trainer herself, Selena Gomez took to her Instagram to discuss how she felt after her Indonesian tour stop today.

Could the pressures of #Squadgoals finally be getting to her? Sacrificing your moral integrity for a snake? Or does she just not like her bops any more and want to put out #realmusic, a la another popular Znake?


Posting it in screen cap form because I have a feeling this will get deleted...
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DNC email leak reveals Ariana Grande was denied White House performance over donut licking

- Wikileaks published thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee, including one email thread revealing Ariana Grande had a proposed White House performance rejected over her donut-licking scandal last year.

- The leaked emails show a request to vet Grande with interest in booking her for a White House gala late last year.

- Congressmen included notes about her donut scandal and the fact that she blasted a fan over a homophobic remark made to her brother, saying it was a double standard that liberals were not upset with her like they are with Trump.

- Upon the review, White House employee Bobby Schmuck replied swiftly and simply to the suggestion: "Nope, sorry."

Harry Hands

1D Make-Up/Hairstylist, Lou Teasdale Celebrates 1D's 6th Anniversary with a Picture of Just Harry

louteasdale Happy 6 years 💟

Lou Teasdale, the make-up and hairstylist (lol) for the defunct boy band One Direction, posted a happy anniversary post to the lads, but only included a picture of Harry and her daughter.

Do the other 4 boys, Niall Horan, Snapchat enthusiast, Liam Payne, trophy husband, Louis Tomlinson, father, or Zayn Malik, snake, not deserve their own post? Or maybe a group shot?

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 photo niallgif19_zpsdp0asrnn.gif

I know we all joke that Harry is the favorite, but like, this is not a cute look. Sorry to the Liam, Niall and Louis girls out there. HAPPY ONE DIRECTION DAY!

Post your favorite 1D gifs, please. I miss the band 😭

Kim Kardashian's new reality show is a beauty blogger competition

Popsugar found a casting call for a new reality show said to be executive produced by Kim Kardashian and produced by the same people behind Real Housewives of NYC.

According to the show's casting director they're looking for beauty bloggers who have a "strong following, like the Chrisspy's of the world."

The winner will be hired as Beauty Director of Kardashian Apps and will be working with the Kardashian sisters to create content for their apps.

Filming will begin in late October and will last around 4-5 weeks.


Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner: Jon Snow lacks Sansa’s “intellect” and “experience”


Sophie had even more stuff to say about Jon, besides the whole incest thing:

“[Sansa] believes they should both be King and Queen of the North. I don't believe she thinks Jon is capable of running Winterfell and the North.”

“[Sansa] doesn’t think he has the intellect, the knowledge, and the experience that she has, and I concur.”

“There’s always a bit of sibling rivalry between Sansa and Jon; there has been since they were very young. I think that look between Sansa and Littlefinger is her kind of acknowledging that his points are somewhat legitimate, and she’s kind of intrigued as to that pretty little picture that he painted of him on the Iron Throne and her by his side.”

“She’s kind of thinking, ‘Well, he’ll give me the credit that I deserve. But it’s very interesting to see where her loyalties will now lie—whether she’ll go with Jon or Littlefinger.”

about the Vale knights:
“Sansa wanted all the credit, and it was a more dramatic moment when they showed up. It made for really good television.”


Archer Season 8 Details Revealed at SDCC

[Absolutely MASSIVE spoilers for Season 7]
-Archer miraculously did not die at the end of the last season (though it's been confirmed it was actually him in the pool and not one of Krieger's robot doubles) and begins this season in a coma
-The characters are all shown (except Archer, obvs) attending what appears to be Woodhouse's funeral :(
-Season 8 looks like it will take place partially (if not entirely) in his head
-1920's setting
-Archer is a private investigator looking for his missing partner, Woodhouse
-Lana is a jazz singer
-Ray is a trumpeter
-Krieger is a bartender
-Cyril and Pam are also detectives
-Pam is a man (!!?!)
-Cheryl is pretty much the same
-Len Trexler is back as a mob boss
-Barry is his enforcer, but "probably not a cyborg anymore"

Honestly, I'd still advise taking half of this with a grain of salt. The Season 5 trailer was full of stuff that were merely red herrings because Adam Reed is a troll. Anyone remember the tiger?
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Marvel announces "Inhumans vs. X-Men" mini at SDCC

Coming out in winter, will be written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, who are also doing the "Death of X" mini, and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu.


