July 21st, 2016


Last "Divergent" film heading straight to TV


- the “The Divergent Series: Ascendant” movie is gonna head straight to tv, with a possible tv series following

- Lionsgate had not yet talked to any tv networks

- no word on the cast returning (well...)

#MakeMe gets promo @ the RNC + Britney responds to Selena Gomez re: Duet

A reporter/Britney fan at the Republican National Convention decided to take matters into his own hands and promote #MakeMe. He was caught in the background by CNN's cameras with a simple message, "Buy Make Me on Itunes." Dead.

Word got back to Britney about it and she reposted.

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Pictures from the 'Star Trek Beyond' world premiere

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I'm assuming that the black insignia is for Anton.

Liam Payne signs to Capitol Records!

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U.S. Government Kills KickassTorrents

- The U.S. Department of Justice have charged Artem Vaulin, 30, of Kharkiv, Ukraine with criminal copyright infringement and have seized all KAT domain names.

- Artem was arrested in Poland today & the U.S. is seeking to extradite Vaulin.

- He was caught when Apple handed over his details after an investigator cross-referenced an IP-address used for an iTunes transaction with an IP-address that was used to login to KAT’s Facebook account.

- U.S. Attorney Fardon: “Copyright infringement exacts a large toll, a very human one, on the artists and businesses whose livelihood hinges on their creative inventions. Vaulin allegedly used the Internet to cause enormous harm to those artists."

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Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato love conspiracy theories and don't read books, Demi jokes about PTSD

-Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas love discussing conspiracy theories with each other.

-Nick and Demi love watching dumb comedies, and they both don't read.

-Demi Lovato jokes that she has PTSD after leaving the Disney Channel.

-Nick says he keeps his political views private, but Demi says that she's a huge Clinton supporter.

-Nick says that it's a shame people made his Orlando tribute about something else.

Source: Twitter

What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

RHOA's Peter Thomas Runs to Wendy Williams to Talk About Cynthia & Their Divorce

  • Peter Thomas ran to Wendy Williams to talk about his divorce with Real Housewife of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey.

  • Peter says he had to do Wendy's show because he doesn't have an outlet to get his side of the story out.

  • Peter says he is getting paid to appear on this next season of RHOA.

  • He was blindsided by Cynthia's decision to divorce and found out like everyone else on E! News

  • Peter says he has never cheated on Cynthia. Wendy plays the video of him making out with a woman who isn't wife in the club and changes his story again, claims that the woman said he was 'acting brand new' because he was making white money and he didn't kiss her but was talking to her real close (lolwut)

  • Also says he has never taken money from Cynthia and they have seperate checking accounts. (mmmkay...)

  • Wendy throws shady faces the entire interview because she doesn't buy any of his bullshit.

  • Peter says his least favorite RHOA cast members are Porsha and Phaedra. He says they're too negative and fake.


Petty LuPeter is in the building!
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A Tribe Called Red debuts new single feat. Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), Narcy, and Black Bear

Electronic pow wow group A Tribe Called Red have dropped "R.E.D.," the indigenous trio's collaboration with Yasiin Bey f.k.a. Mos Def, Iraqi-Canadian rapper Narcy, and native drum group Black Bear. First previewed in their short documentary "The Manawan Session," the song is taken from We Are The Halluci Nation, the group's new album out on September 16. "R.E.D.," an exhilarating tempest of synths and dovetailing, passionate voice, bodes well for the release.

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PSA if you're interested in listening to the instrumental you can watch the (frankly, awesome) video here.
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Entertainment Superstore 'Hastings' To Close ALL Stores

After filing for bankruptcy, Hastings Entertainment, a store that sold physical copies for movies, books, games and music will be closing its stores by October 31.


Five weeks ago, Hastings filed for Chapter 11 protection with the goal of expediting our search for a buyer that would help us complete our remerchandising strategy and position our business for long-term success. At the completion of the sale process yesterday, the winning buyer was a joint venture that will instead oversee a liquidation of our stores to ensure we are maximizing the value of all of our remaining merchandise and assets as we prepare to close. All Hastings stores, our e-Commerce business and our corporate office will all discontinue operations at the end of this process. On Friday, July 22, the Bankruptcy Court is expected to approve our agreement with the companies who will oversee our store closing sales, Hilco Merchant Resources LLC and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners LLC.