Who wants to bet Marvel will find a way to villainize the X-Men, like they did in AvX?

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A Summary of the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Panel at SDCC'16 Plus a Sneak Peak!

  • The new series is called Star Trek Discovery.

  • It “won’t be episodic” but rather will tell stories like a novel.

  • The new ship would be called Discovery, which is an homage to a ship talked about in another Star Trek series, Voyager.

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I can't wait for the casting news
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Britney Spears accused of copying pop superstar Thalía

Fans of Mexican pop superstar Thalía are accusing Britney Spears of copying Thalía. After the release of Britney Spears' latest flop single "Make Me," fans of Thalía have taken to social media to decry the similarities between the two pop divas' single covers. Fans of Thalía are saying that Britney copied Thalía's cover from her 2005 single "Amar Sin Ser Amada."

In 2013, Britney Spears was called out for racist comments she made against Latinx people. In response to being asked what she liked most about Latinx culture, Britney replied, "I think it's very sexy. I've always loved Latinos. They make me think of a bad-boy type that your father wouldn't let you go out with."


Selena Gomez (sort of) Addresses Her Controversial Tweet

She says "I get stupid sometimes, I say things that I don't mean, or they come out wrong just because I care so badly. But the thing is at the end of the day no war anger has ever won, I do know that deep down in my heart I have to believe that we can love each other and always be kind no matter what it takes within us, I believe we can do that" before introducing her song Kill Em With Kindness.

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The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the sacred Crystal, and the menacing empire of Niflheim is determined to steal it. King Regis of Lucis (Sean Bean) commands an elite force of soldiers called the Kingsglaive. Wielding their king’s magic, Nyx (Aaron Paul) and his fellow soldiers fight to protect Lucis. As the overwhelming military might of the empire bears down, King Regis is faced with an impossible ultimatum – to marry his son, Prince Noctis to Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae (Lena Headey), captive of Niflheim, and surrender his lands to the empire’s rule. Although the king concedes, it becomes clear that the empire will stop at nothing to achieve their devious goals, with only the Kingsglaive standing between them and world domination.


Been hearing great reviews after its premiere in Japan! Some info for those not familiar with FFXV : this is a special tie-in film about the events preceding the actual game itself =)


Fan objects to Batman/Batgirl sex in "The Killing Joke"; writer calls him a pussy

At the SDCC panel for the DC animated adaption of "The Killing Joke," a fan (ironically dressed as the Joker), who had already seen the film, objected to the icky-ass relationship and sex scene between Batman and Batgirl, saying that among other things it turned her from an independent character into a mere love interest

-The panel members insisted she was still "a strong female character"

-The fan, who no longer had the mic, shouted "Yeah, by using sex and then pining for Bruce."

-Screenwriter and DC staff member Brian Azzarello replied with "Wanna say that again? Pussy?"


Sick burn, bro!! Follow-up to this post.
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After Universal Soldier became an anthem for peace during the Vietnam War era, Buffy found herself under the scrutiny of the US government and the FBI. Her career was stalled in the USA, and she later discovered that Lyndon Johnson had been writing letters of encouragement to radio stations to silence her songs, while shipments of her records were mysteriously disappearing. Buffy continued writing music, and in the late '70s was back in view on the set of Sesame Street, where she introduced children to Native instruments and teachings, and introduced Big Bird to breastfeeding.

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FX - LEGION Official Trailer

[Youtube version for outside US]

Legion follows David Haller (Dan Stevens), a troubled young man who may be more than human. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and visions might be real.


I'm still unsure about this, honestly, but the team behind FX's FARGO is behind this and it looks pretty good! Also, just happy to hear the word "mutant" be used in a Marvel show. For those curious about the comic character this is based on, here is his bio : David Haller (Earth-616).

Clover (anime video)

New 'Godzilla Resurgence' Will Hit US Theaters Late This Year + Trailer

  • The new Godzilla film is from TOHO Company.

  • It will be released in theaters later this year.

  • No date has been set yet.

  • Screenplay by Hideaki Anno.

The latest trailer

The movie is Co-directed by:
Hideaki Anno of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame and Shinji Higuchi of Attack On Titan fame.

SOURCE: 1 / 2 - www.shin-godzilla.jp/