We thank our customers and employees for their loyalty over the years, and we hope to see our customers at store closing sales.

Hastings was founded in 1968 and operates 126 stores throughout the United States. The store was popular for its video and game rental services. The news come as reports of the last known manufacturer of VCRs, Funai Electric, is set to cease production at the end of July.


Nostalgia post?

leonardo dicaprio foundation model roundup

-Leo hosted his foundation's gala in St. Tropez on Wednesday, raising $45 million for environmental awareness
-Models there included Constance Jablonski, Joan Smalls, Doutzen Kroes, Lily Donaldson, Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha, Barbara Palvin, Petra Nemcova, Anja Rubik, Soo Joo and more probably
-Non-models included Jonah Hill, Bradley Cooper and Mariah Carey
-The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey and Andrea Bocelli performed

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NBA will move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte over North Carolina's anti-LGBT law

Welp, the NBA warned the Republicans running North Carolina: change or rescind the transphobic, bigoted, anti-LGBT HB2 law (aka the bathroom bill), or we're going to move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Governor Pat "Deflated Douchebag" McCrory refused to budge, so now the NBA is carrying through its threat. The likely new host city for the All-Star Game will be New Orleans (a city that has laws against anti-LGBT discrimination, in one of the rare southern states that have hate crime laws that include sexual orientation, but not gender idetity). The move is expected to cost Charlotte and North Carolina hundreds of millions of dollars.

Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets, who has worked so hard with his old pal Pat McCrory to get the All-Star Game to his state, is going to have another reason to be sad.

On the other hand, a hearty shoutout to the NBA for taking this stand. Hopefully it will help get Roy Cooper, the pro-LGBT Dem attourney general challenging McCrory in this year's gubernatorial race, elected! And it will also help discourage other states from passing similar bigoted laws.

Emmy Awards Post: HBO fucks up, gets Peter MacNicol disqualified as Guest Actor Nominee

-- Last week, Peter MacNicol was nominated for an Emmy for his guest-starring role on Veep. Yesterday the Television Academy disqualified and removed him from the nomination list.

-- Last year rules were put in place that required anyone on the ballot for Guest Actor/Actress to be in less than 50% of the season of the show they guest-starred in. Peter was in 5 of the 10 episodes of Veep's season.

-- The TV Academy stated that while HBO's entry for Peter was correct when they initially submitted him before the deadline, he was included in an episode after that and was therefore no longer eligible to be considered a guest star. HBO never bothered to correct his category placement after credits for those later episodes were made.

-- The TV Academy also stated a replacement would be made, and earlier today named that replacement nominee as Girls' star Peter Scolari.

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Lady Gaga: #BlackLivesMatter

Lady Gaga took to her Twitter account on Wednesday to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of recent police shootings. "I pray for the black community who suffer fear of prejudice, violence and injustice. We need lawfulness, fairness, unity," Gaga tweeted along with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

While Lady Gaga has been outspoken about many social issues, such as LGBT rights, immigration, and teenage bullying, this is the first time she's publicly supported the movement. Her tweet was met with approval by most fans, with one writing: "Thank you, Gaga, for being an ally and using your platform for good," while another added simply: "This means so much to me."

Learn from this @selenagomez @taylorswift
Joe's neck

Joe Jonas would very much like to be excluded from the narrative surrounding his lying ex-girlfriend

In a recent interview with AOL.com, the more successful Jonas Brother was asked for his opinion about the Snake/KimK/Kanye feud:  "[Laughs] I keep out of it. It's obviously everywhere, but I just stay on the sidelines."

Other things discussed in the interview:
- writing/recording while continuing to tour with Selena Gomez
- DNCE's debut album, which is due to drop on August 26th
- Joe's recent collaborations with other artists, such as Ciara
- the band's partnership with Pop-Tarts and the mash-ups recorded with Ne-Yo (see videos below)

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buffy - suspicious

Celebs Tweet about Night Four of the Republican National Purge

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Some live links generously provided by gonegrl (as well as some tweets, ty bb!):

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I tried my best mods...just give us the post. How do you feel about the last night of these shenanigans, ONTD?

Team Bus

Season six is Teen Wolf's final season + trailer

It was just announced at Comic-Con that season six will be Teen Wolf's last. The series finale will be the show's 100th episode.

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John Cho's gay kiss was cut from Star Trek Beyond

Says it was a "welcome home kiss".

He requested his partner to be played by an Asian man because he feels that Asian gay men have more cultural-shame issues and wanted to combat that.

His husband was played by the screenwriter of the movie because they couldn't find an East Asian actor willing to play the part.

Team Bus

Daredevil renewed for third season + Luke Cage and Iron Fist teasers

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At Comic-Con, it was announced that Daredevil's been renewed for a third season + teasers for Luke Cage and Iron First were unveiled!

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Stephen Colbert 'Feels Bad' Over Rumors of James Corden Possibly Taking Over 'The Late Show'

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Colbert responded to rumors that "The Late Late Show with James Corden" might swap places with "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on CBS.


The host of CBS' 'Late Show' admits he 'feels bad' over the rumors that his show might trade places with 'The Late Late Show'.

"The implication of that question is that the show isn't good enough in its present position," Colbert told The Hollywood Reporter. "So, of course, that makes you feel bad. But it doesn't jibe with what I know about our show, so you recover."


23(5) Underrated Foreign Horror Movies You Need To See ASAP


3. Dogtooth (2009)

What it’s about: In this Greek movie, two parents have isolated their teenage kids from society for their entire lives, until one of the kids decides to shake things up.

Why you need to see it: “This movie is beautiful while fucking with your head at the same time. The ending will stay with you forever.”

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Johnny Depp Requests Divorce Proceedings from Amber Heard to Be Kept Private

“Johnny does not dispute that Amber is entitled to the majority of the information sought in her discovery requests and subpoena. He is willing to produce the documents necessary for Amber’s evaluation of the relevant issues in this case, such as division of community estate and spousal support. He has asked, however, that a confidentially agreement be executed prior to the production of documents in order to protect the parties’ privacy.”



Idris Elba Feels He's Too Old for Bond

- Though a fan fave, Idris Elba (43) believes he's too old to play Bond.
- In an interview to promote Star Trek Beyond, he said playing Bond is the wildest rumour in the world.
- Says that it sounds terrible to be running around in cars, ladies, and martinis.
- No talks with Bond producers.
- Acknowledges that everywhere he goes, people have been rooting for him to play Bond.

God save us from Hiddleston! Is it time for a black Bond, ONTD?

Nicole Richie to Star in NBC Comedy From '30 Rock' Team in Recasting

rs 634x1024 160129094748 634 Nicole Richie Fashi

-She replaces Kimrie Lewis-Davis in 'Great News,' which is slated for midseason.

-The comedy centers on a mother-daughter relationship that is challenged when an overly involved New Jersey mom (Andrea Martin) interns at her daughter's (Briga Heelan) workplace, a cable news network.

-Richie is taking over the role of Portia, the hip, young co-host of the show within the show.


"Taylor Smith" Mural Has Changed Overnight

- After threats of legal action, the Taylor Smith mural has been transformed into a Harambe memorial.
- Harambe was the gorilla that was fatally shot at the Cincinnati zoo after a child fell into his habitat.
- Cartoon face seen in Spongebob Squarepants was painted over Taylor's.
- Said cartoon face is associated with artist who created the original Taylor Smith mural.
- Artist, however, is not taking responsibility, asking his IG followers: "Who did this?'


Lindsay Lohan Instagrams a Sultry Prayer For the World

Dressed in a silky negligee Lohan seductively poses on a bedspread in the photo.

The former teen queen thought it best to pair the photo with her heartfelt condolences to the victims of the world’s tragedies.

If history were to be folded ... Where would we put the crease? Pray for the ones we lose everyday and appreciate every breathe you 🙏🏻 we🙏🏻 all 🙏🏻 take #nice #turkey #turnup and do something (goodnight and sleep with an idea for the future)” she captioned the photo.